11 Best Argan Oils For Hair & Skin [100% PURE & Organic] In 2020

Argan oil has bountiful benefits to the body and, people use it all over the world for various reasons. It has particularly taken over the cosmetic world where almost everyone is either applying the oil to their skin or hair.

The oil has the right properties that allow it to effectively combine with the protein molecules on the skin and hair. Unlike other cosmetic oils that may have different absorption rates depending on skin type, argan oil is quite versatile and is therefore applicable to all skin types.

Other than being effective on hair and skin, its use can also extend to nails. The reason why this oil is so beneficial is that it is made up of a composition of phenolic compounds and fatty acids that are of the linoleic class.

Linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid that falls among the most crucial fatty acids to the human body. For this reason, argan oil has restorative properties that allow it to repair and tone back broken-out skin or one suffering from acne.

Apart from this, it has high levels of Vitamin E, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound that helps the skin in various ways. As you can see, argan oil is at a whole new level when it comes to caring and pampering your skin.

A good number of customers prefer it to other oils, and this has led to a high demand for this product. Currently, the market has a variety of argan oils that you can choose from. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice when you start figuring out which one to buy.

However, not all available options may give you the results that you want. The list below has the best argan oil that you can buy the next time you go shopping.

11 Best Argan Oil Reviews

#1 ArtNaturals 100% Organic Morrocan Argan Oil

ArtNaturals 100% Organic

The argan oil from Artnaturals is USDA organic certified and is, therefore, more than safe to use on your skin. It is cruelty-free with a moisturizing property that will improve how your skin, hair, and nails look.

It is paraben-free, meaning that it has no chemical preservatives that may harm you during usage. When applied on hair, it will help you get rid of frizz and split ends allowing you to brush your hair effortlessly without experiencing any resistance or pain. Additionally, it gives your hair a shiny appearance that would make Rapunzel jealous.

The best part is that this oil can be applied to even the most sensitive parts such as lips. If you apply it on your body, your skin will stay hydrated for a very long time keeping you safe from dryness. It is able to do this by locking moisture in the skin, thereby limiting its loss to the external environment.

In addition to this, it has an anti-aging property that will help you get rid of wrinkles leaving you with soft-looking skin. Its ability to deliver a relaxing effect ranks it as therapeutic grade and is therefore good for delivering a full body massage.

  • Protects the skin against Ultraviolet rays that may have premature aging effects to the skin

  • The bottle and dropper design makes a convenient delivery

  • High absorption rate

  • None greasy

  • The natural nutty scent is a bit unpleasing

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#2 Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil

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This product is 100% undiluted argan oil with an earthy scent making it ideal for those who prefer natural quality. It is unrefined, so what you will get is pure cold-pressed oil from the kernels of the Argan tree. The only difference is that it is in a portable bottle.

The oil glides smoothly on your skin resulting in a touchable finish that will make you look radiant. The natural fatty acids provide your skin with all the basic nutrients it may need to look fresh and healthy.

Its hydrating property will quench the thirst of any thirsty body surface ranging from hands to nails. Damaged or dull hair can also be brought back to life by using just a few drops of the oil to restore the lost smoothness and shine.

This oil is hexane-free with zero traces of synthetic additives assuring you that your skin and hair will be in good hands. It is packed with Vitamin E and other essential antioxidants that will guard your skin from various damaging agents.

The product can be used as body oil which you can apply daily after taking a warm or cold shower. You can also trust it as your face care assistant by adding it to your face polish to make it more skin-friendly.

Your hands and nails will benefit more if you apply the product on a daily basis.

  • Spreads easily on the skin

  • Has a bottle and pump design for easy delivery

  • Not greasy

  • Can work as a serum when getting rid of frizz

  • Naturally scented

  • The pump is somehow difficult to push down

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#3 PURA D’OR Moroccan Argan Oil


The Moroccan Argan oil made by PURA D’OR can work on several parts of the body, such as the face, scalp, and hair. It is made up of antioxidants that form a protective layer on your skin, keeping you safe from environmental toxins that may harm your skin.

PURA D’OR has combined the concepts of science with nature to give you gentle yet effective oil that you can use to restore skin elasticity and texture. As such, the oil stimulates and soothes the skin thereby making it look younger.

If you spend long hours in the sun, you can keep your skin safe by applying this oil to your skin frequently. The rejuvenating property in the formula will reverse the damaging effects that the sun has on the skin. Your skin will stay hydrated all through with no cases of skin dryness.

It can also heal a dry scalp, soften wrinkles and promote healthier looking hair. Your hair will have a thick appearance because the oil strengthens the follicles with the help of its antioxidants.

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Gluten-free

  • Has no synthetic fragrance

  • The dispenser may fail to deliver especially when the oil is about to run out

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#4 Foxbrim Naturals Organic Argan Oil

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Considered as a “natural that actually works,” this oil will help you show your true natural beauty with just a few drops. It can help you alleviate some of the common skin conditions that come about as a result of pollution.

It does this by moisturizing and nourishing the skin giving it a better chance to fight back and regain lost beauty. This makes it applicable to beauty regimens that involve nail and hair treatment. It can reverse the effects of skin irritation by calming redness as well as eradicating acne.

The oil can pass a hair conditioner due to its ability to prevent split ends. It also delivers a nourishing and softening effect to hair that is coarse. When it comes to nails, strength is guaranteed to give you nails that are crack resistant.

Another amazing quality is its ability to give you an evenly toned skin by lightening dark patches. With this, you will have a baby like skin that is spotlessly clean, giving you a boost in self-confidence.

  • Provides full body treatment

  • Safe for daily use

  • Certified organic

  • Cruelty-free

  • The smell is not as pleasing

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#5 InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil


This argan oil penetrates deep into your skin through the pores, hydrating dry skin that is likely to peel. The oil is very effective against stretch marks and can solve almost all of your skin problems. This is because it revitalizes the skin cells resulting in youthful-looking skin.

It works very well with hair that is out of control. It does this by adding volume and giving hair an eye-catching appearance. When used as a leave-in hair conditioner, it moisturizes, protects and delivers a cleansing treatment.

You can also use this argan oil as a home remedy when dealing with a flaky scalp. In addition to this, it can help those who have weak nails by making the nails stronger and at the same time keeping them shiny.

The oil has no traces of chemicals making it 100% pure and safe for all time use. It has no synthetic dyes or pharmaceutical preservatives that can pose a danger to your skin or hair.

  • Has a high rate of absorption

  • Has a sweet natural scent

  • Good for all skin types

  • The pump can at times be difficult to press

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#6 Eve Hansen Organic Argan Oil

Eve Hansen

The Eve Hansen Argan oil can help you make scars less visible, enabling you to reveal the vibrant side of your skin. Like most argan products, it is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids which work in unison against skin conditions such as wrinkles and stretch marks.

Apart from this, it can also be applied to burnt areas of the skin to boost the healing process. This healing property is attributed to its ability to rejuvenate skin cells. When applied, the skin will moisturize creating a good environment for the cells to regenerate resulting in a healing effect.

The oil can be applied to the skin directly in small amounts since it spreads very easily. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of argan oil to your beauty products such as facial creams to get the same outcome.

For hair, just apply 2 to 5 drops and brush fully to the ends. This will untangle the strands of hair that may be giving you a bad hair day.

  • Feels smooth on hands

  • Gentle on skin

  • Not filtered

  • May not be effective against very large scars

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#7 AGADIR Argan Oil Hair Treatment

AGADIR Argan Oil

Dealing with hair can be very stressful at times; it requires you to wash, brush, condition just to mention a few. With argan oil hair treatment, you can save yourself from some of the maintenance procedures that hair requires.

The oil deeply penetrates the hair follicles and corrects frizzies. Brittle hair that breaks easily can also be made soft and stronger. This will prevent the unnecessary loss of hair, all you have to do is wash the hair dry it just a little bit and apply the oil when the hair is still dump.

Argan oil hair treatment is suitable for all skin types and also works on itchy scalps. This will save you from scratching your scalp all the time. It contains essential hair nutrients that promote hair growth. Furthermore, it also makes hair humidity-resistant giving you extra protection.

When you are done making your hair, you can add a few drops of argan oil hair treatment to give it a shiny finishing touch.

  • Soaks easily in hair

  • Non-greasy

  • Doesn’t feel heavy on scalp

  • Likely to be flammable

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#8 Poppy Austin Pure Argan Oil

Poppy Austin

The Pure Argan oil from Poppy Austin has nothing removed and nothing added. The traditional extraction techniques used to make this product assures you of quality hair and skin. It is very authentic and delivers good results in a very short time.

The oil is packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants that will soften your skin and provide additional protection. The high absorption rate enables it to act rapidly against common skin problems such as excessive dryness.

It can also reverse premature symptoms of aging by eradicating wrinkles from the face. This will leave your skin looking younger and healthier. If you like, you can use it to condition the entire body to maintain a youthful appearance.

Using this product on your hair will make it silky, healthy and shiny. This all-natural argan oil not only improves the quality of hair and skin but can also be applied to the nails to prevent peeling and cracking.

Basically, what this oil does is that it gives you a head to toe natural care.

  • Offers the skin luxurious protection

  • Vegan certified

  • Natural scent

  • The bottle and dropper design may be less effective when the bottle runs low on oil

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#9 Aria Starr Beauty Organic Argan Oil

Aria Starr Beauty Organic Argan Oil

This product has one goal which is to care for and maintain your beauty. It is delivered in a dark glass bottle that preserves all the natural properties. In return, the oil applies the same preservative actions on your skin.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you get rid of skin ailments that come about as a result of harsh climatic conditions. It is very against acne and can as well be used to revitalize the skin making the skin look even.

You can now say goodbye to dry skin as this oil will give you a long-lasting glow. It gives undernourished skin all the nutrients that are required to restore lost beauty. It works very well on sensitive skin so you have nothing to worry about.

The oil can also work on frizzy hair that is very coarse. In addition to softening your hair, it also protects it from UV rays that may cause further damage. It reacts very quickly when administered so you will have good hair in no time.

  • Anti-oxidant rich

  • Natural aroma

  • Anti-aging properties

  • Not everyone will like the scent

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#10 Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

This product has majestic properties that allow it to offer your skin with the best natural care. It is purely natural with no synthetic preservatives added. It is rich in Vitamin E which is known to protect and nourish the skin.

You can use this oil to remove unwanted wrinkles from your face, moisturize dry skin, fight acne among others. If your hair is coarse, you can use this oil to soften the hair follicles making the hair soft and shiny. This can save you the hassle of having to go to the salon.

If you are suffering from hair loss you can apply this oil to boost the growth of new hair. The good thing about using this oil on hair is that it delivers treatment right from the root hairs to the tip. This will make your hair to increase in volume.

The fatty acids in this oil combine very well with the proteins that make up the skin making them more resistant to harmful agents. This will boost the quality of your skin making it glow.

  • Comes with a glass dropper for easy delivery

  • Can be used by both men and women

  • Smooth texture

  • Paraben-free

  • The nutty smell can be unpleasant

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#11 One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatment

One N Only Argan Oil Treatment

Beauty involves a lot of things, but one of the main determinants of beauty is having good hair. This argan oil from one ‘n only is here to give you just that. It is very effective when it comes to nourishing hair that has been damaged.

It absorbs very quickly in hair without leaving a single trace of oil residue. Moreover, it has fatty acids that help in moisturizing the skin giving your hair a brilliant shine. You can apply the oil on dry or wet hair and still get good results.

When used continuously, it can effectively reverse the effects that other chemical products have on hair. Hair damage that results from excessive heat during hairstyling is also equally dealt with enabling the hair to regain its lost glory.

You can also use this oil to get rid of frizz and other common hair conditions that most people experience. It can as well be used as a hair conditioner since it is capable to deliver all that is required to cleanse and make the hair smooth.

  • Few drops are enough to give good results

  • Has a nice scent

  • Contains omega 6

  • Does not come with a glass dropper despite the shape of the bottle

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can happen if I drink argan oil?

This depends on the type of argan oil in question. Manufacturers are always keen enough to specify what the product should be used for. Some argan oils are meant to be used in the kitchen where they can be used as additives when cooking. Drinking such may be harmless.

On the other hand, argan oil meant for external use may not be safe for drinking.

Is argan oil safe for all skin types?

Argan oil that has not been processed is 100% pure and is therefore safe for use. You can apply this to even the most sensitive skin without experiencing any bad reactions.

Where can I use argan oil?

You can apply this oil on almost every part of your body. It works on hair, skin, and nails. In a nutshell, argan oil can give you a full-body service that will leave you looking radiant and healthy.

Where is argan oil extracted?

As a naturally occurring plant oil, argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree which is found in Morocco.

What Scent does argan oil have?

Naturally, argan oil has a nutty smell that is mild. And most manufacturers try their best to preserve this natural scent.

Final Verdict

Taking care of your skin and hair can be very difficult especially if you don’t use the right pharmaceutical product. But with argan oil, you will be able to achieve all that you need by applying just a few drops to your hair or skin.

The fact that it is a plant extract makes it natural and is therefore very safe to use. Those who have given this product a try have never looked back. With the list we have just provided, you will have an easier time when picking the right argan oil.

Most importantly, always remember to patch-test each product before you apply it to other parts of the body. This will help you to determine what is good for your skin and what is not. But considering what we have just discussed about argan oil, there are very low chances of it causing negative effects to your skin or hair.

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