Best Barber Shear: For Your Hairdressing And Grooming Needs

In this world where social connections are an instant thing, it is necessary to look well-groomed and presentable all the time. It has become important to keep your hair well-groomed for an alluring look.

Since it is not possible all the time to go to salons and shed a bomb on your haircut that is when the shears come to your rescue! Shear scissors are designed specifically to cut, trim and texturize the hair to make them look appealing and well-maintained. The same can be used for grooming facial hair too.

You can easily trim and style your hair at home with a salon-like professional finish minus the hassles and efforts. The shears come with an offset grip and ergonomic design that makes them comfortable and convenient for long hours’ application. Unlike the regular scissors, the shears prevent your hair from getting stuck in blades during grooming and protect them from getting damaged during the process.

The shears are mainly known for delivering professional quality, neat and clean cuts with high-precision. They cut your hair evenly and gives them a smooth texture with a great finish. If you are very particular about your looks, then shear is a must-have styling for you. We have listed the best barber shear scissors to help you in making a worthy choice!

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Equinox Professional Hair Scissors - Hair Cutting...
  • [Patented Design] Our reviews speak for themselves. Customers love our professional hair scissors. This specialized high quality Japanese stainless steel Hair Cutting scissor is tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened razor cutting edges.

11 Best Barber Shear

#1. Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series (6.5 Inches)

Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series

This specialized and premium quality scissor is made using Japanese stainless steel and has been tempered with high-precision blades along with hand-sharpened cutting edges that help in trimming the hair with utmost ease and convenience.

This scissor is suitable for barbers, salon workers, and for beginners as well. It features razor edges that help in cutting without fraying and reduces the split ends from hair and gives a professional finish.

It comes with a distinctive handle design that enables the scissor to cradle the fingers and delivers a confident and great haircut any time. It is safe for application on men, women, elders, children, and even babies.

It weighs around 4.8 ounces and feels lightweight. It is fortified with an adjustment screw that allows the user to fine-tune the scissor as per their desire. It also prevents the hair from getting caught in between the blades.

  • Sleek stainless steel texture
  • Features a coating of lubricating oil
  • Comes in plastic casting with vacuum packaging
  • Ergonomic patented design
  • The blades are pretty much sharp to cause injuries

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#2. JAVENPROLIU Professional Hair Cutting Shear (6 Inches)

JAVENPROLIU Professional Hair Cutting Shear

This scissor comes with sharp razor edges to deliver precision along with finishing. It is made from the stainless steel imported from Japan and highly durable for long-term usage. Besides this, it features a moderate length for partial and overall cutting.

It has been designed specifically for barber, salon, professionals, and home use. Coming with a 440C stainless steel texture, it reduces the messy hair clutter and prevents the hair from getting stuck in between the blades.

You can use this hairdressing scissor for men, women, elderly people, and kids as well. These scissors can be used on both, dry and wet hairs. The blades have been hand-crafted by passing through multiple procedures along with a visible blade line.

This scissor comes with fine-tune adjustments along with a smooth opening and closure functionality and reduces the friction. It has a VG10 high-quality steel regulator that is capable of resisting corrosion.

  • Meticulous workmanship design
  • The blades have been sharpened by ice calcination
  • 100% hand-forged with a hardness of 62HRC
  • Comfortable grip for ease of application
  • The blades might chip or snag sometimes

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#3. BRV Men Facial Hair Scissors for Men (5.5 Inches)

BRV Men Facial Hair Scissors for Men

This scissor has been designed exclusively for the trimming and styling of facial hair. It has been hand-sharpened for the high-intensity and sharp razor edges that help in the trimming of hair evenly with utmost ease and finishing.

It is made from 100% high-quality surgical grade steel and highly durable. It can withstand damages related to rust, stains, and corrosion. It features an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and smooth application.

It comes with an adjustable tension screw to provide better control to the blades as per your requirements. It also has silicone finger hole fragments that are removable to adjust the hole as per the size of your finger.

You can even use this scissor for a variety of purposes, such as trimming of beard, eyebrows, mustache, body hair, sideburns, and nose hair. It is compatible with the application of all types of hair textures.

  • Matte finish design with gold brass bins
  • Removable finger rest for enhanced control
  • Eccentrically shaped finger and thumbholes
  • Prevents the hair from bending and pinching
  • The rubber in the thumb hole might fall off sometimes

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#4. ULG Hair Thinning Scissors Cutting Teeth Shears (6.5 Inches)

ULG Hair Thinning Scissors Cutting Teeth Shears

This right-handed scissor is made from 440C premium quality Japanese stainless steel. It consists of sharp, thin, and razor edge blades that are hand-sharpened to trim the hair evenly without damaging it.

It comes within a luxurious and attractive design as it features the blue stone at the intersection of two-leaf along with mirrored polishing finish. The 30 teeth on one side provide a thinning rate of 20-25% for professional quality cuts.

The smooth edges make it completely safe for application on everyone. It helps in giving an enviable texture to hair for salon-inspired styling. It prevents the hair from getting pulled or stuck in blades during the application.

It features an ergonomic and offset grip design along with rubber finger and finer rest inserts. The thumb handle is kept shorter as compared to the finger handle to reduce the excess extension of wrist and thumb motion and relaxes your wrist and elbow.

  • Comes with high resilience muffler
  • Features circle protection
  • Convenient and stable functioning
  • The finger ring is removable
  • You need to put some pressure on the angle to thin the hair effectively

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#5. YBLNTEK Professional Hair Cutting Scissors (9 Pieces)

YBLNTEK Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

This set includes everything that you would require for a professional haircut. It contains 1 straight scissor, 1 hair cape, 1 thinning scissor, 1 grooming comb, 2 hair clips, 1 hair cutter comb, 1 tail comb, 1 cleaning cloth along with a leather case.

It features an ergonomic handle design with inserts for rubber finger and finger rest for a comfortable application. It helps in the reduction of stress on your hands and shoulders during the hairdressing.

The thinning scissor is made from 420 stainless steel and high-quality material along with high precision blades with sharp cutting edges. The blades deliver a précised and controlled angle at 48degrees. It helps in maintaining the desired sharpness and hardness.

It comes with a highly adjustable tension screw. The dual-sided cutter comb comes with two removable razors. The hair cape is made from highly durable pongee material and is waterproof and breathable too.

  • Smooth and polished finish
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Suitable for styling all hair types
  • Ideal for beginners
  • The sharpness of few blades is not up to the mark

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#6. Fcysy Hair Cutting Scissors Thinning Shears (7 Pieces)

Fcysy Hair Cutting Scissors Thinning Shears

This multi-purpose hairdressing kit includes resourceful accessories such as 1 hair scissor, 1 thinning shear, 1 comb, 1 hair razor comb, 2 hairpins, 1 cleaning cloth packed in a classy leather pouch. It fulfills all your hair cutting and styling needs.

The scissors are made from Japanese stainless steel, which is not only of high quality but is durable too. These scissors have got strong resistance capacity towards rust and corrosion. Also, they are tempered with hand-sharpened cutting edges along with high-precision blades.

These shears carry an ergonomic design for a comfortable and convenient grip. It contains adjustable screws that allow you to fine-tune the scissor as per the required tightness and tension.

These scissors come with a smooth and sleek finish texture that protects your hair from damages during the application. The thinning shear features 27 sharp teeth that prevent your hair from getting clipped.

  • Capable of trimming up to 30% of the hairs
  • Anti-accident circular head
  • Comes with a removable ring
  • Muffling design for easy application
  • The comfort ring tends to pop out during the application

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#7. JW Professional Shears Razor Edge Series (Charcoal, 5.5 Inches)

JW Professional Shears Razor Edge Series

This scissor has been designed for use by barbers, salon stylists, and professionals. This scissor is safe and comes with simple functionality so that you can even use it at home for all your grooming and hairdressing needs.

It features an offset handle with an ergonomic design. It plays an important role in the reduction of friction and also provides a comfortable and convenient grip to the user while application.

It is made from premium quality 9CR Japanese alloy for lasting performance and attractive design. Apart from this, it features razor-sharp convex edges that help in delivering smooth and neat cutting each time.

It protects the hair from developing split ends and fraying. It provides sharp, precise, and finished cuts to your hair. It comes along with a shear case for handy storage

  • Eye-catchy and classy color
  • Lightweight product
  • Customizable functionality
  • High-pitched blades
  • The durability of the product is not up to the mark

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#8. Ferbon Hair Cutting Scissors Set (9 Pieces)

Ferbon Hair Cutting Scissors Set

This set contains a cleaning cloth, 1 cutting scissor, 1 thinning scissor, 2 hairpins, 2 combs, and 1 salon cape. They all come in an attractive and elegant leather bag for convenient storage.

The blades have been made using 420 Japanese steel to ensure supreme performance and durability in the long run. It prevents the hair from getting damaged during the application. It protects your hair from getting split during trimming or cutting.

It has got convex edges that deliver smooth and even cutting action and is suitable for slicing dry or wet hair. It comes along with a professional protective coating that defends the steel from rust and corrosion.

It comes with detachable finger insets along with a finger rest, fixed screw, thumb blade, and silencer. It features a shock absorber towards the end of the handle that helps in reducing the noise and wear produced by the handle collision.

  • Suitable for pet grooming
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle grip design
  • Finished and clean cuts with sharp shear teeth
  • Helps in texturizing hair
  • The finger holes are quite small

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#9. Suvorna Men’s Beard & Mustache Styling Scissors (5 Inches)

Suvorna Men's Beard & Mustache Styling Scissors

This scissor has been designed exclusively for the grooming and styling of mustache, sideburns, and beard. It provides high precision cutting and trimming without any inevitable trimmer accidents.

The blades are sharp and tightly fitted and are compatible with all types of hair texture. The razor-sharp edges ensure are included to deliver smooth, clean, and even cuts each time with a great finish.

It also features tremendously sharp razor blades with convex edges that are muffled and minced to trim the hair without any hassles. This scissor is handcrafted and is made from the finest quality J2 420 Japanese stainless steel. It has been heat-treated to a rockwell rigidity of 53-54.

It features an elegant design with a mirror-polished and smooth surface that is highly reflective and holds a great resistance towards oxidation and moisture. Besides this, it can also withstand damages caused by rust, heat, and corrosion.

  • Comes with a carrying pouch
  • Customizable screws with large finger holes
  • Detachable finger rest for enhanced control
  • Features a functional thumb ring
  • It lacks a strong and comfortable grip

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#10. Sirabe Hairdressing Scissors Kit (9 Pieces)

Sirabe Hairdressing Scissors Kit

This set of hairdressing scissors includes 1 cutting scissor, 1 thinning scissor, 2 hairpins, 2 combs, 1 bang clip, and 1 neck duster. They all come along with a classy and compact leather bag that helps in managing and protecting the tools.

It comes with a sleek finish texture and is made using the high quality 420 Japanese stainless steel to ensure durability and reliability. It contains silver tension along with adjustable screws that are used for customizing the shears.

It has a soft rubber finger that helps in reducing the friction. The blades are highly resistant to heat, rust, and corrosion. It features an ergonomic grip. The shears are sharp and sturdy to provide precision trimming without causing any hair damage.

The haircutting scissor has been strengthened with precise blades along with cutting edges that are hand sharpened to trim the hair evenly with a professional finish. Apart from this, the scissors have a thinning rate of 25-30% and are compatible with all hair types.

  • Elegant and finely polished design
  • Suitable for left-handed users
  • Comes with an offset grip
  • Features a highly flexible muffler functionality
  • The sharpness of the blades is not up to the mark

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#11. ShearGuru Salon Scissor Hair Cutting Set (6.5 Inches)

ShearGuru Salon Scissor Hair Cutting Set

This set contains a sharp scissor along with a thinning shear that helps in giving your hair the desired texture and finishing. They feature a luxurious and elegant design and are constructed through hand sharpening.

They are made from supreme quality Japanese stainless steel that helps in retention of sharp edges up to 5 times longer than the regular steel material. The blades would not get locked up and ensures a smooth and uniform cutting experience.

It features a finely sharpened blade along with a customizable Culton tension screw that is highly adjustable. These scissors come with a comfortable grip that provides you an easy and convenient application that reduces the stress on the shoulder and wrist.

  • Crafted using patented technology
  • Comes along with a faux leather case
  • Non-abrasive functionality
  • Prevents the hair from getting stuck and pinched
  • Not suitable for left-handed users
  • Lacks finger inserts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shear and a regular scissor?

The main difference between shears and regular scissors is of design and length of the handles. The regular scissors are smaller than 10 inches with two indistinguishable handles.

On the other hand, the shears are around 10 inches or longer than that, containing one circular bow for the thumb along with elliptical and longer bow for the placement of two or more than two fingers.

Which is the best metal for sheer?

The ATS-314 steel is considered to be the finest, expensive, and most luxurious scissor steel in the segment. For longer durability and uninterrupted performance, you should always go for the shears that are made from 440 C or higher grade Japanese stainless steel.

All the categories above the 440C grade are touted to be cobalt steels. However, some shears are also made from Japanese stainless alloy and surgical grade stainless steel but their durability is not up to the mark.

Besides this, the Japanese stainless steel can resist the damages that take place due to heat, rust, and corrosion and maintain their quality over the years. It is more reliable and strong as compared to other metals.

Why is it important to have shears with razor-sharp convex edges?

It is important to have shears with razor-sharp convex edges as they play a pivotal role in delivering smooth, sharp, neat, and evenly finished cuts with the desired texture. They prevent your hair from getting tucked into the blades during application and does not make your hair split.

However, if you using a shear without razor-sharp convex edges, then there are more chances of your hair getting tucked in the blades and you will not get the desired sharpness that you require for professional and high-precision dressmaking.

How do I clean the shears?

Firstly, hold the shear from the tips pointing downwards along with the blades exposed around at 45 degrees. Put a few drops of clipper or shear oil at the swivel point. Now open and close the shear and allow it to rest overnight.

Clean your shear with warm bubbly water after the sanitization process. For sanitizing the shear, you can pour a few drops of alcohol on a cotton pad and then clean the residues from the shear. Sponge the blade away from the callous edge and make sure to clean the place where the blades of the shears intersect.

How often should the shears get serviced?

For preserving the quality and performance of the shear, it is advisable to get the shear serviced once in a year. They require proper cleaning, setting, and balancing even if their sharpness and quality remains intact.

However, if you have purchased a low or medium quality shear, then you need to sharpen them around 4 times in a year to improve the sharpness and performance.

How to sharpen the hair shears?

The shears are a type of hairdressing and grooming scissors that have got two knives attached with the help of a screw. You can sharpen the shear with the help of a knife sharpener. For this, all you need to do is that disassemble the shear scissor by unscrewing it. Then sharpen each of the individual halves separately.

Can I use shears for pet grooming?

Yes, there are many shears available in the market that are designed for pet grooming. You cannot use the hairdressing shears for your pet unless it is specified on the product description as not all the shears are compatible for grooming pets. Before you begin with the pet grooming, make sure that the shear is suitable for the application on pets.

Wrap Up

Shear scissors are a versatile styling tool that is widely used by barbers, salon stylists, and professionals across the world to transform the hair by giving enviable cuts. You can easily get a shear scissor at budget-friendly prices for hairdressing at home.

You can use a shear for grooming for facial hair, hairdressing, and texturizing along with pet grooming. The shears come along with several customizations and highly adjustable functionalities to deliver smooth and personalized grooming and hairdressing experience.

There is no need to pay frequent salon visits as you can trim, cut, groom, and texturize your hair at home as per your comfort and convenience. Go for this multipurpose styling accessory to get the desired hairstyle without spending a bomb.

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