Top 11 Best Conditioners For Color Treated Hair In 2020

Conditioners are a hair care solution that helps you to replenish moisture and provide a protective layer to hair. Conditioners are applied as a post-shampoo product, which acts as an additional cleanser.

Most people are unaware of the fact that there are various kinds of conditioners available in the market for different use. Some of them are:

  • Deep conditioner: It provides a protective layer to the hair.
  • Cleansing conditioner: It is a combination of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dry conditioner: It provides shiny and soft hair without water.
  • Leave-in conditioner: This is a post-shower conditioner.
  • Color-treated conditioner: It maintains a tone of hair color

With the increasing trend of colored hair, people are facing more and more difficulty in maintaining them. Color-treated conditioners are one of the few ways to preserve natural-looking colored hair.

The problem is that there are too many color-treated conditioners in the market. Choosing the most effective one for yourself can be very challenging.

Therefore, through our intense research, we have tried to identify the best conditioner for color treated hair.

11 Best Conditioners For Color Treated Hair

#1. Garnier Fructis Color Shield Conditioner 21 oz

Garnier Fructis Color Shield Conditioner

Maximum number of washes

  • Twenty-five to thirty

This product is well-valued for its long-lasting color tone effect. The effect of this conditioner remains for more than seven weeks.

It is made explicitly for conserving the natural color of your hair. It is Paraben-free, which makes the same healthy for your hair. However, it contains Sulfate, which might be allergic to some people.

It is also formulated with B3 & B6 vitamins with citrus protein that strengthens the roots of your hair.

Also, it has Anti-oxidants and UV filters that keep the color look vibrant. This product is highly recommended for saloons and individuals as it gives a beautiful effect to your hair.

Safety Precaution

Contact with the eyes should be avoided and kept away from the reach of children.

  • Natural color tone

  • Strengthens roots

  • Decent scent

  • Good for dry hair

  • It contains Sulfate and might be allergic.

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#2. L’Oreal Paris Elvive for color-treated hair 7.2 oz

LOreal Paris Elvive for color-treated hair

Maximum number of washes

  • Approximately ten

This product is formulated especially for damaged color-treated hair. It gives two times better vibrancy than any other product in the market.

This conditioner has anti-oxidants and pomegranate extract, which gives long-lasting color vibrancy with a natural shine.

The company assures effect in one use. However, you may experience the result after two to three wash.

To use this conditioner, you have to apply it to wet hair from lengths to tips and after one-minute rinse it thoroughly.

After using this conditioner, you will get soft, smooth and shiny hair. However, you may not like the scent of this product as it is very extreme.

Safety precaution

This is meant only for adult hair and contact with eyes should be avoided.

  • Easy to use

  • Long-lasting vibrant color

  • Smooth hair

  • Intolerable scent to some

  • High consumption for one use

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#3. Nexxus Colour Assure 33.8 oz

No products found.

Maximum number of washes

  • Forty to Fifty

Maintaining a dyed hair can be challenging, especially managing the vibrant shade of it. This product is well-known for its friendly composition.

Nexxus is one of the leading brands in the Shampoo and conditioner industry. It has various color conditioners. However, this product can be considered as the highest quality of Nexxus.

Being Sulphate-free, this product makes sure that your hair looks natural and strong to the roots. This composition also gives long-lasting color vibrancy.

This product is infused with Elastin Protein and Quinoa, which makes it healthy to the hair as well as the scalp. Also, this improves the amount of protein for weak hair.

This product is excellent for getting a saloon-like experience. Another thing about this product is that it is a combination of cleaner, conditioner, and shampoo. Hence, you get all the benefits in one single product.

It has a mellow fragrance.

Still, it is not for every colored hair, especially for blonde one.

Safety Precaution

Avoid contact with eyes

  • Healthy for scalp and hair

  • The scent is pleasant

  • Long-lasting effect

  • Hair might remain sticky

  • Not a good cleaner

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#4. Morgan Argan Oil Conditioner for Colour treated hair 16 oz

Morgan Argan Oil Conditioner for Colour treated hair

Maximum number of washes

  • Fifteen to twenty

This conditioner is one of the safest conditioners for hair. It contains a UV and Thermal Protectant with vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and repair hair.

Being an excellent conditioner for professional use, it gives saloon-like experience to an individual.

It is formulated for all kinds of hair, including frizzy, curly, wavy, fine or thick. It does not contain Sulphate, Parabens, Sodium Chloride, Gluten, or Phthalates, which are harmful to hair.

After a few washes, you will get shiny, silky smooth, vibrant hair. It also has Vitamin E in it, which penetrates the roots of your hair and makes them stronger and thicker.

Through our research, we came to know that it is a highly valued product among middle-aged women.

Another good part about this product is that it works well for dry hair. Hence, conditioning the hair in order to keep healthy and soft.

Safety precaution

Use it twice in a week at max and avoid contact with eyes

  • Hair-friendly formula

  • Affordable

  • Suitable for dry and straw-like hair

  • Argan oil allergic to some

  • Almost no fragrance

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#5. Biolage Colorlast Conditioner for Color-treated Hair 33.8 Oz

Biolage Colorlast Conditioner for Color-treated hair

Maximum number of washes

  • Forty to fifty

This conditioner is inspired by the non-color fading properties of Orchid, which maintains the vibrant glow of all the color-treated hair.

Though this conditioner might not be suitable for saloons, this is an excellent conditioner for an individual.

Formulated by only the hair-friendly chemicals with extract of Orchid, it gives a natural shine to the hair with a silky smooth effect.

Another advantage of this product is the balanced repair of color tones. Many conditioners lead to extra vibrant color glow, which looks unnatural.

However, this product is valued for maintaining the natural tone of color while the hair remains de-tangled.

You have to apply this conditioner from lengths to tips for about three minutes. Wash your hair after three minutes and observe the immediate effect on your hair.

One disadvantage of this product is that it is not Sulfate-free, which might lead to an allergic reaction to some people.

Safety precaution

Do not inhale and avoid contact with eyes

  • Natural scent

  • Hair moisturizer

  • Natural color tone

  • Contains Sulfate

  • Many fake conditioners similar to this

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#6. BOTANIC HEARTH Conditioner for Color-treated 8 oz

BOTANIC HEARTH Conditioner for Color-treated

Maximum number of washes

  • Ten to twelve

This is an advance hair cleanser and conditioner. It is a competent blend that moisturizes, restores dull and dry hair.

This conditioner is well-valued for giving a natural shine to the hair, while it maintains the natural vibrant of the hair.

The blend is Sulfur as well as Paraben free, which makes it healthy towards all kinds of hair. Also, the combination provides critical hydration by penetrating the hair shaft and strengthening the damaged hair.

It gives a natural smoothness to the hair, which makes it a must-try the product.

You have to apply it for about five minutes from lengths to tips to get the extreme performance of this product.

Though this product gives a pleasant experience, it is quite costly as compared to other conditioners in the market.

Safety precaution

Avoid contact with eyes and keep away from the reach of children

  • Natural color tone

  • Pleasant scent

  • Moisturizes hair

  • Allergic to some

  • Not a good cleanser

  • Low-quantity

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#7. Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Vegan Conditioner 9.6 oz

Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Vegan Conditioner

Maximum number of washes

  • Ten to fifteen

If you are looking for a conditioner that maintains your color while it moisturizes the hair, then this one might be the one.

This product has a sulfate-free formula that makes it non-allergic. The advanced formula revitalizes dry hair while maintaining the natural tone of hair color.

It makes sure that you end up with soft and nourished hair. The effects are observable after a few washes.

One wash with this product usually takes more than five minutes. This is not quickest when compared to other conditioners in the market.

The fragrance is a blend of ylang-ylang, bergamot, and patchouli scents.

It can be applied to all types of hair like frizzy or curled, but this product is not recommended for you if you have grey hair.

Though this product is perfect for saloon-like experience, there are various duplicate versions of this too. Before buying it, make sure that you are purchasing the authentic one.

Also, we came to know that an allergic reaction with this product might lead to problems like hair fall.

Safety Precaution

Initially, apply a small amount to ensure that you are not allergic to it. Also, avoid contact with eyes.

  • Affordable

  • Natural color tone

  • Decent scent

  • Shine is not natural

  • Some face an allergic reaction

  • Many duplicate versions in the market

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#8. L’Oreal Paris Purple Color Conditioner for Treated Hair 5.1oz

LOreal Paris Purple Color Conditioner for treated hair

Maximum number of washes

  • Five to seven

This product is one of the few conditioners in the market that is anti-brassing. Brassing is a ubiquitous term among people with colored hair.

There are instances where the majority of hair color remains vibrant, but there are a few spots of brassing.

Explicitly formulated for brassing, it removes brass within a few minutes. One wash generally takes ten to fifteen minutes.

Though, the conditioner works well against brass; it is not the most purple conditioner in the market. Hence, you might not get rid of the brass after a wash.

It is preferred to use it once a week. Therefore, four times in a month. Excess use may harm the roots of the hair.

Safety Precaution

Avoid contact with eyes and use as per the instructions bundled with the product

  • Anti-brass

  • Good cleanser

  • Maintains tone of color

  • Strong fragrance

  • Purple might not be enough

  • Low-quantity

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#9. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Linseed Extract for Anti-fade 12.6 Oz

LOreal Paris Elvive Linseed extract for anti-fade

Maximum number of washes

  • Fifteen to twenty

If you are looking for a conditioner with natural fragrance, this might be the one. This conditioner is formulated specially to restore hair strength and revive the shine.

Based on washing four times a week, it protects the vibrant color of the hair for more than seven weeks. Also, the anti-oxidant and UV systems maintain the tone.

We came to know that the fragrance of the conditioner is natural and decent. Hence, even if you are sensitive to fragrance, you will find it pleasing.

Though, this conditioner is not for every type of hair, especially not for frizzy hair, thin hair, or bleached hair.

Safety Precaution

Make sure to use shampoo before the conditioner. Also, avoid contact with eyes.

  • Pleasing fragrance

  • Good cleanser

  • Maintains natural tone of color

  • Not for all hair types

  • Might lead to straw-like hair

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#10. Biolage Colorlast Conditioner 13.5 oz

Biolage Colorlast Conditioner

Maximum number of washes

  • Fifteen to twenty

If you are looking for a nourishment conditioner then, it might be the one. It is formulated explicitly to nourish and protect your hair.

This product has anti-fading properties of Orchid, making it naturally safe towards your hair.

Though it is formulated to give premium experience, it is not recommended for professional use. It also fails to provide long-lasting protection to the tone.

If you are planning to use this product then, we recommend you to apply it at least twice a week to get a long-lasting effect.

One thing that makes it unique as compared to other conditioners is that the bottle is manufactured through recycled plastic.

It is suggested to apply and leave it for about three minutes before washing.

Safety Precaution

Not for dry hair. Avoid excessive use

  • Natural fragrance

  • Nourishes hair

  • The natural tone of color

  • Poor cleaning properties

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#11. Tea Tree Conditioner for Color-treated Hair 10 oz

Tea Tree Conditioner for Color-treated hair

Maximum number of washes

  • Ten to twelve

If you are looking for a chemical-free conditioner, this might be the one. This product has an exceptionally decent fragrance.

It is formulated with the extracts of Tea tree oil, Lavender oil, Aloe Vera, and Moroccan Argan Oil. Each of these extracts is hugely beneficial to strengthen the hair.

The conditioner is lightweight and promotes soft and silky hair. Though it has various properties to maintain healthy hair, it also supports the tone of color.

The natural extracts in this product provide essential protein and vitamins to the hair. It is sulfate-free, which makes it non-allergic.

Also, the extracts help you to maintain a vibrant and natural color tone of the hair. Though, this conditioner is well-valued for retaining the color. However, its effect doesn’t last long.

We suggest you apply it thrice a week to get the perfect tone of color.

Safety Precaution

Do not use shampoo of any other brand with this conditioner

  • Natural fragrance

  • Natural color tone

  • Strengthens the roots

  • Low-quantity

  • Some might not like the fragrance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you leave a conditioner?

The answer to this question varies. There are some conditioners in the market and on our list which you can wash away after two to three minutes.

However, there are conditioners that require ten to fifteen minutes before wash. Hence, the answer to this question depends on the type of conditioner you are using.

Still, we recommend you to leave the conditioner for eight to ten minutes as it provides enough time for it to provide the required nourishment.

Also, make sure that you are not using excess conditioner as that will lead to harmful effects on the roots.

What are the benefits of the conditioner?

Every hair requires care. Cleaning them with shampoo is not enough as it only cleans your hair and washes away.

Conditioners are great solutions to get long-lasting protection to your hair. Applying a conditioner after a shampoo gives them a protective coating which nourishes the hair.

It strengthens the growth of hair such that they do not break easily. It also increases the shine and smoothness of hair. Hence, they feel great to touch.

Conditioners for colored hair are explicitly formulated to preserve the color tone while you get all the benefits of any other conditioner.

What can be the harmful effects of a conditioner?

99.9% of the population does not face any harmful effects of conditioner. However, a small minority faces side-effects that can be harmful.

Conditioners are usually not recommended for a fine-haired individual as these increases the weight of the hair. This raises pressure on the head, resulting in headaches.

Also, some people may face hair falls due to the chemicals present in the conditioner. It is recommended to make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient of the conditioner.

What are the toxic ingredients in a conditioner or shampoo?

Conditioners are incredibly beneficial for your hair. However, there are some conditioners in the market that provide instant positive effects on your hair, but in the long run, they are harmful to your hair.

Here are four ingredients that you should avoid in a conditioner:

Sulfates – You will observe that most conditioners nowadays are sulfate-free. Sulfates naturally act as a chemical detergent. Hence, they have potent properties to remove dirt and oil.

Sulfates, when applied to hair, extract natural moisture. Hence, regular use leads to straw-like and dry hair. Also, some sulfates act as hormone-disrupting agents.

Parabens – If you observe Paraben in the ingredients of a conditioner, then, it is a danger signal. Paraben has been used in the cosmetic industry for long but is highly reprimanded.

Most Parabens have a chemical structure similar to a human hormone. Hence, they disrupt human hormones.

Triclosan – This chemical is usually used as an anti-bacterial agent. They have a similar structure to Parabens and may lead to hormonal disruptions.

They are also known for disrupting endocrine which gives rise to weight loss, ineffective immune system, and non-uniform cell reproduction.

Polyethylene Glycol – This chemical is generally known as PEG. Through various studies, it has been categorized as a developmental toxicant, which means that it has moderate effects on human health.

Conditioners with PEG might or might not affect in a harmful way. However, it is recommended to avoid conditioners and shampoos with PEG.

What is Brass, and why does it occur?

Brassing of hair is one of the common terms for color-treated hair. It refers to a warm tone of the hair color.

If you color your hair frequently, then you may have observed change in the color of hair — the color generally changes to a warmer tone or orange-yellowish tone of the corresponding color.

This change in the tone of color is called Brass.

It occurs because the dark tone colors are wiped out after washing the hair, i.e. during coloring the hair. This gives a chance to lighter colors to reveal themselves. Hence, they appear after a period of coloring.

Brassing is generally observed among people with blonde, brunette, or grey hair.

To get rid of brassing, purple conditioners are great as they neutralize the effect of orange and yellow color.

Which will give the most natural tone?

These products were selected on the basis of our study. Our study included almost all the products available in the market; we ranked them on the basis of effects, quantity, cost, composition, and demerits.

Though all the eleven conditioners are highly effective, we found that the “Garnier Fructis Color shield” is the most effective one.

This conditioner is a combination of long-lasting effects, decent fragrance, non-allergic to the majority, diverse, and affordable.

It is challenging to find conditioners for dry hair. However, this product is explicitly formulated while keeping solutions to dry hair. Hence, its effects remain beneficial for dry hair too.

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