Top 11 Best Body Glitters That Will Make You Sparkle

Body glitters, as the name suggests, are shimmery cosmetic beauty products that you can use to add extra shine to your skin. These accessories can diffuse light into different wavelengths, hence giving your face or body a glistening look.

If you are into sophisticated colors, these glittery products can help pull an unforgettable look when attending costume parties, outdoor festivals, and concerts. You can also pepper your daily makeup look with a few glitters for an all-day flickering look.

To get the best from body glitters, there are basic things that you must know. For starters, not all glitters are the same. In as much as they all seem to accomplish the same purpose, they come in different sizes and colors. These products have varying particle sizes, so you can choose a size depending on the area of application.

Additionally, the color dispersing properties also differ, and this brings us to the main types of glitters that you are likely to find in the market.

Categorically, glitters can be classified as holographic, iridescent, and metallic. Holographic glitters can break and reflect a light spectrum at the same time, thus making your skin to dazzle with different colors depending on the angle that light hits each glitter.

Iridescent glitters, on the other hand, have a characteristic glow that allows them to reflect only a single color when struck by light.

As for metallic glitters, contrary to what you may think regarding the name, they are not metal compounds. The name simply refers to the lustrous shine that they give, which tends to mimic the reflective properties of metals.

Now that you are familiar with your glitters, it’s time to make a choice. And we both know how difficult picking a cosmetic product can be, especially if they are available in a wide variety like in the case of glitters.

To make this simple, you must have a specific goal that you intend to achieve by applying a certain type of glitter. This will help you narrow down to spray, dust or gel glitters.

Spray glitters are easy to apply, dust glitters require you to use some form of adhesive, like a glitter primer or any colorless cosmetic glue.

However, gel glitters can stick to your skin on their own, so it’s all up to you to pick the glitter that suits your beauty needs. The review list below has some of the best body glitters that you can use to give your skin a starry appearance.

11 Best Body Glitters Reviews

#1 Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter Gel

Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter Gel

This gel-based glitter delivers a holographic sparkle that combines with your natural skin tone to give a princess-like appearance. It is very easy to apply since no adhesive or primer is required to keep the glitter in place. They are also very easy to remove, so you will have a hassle-free user experience throughout.

They give your skin an intense glow that is equally long-lasting. You can wear the Unicorn snot glitters the whole day and still maintain a perfect shimmer. These glitters allow you to activate your wild side while at parties or festivals without worrying about them budging. Additionally, these glitters can be used when attending official functions like cooperate dinners and business meetings. All you have to do is ensure that you apply the correct amount that will give you the perfect gleam for the occasion.

The Unicorn glitters blend very well with other cosmetic products, so you can apply them alongside your makeup. This glitter can be applied to different parts of the body and all you need are your fingertips to gently rub and spread the gel evenly on target areas.

  • Available in five different holographic shades

  • Cruelty-free

  • Vegan-friendly

  • Delivers a nice finish

  • Not ideal for the eye area

  • Has a scent which may irritate some people

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#2 GLITTIES-Obsession-Cosmetic Grade Extra Fine Loose Glitter Powder

GLITTIES-Obsession-Cosmetic Grade Extra Fine Loose Glitter Powder

The glitter powder from Glitties is ideal for face, hair, lips, and other parts of the body. It can even be used in accessorizing nail art. This glitter can give you a festival accent that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The powder grains are extra fine, so the light that is reflected also has the same level of fineness, giving your skin and hair an intense shine. If you have tattoos, you can apply this glitter to add radiance to your ink.

Glitties provides you with six different shades that you can choose from depending on the mood that you are in. This particular shade, the obsession, gives your skin and hair a deep red shimmer. It goes very well with the lips and can also be added to eyeshadow palettes to make the eye area more radiant. This product is of premium quality and delivers captivating results that will leave your skin looking bright and glossy.

When dealing with nails, you can use this powder on both acrylic and gel nails. This glitter powder is suitable for DIY beauty projects since it allows you to get crafty with your skin. You can mix it with your lotion, nail polish, or soap just to get a customized color theme on all your beauty products.

  • Delivers a subtle glow

  • Givers your skin a consistent shimmer

  • Easy to apply

  • Safe for the skin and hair

  • You have to use a primer or some adhesive to set the glitter in place

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#3 KARIZMA Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter

KARIZMA Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter

If you are looking to drip in glitter, you can consider using the chunky holographic glitter from Karizma. This glitter features glimmering dust, hexagon, and star-shaped particles that can help you light up your look. You can use this glitter on different skin tones due to its versatile nature, allowing you to have an attractive appearance. This product can particularly suit those who are in the fashion industry. With this glitter, your skin will have a glamorous look that will help you walk the runway with confidence.

Glitter addicts can also benefit from the beauty that is offered by this accessory. That said, you don’t have to be a celebrity to wear this glitter. You can have fun and look good by throwing several specks of glitter on your body or face. This product is safe for the eye region, so you can use it to create shiny under-eye glitter tears. It can also complement your cheekbones, allowing your facial contour to come out enchantingly.

If you prefer showing some skin in the shoulder region, you can make the scene even more enticing by dusting the collarbones with some glitter for a shimmering finish. And since the glitter is vegan-friendly and safe for a variety of skin types, you can use it regularly without encountering any skin complications.

  • Kid-friendly

  • Cosmetic grade

  • Cruelty-free

  • Stays on the skin for a long time

  • Requires a glitter glue

  • The glitter particles may be too large for some users

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#4 CAI BEAUTY NYC Hair and Body Glitter Holographic (SILVER)

CAI BEAUTY NYC Hair and Body Glitter

This glitter is made up of tiny particles that trap and reflect light with ease, giving you a fabulous and glittery look. The three-dimensional feature enables each particle to make use of even the smallest amount of light. This allows this product to shimmer both day and night, making it an ideal finishing for a rave costume. You can apply this stardust on your body and hair to get a fairy tale kind of look.

It comes in a gold, violet, pink, and silver shades that you can choose from to match your outfit or costume. If you want to take the colors to the next level, you can go for the mixed shade, which has a rose, gold, and pink color. This will not only give you an elegant look but will also give your skin and hair a unique color fest look. No applicator is needed, so you can just smear the gel on your face or body using your fingers.

The gel has the right viscosity, thus allowing you to spread it with ease without much rubbing. A small amount goes all the way, allowing you to cover a large portion with glitter in a single brush. The fact that this glitter stays on the skin for several hours makes it ideal for parties and concerts.

  • You can use the glitter for different occasions

  • Vegan verified

  • Designed with high-quality materials

  • Offers limitless shine

  • The packaging may limit you from using all the glitter

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The NYX professional makeup glitter comes in twelve different light-catching shades that can complement a variety of makeup looks. With so many colors to choose from, you can apply a different color every day of the week and still have extra shades left. This glitter can offer you the perfect finish that you need to step up your makeup game. Since it has loose particles, you can make use of the NYX glitter primer to get the right blend.

You can be the talk of the festival by simply dousing your skin with this shimmery glitter. The particles making up this product can catch and reflect light from either side, so you don’t have to be at a specific angle for your skin to sparkle. This glitter allows you to personalize your appearance and can even help you in coming up with your signature look.

As such, you can mix the colors to create sparkly shades that other users don’t have. And all you need is one application to light up every inch of your face and body. This product is PETA certified, making it safe topical skin applications.

  • Cruelty-free

  • You can clean it off with ease

  • Gives you a long-lasting shine

  • You have to buy a primer

  • Contains phthalates

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#6 Warmfits Holographic Chunky Glitter

Warmfits Holographic Chunky Glitter

The ultra-sparkling glitters from Warmfits are designed with high-intensity pigments that you can use in your beauty experiments. The glitter particles are lightweight, allowing you to wear them for long hours without feeling a thing. The holographic properties in this glitter give it the ability to split light from different angles, thereby giving your skin and hair a colorful appearance.

With the right adhesive, you can decorate items such as phone covers, earrings, hair clips, and even shoes by applying the different shades that this glitter offers. This will give you a unique head to toe shine that nothing can compare with. If you have a skill in blending colors, then this glitter may be all you need to showcase your full potential. You can also decorate nail art by applying a few glitters on the nails before the polish dries up.

The glitter particles come in different shapes, which mainly include stars and hexagons. Some sets contain a single shape, while others have a mixture of shapes. Regardless of the shape that you choose, your skin will still give out an alluring shine.

  • Durable coverage

  • Multipurpose

  • Easy application

  • Does not come with adhesive

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#7 Body Glitter by iMethod

Body Glitter by iMethod

If you are obsessed with sparkle this glitter will quench your thirst in one application. It offers you six different colors and nine shapes that you can use depending on the occasion. This product can give your skin an elegant gleam that will make you look like a queen.

This glitter can go well with other facial decorations and can also be used as a festival makeup accessory. Since this glitter is gentle to the skin, you can use it to enhance the look of the eye region. It does not irritate the delicate skin in this part, allowing you to enjoy your look without feeling uncomfortable.

Apart from having different shapes, the particles also have different sizes, so you can pick either large or fine particles as long as it will help you achieve the goal that you have. This glitter comes in a generous amount, allowing you to share some with your friends.

  • Versatile

  • Can work on nails and hair

  • Can be applied using a brush or fingers

  • High quality

  • May rub off if a weak adhesive is used

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#8 Mehron Makeup GlitterDust

Mehron Makeup GlitterDust

This holographic glitter is made from cosmetic grade polyester, which diffuses light in all angles, giving your body and hair the desired sparkle. The grains in this glitter are finely sifted, so the coverage that you will get is consistent and reliable. This glitter blends effortlessly with your makeup, allowing you to come up with an all-round look.

If you are into gothic fashion, this holographic silver shade can assist in getting outstanding finishes both on the face and the rest of the body. It goes very well with dark themes, so you can apply it to enhance your look when attending rock concerts. You can also find other cool colors like gold, deacon blue, opalescent, and gunmetal.

The glitter delivers good results; you just have to ensure that you use an adhesive that won’t slow you down when you are having a good time. You can easily upgrade your look with the Mehron makeup glitter dust.

  • Conveniently lightweight

  • Gentle on hair and skin

  • Blends perfectly with your skin tone

  • The dust may be blown off if applied without a glitter primer

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#9 Eco Body Glitter Gel

Eco Body Glitter Gel

The Eco body glitter gel does more than just giving your face and body a simple glitter. It is enriched with ingredients that contain essential skin nutrients. The organic aloe leaf juice in this glitter gel can improve the quality of your skin in so many ways. Aloe vera has antibacterial properties that prevent dangerous microorganisms from attacking your skin.

Additionally, it soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, making this one of the body glitters that you can go for if you have acne-prone skin. The folic acid in this glitter gel can help your skin in combating free radicals through its antioxidant properties.

This product is so rich in nutrients that it can be used as a face mask. It washes off easily if you use soap and water, leaving your skin better than it was. This mild glitter formula is friendly to kids, so your children can also have a share of its glittery beauty.

  • Has Vitamin C

  • Eco-friendly

  • Available in four different shades

  • Glitter coverage is not that great

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#10 Jerome Russell B Wild Hair and Body Glitter

Jerome Russell B Wild Hair and Body Glitter

This hair and body glitter come in an easy to use spray bottle that gives you a fuss-free experience. The glitter is milled and sifted to give nothing but elegance and glam. You don’t require any adhesive when using this glitter spray since it is designed to automatically stick onto the surface on which it is applied.

You can apply the spray on your costume to get a stunning festival look. Your hair will particularly benefit from this colorful spray because it coats the strands with a lightweight glint layer. However, a lot of care should be taken when using this product since the container is highly pressurized. You should be very cautious not to apply this glitter in the eye area.

If you follow all the application instructions, your hair and skin will have a nice twinkly appearance. One spray can cover your skin and hair with numerous glitter particles, thus giving you a bright look.

  • Lasts for several hours

  • Washes off easily

  • Does not damage hair

  • May irritate sensitive skin

  • Does not offer enough tint

  • The scent may overwhelm some users

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#11 Snazaroo, Multicolor Paint Face-Body Glitter Gel

Snazaroo, Multicolor Paint Face-Body Glitter Gel

This glitter gel can be applied to sensitive skin without causing any problem. It is made up of premium quality ingredients that allow it to glide on the skin surface with ease. You will get a variety of shades including multicolored ones that you can apply on your body and hair.

Your skin will get high-quality care with this gel formula since it has the right pH, so the skin won’t get breakouts or suffer from dryness after application. The multiple shades can come in handy when crafting a customized makeup look that will make your appearance different from others. The glitter particles have smooth surfaces that reflect the maximum amount of light needed to deliver a perfect shimmer.

Removing this glitter gel from the skin does not require the use of harsh removers or scrubbers. All you need is clean water and a gentle soap formula.

  • Cruelty-free

  • Kid-friendly

  • Offers long-lasting coverage

  • The gel may be too thick for some users

  • May cause irritation on hypersensitive skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to apply body glitter?

High-quality body glitters are made with non-toxic materials that cannot get absorbed in the skin, so they are completely safe for your health. Nevertheless, you should be careful not to inhale the glitter particles.

Can glitter irritate my skin?

Yes. If you have very sensitive skin some glitter gels may cause the skin to act up. For this reason, it is advisable to do a patch test before using any gel-based glitter.

Which is the best powder of gel glitter?

Both deliver exceptional results but the difference may come in depending on the look that you are trying to create. Powdered glitter mixes easily with other cosmetic products such as polish, while gel-based works very well as a stand-alone product.

How can I apply glitter on nails?

Loose glitter can easily be added to polish before or after applying the polish to your nails. If you apply the glitter after, ensure that you do it before the polish dries.

Final Verdict

When choosing a body glitter, ensure that you go for premium quality products that don’t pose a danger to your health. Always check the labels to confirm that the product you are buying is cosmetic grade.

Finding the right glitter can dramatically improve your makeup and hair look, allowing you to enjoy every event that you attend. You can fully take part in the festival by applying a glitter that matches the theme.

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