Best Conditioners For Frizzy Hair – Top 10 Reviews

Frizzy hair is hair that fails to align itself with other hair such that it curls or stands on its own, thereby forming a fuzzy hair texture. The main cause of frizz is insufficient moisture in the hair or excessive air moisture.

Frizz also results from hair damage and dry hair. For instance, if you have damaged or dry hair and go outdoors when it’s extremely humid, your hair will absorb excess moisture and develop unwanted frizz.

Naturally wavy and curly hair types are most prone to frizz.

Dealing with frizzy hair is quite challenging. It makes hair look unkempt almost all the time. To add to that, frizzing hair is prone to breaking.

Luckily you can use hair conditioners to deal with frizzy hair. Conditioning your hair will nourish, soften, repair, and increase the volume of your hair.

Thus, hair conditioning reduces frizz and prevents it altogether. However, not all conditioners may work for you. You need to get a top-quality hair conditioner to get the job done right.

Thus, we decided to review the best conditioners for frizzy hair to assist you in making the right choice. Read on for the detailed reviews.

Top 10 Conditioners for Frizzy Hair

#1. Silk 18 Natural Hair Conditioner

Silk 18 Natural Hair Conditioner

Looking for a conditioner that will protect your hair against frizz? This conditioner is specially formulated for that. In addition, it comes with properties that protect the hair against breakage, damage, split ends, and dryness, which are all associated with frizzy hair.

Its formulation is made using botanical and oil extracts that are rich in nutrients. These extracts include green tea, pomegranate, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and more. These natural products work by repairing and restoring hair. Upon conditioning your hair with this product regularly, you’ll start seeing your frizzy hair turning into sleek strands.

The conditioner works by softening the hair, making it stronger, shiny, and increasing its volume. It also has amino acids that penetrate and coat each strand to strengthen hair from the root. As a result, your hair will be more nourished and silkier.

To add to that, the conditioner is all-natural. It’s free of parabens, artificial dyes, and sulfates, thereby making it gentle for the skin. You can use it regularly, even on sensitive skin. The conditioner is also free of silicone such that it can be used by anyone with waves and curls.

  • Pleasant, natural vanilla fragrance

  • Has antioxidant properties

  • Can be used on color-treated hair

  • A little bit expensive for the bottle size

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#2. PURA D’OR Healing Aloe Vera Conditioner

PURA DOR Healing Aloe Vera Conditioner

You can replenish the natural beauty of your hair by conditioning it with this product. Its manufacturer has focused on offering a product made of exotic ingredients, yet highly effective. The ingredients used in the conditioner are all rare botanical extracts. Thus, the formulation is free from harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives, making it ideal for use on most hair types.

Some of the exotic ingredients in the conditioner include vanilla extract, lavender oil, and argan oil. The vanilla extract will add a long-lasting floral scent to your hair. It’ll also enhance the look of your hair by softening and smoothening it while still reducing tangles. Lavender oil assists in relieving the scalp from any dryness and itchiness. On the other hand, argan oil comes with Vitamin E and fatty acids that protect the hair against environmental elements.

The formulation in the conditioner reduces and prevents frizz. It also detangles hair and restores its volume. Thus, your hair will look neater and sufficiently moisturized upon using this conditioner regularly. The conditioner will also hydrate your hair from its roots while still protecting it from damage.

  • Makes hair easier to manage

  • Ideal for regular use

  • Great dispensing mechanism

  • Makes hair look naturally shiny

  • It’s smell may not be ideal for some users

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#3. Maple Holistics Argan Oil Conditioner

Maple Holistics Argan Oil Conditioner

The oil conditioner from Maple Holistics is specially formulated to deliver nutrients and moisture to frizzy and damaged hair. Its formulation detangles knots on the hair to make it easier to manage. It’s manufactured from botanical and oil extracts that are rich in minerals and vitamins that smoothen and strengthen hair.

The key ingredients making up the conditioner include jojoba oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, and pomegranate among others. Jojoba oil and shea butter keep the hair hydrated for softness. Pomegranate works by protecting the hair from damage and repairing damaged hair. On the other hand, sea buckthorn comes packed with most of the essential vitamins that nourish the hair and scalp. The vitamins assist in preventing hair loss. They also enhance hair growth.

The formulation in the conditioner is also rich in antioxidants that defend hair against environmental pollutants. It also protects the hair from damage that results from daily styling. With regular use of this conditioner, your hair will be transformed from a dull to an attractive look.

Besides treating your hair, the conditioner will also moisturize your scalp and fight any dandruff. It penetrates deep into the scalp to soften it and prevent itchiness.

  • Greatly priced for anyone with a tight budget

  • It’s hypoallergenic and ideal for use on men, women, and kids

  • Boosts hair volume

  • Not ideal for someone allergic to strong fragrances

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#4. Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Conditioner

Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Conditioner

This smoothing hair conditioner is manufactured using cocoa butter and coconut oil extracts for the perfect shine and frizz-free hair. These ingredients are carefully selected to make the conditioner gentle for regular use. The conditioner controls frizz such that you’ll find it easier to manage your hair. Since it’s made of natural products, it’ll make your hair look naturally beautiful.

The shampoo is free of preservatives that damage hair. Moreover, its natural ingredients make it nurture hair gently. Its texture is thick and creamy and applies well on hair for enhanced results. A small amount of the conditioner will go a long way. Thus, you don’t have to apply a lot of it. It can be used on all hair types including curly, wavy, smooth, straight, and more.

The effects of the conditioner go deep into the roots of hair. Thus, it keeps the hair frizz-free all day and night. You’ll be able to see its effectiveness more rapidly when you apply it after shampooing your hair. It’ll smoothen and soften your hair for a frizz-free, shiny look.

  • Exotic fragrance of cocoa butter and coconut oil

  • It’s extremely lightweight

  • Affordable price range

  • May leave hair greasy if you apply a large amount

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#5. OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy

OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy

The OGX conditioner contains ingredients that soften hair, thereby making it healthier and manageable. It contains a rich mixture of vanilla extract and coconut oil. The formulation is ideal for softening frizzy, curly, coarse, and damaged hair types. Moreover, it enhances the elasticity of hair and leaves it with a silky look.

If you want your curly hair to have sufficient moisture levels, or you want to protect your colored hair, then this is the ideal conditioner to go for. Its powerful hydrating formulation will keep your hair with the right hydration level. It can revive damaged hair and strengthen it to prevent further damage.

Besides these benefits, the conditioner is extremely lightweight. Thus, it will leave your hair feeling light and super soft. Moreover, its spray mechanism makes it easier to spray the conditioner deep into the hair. If your hair is straightened, the conditioner will enhance its texture further by adding shine onto it. If your hair is curly, the conditioner will get rid of any frizz and make the curls bouncy.

  • Leaves the hair with a pleasant scent

  • Ideal for someone with a tight budget

  • You only need to use a small amount

  • May leave an oil slick on fine hair

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#6. Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

This set of shampoo and conditioner is a great combination for smooth, shiny hair. You’ll be able to use the shampoo to cleanse your hair and scalp to remove dirt and oil. Upon cleaning your hair, you’ll use the conditioner to detangle your frizzy hair. Consequently, any damaged hair will be repaired and strengthened. The conditioner will also soften dry hair.

Another area where this conditioner performs superbly is protecting hair. It protects weak strands against heat damage and damage from environmental elements.

The shampoo and conditioner are formulated for use on all hair and skin types, including anyone who has color-treated hair or sensitive skin. It’s free of silicone, parabens, and sulfates. Both the shampoo and conditioner work gently without any harsh effects on the skin and hair.

The ingredients in the products are natural and come with hydrating effects that will replenish moisture in your hair and scalp. The formulation in the shampoo and conditioner also assists in enhancing the volume of hair by preventing hair loss. With this combination, your hair will become silky soft.

  • Nice, light scent that feels natural

  • Lightweight but makes hair feel thicker

  • Lathers well and its effects last long

  • A little bit expensive

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#7. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Conditioner

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Conditioner

One of the things that stand out in this conditioner is that the ingredients used in the formulation are sourced from natural extracts. The formulation is rich with Vitamins B6 and B3 that are extracted from plants and fruits. These vitamins will nourish your hair, thereby making it healthier and stronger.

Another effective ingredient in this conditioner is its Moroccan argan oil. The oil has properties that will smoothen split ends and detangle frizzy hair. The oil also moisturizes the scalp to keep it soft and relieve any itchiness. Moreover, it penetrates into the follicles to strengthen hair from its roots.

The condition has a thick, creamy texture that is easy to apply. It detangles hair almost instantly upon application. The effects of the conditioner are long-lasting such that you’ll stay for a couple of days with frizz-free hair. With regular use of the conditioner, your hair will regain its natural, smooth complexion.

If you dislike strong fragrances, or you’re simply allergic to fragrances, then this conditioner will be ideal for you. It has a mild fruity scent that fades quickly.

  • It’s one of the most affordable conditioners

  • Leaves a shiny hair complexion

  • Washes of easily

  • Great pump dispenser mechanism

  • Relatively bulky to carry when traveling

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#8. Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

One of the benefits that come with this conditioner is its properties that moisturize hair and enhance its volume. It moisturizes hair deeply, thereby making it softer and easier to manage. Moreover, it’ll give your hair an attractive complexion full of life and shine.

Its hydrating effects assist in smoothening and controlling frizzy hair. Consequently, your hair will have a silky smooth texture. If your hair is curly, the conditioner will highlight the curls and soften them for a smooth, natural look. Its formulation comes with Vitamin E that gets absorbed into the hair cuticles, thereby strengthening and thickening hair for a younger look.

The conditioner also comes with argan oil ingredient that works by hydrating and restoring the moisture level of hair. The oil is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins that repair hair from damage that results from chemical treatment or a blow dryer.

The formulation in this conditioner is very gentle on the skin and hair for it’s free of sulfates, gluten, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. It’s an all-natural product that’s ideal for use on sensitive skin. If your scalp is itchy or you’re suffering from hair loss and damage, this conditioner is your best bet.

  • The cap features a pump mechanism for dispensing

  • Contains properties that offer thermal and UV protection

  • Can be used on all hair types

  • Some users may not like the strong, floral scent

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#9. Biolage Smoothproof Conditioner

Biolage Smoothproof Conditioner

The Biolage conditioner is specially formulated to remove frizz from hair. It does so by keeping the hair properly moisturized such that it softens. Once it softens, it’s able to detangle, thereby getting rid of frizz. Moreover, it’ll make your hair smoother and more manageable due to the softness. The formulation also offers static control.

To add to that, the conditioner will also hydrate your scalp and nourish it from deep within to provide the hair with a strong base for healthier growth. The formulation in the conditioner is ideal for use on all hair types.

The conditioner is packed in a regular tubing. It has a flip-top cap for easier dispensing. Once you open the flip-top and press the tube, it dispenses just the right amount. Thus, you will find it economical to use the conditioner.

Another great thing about this conditioner is that it’s very light and smooth. It spreads well when applied on hair. Also, you’ll find it easy to apply it without creating a mess. Its consistency is just right, neither too runny nor too thick. The conditioner comes with a pleasant scent that lingers on hair for some time after washing it off.

  • Easy to carry along with you when traveling

  • Free of parabens

  • Ideal for use on color-treated hair

  • A little bit expensive

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#10. WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

This set of shampoo and conditioner are formulated to deal with hair damage and frizz. The shampoo comes with a gentle formula that will cleanse your hair and scalp deeply. The apple cedar vinegar ingredient in the shampoo removes dirt that damages hair, thereby creating a better environment for healthier hair growth. On the other hand, the conditioner is formulated to nourish and restore the natural properties of hair to control frizz by making hair softer and stronger.

The shampoo and conditioner have nutrient-rich avocado and coconut oil ingredients that rejuvenate weakened and thinned hair. They also replenish the scalp and damaged hair with the needed essential nutrients. As such, the oils will keep your hair stronger and smoother.

The ingredients in the conditioner have properties that reduce hair fall when taking a shower. Thus, with regular use of the shampoo and conditioner, your hair will gain a thicker, natural texture. Moreover, the ingredients come with Vitamins E and B5 that assist in moisturizing and softening hair.

  • Ideal for use by both men and women

  • The formulation is hypoallergenic and made of natural ingredients

  • Prevents hair breakage and split ends

  • Not ideal for daily use on dry hair type

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the healthiest conditioner for frizzy hair?

All you need to do is choose a top-quality conditioner that is ideal for your hair type. A top-quality conditioner will get the job done right.

How will a conditioner help my frizzy hair?

By choosing the right conditioner for your frizzy hair, it’ll work by moisturizing your hair, thereby softening it and preventing frizz.

How do I use the conditioner when getting rid of frizz?

To make the conditioner more effective, first cleanse your hair with a gentle hair detergent, preferably shampoo. Then dry your hair and apply the conditioner and let it sit in your hair for some minutes. Rinse off and dry your hair to enjoy your new, soft hair look. Also, don’t forget to read the instructions that come with the product.

How often should I condition my frizzy hair?

It may depend on how gentle the conditioner is, how frizzy your hair is, and your skin sensitivity. Read the user instructions on the conditioner packaging for instructions about how often you should use the conditioner.

Can I use the conditioner on my color-treated hair?

If the conditioner you choose is paraben-free, then you can use it on your color-treated hair.

Final Words

Frizzy hair can make it quite challenging to manage your hair. Luckily, you can rely on one of the conditioners we’ve reviewed here to get rid of frizz in your hair, making it regain its natural, smooth glow.

Moreover, by using a top-quality conditioner, you’ll find it easier to manage your hair, be it by simply combing or blow drying or any other means you use to manage your hair.

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