The 11 Best Foot Spas For Relieving Your Stress

After having a tiring day, you might need something easy and simple to separate stress from your day. We desperately swap between stretch, meditation, or exercises to de-stress but often get no results.

Getting your feet rubbed-down daily can solve this problem with ease. Not only a good rubbing can reduce your stress but also it will relieve your aching muscles, headache and body pains.

Often, we neglect our foot health whereas it is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Moreover, it can be used at any age without the fear of side-effects. Doctors suggest that if we keep our feet healthy it improves our blood circulation which is important for our in general wellbeing.

But, is it safe to use all the foot products you get in the market? There are many products that might be potentially deadly for the users. Hence, your day-to-day stress reliever can become a life-taker anytime.

Another thing you should know that try to avoid the machines that create foot infections instead of caring for your feet.

So, build your knowledge base with us today to find the best foot spa that might give you wonderful results. Your new foot rubbing machine should at least provide safety from heat and slip while giving you gentle, stress free and relaxing experience.

11 Best Foot Spas

#1 MaxKare Foot Spa

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This spa massager empowers you with plenty of relaxation options, quality and safety guarantee. The design of the machine is quite simple yet effective. This product comes with a three-in-one functionality.

You can easily adjust the heat settings using the controllers and instantly relaxing bubbles will relieve you from fatigue. Another good thing about this foot spa is that there is a screen in the middle. Finding the desired temperature using the screen can be a time-saver.

The intelligent temperature control is a great addition as a feature. Once you start the foot spa it will automatically heat the water for you and it will sustain the temperature till you are finished. But if you are using it for the first time try to be cautious about the heat as it might not suit your sensitive skin.

This spa also gives you the option to take your foot massaging to the next level. You can use a small chamber for a herbal therapy. Additionally, use the small chamber to have a salt therapy which is really effective against fatigue and stress.

The product design is quite user-friendly with well fabricated materials. This sleek massager never splashes water to your body. The foot stands are made slip-free.

  • Consistent temperature between 35°C and 48°C

  • Intense vibration option.

  • Stress relieving gentle bubble

  • FDA certification for user safety.

  • Sometimes rollers can create discomfort

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#2 Kendal All in one Foot Spa

Kendal All in one Foot Spa

This is called an all in one foot massager because it has in-built foot treatment, oxygen bubbles to release foot tensions and vibration tools with ultra-frequency options. This foot spa fulfills all your requirements in one massager to make your life more comfortable.

The product is made using durable materials for daily usage. The body of the massager can resist high heat due to the quality of the plastic. Moreover, the design is quite modern with basins to hold large feet.

The built-in rollers are good for our blood circulation and metabolism. The rollers provide instant healing of fatigues. On the other hand, you can remove the rollers to have a full spa at the water basin.

This foot spa can quickly heat the water and keep the temperature steady for a long time using a quality semiconductor. To ensure more safety, an overheating protection module has been installed. The heating of the water is efficient to give you a relaxing experience.

The anti-splash design gives you a great foot spa without spilling water from the water basin. You can easily shift your leg onwards or to the rear without splashing the water.

This product comes with ETL certificate that ensures safety for the users. The global awareness of electronic leakage of foot spa has been challenged by Kendall and they are making sure that all the parts are made with proper care.

  • Multi-insulation safety

  • Two rollers for massaging.

  • Safety from electric shocks.

  • Multiple foot treatment options.

  • Weak water drainage systems.

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#3 ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager

It’s time to introduce a hi-tech foot massager in your home to say goodbye to all your daily stresses. Acevivi is known for making high quality health products for the customers. Like all other foot spas, it has all the essential functions that can be explored to get a comfortable experience.

The multiple options of Acevivi can heal every foot stressor from feet aches to athletic pains. The product comes with acupuncture spots for the users which can instantly improve blood circulation with better kidney performances.

A separate box can be used to release salts and oils to dive into a relaxing status. The rollers come with motorized massaging feature. So when you start the machine, you get a combination of foot therapies including heat, salt, oil, acupressure and automatic rollers which is very good for our day-to-day life.

The overall product quality is good. The body is safe from overheating due to the use of double heat safety materials. Acevivi also tried to improve the drainage system. They provided an auto-drainage feature in the design. Users can easily remove the used waters from the basin. The design also supports movable wheels to make the product easy to handle.

However, due to the use of multiple features Acevivi foot spa is difficult to clean compared to other products. If the user fails to deep cleanse the foot spa regularly, it brings molds to the body. So regular cleaning is required to be safe from infections.

  • Adjustable water heater

  • Automatic foot repairing options.

  • Automated timer for foot therapy.

  • Safety from overheating.

  • The hi-tech options can be difficult to use for some of the users.

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#4 Ivation Foot Spa

Ivation Foot Spa

It gets frustrating when your new foot spa can’t treat your aches and pains it promised. The introduction of Ivation foot spa can resolve all these problems using technology with simple user experiences.

This product has multiple modes to create a comfortable experience. You can heal achy toes, ankles and any part of your feet. Did you just have a pain from a recent sports event? Ivation can take care of your feet using vibrators, bubbles with oxygen facilities and powerful heating options.

The rollers improve circulation with powerful vibration. You can specifically aim a certain part of your foot and create a relaxing spa moment with Ivation.

You can also try aromatherapy using oils in the foot spa. It will remove all your sores and aches from the feet using oxygen bubbles relieving you from all your tension and anxiety.

The heat control option is quite up-to-date in Ivation and you can go up to 122° F. A controller with LED lights will ensure that you get the best temperature for your body.

Although Ivation can work on multiple parts of your foot, it takes some time to heat the water. Once the water is heated you get a consistent performance. You can use it for hours and enjoy an unswerving treatment until you are finished.

  • Free brush for cleaning

  • Acupressure accessories

  • Heals foot swelling and redness

  • Steady heat sup

  • The roller experience is not the best in the market.

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#5 HoMedics Compact Foot Spa

HoMedics Compact Foot Spa

This product is easy to use and comes with a simple and portable design. HoMedics has already made an impression by providing quality products for those who want a healthy lifestyle. Using HoMedics foot spa you can de-stress your body in a simple and cheaper way.

The compactness of the foot spa allows you to carry or store it anywhere in your house without taking a lot of space. But the product is large enough to hold feet of any size.

The bubble mate option helps you to re-energize any time in the day after a stressful work or workout. The massage of the foot spa is gentle enough to give you a wonderful experience while releasing a jet of water with acupressure points in the basin.

The water gets warm quickly healing the entire foot easily. While enjoying a soothing massage you’ll never get distracted as HoMedic ensures splash guard of the product. Experience the quality spa anywhere without creating chaos with spilled water.

You can easily manage the temperature and the speed of the jet using simple to use controllers. HoMedics comes with a toe controller. You can use salts and oils to experience better spa results. The center of the foot spa holds a special container to release the salts and oils to give you a quicker stress free therapy.

  • Quality rollers

  • Raised acu-Node for tender massage

  • Added stones with removable options

  • Simple to use

  • Sometimes gets noisy.

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#6 ArtNaturals Foot Spa

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If you want to sit back and relax in warm water for hours than this mini-whirlpool is for you. The design and the materials of the product are good. The product is designed to support oxygen bubbles which help you to relax inside the whirlpool.

The foot massager is designed for all foot sizes and can be used by any gender. The basin is well guarded with borders to stop splashing water from the body.

Like all other good foot spas, ArtNatural has multiple rollers to massage which can de-stress the feet. The rollers can be removed any time if you feel uncomfortable. The design of the rollers should make your day relaxing with the help of constant flow of warm water. The accuracy of the water temperature is praiseworthy. There is a PTC heater installed to make the experience smoother.

The controllers are easy to use with a LED display. The controllers provide four options for users to give smooth operation. Small lights have been attached in the controllers to make sure that users are aware of the personalized options they want to have from the foot spa.

The manufacturers provide warranty to the customers so that they feel safe to use the product. However, a multipage user manual should be provided to understand all the attributes of the product.

  • Good for athletes and runners

  • Thermostat installed

  • Digital display

  • 35℃ and 48°C

  • Not built for the best bubble experience.

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#7 Guisee Foot Spa Bath Massager

Guisee Foot Spa Bath Massager

We’ve found this interesting gadget which is known for ultimate foot massage services with strong recommendations from others. This is a product that you might bring in your home to relax, reduce pain and improve your lifestyle.

Athletes can easily choose Guisee to massage in the right spots to heal any pain or sores. This foot massager improves kidney, liver and other organs using specific points in the foot. Users reported a relaxing lifestyle after using this spa including better sleep. Moreover, this spa has shiatsu and acupressure which removes stress from your life.

The rollers are fully automatic and can help you target the specific tension points. The rollers improve blood circulation like other foot spas with reduced fatigue. You can also use an extra chamber to use oil and salt in the spa which changes your mood instantly.

The water temperature can be changed using the fast heating options. This foot massager supports 95°F~118°F and keeps the temperature stable throughout the entire experience. The overheating problem visible in other foot spas has been solved in the Guisee foot spa.

Another great feature that beats the competitors is the energy saving option. It saves 30% energy which can be cost effective. The drainage system is also well-equipped. You can drain the basin, clean and move the product conveniently thanks to the elegant design.

  • Well designed acupuncture points

  • Improves sleep cycle

  • Motorized roller

  • Fast heating

  • Heat concentration problems.

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#8 Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa

Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa

Conair is known for its relaxing features those who do frequent workouts or jogging. People highly involved in sports and outdoor activities love to soak their feet in Conair after coming back home. It improves your stress levels and gives you an amazing feeling of relaxation.

This product has toe-touch buttons. These buttons have to push only feature so that you can just use your toes to trigger the services. Mainly three services are available to use in Conair Foot spa. One button initiates the bubbles for relaxation. Another button heats up the water at the desired temperature. And the final button starts waterfall since the basin is quite wide and deep for having a wonderful spa experience.

Conair foot massager is easy to use. The controllers are sensitive enough to start the massaging experience with touch of a button. Unlike other foot spas, it has two Exfoliating loofah discs that will re-energize the sensitive skins. You can also avail of the vibration option using rollers that can be removed whenever desired.

It is true that Conair can’t keep the heat stable like other products in the market but you can use other unique features that will surely remove all of your tension within minutes. You can also enjoy a stress-free foot massage without thinking about batteries as Conair allows you a smoother plug and use option.

  • Unique waterfall service

  • Scrub brush included

  • LED lights for bubbles

  • Light weight

  • Temperature fluctuations

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#9 SmartHome Foot Spa

SmartHome Foot Spa

You might think about buying a new foot spa but budget can be a problem for you. SmartHome foot spa should be the option for you if you need quality product with limited budget. This massager is quite easy to use with a strong body. The controllers are also easy to use and you can use your toes to change the modes.

The foot spa gives you full freedom to choose heat and vibration levels with powerful responsive buttons. SmartHome gives you oxygen bubble which is a great way to relax after a stressful day. It removes your muscle soreness and spread pleasure to your entire body.

You can put water at any temperature and rely on SmartHome to swiftly change the temperature to your desire. The basin can turn water to 98°F very quickly and keep the temperature consistent.

  • Cheaper price with better quality

  • Can heat cold water

  • Prevents water spilling

  • Simple plug and play.

  • Shallow basin capability

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#10 PowCube Foot Massager

PowCube Foot Massager

This is another easy to use foot spa with digital screen for users. This unit has a temperature control unit which can turn water into 35℃-48℃ at any time. You don’t need to add more water to keep the heat which means water temperature will be stable until you stop the machine.

Not like other foot spas, PoweCube has 8 massage rollers which can be removed at any time. The rollers have powerful nodes to enjoy the full facility of the massager. The nodes apply pressure in specific points and create a relaxing feeling inside our bodies. However, PowCube has no motorized rollers like other spas in the market.

There is a small box in the machine which can be used as a medicine box to have a spa therapy.

  • Easy Temperature Control

  • Acu-Nodes facility

  • Water Jets

  • Safety ensured by FDA certification

  • Problem with drainage system

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#11 Dr. Scholl’s Pedicure Foot Spa

Dr. Scholls Pedicure Foot Spa

Not all the foot spas in the market have Smart heat systems. Dr. Scholl’s ensure you a heating system which is smart enough to relieve all the tensions from your body.

This foot spa has a very basic design with a quality body. Those who need to stand for long hours can easily de-stress at home using Dr. Scholl’s formula. Each session in the spa is quite comfortable and can improve your circulation. The additional pedicure sets will give you an enhanced experience when using the spa.

Although this product uses smart heating techniques, the technology could be improved in the future. If you want to just submerge your feet in a hot water bowl this can be your option.

  • Removable Pumice Stones

  • Pedicure (5-pieces) set included.

  • Less noisy

  • Easy to drain.

  • Bubbles treatment may be less relaxing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of heating systems in Foot Spas?

A soothing temperature is necessary to get the best result from a foot spa. Feet is a sensitive organ and connected to the overall health of our body. So overheating can damage our feet severely. Smart technologies are now available with spas which will gradually heat up the water. So the user gets the best results without a possible chance of getting burnt.

How to choose massage rollers?

Massage rollers can enhance the foot spa experiences several times. Massage rollers can come in motorized or non-motorized versions. The motorized versions are automated whereas non-motorized rollers can be used manually using the feet. Motorized spas give better relaxation experiences than the non-motorized ones.

What is the drainage system of a foot spa?

The foot spas come with a large tank to contain water. Some of the products come with tubes to clear the tanks easily. But many foot spa products don’t have a proper drainage system. The products which have no proper drainage system give bucket handles to drain the water.

Should I worry about portability?

Portability can be handy option when using a foot spa. Many spas come with large basins which are really painful to move from one place to another. However, manufacturers are using modern techniques to install better features with small basin sizes. Checking the size of the foot spa can really save a lot of time due to high portability.

Should I worry about motor noise?

It is true that some of the foot massagers can’t control the noise it creates from the motors. Noise can decrease the whole relaxing experience of the foot spa. So checking the noise issue can be a lifesaver. If you find the product very noisy you should contact the support center for a replacement.

Final Verdict

We have gone through a list of foot massagers that are safe, easy to use and make you stress free for the day. However, it is your personal opinion whether you want a foot spa that has more rollers and controllers or something that is easy to use with portable features.

Whatever option is in your mind we can ensure you that now you have strong knowhow about the foot spas that are currently available in the market.

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