The 10 Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices In 2020

Shaving, especially on sensitive skin areas, comes with several challenges. Sometimes, your skin may get irritated, turn red, or develop ingrown hairs after shaving. These challenges have made developers of skincare products come up with better hair removal techniques.

Among these novel techniques are laser hair removal equipment. Laser hair removal is a technique where light in the form of laser beams is directed over the skin in small, safe levels. The laser beams heat up hair follicles and destroys part of them, thereby preventing hair growth. Thus, hair is completely removed after several laser treatments.

Getting a professional laser hair removal service is often expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there’s a great alternative for personal you. The introduction of at home laser hair removal devices makes it possible to remove hair by yourself.

They’re specially designed for use at home. Thus, they make it more affordable and time-saving to remove hair using the same laser technique used by professionals. Let’s look at the best at home laser hair removal devices available today.

Top 10 Laser Hair Removal Devices

#1. Lovcoyo Permanent Hair Removal for Women & Men

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The Lovcoyo hair removal device utilizes IPL laser technology to remove any unwanted hair painlessly. The device is made for home use and is gentle on the skin. All you’ll need is regular use of the tool for some weeks to give your skin a smooth look.

The device has the potential to emit 500000 flashes in its lifespan. These flashes are more than enough to remove your hair and that of your family members. It’s designed to last for several years. Thus, you’re assured of many years of service.

A notable feature of this device is its unique design and ease of use. You’ll simply connect it to the mains power through the provided power adapter and get ready to work on your hair. It’s usually placed on the skin vertically for convenient handling.

The flash modes that come with the device are switchable for your convenience. You can choose between manual and automatic flash modes. The manual mode is ideal for working on smaller areas such as the armpits, upper lip, and bikini. On the other hand, the flash mode is ideal for larger areas such as the back, legs, and arms. The device is set to manual mode by default. You can simply switch to automatic mode upon long pressing the light button for a few seconds.

  • Lightweight and well built

  • Five different energy levels

  • Skin sensor security feature

  • Comes with safety glasses

  • May not work on very dark skin

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#2. Panadoo IPL Permanent Painless Hair Removal Device

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Looking for a laser device that will remove unwanted hair from your skin permanently? The Panadoo IPL hair removal device is exactly made for that. It effectively removes hair without irritating the skin, causing redness, or leaving ingrown hairs. It does so by breaking the hair growth cycle.

The device has the ability to emit close to 1 million pulses. Thus, you’ll have more than enough light pulses to remove even the most deeply-rooted unwanted hair. With so many light pulses available, you won’t have to worry about replacement cartridges. Thus, you’ll save more of your money with this device.

Another great feature that comes with this device is that it boasts of having 5 different energy levels and two light modes. Each energy level is suitable for certain skin types. The device comes with a skin tone sensor feature. The sensor scans the skin tone and adjusts the energy level automatically depending on the detected skin tone. Its manual mode is suitable for working on small skin areas whereas the automatic mode is suitable for working on wider skin areas.

  • Large LCD screen

  • Painless and irritation-free

  • Supports pulsing and gliding for targeting treatment areas

  • The provided instructions are not well detailed

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#3. ARTOLF Hair Removal for Women

ARTOLF Hair Removal for Women

The ARTOLF laser hair removal device is specially designed for use by women with a light skin tone and dark hair. It’s also ideal for white to dark brown skin tones and red, brown, and dark blonde hair types. It’s designed for gentle and comfortable laser hair removal.

A shaver is provided alongside the device and is used for shaving longer hair in readiness for laser hair removal. The device powers within seconds after turning it on. Thus, it doesn’t require a long waiting time before using it.

Another reason that will make you want to choose this device is that it doesn’t require cartridge replacement. It’s designed to serve you with enough laser light pulses until you get the desired results. Moreover, you can adjust the intensity of the light to the level that is most suitable for your skin.

The device also features an LCD screen that displays the light intensity level and the current mode. Thus, you’ll find it convenient to use the device. With regular use of the device, your hair growth will reduce and eventually stop.

  • Comes with a detailed user manual

  • Safety goggles are provided

  • Has both manual and auto modes

  • Not ideal for use on dark skin and tattooed areas

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#4. VEME Permanent IPL Hair Removal for Women

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The VEME laser hair removal device uses similar laser technology to that of the devices used by dermatologists and other professionals. Thus, you’ll get similar results to what you’d get from a professional service. It’s suitable for removing both facial and body hair.

The device works by reducing hair growth, and eventually preventing its growth after several weeks of use. It works best on darker hair and fair skin tones. Thus, it’ll leave you with a smooth, silky skin after regular use.

You can choose between five energy levels. There’re energy levels for different skin sensitivities. If your skin is extremely sensitive, then you can work with the first energy level. Higher energy levels are ideal for less sensitive skin.

The device also features single and continuous flash options. The single flash option is manual and is ideal for use on small skin areas such as the bikini line, underarms, and the face. The continuous flash option is automatic and is ideal for use on larger skin areas.

When working with this device, flash each area for two to three times, and only do it twice or thrice a week. You can flash areas with thicker hair in a left to right direction for more coverage.

  • Comfortable on the skin

  • Great handle design for easier handling

  • Long-lasting results

  • Clear instructions

  • Feels a little bit bulky

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#5. AMINZER Hair Removal for Women & Men

AMINZER Hair Removal for Women & Men

Looking for a permanent but painless hair removal method? This laser hair removal device is exactly made for that. Its IPL laser beams penetrate deeply into the skin and decompose hair follicles, thereby reducing and stopping hair-regrowth. The device sends out light flashes when vertically pressed against the skin. It’s ideal for use on light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and black hair tones.

You can take advantage of the two modes of operation for removing hair on different body parts. You can use the manual flash mode to remove hair from small areas or use the auto slide mode to remove hair from larger skin areas.

The device also comes with five energy levels, with level 1 being the lowest and level 5 being the highest. The lower energy levels are ideal for use on more sensitive skin whereas the higher energy levels are ideal for less sensitive skin. You can start with the lowest level when using the device for the first time before using the higher levels.

Another great benefit of this device is that it’s easy to use it, even for a first-time user. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any discoloration or dark spots on the areas treated. It’ll leave your skin hair free and smooth after continuous use.

  • Suitable for whole body use

  • Affordable price range

  • Safety goggles and hair shaver are provided

  • Not effective on blonde, white grey, and red hair

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#6. Feeke Hair Removal for Women and Man

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The laser technology integrated into this device has the same potential as the devices used by professional beauticians and dermatologists. Although it’s designed using similar technology to that of professional devices, it’s optimized for personal use at home.

The device is gentle on the skin and painless, with long-lasting hair removal after regular use. It works by breaking the hair growth cycle. It’s gentle enough for use on sensitive skin areas such as the bikini line and facial hair.

Something else you’ll like about this device is that it comes packed with hundreds of thousands of laser light flashes. The available flashes are enough to get the job done without ever needing a replacement cartridge.

Its LCD screen displays the current mode and strength level, making it more convenient to use the device. Furthermore, you can choose between two flash modes depending on the area you’re treating. If you want to treat larger areas such as the abdomen, back, and legs, then use the automatic mode. If you want to treat smaller areas such as fingers and the lip area, then use the manual mode.

You’ll only need a few minutes of your time for every hair removal session with the device. Thus, the device will save you a lot of time that you’d otherwise spend visiting the salon.

  • Effective for full body hair removal

  • The device is lightweight and easy to hold

  • Portable design

  • The provided instructions are illegible

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#7. ProCIV IPL Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men

ProCIV IPL Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men

If you have light brown, beige, white or ivory skin tone with black, medium brown, light brown or dark brown hair color, then this device will be your ideal choice. The device has been made for your convenience. You’ll only need to place it vertically on your skin and turn it on to start the hair removal process.

The device features two selectable modes of operation. You can use the manual flash mode for smaller areas and the automatic slide mode for larger areas. Additionally, there’re five energy levels, with the lowest level being gentler for use on areas with minimal hair and those that are more sensitive. The higher energy levels are ideal for more intense and faster hair removal from less sensitive areas.

Another notable feature of this device is its LED screen. The screen displays the current mode and energy level and the flash times remaining. Additionally, the device comes with a cooling fan vent that cools the skin during treatment. The fan also cools the device to prevent it from heating up.

The device offers ultra-fast flashes, with the ability to deliver dozens of flashes every minute. The average time between flashes is very minimal, making it possible to treat large skin areas within a very short time.

  • Greatly priced for anyone with a tight budget

  • It’s very simple to use the device

  • Solidly built and allows for a tight grip

  • May cause a slight burning sensation on facial skin and private area

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#8. BoSidin Facial & Body Painless Permanent Hair Removal

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The technology behind the manufacture of this device stands out from that used on other devices of its category. It uses artificial intelligence technology to control the flash intervals, thereby allowing for reduced intervals between flashes. The device’s auto flash mode allows for ultra-fast laser light flashes. Thus, you’ll treat a large area within a very short time.

Additionally, the device uses the combination of wavelength and energy light techniques, thereby allowing for laser energy to penetrate deeply into the follicles for enhanced effectiveness and faster results. The energy is constant for even treatment. It targets hair roots precisely without harming the skin.

Another ground-breaking technology integrated into the device is 360-degree cooling technology. The technology allows for surround cooling such that it keeps the area being treated cool. Thus, it’ll shrink your pores for a smoother skin.

The device is made using medical-grade material, making it safe for use even on the most sensitive skin areas. Moreover, it’s designed to offer similar effectiveness as that of professional devices. Thus, you’ll get a professional-quality treatment at the comfort of your home.

  • Painless hair removal

  • Large LCD display

  • Safe for use on facial skin and the entire body

  • Very pricey for someone with a tight budget

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#9. LOVE DOCK Facial & Body Laser Hair Removal for Women and Man

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The most notable feature in this device is that it integrates both IPL and WPL laser hair removal technologies. The integration of WPL laser technology in the device makes the treatment process gentler, thereby keeping the skin protected. Moreover, the WPL technology is clinically proven for safety and effectiveness.

The device comes with 350,000 laser flashes, which are sufficient enough for an entire family for complete hair removal. The device can be used for several years, thereby making salon visits for hair removal a thing of the past.

An LCD screen is strategically placed at the side of the device, making it easier to read the displayed information when using the device. It displays the remaining flashes, fan function, and the current energy level.

Another notable feature that comes with the device is its 5 selectable energy levels. You can select the energy level depending on the skin area you’re treating and the rate of hair growth. It also features an ice cool function that keeps the device and the area under treatment cool. The ice cool feature will keep your skin protected from damage and make the treatment process more comfortable.

  • Easy to hold and operate

  • A shaver and safety glasses are provided

  • Integrated UV filter to keep the skin protected during treatment

  • May cause some temporary redness on highly sensitive skin

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#10. DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device

The DEES laser hair removal device is reliable and effective for long-lasting results. The device is built with your safety in mind. Thus, you’ll use it comfortably without experience any painful or adverse reactions. The lamp window is wide, making the flashes cover a wider skin area with every single flash.

The device has an integrated safety sensor that ensures a pulse is only delivered upon pressing the device over the skin. The device is safe for hair removal on the entire body. It emits 25 flashes every minute, and has a total number of 350,000 flashes.

Besides hair removal, the device is also ideal for treating acne. It does so by getting rid of ingrown hairs that often infect the follicles, thereby causing acne.

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • UV light filter function

  • Results appear quickly

  • You need to shave before using the device

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use laser hair removal devices at home?

Yes. Most at home laser hair removal devices are relatively easy to use, even when using them for the first time.

When should I start seeing results after using a laser hair removal device?

The results are gradual. You’ll notice results after several weeks of use.

How often should I use a laser hair removal device?

You should only use the device a few times every week. The device is not ideal for daily use. Read the user instructions on how often you should use the specific device you choose.

Is it painful to use a laser hair removal device?

Most at home laser hair removal devices are gentle and painless.

Do at home laser hair removal devices work on all skin types?

Most of these devices may not work on all skin types. The technology behind laser hair removal works more effectively on lighter skin tones and darker hair types.

Final Words

Hair removal can be a great experience if done the right way. By using the right at home laser hair removal device, you’ll be a step closer to getting a hair-free, smooth look. Hopefully, our reviews will assist you in getting the right device for your hair type and skin tone.

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