Top 11 Best Electric Callus Removers For Soft And Smooth Feet

Beauty is all-round, so when you glam yourself up, you must ensure that you are radiant from head to toe. Grooming your feet may, however, not be easy if you don’t have the right cleaning tool. So far, getting a pedicure is the best way to fully clean your feet. The only problem with this is that you may not always have the time to visit the salon or spa on a regular basis.

The good news is that there are advanced feet cleaning machines that can provide you with salon-grade pedicures. Electric callus removers have specialized parts that buff feet and help you eliminate layers of dead skin cells. These machines are available in two main categories, the chargeable and the corded type.

They also come in various shapes and sizes and this brings about a difference in performance. As such, caution has to be taken when choosing a callus remover. There are a number of factors that you have to consider in order to make the right pick. The list below highlights some of the best electric callus removers that you can use to get a pedicure treatment while at home.

The list is made up of the highly used brands that have good ratings, so we hope that you will find one that impresses you.

11 Best Electric Callus Removers

#1 Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

This cordless callus remover will give you a salon-style pedicure that will leave your feet baby smooth. It pampers your feet and buffs away dry and hard skin without causing a scratch. The roller heads make a 369-degree turn for a complete callus removal treatment. Additionally, they are convexly curved, allowing you to remove even the most stubborn callus with ease and precision, hence giving your feet a smooth feel. These rollers are built with quartz micro-mineral crystals that cannot get blunt easily.

This callus machine runs on a powerful torque motor that makes up to 2000 rotations in a minute. This feature allows this foot equipment to work effortlessly, especially when eliminating thick or rough skin from your feet. The intuitive pressure-sensitive feature ensures that your feet are safe from irritation and cuts during treatment. The machine automatically slows down when you apply an excessive amount of pressure.

This callus removal machine is small, but it delivers a mighty performance that improves the texture of your feet. The size is quite manageable, so you can fit this grooming tool in your bag with ease when you travel.

  • Safety lock to prevent accidental switch on

  • Ergonomic design

  • Roller heads are durable

  • Rechargeable

  • Not waterproof

  • The battery can be improved

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#2 Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

If you want power, the Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover won’t disappoint. This foot file is equipped with a high powered motor that makes up to 30 rotations every second. It comes with twelve buffing disks of which, six are fine-grained and the remaining are coarse. You can use any of the disks depending on the condition of your feet and the final results that you want.

The coarse disk attachment can be used when removing rough calluses and corns, while the fine disks can help you get a smooth finish. This callus remover has an adjustable speed dial unit that you can use to get customized foot grooming. You can begin the treatment session at a low speed with minimal pressure, and then gradually make adjustments according to how sensitive your feet are.

Since the machine has the potential of operating at very high speeds, extra care should be taken when the turbo setting is activated. Either way, the machine has its own built-in safety feature that slows down the motor in the event that you get carried away during the process.

  • The swivel cord is long for easy maneuver

  • Works with precision

  • Durable

  • Buffs thoroughly

  • Even the low-speed setting can be a bit too high for users with sensitive feet

  • Not rechargeable

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#3 MiroPure Electric Callus Remover

MiroPure Electric Callus Remover

You can use this callus eliminator even in wet environments. That said, it allows you to clear out calluses while taking a shower or bath. This is because the casing is built with durable and high-quality material that makes it water-resistant. Furthermore, this callus remover is IPX7 waterproof certified, giving you full assurance that it won’t break down when exposed to water.

The roller head has micro-abrasive particles that grind off dry skin in a matter of minutes. When you buy this product, you get a coarse and fine roller head. Each of the rollers delivers a different kind of treatment, so if you like; you can combine their working power to give your feet both rough and delicate touch.

This rechargeable foot file has an LED light at the side, which glows red when charging and turns green when the battery is full. When fully charged, you can get up to 80 minutes of non-stop working time. This allows you to deliver maximum treatment.

  • Supports USB fast-charging

  • Suitable for people of all ages

  • Comes with a cleaning brush

  • Can be used by both men and women

  • No speed adjustment feature

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#4 Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Dry Foot File

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Dry Foot File

This callus remover has a simple design but is very effective against dry skin, corns, and calluses. It will leave you with silky smooth feet after the first use, allowing you to showcase your favorite open shoes. This grooming tool is very easy to use; all you have to do is make regular passes on the surface of the foot in question.

The roller head has a 360° rotation design, which enables you to make several maneuvers along the contour of your feet. The ergonomic soft-shaped handle ensures that you get a comfortable grip that will allow you to use the machine for an extended period of time.

You can change the appearance of calloused feet by using this machine as instructed. Ensure that you apply the right amount of pressure in order to prevent your feet from becoming sore or irritated. If everything is done appropriately, you will get an at-home spa experience that will leave your feet looking like that of a newborn baby.

  • Powered by four AA-sized batteries(included in the package)

  • Buffs away even the thickest skin

  • Travel-friendly

  • Only the regular coarse roller is included, so you have to purchase the extra coarse and fine touch roller head separately.

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#5 Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D POWER Callus Remover

Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D POWER Callus Remover

With this innovative model at the palm of your hands, the callus removal process will last just a few seconds or minutes, depending on how jagged up your feet are. It delivers intense power but still manages to give you a gentle exfoliation.

The flex roller head has microscopic mineral specks, which pulverize dead skin tissue in an instant. The motor makes about 20 complete oscillations in a second, and this allows the callus removal machine to buff hard soles effortlessly. The 3D motion technology gives this callus remover a multi-movement feature that makes it even more convenient and versatile.

The handle is anti-slip, so you can use this tool freely without worrying about it falling from your hands. You can use the device to smooth the skin in the inner sole of your feet or heels, the results that you get from both scenarios will be of high quality.

  • Provides with two-speed setting

  • Deeply exfoliates

  • Delivers quick results

  • Has a 6-foot long cord

  • Replacement rollers are bought separately

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#6 Pure Enrichment PurePedi Deluxe

Pure Enrichment PurePedi Deluxe

The Pure Enrichment callus removal tool goes beyond buffing calloused feet. It comes with eight professional attachments that you can use to clean various parts of your feet. For example, there is a set of attachments that are designed for nail filing and cuticle removal.

Each attachment is coated with premium quality sapphire for enhanced durability. This mineral compound also allows these accessories to deliver maximum performance. This electrical device has a two-speed setting that allows you to customize the treatments.

The low-speed setting is particularly suitable for sensitive parts of the foot like the nails or in between the toes. On the other hand, the high-speed setting can be effective when filing acrylic or gel nails. You can maintain this setting when it comes to smoothing calluses or extremely dry and cracked skin.

This 8-in-1 callus remover operates on two AA sized batteries, so you won’t have to struggle with power cords. You can use it to get salon-quality mani-pedis that will leave your feet and nails super clean and neat.

  • Has a LED grooming light that illuminates the part you are working on

  • Sleek design

  • Highly portable

  • Gently exfoliates

  • The batteries are not included

  • The protective shield may limit your movements

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#7 Care me Powerful Electric Foot Callus Remover

Care me Powerful Electric Foot Callus Remover

The motor in this callus remover makes up to 40 complete turns in a second. This high-speed feature generates enough power that can grind off both thick and thin calluses. This callus removal tool runs on an 800 mAH Nickel-Hydride battery, which is rechargeable and can deliver up to 40 minutes of an endless pedicure when charged to full capacity.

This callus remover comes with two supper coarse head rollers that can help you tackle hard and stubborn calluses. These rollers are wide and durable, so no callus will stand in their way without getting chipped. As a result, your feet will achieve a finer texture and will also look more attractive.

You can use this machine to smooth cracked heels or remove dry skin from your feet. This device is very friendly and gentle to the skin on your feet, so you won’t get any injuries during and after removing the calluses. It has a simple and compact design that makes it easy to operate. This allows you to use this beauty tool when you are on-the-go.

  • Rechargeable

  • Portable design

  • Very effective

  • Not waterproof

  • The red LED light does not change color even if charging is complete

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#8 PRITECH Electric Feet Callus Remover

PRITECH Electric Feet Callus Remover

The Pritech callus remover comes with three refill heads, making it very effective when it comes to solving foot-related complications. The extra coarse roller head buffs away tough calluses and extremely dry skin, while the regular coarse roller intensely exfoliates dead skin from your feet. The light coarse roller is, however, a bit gentle, so you can use it regularly in your foot maintenance treatments.

This electric foot file has a waterproof design that allows you to operate it in both wet and humid environments. The casing is very simple and has no screws, but it can still keep foreign materials such as dust from the delicate moving parts inside the machine. Since the roller heads sand off all layers of dead skin, your skin will be safe from infections because bacteria will have nowhere to hide.

With this machine, you will have both power, speed, and the assurance that your feet will be safe at all times. The automatic stop feature will turn the device off if you apply too much pressure to your feet. As such, your feet won’t develop blisters or other kinds of skin inflammation.

  • Designed using eco-friendly materials

  • The battery gives you up to 45 minutes of use

  • Equipped with a LED light that illuminates hard to see angles

  • Double variable seed

  • Automatic drying feature

  • May irritate feet if the speed setting is not used correctly

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#9 IWEEL Electric Callus Remover

IWEEL Electric Callus Remover

You can say goodbye to coarse dead skin by using this Iweel electric callus remover. It has two-speed settings, which you can tune according to your skin type. If you have super sensitive or delicate skin, the low speed will help you get the job done. The high-speed setting delivers very good results when used on coarse or dry skin.

You can get a spa-like pedicure treatment without going to the salon because the equipment comes with three roller attachments that you can use to meet a variety of filing needs. The 5 level battery display will always give you a heads-up when the battery is about to run out of juice.

The battery has a large capacity of 1200mah, allowing you to use the device for up to 120 minutes before it runs out of charge. This callus remover has a sleek design that makes it very easy to use; the handle gives you a good grip for maximum control. You will be able to make several maneuvers on your feet without putting pressure on your wrist or fingers.

  • Auto power off protection feature

  • Delivers a gentle treatment

  • Travel-friendly

  • Ergonomic design

  • The waterproof feature may fail if the device is fully submerged in water several times

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#10 Rechargeable Electric Foot File PediVac

Rechargeable Electric Foot File PediVac

This callus remover has a built-in vacuum cleaning feature that gives you a mess-free user experience. This is due to the fact that the vacuum sucks up all the dead skin that has been buffed away. The micro-abrasion head rotates at a speed of 2000 rpm, creating enough grinding force that removes dead skin and calluses effectively.

The buffing pads are enhanced with diamond crystals, making this callus remover durable and equally powerful. It can help you remove the calluses that prevent you from showing the beautiful and soft side of your feet. This callus exfoliator will give your feet a smooth touchable feel within the first buffing session.

The LED indicator keeps you informed of the current speed settings that you are currently using. You can also view the battery level from the same point. This callus remover delivers comfort to your feet without causing you any pain. You can keep your feet looking clean by using this filing tool regularly or when you notice new calluses forming.

  • Adjustable speed settings for easy customization

  • Uses a rechargeable battery

  • You can use it on your hands

  • Not waterproof

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#11 I.B.N Upgraded Electric Foot Callus Remover

I.B.N Upgraded Electric Foot Callus Remover

This upgraded second-generation callus remover has a simple but stylish design that makes it very attractive. The casing is made of aluminum alloy that has been perfectly polished, creating a sophisticated gray look. This callus remover uses sandpaper discs to gently buff away calluses and exfoliate dead skin.

It comes with sixty pieces of sandpaper discs, making it very hygienic. The motor in this foot filing device rotates very fast, allowing you to eliminate rough and stubborn calluses. It makes a 360-degree rotation, so you can clear off dead skin from your feet with ease and with minimal hand movement.

The multi-speed feature allows you to set whatever speed you want. It has no specific limits, so you can customize the speed to a level that suits your pedicure requirements and skin type. This callus removal machine does not use batteries, allowing you to have limitless usage time. All you have to do is plug the supply cord and turn on the switch. The sandpaper discs are also very easy to replace, it is just a matter of peel and paste. Apart from removing calluses and dead skin, you can also use this equipment to clean and shape your nails.

  • Lightweight design

  • Gentle on your feet

  • Portable

  • Comes with an instructional manual

  • Not suitable for use in the shower or bathtub

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent calluses?

Calluses form when the feet are subjected to too much friction. This may result when you put on shoes that are tight or ones that strain the skin on your feet. When this happens, the skin begins to harden up. As such, ensure that you have the right shoe size so that you don’t stress your feet.

Is it safe to manually peel off calluses?

No. Peeling off calluses from your feet can result in serious skin injury especially if the callus is still strongly attached to your skin. As you pull, you may end up tearing a large portion of skin and this can be very painful. Plus, it is not hygienic.

How do electric callus removers work?

A majority of electric callus removers operate through high-speed motors that rotate roller heads. The roller heads are fitted with unique mineral crystals that deliver the required roughness. When the roller head is pressed on a calloused skin surface, it buffs away the dead skin.

Can an electric callus remover hurt my feet?

In as much as callus removers may seem rough, they are actually very gentle, especially when used as instructed. Furthermore, several brands have an automatic power-off feature, which slows down the motor or completely shuts it down when you apply too much pressure to your feet.

This safety feature ensures that you don’t file the inner delicate parts of your feet. Additionally, some callus removers have speed settings that you can use to get the correct treatment for your skin type. The grinding heads also vary in terms of coarseness, some are extra coarse, while others are fine and are able to deliver a fine touch.

With that in mind, always double-check the roller head or grinding pad before you use it on your feet. Ensure that it has the right texture that won’t bruise your feet.

Can I use an electric callus remover on my hands?

Yes. But it must have an attachment that is gentle to the soft skin on your hands. Some callus removers have grinding parts that can damage sensitive skin.

Final Verdict

Like the face, the skin on your feet says a lot about you, walking around with cracked or calloused feet can be a serious cause of embarrassment.

To avoid this, ensure that you include a callus remover in your grooming kit so that you can properly clean your feet. The feet are exposed to so much pressure and the best you can do is treat them nicely after a long day’s walk.

You can take time and soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes to allow the skin to relax. This will help in preventing callus tissue build-up.

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