Top 11 Best Back Scratchers In 2020

An irritating itch that you can’t reach is a simple way to describe back itch. These itches are like they have a brain of their own. They appear at the places where you can’t even reach with your hands. They make you do different types of yoga, which you generally don’t do.

They force you to rub your back with different things, but you fail to get rid of it. Whenever they occur, you want to get rid of them by any means. We can feel you. They get so annoying sometimes that it increases your stress level and can even get your mood off for a while.

A creative mind made a back scratcher solve this problem. It is like an extension to your arm, but specifically, build to deal with these rigid itches. This tool is very cheap, and some of them even offer many other useful functions.

Remember, not all back-scratcher are the same. The biggest difference is the quality of the material. We believe you don’t want toxic material near your body that develops some infection.

There are some other things, too, like the length, flexibility & portability. We have used various back-scratchers till now & know what to expect from one. To help you with this dilemma, we have made a list of 11 best back scratchers.

Moreover, back-scratchers can be used for many other purposes like head-scratching, scratching your pet, and many more.

11 Best Back Scratchers

#01. WOVTE BEAR CLAW Back Scratcher

WOVTE BEAR CLAW Back Scratcher

Are you looking for a stainless steel back-scratcher? Bear claw scratcher is one of the few scratchers in the market that are 100% stainless steel. This product comes with a soft rubber grip, which gives you complete control of the product. It has a retractable stick, which extends it to 23-inches when open while 8.4-inches when closed.

Also, it is quite portable and easy to carry, especially in travel bags. You might be thinking that metal edges must be rough. However, this product provides a balanced sharpness, which deals with itches efficiently. Its design is similar to a claw of a bear which is quite obvious from the name.

It is also used as a bottle opener & head massager. It may be a good gift for your loved open as it comes in a stylish black box.

  • Long-range

  • Travel scratcher

  • Can be used for other purposes

  • Low width

  • The plastic part has low durability

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#02. Retractable Cactus on Stick (Metal)

Retractable Cactus on Stick

This product provides moderate and aggressive back-scratches. Rubber is used to make the spikes of this product. So, your skin remains healthy while you get rid of those annoying itches.

These spikes are strong enough to give you instant relief. It has a retractable metal stick that has a maximum range of 27-inches, which makes it easier for you to reach every corner.

Also, the metal stick gives the product added strength and a better grip. This product may look awkward, but it worth giving a shot. This product doesn’t offer a good quality of metal.

It may not be useful for hard-scratching as it may break down or the locks loosen up. It has the longest range among all the scratchers on the list. We like the odd design & passive-aggressive approach of the scratcher.

  • Long-range of the stick

  • Comes in various colors

  • Low-quality metal

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#03. AKUNSZ Sturdy Wooden Back-Scratcher

AKUNSZ Sturdy Wooden Back-Scratcher

Are you looking for a traditional scratcher? A scratcher that represent ancient civilizations and make you feel part of it. Durability is the core of this product with ancient style.

It has a fixed range of 16.9- inches. The wood is African Wenge wood that is hard enough to serve your purpose well. The product has a great finishing of wood as all the curves and cuts are smooth.

The grip though wooden is comfortable. The stick is thick enough to not break in the day to day purpose. The contours are wide & sharp enough to remove the itchiness. It comes in a box that looks like a wooden one. The design of the box is similar to a box of a sword.

  • Durable

  • Sharp contours

  • Unportable

  • Non-resistant to water.

  • Costly as compared to others.

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#04. Bamboo Back Scratcher (WOODEN)

Bamboo Back Scratcher

This product is a combination of traditional art and modern requirements. It has a length of 18-inches while its weight is around 170 grams. It comes in two variants. One with a dual roller massager and the second only for back-itches. Wood being the material used to make this product; it doesn’t harm your skin in any way.

It serves the purpose of getting rid of back-itches well. The unique part of this product is the dual roller massager; these massager reduces stress in your body and increases ease. These rollers are used for the neck, shoulder, or back. The rollers are of ideal size; they are neither too big nor too small.

The traditional design gives the product a natural design for the grip, making it comfortable to use. Though it has various features, it can’t withstand against water. In a market where most scratchers are made of metal or plastic, this product goes far back due to this. It is not very flexible, and you cannot use it for traveling purposes.

  • Good looking

  • Skin-friendly

  • Comfortable grip

  • Low-quality rollers

  • Non-retractable

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#05. River Edge Antler scratcher

River Edge Antler scratcher

Are you a hunting geek? Do you love to show your hunting passion? A light-weight and hand-painted resin product that deals with the itch well. This product has a spike that looks similar to the horn of an Antler.

Generally liked and bought by hunters, this product is a beautiful piece of art and functional tool. It has a steel shaft, painted like rusted.

Thus, making it even more attractive. It has a fixed, 20-inches long stick that helps you to reach every corner of your back. This product is very durable and can be used for hard-scratching too. Though it is a good tool for scratching but is unfit for traveling purposes.

  • Metal stick

  • Not retractable

  • Not available in some countries

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#06. BearBack Back Scratcher

BearBack Back Scratcher

Need a scratcher for travel purposes? Facing back itches while traveling? A sporty & retractable scratching brush. This product is the oddest back scratcher on our list.

It looks similar to a hairbrush, but with longer contours. It provides brushes of 4.5-inches that are skin-friendly and gives a wonderful sense of relaxation. It has been made using plastic, which is non-toxic.

The maximum range of this brush is 17-inches when open and 10-inches when closed. It has the right size to pack in your bag and to take it anywhere. It covers a large area of your back due to a wide width.

  • Portable

  • Wide & long brushes

  • Short Range

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#07. Laitugo Rolling Long Back Scratcher

Laitugo Rolling Long Back Scratcher

This product is known for its multi-purpose features. It has two parts. The first part is the scratcher, while the second part is the rolling ball. The whole product is of premium quality.

The contours are very smooth and get rid of the most annoying itches well. It has a considerable width and number of brushes. The four-ball rolling massager attached to the other end of the product gives a sensible and relaxing massage.

The maximum range of the product is fixed at 17-inches. The stick is not retractable, and the material is plastic. The grip of this product might feel uncomfortable.

  • Smooth scratching end

  • Multi-functional

  • Short-range

  • Non-portable

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#08. Basswood cat scratcher

No products found.

Are you looking for a back-scratcher as a gift? This one may be a good choice. Think about a funny and cute cat scratching your back.

There are cat paws in this product that are used as contours to scratch your back. This cat is made of Basswood which, is a friendly material to the skin.

The maximum range of this product is 19-inches. Of course, it is not retractable, have you ever seen a retractable cat? This product is more art than a tool. It looks so attractive that you don’t want to use it. It gives instant relief from the irritating itches for sure.

Another thing that we have observed is that there are some issues with the handle of the product. It is just too thin. It is a flaw in the design. A cat normally has a thin tail as compared to the body.

  • Attractive gift material

  • Good range

  • Thin handle

  • Paws degrade over time

  • Not water resistant

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#09. Redneck wide back-scratcher

Redneck wide back-scratcher

Are you looking for a back-scratcher that represents your humorous nature? This one may be the one. The Redneck scratcher is known for its funny design and width 14 contours. It has been one of the recommended scratchers as gifts for fathers.

It has a maximum range of 17- inches with a non-retractable stick. The whole product is made of plastic. It covers a wide range of your back through the contours and deals with the itches well.

The design of this product is similar to a broom, which makes it laughable. The biggest issue that we have observed with this product is the thickness and rigidity of the contours.

On putting pressure, the contours bend which sometimes leads to irritation. This product mainly acts as a gift in the market.

  • Gift item

  • Cheap

  • Low-quality contours

  • Low-range

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#10. OWDUE Telescopic Back-scratcher

OWDUE telescopic back-scratcher

Another stainless steel which gives quality service with no efforts. This product is quite similar to the bear claw that we have talked about. It is completely made of stainless steel, including the handle, which gives it a fashionable look. It has a maximum range of 20-inches & a minimum range of 8-inches.

The telescopic function makes it, even more, easier to use. It has five contours of equal width & size. All the contours are made of finished steel. It comes in a black box, which makes it look like a luxurious item. The contours are sharp enough to deal with the most rigid itches while they are blunt enough not to harm your skin.

After using this product, we have faced issues related to the handle. The handle does not have a rubber grip, which leads to pain in the palms. You should not consider this product if you have gentle hands.

  • Long Range

  • Cheap

  • Various colors

  • Uncomfortable grip

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#11. Flanker Telescopic Back-scratcher with Carrying Bag

Flanker Telescopic Back-scratcher

Are you looking for a long-range back-scratcher? This one might be the one. This product has a whopping range of 26-inches, i.e., through its telescopic lock; it has a maximum range of 26-inches while the minimum range is 8-inches when retracted.

An aluminum connection covers the telescopic lock. This product has the longest range in the segment of metal back-scratcher with telescopic retraction. The wide claw has seven contours that are equal in size & are sharp enough to deal with all types of itches.

Also, it provides a comfortable rubber grip that makes it easy to use. we like the compact feeling with the scratcher, but it feels that the cost is a bit high for the product.

  • Longest range in the segment

  • Rubber grip

  • Wide contours

  • Low-quality carrying bag

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the categories of design in scratchers?

A good back-scratcher requires a comfortable & efficient design. There are various designs in the market. However, there are three broad categories of back-scratcher.

One-piece – These scratchers are like a single rigid piece of material. They can’t be used while traveling as they require a huge amount of space in your bag. These scratchers are generally made of wood or plastic. The biggest advantage of these scratchers is that they are a good gift material.

Portable – These scratchers are great for traveling purposes. They are light-weighted and easy to carry. Portable scratchers are conventionally costlier than the traditional ones. You will find both electric and manual scratchers in this category.

Compact- As the name says, the scratchers of this category are full of features & can be considered as a combination of One-piece & portable scratchers. The biggest issue with these scratchers is durability. Although they provide various services, they are very fragile. Scratchers of this category are the most costly in the market.

Which is better Electric or manual scratcher?

Choosing between these might be confusing. First of all, an electric scratcher is more costly than a manual one. Also, electric scratchers are more portable than the manual one.

The manual scratcher gets an advantage in terms of usability, simplicity, and durability. It is very typical to use an electric scratcher.

First, they have to be charged; second, they are very fragile; you cannot use it roughly. There are multiple cases when people had itchiness, but the electric scratcher was not charged.

In our opinion, a manual scratcher is better than an electric one. These are cheap, portable and can be used at any time.

Does material matter?

Of course! The material of the scratcher is one of the most important things you must look before buying a back-scratcher. Suppose your scratcher breaks while using. It is because of the poor quality of the material. Thus, quality matters a lot for a scratcher.

There are numerous materials used in the market to make a scratcher. Generally, in metals, stainless steel is considered good as it does not corrode, and it is a lot stronger and cheaper than other metals. Then comes wood and plastic.

If you are sure that the scratcher won’t face water then, a wooden scratcher is better. However, if you are not sure of that, then a plastic scratcher will be the perfect fit for you. The plastic must be thick & of good quality.

What is the ideal range of the stick?

This is the most common question among buyers. It is very difficult to define the ideal length of the stick as the size of different individuals is different.

However, with our experience with different back-scratchers, We can define the ideal length. First things first, do you want to cover all your back, only the upper part or lower back? Depending on this, the ideal lengths are 20+ inches, 15+ inches, and 18+ inches, respectively.

Which is a better telescopic or fixed range?

Telescopic scratchers are very flexible tools. You can increase or decrease their lengths based on your requirements. However, the fixed ranged scratchers are very rigid. The only disadvantage of the telescopic scratcher is of durability .i.e. the durability of the fixed ranged scratchers is more.

What are contours, and what should be their width?

Imagine an octopus; it has tentacles. In a scratcher, contours are the tentacles that deal with your itchiness while the stick is the remaining body. There are different types of contours available in the market.

Make sure that the contours of the scratcher are neither too sharp as they will harm you nor too blunt as it will not deal with the itchiness efficiently. The width of the contour does not matter much. All that matters is the quality of the contour.

Can you use the scratchers for your pets?

The sole purpose of the scratcher is to help you get rid of itchiness & give you an instant sense of relief. You can use the scratchers on anyone; it just has to be used to deal with itchiness. Numerous people buy a back-scratcher for their pets.

Final Verdict

All the scratchers are efficient and hand-picked on our list. Like every competition, there must be a winner. We have made winners as per the material .i.e. Wood, metal & plastic. You may disagree with us, and we understand that.

In the case of a wooden back-scratcher, the AKUNSZ wooden scratcher is a great deal. It is sturdy enough to deal with the most arrogant itches. The design & packing of this product is of premium quality. Thus, it can be a memorable gift for your loved one.

Choosing winner among the metal scratcher was the most difficult for us, but with a small margin, the WOVTE Bear Claw came out as a winner due to better performance & multi-functional features. It has a comfortable grip, balanced contours, good packing & is used as a bottle opener too.

Without any doubt, the Cactus on a stick is the winner of the plastic segment. It is retractable, which makes it durable for traveling purposes. Also, it has two types of contours, one for aggressive scratching while the other for moderate scratching. Another attractive part of this product is the cost.

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