The 10 Best Blow Dry Sprays: Your Ultimate Review & Buying Guide

Unless you have fine hair, it can take a lot of time to style your hair. Curly, treated, and dry hair types are extremely challenging to manage. Also, the last thing you’d want is getting out of your home with shaggy hair.

Everyone wants their hair to look bouncy, shiny and feel soft. However, it’s not easy to style most hair types. Luckily enough, you can take advantage of a blow dry spray to make your hair easier to manage.

Blow dry sprays work by locking out humidity and other elements that cause frizz. The sprays reduce the time taken to blow dry hair. They make hair smoother and make curls look naturally bouncy. The sprays also allow a hairstyle to last longer. Besides, they protect hair from heat.

While there’re many sprays available for blow drying hair, not all of them are effective. Thus, you should only choose a top-quality blow dry spray to enjoy maximum benefits. However, it’s not that easy to find the right product. Luckily, we’ve shortlisted the best blow dry sprays to make it easier for you. Read on for the detailed reviews.

Top 10 Blow Dry Sprays

#1. Peter Coppola Just Blow Spray

Peter Coppola Just Blow Spray

Peter Coppola is a renowned brand in the hair care industry. It has not been left behind when it comes to blow dry hair sprays. We include the Just Blow Spray from Peter Coppola among our top selections based on the numerous benefits it has on hair. It’s made with an amazing formulation for the needs of everyone who wants to take good care of their hair.

To start with, this spray will give your hair a natural shine. It boosts the luster of your hairstyle by closing the cuticles. That way, your hair will get an enhanced shine after blow drying. Moreover, the enhanced shine will make your hair look more vibrant and fresher.

The formulation in this spray also assists in straightening and smoothening hair. It works by assisting your hair to relax, thereby making your hair straighter and smoother. That way, it’ll give your hair a smooth, silky look with reduce heat damage.

Another great benefit that comes with this spray is that it protects hair from heat. All you’ll need to do is to spray your hair with this product before blow drying. Doing so will protect your hair color and maintain its health when blow drying. To add to that, this spray will reduce your regular blow dry time by as much as 50%.

  • It’s ideal for daily hair care

  • Non-aerosol formulation

  • Professional-grade thermal protectant

  • Powerful spray mechanism

  • Can be used on all hair types

  • No notable shortcoming

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#2. Amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray

Amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray

This is yet another leading blow dry spray that is specially formulated for use on straight, wavy, coiled, and curly hair. It comes with powerful ingredients that make it extremely effective for enhancing the texture and volume of hair.

Glycerin is one of its most powerful ingredients. It assists in moisturizing and strengthening brittle and dry hair. Another great ingredient in the formulation is propylene glycol that keeps hair protected against dryness.

The formulation also contains panthenol that restores and enhances the resilience of hair. Panthenol also works by minimizing split ends, strengthening hair, and preventing hair breakage. It also has properties that hydrate and nourish hair.

Its formulation is extremely lightweight. As such, it won’t leave any heavy residue on your hair. Besides, it enhances the volume of hair to make it look naturally voluminous. It also enhances the texture of hair for an enhanced look.

Another great benefit you’ll enjoy upon using this spray is that it offers long-lasting results. As a result, your favorite hairstyle will last longer and won’t demand a lot of attention. It will save you from the time you spend as you struggle to style your hair. It’ll make it effortless to style your hair as needed.

  • Protects hair against heat damage

  • Compact bottle that you can easily carry with you

  • Reduces and prevents frizz

  • Doesn’t contain artificial colors

  • Comes with a zip lock bag

  • Its smell may not be ideal for everyone

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#3. COLOR WOW Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray

COLOR WOW Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray

There’re tons of challenges that come with managing color-treated hair, especially when blow drying. The last thing you’d want on your colored hair is losing its color sooner. Luckily for you, you’ve landed on the right blow dry spray for colored hair. This spray is specially designed for preventing colored hair from losing its color when blow drying.

The formulation making up this spray is alcohol-free. As such, it cuts down the time it takes to style your hair with heat. As a result, it allows the color on your hair to last longer. If you always rush in the morning as you prepare to go to work, this spray will dramatically reduce the time it will take to dry your hair. Thus, hair styling will never be a reason to get late for work.

Another reason that makes this spray rank among our top selections is its lightweight formulation. It won’t make your hair feel heavy or weigh it down. It has properties that seal hair cuticles. It also eliminates porosity and locks moisture in the hair.

It also gives hair a protective barrier that prevents it from drying out or becoming brittle. As a result, it’ll strengthen your hair, thanks to its silk amino acids and keratin protein properties.

  • It makes hair look naturally shiny

  • Leaves the hair feeling silky smooth and shiny

  • Reduces flyaway hair

  • Assists in treating and repairing hair

  • Doesn’t cut a lot of drying time on coarse hair

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#4. CHI Set the Stage Blow Dry Spray

CHI Set the Stage Blow Dry Spray

CHI is yet another renowned manufacturer of hair care products. Set the Stage blow dry spray from CHI made it into our list based on its effectiveness in doing what it promises. First and foremost, this spray allows for quick hair drying. It will save you a lot of time whenever you want to dry your hair after washing it or after getting rained on.

This spray is unique in that it has light hair toning properties. It gets rid of any brassy hair tones by toning hair lightly. Thus, it’ll add shine to your hair without altering its undertone or color for a cooler look.

If you’re frustrated and struggling with limp hair, then this is the light spray for you before blow drying. It enhances the texture of limp hair and protects it against damage from heat during blow drying. Consequently, it’ll give life to your limp hair by making it stronger and firmer.

Besides, this spray is packed with potent hair nourishing and protective elements. It contains macadamia oil and Moringa oil. These oils nourish hair with essential nutrients for healthier growth.

  • It adds volume to limp and fine hair

  • Reduces and prevents frizz

  • Assists in styling and calming fluffy hair

  • Leaves the hair looking and feeling soft

  • You need to spray heavily for better results

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#5. Hask Keratin Flash Blow-Dry Spray

Hask Keratin Flash Blow-Dry Spray

Hask Keratin is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality hair care products. This blow dry spray from Hask Keratin is specially formulated using a combination of unique ingredients and exotic oils sourced from around the globe.

This spray will soften your hair when blow drying, thereby making it easier to comb or style your hair as needed. Regardless of your hair type, this spray will condition your hair and leave it looking naturally smooth. Moreover, it gives hair a shiny, younger look. To add to that, it gets rid of any frizz that might be present on your hair, especially if your hair is curly or dry.

Another great benefit of this spray is that it comes with powerful restorative properties that will make your hair easier to manage with reduced brittleness. Consequently, you’ll find it easier to style your hair. To add to that, it’ll allow your hairstyle to last longer.

If your hair is color-treated or processed, then this is the right blow dry spray for you. It has properties that allow hair to maintain its color for a longer period while still promoting its health.

Besides, it softens hair without making it feel greasy. It’ll penetrate deep into the roots of your hair and rebuild any damaged and dry hair strands from within. It does so by feeding hair with keratin, which is one of the most essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.

  • Very affordable

  • Gives hair a professional-level blow out

  • Leaves hair looking sleek after every blow out

  • Has a lightweight formulation

  • Protects hair from the stress of heat styling

  • You need to shake it thoroughly every time you want to use it

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#6. Design.Me PowerDry.ME Spray

Design.Me PowerDry.ME Spray

Are you searching for a powerful blow dry spray that will effectively reduce the time you spend in blow drying your hair? If so, this spray won’t disappoint. It’ll cut down your hair drying time by as much as half. It works by separating hair strands for faster drying. That way, you’ll save a lot of time, especially when drying your hair before heading out to work or a date.

The spray will keep your hair free of flyaway hair for a silky, smooth look. Moreover, the spray features a dry powder formula that keeps your hair free from any oiliness. Thus, it won’t make your hair feel greasy.

Another reason why this spray is worth your consideration is that it comes with powerful hair conditioning properties. It makes any excess water on hair to dry out rather than soaking into the strands. As a result, it’ll leave your hair conditioned after blow drying.

Besides, the spray is formulated with properties that lubricate dry hair, thereby getting rid of any frizz. It’ll also get rid of any tangling or knotting, thereby making it easier to comb and style your hair. Additionally, its hair-softening properties will allow your hair to maintain its style for much longer than usual.

  • Its formulation is paraben-free

  • Doesn’t weigh down hair

  • Micro-emulsion hair drying technology

  • Protects hair from damage during heat treatment

  • Assists in treating damaged hair

  • The cap doesn’t close tightly enough

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#7. ColorProof SuperPlump Thickening Blow Dry Spray

ColorProof SuperPlump Thickening Blow Dry Spray

One of the reasons that made us include this spray in our list is that it’s specially designed to add volume and density to the hair. It’ll leave your hair looking smooth and soft after its application and blowing drying.

The spray is rich with ingredients that enhance the overall texture and look of your hair. For instance, it contains hydrolyzed corn starch that penetrates deep into hair strands, thereby enhancing their density and volume. It also contains pea proteins and hydrolyzed jojoba that work by strengthening and treating hair from its root, thereby protecting it from breakage.

Besides, the formulation comes with an aqua flex polymer ingredient that thickens hair and allows your hairstyle to last longer. It also comes with properties that protect hair from damage that may result from heat treatment. Moreover, it has properties that allow hair to maintain its color when blow drying.

  • Weightless formulation

  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly

  • Free from sulfates, parabens, and glutens

  • Makes hair look fuller

  • Higher price range

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#8. Nexxus Dry Spray, Youth Renewal Plump and Lift Blow

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This blow dry spray is specially formulated to fight signs of aging in hair. Its formulation is rich in Vitamin-8 Complex that assists in enhancing the color radiance of hair. Whether your hair is color-treated or natural, this ingredient will assist in protecting it from color fading when blow drying. It will leave your hair glowing. On a similar note, it will make your hair look shinier.

Vitamin-8 Complex also works by increasing the volume of hair and enhancing its strength. It works by enhancing oxygen circulation within the scalp, thereby enhancing the health of hair follicles. Consequently, it prevents hair loss and encourages stronger hair growth from the root.

Another benefit that comes with this spray is its effectiveness in reducing frizz, especially on dry and curly hair types. It works by encouraging hair strands to stand independently such that they won’t get tangled together. That way, you’ll find it easier to comb or style your hair after blow drying.

Additionally, this spray boasts of having a lightweight formulation. As a result, it won’t weigh down your hair even with daily use. Consequently, it’ll leave your hair looking thicker without adding to its weight. Overall, this spray will give your hair a natural, younger look.

  • Makes hair look more vibrant with enhanced vitality

  • Long-lasting results for your convenience

  • It’s one of the most affordable blow dry sprays

  • Has several natural ingredients

  • Doesn’t do much in reducing hair drying time

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#9. L’Oreal Advanced Hair Style Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray

LOreal Advanced Hair Style Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray

Do you often get bored of blow drying your hair due to the prolonged time it takes? Worry no more. This blow dry spray is specially designed to reduce the time it takes to dry your hair. It does so while still protecting hair against heat damage when blow drying.

The spray has a lightweight formulation such that it won’t add to the weight of your hair for enhanced comfort. You can use it on straight, curly, and wavy hair. You’ll find it easier to style these hair types when blow drying. It also makes it easier and safer to treat your hair with other heating tools.

If you’re struggling with frizz and tangled hair, take advantage of this spray to detangle and get rid of the frizz. Moreover, you’ll only spray a little amount of the product for long-lasting results. That way, you’ll find it extremely economical to use the spray.

  • Can be used on short, medium length, and long hairstyles

  • Makes hair look healthier and naturally shiny

  • Comes in a pack of 4 bottles

  • Ideal for daily use

  • Using it excessively can make hair greasy

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#10. ABBA Preserving Blow Dry Hair Spray

ABBA Preserving Blow Dry Hair Spray

The ABBA blow dry spray is made with innovativeness in mind. It’s made of a results-driven formulation. The formulation in the spray provides hair with UV and thermal barriers to keep it protected against heat damage.

It contains hydrolyzed vegetable proteins that hydrate and nourish hair to get rid of any dryness and frizz. That way, you’ll easily style your hair as needed.

The spray also contains Pro-Quinoa Complex that works by rebuilding, repairing, and restoring damaged hair. As a result, it’ll improve the texture of your hair and reduce hair loss. Besides, the spray will enhance the condition of your hair regardless of the heat tool you’re using.

  • Free from parabens and alcohol

  • Contains sunflower and avocado oils that moisturize hair

  • Contains essential vitamins that protect hair from environmental damage

  • Gives long-lasting results

  • No notable change in reducing hair drying time

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a blow dry spray do?

It smoothens hair to make it faster to blow dry and easier to style.

Should I use the spray on dry or damp hair?

The spray works best by spraying it on damp hair. Then blow dry it as you normally do.

Will a blow dry spray weight down my hair?

Top-quality brands are made of a light formulation. Thus, they won’t weigh down your hair.

Can I use the spray daily?

Yes. You can use a top-quality blow dry spray daily.

Will the spray make my hair greasy?

Using the right amount of a high-quality blow dry spray won’t make your hair greasy.

Can I apply a blow dry spray on curly or wavy hair?

Yes. You can use these sprays to enhance the look of your curly or wavy hair and reduce frizz.

Final Words

Now that you know the best sprays for blow drying hair, you can give your hair a shiny, smooth glow. Moreover, you’ll find it easier to manage your hair and maintain your favorite hairstyle for a longer period than usual.

Thus, grab a blow dry spray from our list to give your hair the best blow dry touch. After all, we’ve only listed the best products for your benefit.

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