Best Electric Nail Drills: Nailing your Nails Look

Nail drills are very useful while performing manicure and pedicure at home to get a salon like feel. They are even beneficial in treating corns, calluses, and ingrown nails.

In this fast moving world where everyone is running after their livelihood, it becomes difficult, especially for working women to take care of their beauty necessities.

This is where electric nail filers come into play by helping them to take care of their finger and toe nails swiftly. The electric nail drill not only saves your time but also your salon expenses by giving your nails a good treat at home itself.

Though it seems easy for you to get the best electric nail drills but there are certain things which you should keep in mind before going for a buy.

The one major factor which you should consider before buying the product is its maintenance. Keeping it clean after every use is one major aspect.

However, there are very few parts that are reachable by your bare hands for cleaning, you should keep other sensitive and micro parts untouched to avoid any kind of damages.

The replacement of many parts after prolonged usage of a nail drill is also another matter of concern.

As you all must be aware that all the fancy gadgets come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Appended are few benefits and drawbacks of an electric nail drill.


Swift and easy to use

The prominent reason for going with a nail drill is its ease of use and quick work on your nails to make it look beautiful.

Salon like nails

Though it might be a bit tough for the beginners to get high-quality nails upfront a proficient person who has got hands on experience with an electric nail drill can carve the best out of it.


It is not easy to get good and shaped nails and that is the reason thousands of people spend a lot of money to get the desired trendy and polished nails. This is where getting a nail drill helps you save a significant amount of money where you will have to spare money only once to buy a good electric nail drill.


Can be messy and dusty

If you quite often use the nail drill at home for almost everyone then it will surely end up with a lot of nail dust all around as a result of drilling.


Though the noise should not be a factor determining the quality of the product the same becomes inevitable in the longer run. Many of the drills are quite noisy and can become irritating hence should be vigilant about the same while buying one for you.

11 Best Electric Nail Drills

#1 KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill

KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill

This nail drill comes with a lot of stuff and that too at a very affordable price. This comes with a sturdy and stable well-built drill which is vibration less proving to be useful for maturing electric nail drill users. It is bundled with callus remover and scald proof gloves.

The speed control button of this nail drill can adjust the drilling speed between 400-20000 RPM. Another smart feature of this product is its forward/reverse direction switch which makes it easy for both left and right handed use.

This electric nail drill kit includes 6 optional fittings for various purposes. These attachments are very effective in removing calluses, corns, excess cuticles, etc. The cord included with the package is also 1.5 meters long making it easy to reach the required distance.

  • Very silent

  • Very powerful

  • Easy to use

  • Inexpensive

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Lightweight

  • Overheating issue

  • Different head fittings do not work effectively

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#2 PureNails Professional Electric Nail File

PureNails Professional Electric Nail File

The 7 interchangeable attachments which come with this electric nail file make it easy for you to smoothen corns and calluses along with filing, shaping your nails at home. The 2 speed setting of this product allows you to adjust the speed as per your nails quality and subsequent requirement.

You can use its low speed setting to treat your natural nails and cuticles whereas high speed in case of grooming acrylic nails.

All the head attachments bundled with this product are sapphire coated to ensure maximum durability. All the accessories are designed impressively and easy to clean.

The other fancy feature which makes it exciting is its built-in LED light which lightens up the area of your nails where you are working, making it visible clearly.

  • Easily manageable

  • Gives salon like finishing

  • LED grooming light to work effectively

  • Less powerful

  • Low quality power cord

  • Control and light button override

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#3 Beurer 24-Piece Nail Drill Kit

Beurer 24-Piece Nail Drill Kit

Beurer electric nail drill has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold while in use. This professional 24-piece nail drill kit helps you achieve the best nail care at home without making you spend much at salon.

It is bundled with 10 stainless steel attachments making it durable and long lasting. It has got 18 speed settings to meet your manicure and pedicure requirements.

This drill is lightweight, vibration free and economical, yet serves all your purpose smoothly.

  • Long lasting

  • Elegant and sleek design

  • Integrated LED light

  • Dust shield

  • Speed control malfunctions as it runs too fast even in the lowest setting

  • Not very effective

  • Attachments do not lock in properly leading to dismantled operation

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#4 Belle Professional Brushless Nail Drill

Belle Professional Brushless Nail Drill

This nail drill has many wonderful things, to mention a few, it has got very low vibration and never get extremely overheated.

It is elegantly designed with a silicone rubber heat resistant grip that cuts the possibility of overheating and subsequent risks.

As this is bundled with foot pedal, it can be used effectively by both right and left handed persons. The lesser control buttons on the product makes it easy to operate and effective.

The high torque motor of this nail drill makes it more powerful, quiet, vibration less and precise with its work.

  • No additional tools required to change the attachments

  • Efficient and sleek

  • Quick with its work

  • Good heat resistant grip

  • It sometimes stops functioning in between the process

  • Gets overheated at times

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#5 MelodySusie Scarlet Nail Drill

MelodySusie Scarlet Nail Drill

This nail drill comes with a foot pedal and a 2-way rotation feature. It is designed so smartly that it is compact enough to carry its all attachments at the center of the product. Above all, it is a vibration less nail drill.

This product is so user friendly that even a new user can utilize the features to its optimum and get salon like manicures and pedicures at home.

The scarlet nail drill works silently and swiftly in comparison to other nail filers. It is also helpful in fixing the cracks of acrylic nails as it removes lifted acrylics before applying gel or acrylic nails.

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Efficient heat dissipation

  • Easy to change attachments

  • Variable speed control

  • Less durable power cord

  • Pedal lags and malfunctions at times making it difficult to work flawlessly

  • Good for beginners and not meant for heavy and salon use

  • Not rechargeable

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#6 NATPLUS 35000 RPM Nail Drill

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This nail drill comes with a bidirectional rotation making it to be user friendly for both left and right handed people.

This product also comes with a long lasting battery which requires only 4 hours to charge fully.

This is low vibration and low noise portable product with hard twist speed control to prevent any kind of accident while changing the speed.

This product specializes in treating nail art and offers high quality and effective manicures and pedicures at the convenience of your home and making it economical.

  • Portable and handy

  • Cordless and rechargeable drill

  • Less noisy

  • Powerful with an RPM of 35000

  • Motor is made of cheap plastic body

  • Gets overheated after prolonged use

  • Expensive

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#7 iMeshbean Colorful Electric Nail Drill

iMeshbean Colorful Electric Nail Drill

The iMeshbean nail drill comes as a silent nail kit with less vibration and works effortlessly. One of the remarkable advantages of this drill is that you do not need any extra tools to change the attachments.

This comes with a foot pedal feature and the usage of the same can be either used or discarded as per your comfort. The speed control of this device comes in a dial format which is easy to regulate the speed as per your need.

This nail drill is value for money as this does it all for which you have spent a hefty amount at the salon.

  • Made of durable and sturdy material

  • Got effortless speed control knob

  • Remarkably quiet

  • Great with an RPM of 30000

  • Overheats quickly on using it for long

  • Nail stickers are not professional and only fit for children

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#8 Bermunavy Electric Nail Drill

Bermunavy Electric Nail Drill

With less noise and vibration this product can offer you an awesome nail care experience. This comes with multi-function features of buffering, sharpening, grinding, sanding, and polishing of acrylic nails. This product also proves useful in getting rid of cuticle and other dirt out of your nails.

This nail drill comes with a foot pedal which makes it easy to use as per your mood and convenience.

The aluminum body of this product makes it efficient in heat dissipation and also makes it long lasting.

  • Body made of aluminum making it durable in the long run

  • Less expensive

  • Extraordinarily quiet

  • RPM of 30000, making it powerful

  • Only works effectively on high speed

  • Gets heat up quickly

  • Less sturdy motor

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#9 Makartt JD700 Electric Nail Drill

Makartt JD700 Electric Nail Drill

Makartt JD700 nail drill is made for professional use at the salon. This nail drill can be used at home for performing quality manicures and pedicures without spending too much at the salon. This drill comes with 30000 RPM which makes it very powerful and effective.

Makartt JD700 comes with a foot pedal which makes it easy to focus on your work and give desired finish by using both of your hands.

This product comes with LED light to help you get a clear vision of the area where you are working and to give a smooth finish.

  • Easy to use for beginners

  • Silent and vibration free motor

  • Durable quality

  • Easy operations

  • Heating problem

  • Not meant for prolonged use

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#10 Cadrim Electric Nail Drill Machine

Cadrim Electric Nail Drill Machine

Cadrim electric nail drills quality is superior in the segment. It gives you salon like finish and look. The device is easy to use and the dial on regulator makes it easy to regulate the speed and user friendly for beginners.

This product is lightweight and can be moved as per your requirement due to its long and sturdy power cord. The comfort grip and less heating on prolonged use makes it one of the favorite among the others.

This nail drill supports all kinds of nail art works like grinding, sanding, buffering and sharpening, etc.

  • Quiet and sleep

  • Made of high quality metal for multiple uses

  • Long and durable power cord

  • Easy to use operations

  • Fitting issue with attachments

  • Very delicate and prone to damage

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#11 AZ GOGO 30000 RPM Nail Drill

AZ GOGO 30000 RPM Nail Drill

This drill machine is found to be good for beginners or in other words, it can be your first nail drill. The attachments are made of ceramic which can be kept at the top.

This product is extremely good for manicure and pedicure, saving your money which otherwise would have been spent at the salon. The quality which it delivers remarkably of high class.

The quick charge feature of this product helps it to charge fully in 2.5 hours only. The battery percentage monitor helps you assess the remaining charge and use the device accordingly.

The handle can be locked for safety and prevent any kind of accident while switching between the speed modes.

  • Conformité Européene (CE) certified

  • Rechargeable and ultra-portable

  • Effective heat dissipation

  • Come with battery indicator

  • Quick full charge in 2.5 hours

  • Heats up very quickly

  • Attachments get dismantled during prolonged use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is drilling of nails safe?

Drilling of nails is safe if it is done in a proper manner by the trained technicians. It is done by softly driving back the cuticle and revealing the excess dead skin. It is a common belief that drills can have several side-effects on the health of nail technicians who use them, even though they take several safety measures into account to lessen the risk.

Should I opt for a hand file instead of nail drilling?

Nail drilling is meant to be used at the upper coat of your nails and nearby area surrounding the cuticle. Due to improper usage of an electric nail drill at the sensitive area may lead to damage of your nails. Hence, it is advisable to use a nail drill to shorten your nails and keep the area around the same clean.

All manicurists are recommended to opt for a hand file. However, it takes a little longer time but at the same time, the health of your nail is important and matters a lot. You should not file your nails with a driller as its usage will make your nails thin and weak.

Will frequent usage of nail drills damage your nails?

This has been often observed that frequent usage of nail drills damages your nails in the long run. The excessive usage dehydrates your nails. If nail drilling is performed by a heavy-handed technician, then there are more chances of your nail plate getting damaged in the course of taking out the product or performing fills.

Is the nail drill suitable for brittle nails?

Brittle nails are very soft and can be caused due to various health problems. The main reason is frequent wetting or drying of hands. Therefore, nail drilling is not at all recommended and suitable for brittle nails.

Is nail drill on your natural nails?

It is not at all advisable to use electric drills on the natural nail. It can cause intense pain to those who are very sensitive to the minor gentle filling. Moreover, nail drilling should be done by skilled and certified technicians.

Can I use a nail drill on the nail extension?

The aim of filing the nail bed is to take out the oil and rough the surface up so as to place the acrylic properly in line with the natural nail. But for this, you should avoid using a nail driller and rather go for hand filing as it hardly takes much time. In this way, you will be free from any kind of pain and infection.

How to clean an electric nail drill?

It is important to note that the same bit cannot be used on more than one person without sterilization. Some of the useful tips used in the cleaning of nail drilling are as follows:

  • clean the electric file with a piece of cloth or brush to take out dust and debris that accumulate in cracks and gaps. Always ensure that the machine is unplugged before you wipe it.
  • You should hold the cord of the electric file accurately. If you bend the cord, then the power supply to it will get disconnected.
  • You should remove the bit from the hand piece once its usage has been concluded.
  • You should join the bits very carefully. If the stem of the drill is loose then the masterpiece will break.

How brushless drill is different from a brush drill?

The brush drill comprises a carbon brush inside the motor whereas the brushless do not have any. It has been seen that brushless power equipment has a longer life as they produce little heat and are free from tear. Therefore, the brushless drill is useful in comparison to the brush one.

What are the consequences of over drilling?

Yes, there are consequences of over drilling. Over drilling can lead to Onycholysis, which is a condition where the nail is detached from the nail bed with no pain, leading to severe infection. However, several instances have been reported when infections have been cured naturally.

Is cordless nail drill effective?

The corded nail drills are the powerful and consistent ones whereas the cordless models are convenient while travelling. Hence, for effective manicures and pedicures, you should go with the corded ones whereas for minor touch-ups, etc. you can depend on the cordless. However, it is always preferable to go with dual option nail drills.


Electric nail drilling is mainly used by those who are enthusiastic about opting for manicure and pedicure on a regular basis. The nail drilling machine is very handy and compact to carry anywhere you want.

This reaches the most complex corners of your nail. The most important feature integrated in the same is that its speed can be adjusted as per the requirement and the results can be viewed whenever needed.

Nail drill at home can save hugely on your time and money along with the convenience of getting the nails treated at home with the salon like smooth finishing and quality.

If you are going for one of the top electric nail drills from the pool of many then it might be very difficult for you to choose one.

It is extremely vital to know about the standard operating features of electric nail drills so that you are able to make a comparison before finalizing one.

Look at the list which has been prepared for your ready reference to pick up the drill of your choice from the recommended 11 ones.

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