Top 11 Best Foundations For Acne-Prone Skin In 2020

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Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the world. It can lead to blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads, which are though observed mainly in teenagers, but affects all age group.

This skin condition is related to the oil glands on the skin. They are not dangerous but can leave scars on the face. These scars reduce the overall glow as well as the health of the skin.

An acne foundation is used to help you overcome acne and acne scars. Foundations can be categorized on the basis of coverage. They are as follows:

  • Light coverage: It does not hide scars or acne. Used to give the final touch to nearly perfect skins.
  • Medium coverage: These types of foundations cover the scars mildly.
  • Heavy coverage: They cover your skin completely and give it even appearance.

People generally are aware of only one type of foundation. However, there are various types of foundations available in the market that are used in cosmetics. Here are a few of them.

  • Liquid foundation – This foundation is in the liquid state and requires the bottle to be shaken before use. It provides the heaviest coverage on the skin. Also, easy to absorb for the skin.
  • Powder foundation – This is one of the most classical foundations. It is lightweight and provides a natural finish. It usually requires a brush or sponge to apply.
  • Stick foundation – This is the most portable type of foundation in the market. It gives medium coverage on the skin.
  • Mineral foundation – It is recommended for sensitive and oily skins. It is highly compact as compared to others.
  • Tinted foundation – The motto of this foundation is to provide minimum coverage on the skin.

Since there are numerous foundations in the market for acne, through our study, we made a list of top eleven foundations for acne. This will enable you to opt for the best foundations for acne.

11 Best Foundations For Acne-Prone Skin

#1. InstaNatural Vitamin C acne-fighting solution 1 oz

InstaNatural Vitamin C acne-fighting solution

There are very few cosmetics in the market that are free of all harmful chemicals. This foundation is one of those cosmetics.

It has a formula that deals with all types of blemishes and acne effectively. It also gives a clear and healthy skin which others fail to deliver.

It is non-allergic to all types of skins, including dry ones. The key constituents of this foundation make it effective against wrinkles and lines.

This product also gives you a smooth and clear skin. The foundation increases the natural glow of your skin, which is observable after a few applications.

This foundation protects your skin effectively from all the external elements and gives it long-lasting shine.

Safety precaution – Stop using this foundation if redness occurs. Also, keep it out of the reach of children.

  • Natural constituents

  • Effective against acne

  • Gives smooth skin and increases glow

  • Does not remove oiliness from the skin

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#2. Clinique acne solution liquid make-up 1oz

Clinique acne solution liquid make-up

This foundation is well-known for being highly effective against oily skin. The skin-friendly formula eliminates excess oiliness in the skin for a medium duration.

It also removes acne, blemishes, and neutralizes redness after a few applications. The formula is fragrance-free and effective for dry skin too.

However, the availability of numerous shades makes it typical to choose the correct foundation for yourself. Also, it might not be effective against sensitive skin.

It is a composition of ingredients that gives VF-P glow to your skin. These ingredients make your skin clear and shiny.

Safety precaution – Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of the reach of children. Also, do not apply any shade to your skin.

  • Good for dry skin

  • Easy three-step application

  • No fragrance formula

  • Not for sensitive skin

  • Not effective against blackheads

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#3. Neutrogena Skinclearing Blemish Concealer 0.5oz

Neutrogena Skinclearing Blemish Concealer

It can be very challenging to carry a foundation, but the simple design of this foundation makes it highly portable as compared to other ones.

This foundation comes under the category of stick foundations. It conceals acne and blemishes effectively for a long period of time.

This foundation is available in four different shades. Hence, it is quite easy to find the perfect shade for yourself.

This foundation is non-comedogenic and verified by dermatologists. It also has Micro Clear technology that gives you clear and smooth skin.

There are many foundations that remove acne effectively but leave clogged pores. However, this foundation gives you clear skin.

With the salicylic acid in it, it removes acne naturally and provides protection for a long period. It has been formulated to give a natural look and shine to your skin.

The foundation has medium coverage, which might be irritating to some people.

Safety Precaution – Not recommended for pregnant women. Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of the reach of children. Also, it must remain limited to a single person.

  • Clears skin

  • Effective against acne

  • Does not leave clogged pores

  • Not for pale skin tones

  • Low-quantity and coverage

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#4. Jolie Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation 1 oz

Jolie Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

This foundation is known for its oil-free formula. It is hypoallergic and has SPF 15 in it. The foundation smoothens your skin well and is lightweight as well as easy to apply.

The effect of this foundation can be observed for the whole day. Hence, it is good for daily purposes.

Also, the foundation is highly effective against acne of all types, including pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. The formula treats your skin with delight and gives you a smooth as well as radiant skin.

The formula also has anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, E, C to promote the natural beauty of the skin. Many foundations have irritating chemicals in them. This product is free of all skin-irritating chemicals like Parabens.

This product is also effective for sensitive as well as dry skin. You may observe the effect of this product within a few days.

It also protects your skin from harmful sun rays and promotes the natural breathing of the skin. You may not like the scent of this foundation.

You may find the cost of this product quite high as compared to other foundations.

Safety Precautions – Avoid contact with eyes. Also, avoid excessive use. Stop using the product if you observe any kind of irritation.

  • Promotes natural glow

  • Effective against acne

  • Easy to apply

  • Medium coverage

  • Better quality available in the market

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#5. Elf acne-fighting solution 1.2 oz

Elf acne-fighting solution

This product has natural extracts like camphor, tea tree, and soothing aloe. It also has salicylic acid, which makes it extremely healthy for all types of skins, including the sensitive one.

It can be applied on the forehead, nose, cheeks, jawline, chin, and upper neck with the help of a sponge.

The foundation is lightweight and highly effective against redness and all types of acne. It also has skin whitening properties, which gives you radiant skin.

The foundation is cruelty-free. It is highly valued among professionals because it gives a salon-like experience in daily life.

It has flawless coverage, which is effective against uneven skin tone.

This product is not recommended for dry skins. Make sure that this foundation is prescribed by your dermatologist.

Safety precaution – Avoid contact with eyes and do not apply the excess amount on skin.

  • Effective against all acnes

  • Less number of shades

  • Natural extracts

  • Indecent scent

  • Ineffective on dry skins

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#6. Sheer cover lightweight foundation 4 grams

Sheer cover lightweight foundation

A Studio class foundation used to get the perfect picture. This Studio cover foundation helps erase imperfections from the skin from the core.

A feather-light solution, blended with optical fibers, helps to conceal blemishes and deflect excess light from your skin. Hence, you get a truly natural-looking skin within a few applications.

The formula helps to shrink pores and remove all types of acne effectively. It comes with a powder brush for flawless application.

There are many foundations with numerous shades as per skin tones. However, this foundation customizes itself according to your skin tone. Hence, you don’t have to face the difficulty of choosing among shades of foundation.

It also corrects unflattering yellow and pink undertones, which gives you a beautiful complexion.

The ingredients of this foundation are non-comedogenic and contain antioxidants, tea, and soothing botanicals. The formula has been tested and verified by dermatologists.

It contains 25 SPF, which protects your skin from harmful external elements.

Through our research, we came to know that the foundation doesn’t last for long, and you have to reapply it within a day.

Safety Precaution – Avoid contact with eyes and do not apply in excess.

  • Flexible to all skin tones

  • Tested by dermatologist

  • Effective against acne

  • Not long-lasting

  • Not effective nourisher

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#7. Catrice Liquid Foundation Vegan 4.6 oz

No products found.

This foundation has an extensive liquid coverage on the face. It is ultra-lightweight, and the solution gives a matte finish.

It covers imperfections and mattifies the skin. It gives you a smooth and even complexion that lasts up to 24 hours.

It also features a unique dropper and applicator for precise coverage. This foundation protects the natural glow of your skin and nourishes it with the required nutrients.

Another merit of this product is that it is completely made of animal-free ingredients and has not been tested on any animal.

This foundation has various shades in the market. Hence, you have to be extremely careful while choosing among them.

Also, you may find the solution very thick, which increases the period required for an application.

Safety precaution – Avoid contact with eyes. Also, clean the skin properly before application.

  • Long-lasting

  • Affordable

  • Effective against acne

  • Natural extracts present

  • Thick solution, tales time to apply

  • Allergic to some

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#8. BaeBlu natural Aloe-Based Foundation 2.8oz

No products found.

A great foundation to get beautiful and healthy skin. It has anti-aging properties that make you look younger than usual.

It deals effectively from excess oil and balances dry spots while it restores the natural glow of the skin. It is also effective against all types of acne.

This foundation has nourishing ingredients, which makes your skin smoother and shiny.

It has 16 different shades of foundation according to skin tones. The composition of this product does not have Paraben or Gluten, which makes it skin-friendly.

There are instances where people face issues with an acne scar. This formula is highly effective against acne scars, which hides them properly.

You may observe allergic reactions from this foundation. Also, this foundation is effective against only mildly dryness.

Safety Precaution – Avoid contact with eyes. Also, keep out of the reach of children.

  • Effective against acne and acne scars

  • Cruelty-free

  • High coverage

  • Mildly effective against

  • Not effective against wrinkles

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#9. BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted SPF 30 1.18 oz

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This foundation is a multi-tasking gel-cream that combines hydrating skincare benefits with naturally radiant coverage. It gives your skin soft, smooth, and radiant effects within a few applications.

It increases the health of your skin while it removes the acne and acne spots. The formula does not have any toxic chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, or Gluten.

There are many foundations in the market that require a make-up brush for application. However, this foundation can be applied just using fingertips.

It is highly effective against warms temperatures and holds the make-up for a long duration of time.

The formula gives a natural glow to your skin, which most foundations fail to deliver. It is also non-irritating and easy to apply on the skin.

Though the foundation is very competent, it is not recommended for dry skins.

Safety Precaution – Avoid contact with eyes and do not use warm water with it.

  • Effective against warm temperatures

  • Good acne remover

  • Long-lasting effect

  • Not effective for dry skins

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#10. Neutrogena Acne and blemish-fighting foundation 1oz

Neutrogena Acne and blemish-fighting foundation

If you are looking for a foundation, which is effective on sensitive as well as oily skin, this might be the one.

The formula of this foundation has salicylic acid in it. Thus, it prevents blemishes and acne from the root. It is also an oil-free solution with micro clear technology, which makes it highly effective against acne.

Many cosmetics are first used for animals. However, this product has been tested by several women before it came out in the market.

The liquid state of this foundation helps you to cover a large portion of the face within a few minutes. It is easy to use and apply, which other foundations fail to deliver.

There are many effective foundations in the market, but they block the natural breathing holes of the skin. This product makes sure that it gives your skin a natural look and care.

Since this product is designed by dermatologists, it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. The formula is highly valued among dermatologists.

Make sure that you choose the correct foundation for your skin, as this product has 12 different shades — each with a different property.

You may find this product too light with a high consumption rate.

Safety precaution – It is recommended to talk to a dermatologist before applying this to your skin. Also, avoid contact with eyes and keep safe from children.

  • Effective against acne

  • Effective against sensitive skin

  • Deals well with oily skin

  • High consumption rate

  • Difficult to choose among 12 shades

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#11. Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation 1 oz

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation

An extremely high-quality product for this price. This foundation promotes the natural look of your skin while it deals with almost all kinds of skin conditions. However, it is more of an acne-fighting solution. The solution works on the core issues behind the acne that makes it highly effective.

The formula provides heavy coverage against acne like blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. It gives you smooth skin just after a few applications.

This foundation also has skin nourish properties, which are usually not found in most of the foundations.

Also, it has SPF 18 in it, which protects your skin effectively against external elements. Another merit of this product is that it can be removed easily with the help of Micellar Water.

It also refines pores and leaves skin without clogged pores. The formula is effective against almost all skin types, including the dry ones.

You have to use a brush to apply it properly. However, this product fails to deliver effective protection for oily skin.

Safety Precaution – Flammable until dry. Avoid contact with eyes and do not apply an excess amount.

  • Easy to apply and remove

  • Long-lasting effect

  • Eliminates acne with heavy coverage

  • Typical to choose among more than fifty shades

  • Not effective for oily skin.

  • May cake-up the make-up

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What are home remedies for acne?

Since most of the cosmetics in the market are full of chemicals, you may not be eager to use them. Don’t worry, there are various other natural remedies you can follow to get rid of the acne.

Make sure that you are consistent with these natural remedies, otherwise, you will not observe the positive effects on acne.

Diet – Our daily diet plays an important role in the growth of acne. An unhealthy diet will lead to lots of acne that are hard to deal with. Thus, we suggest improving your diet to a healthy one as that will automatically reduce the amount of acne on your skin.

Tea-tree oil – This is also suggested by many dermatologists. Using this oil daily on your skin helps remove mild to moderate levels of acne. It will not be effective against extreme level acne.

Moisturizers – Not all moisturizers are effective against acne. Only the moisturizers with natural extracts, like aloe vera, are effective against acne. They soothe the skin and remove the acne naturally.

Tea – Applying tea or green tea on the skin reduces the production of sebum in the skin. Hence, the consistent application removes acne.

What are some harmful chemicals in a foundation?

The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest consumers of chemicals. Not all chemicals are harmful, but these are the most toxic chemicals that you should not apply to your skin.


They disrupt the endocrine system that is responsible for hormone production.


A neurotoxin can lead to reduced fertility, miscarriage, and many more. It was found in research that most famous brands use lead in cosmetics.

PEG compounds

A compound that you should be highly cautious of as they are easily absorbed by the skin that can lead to serious diseases in the future.

Butylated compounds

Even a small amount of this chemical can lead to the growth of tumors. We recommend not to use products with this chemical.

There are other chemicals as well like Parabens, Octionoxate, Carbon black, Siloxanes, and Phenylenediamine.

Cosmetics are good for your skin when applied in a limit. However, if any cosmetic contains one or more of the above chemicals, then it is better not to use the same.

What are the causes of acne?

Having acne is completely normal and natural. However, there are instances when they occur due to a lack of self-care.

Acne usually occurs when the oil in the human skin reacts with the dead cells. They generally block the natural breathing pores of the skin.

There are even hormonal factors behind acne. The rising androgen levels cause an increase of oil in the skin. Hence, an increase in the amount of acne.

Some other factors are:

  • Emotional Stress
  • Menstruation
  • Greasy cosmetics
  • Medicines with Lithium and androgen

Which is the most effective one?

These foundations were selected on the basis of our intense research and study. We ranked every product in the market and provided you the list of the top ones. They have been compared on various scales, from health effects to effectiveness.

However, we have found “InstaNatural Vitamin C” as the most effective one. With its natural constituents, it is extremely healthy for the skin, while it deals with all kind of acne within a short period.

Even the preservatives present in it are not harmful. This foundation comes in the category of heavy as well as a liquid foundation. Thus, it removes or conceals the most rigid acne with two to three applications.

Give this product a shot. It will definitely meet your expectations and become your favorite foundation too.

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