Top 11 Best Foundations For Mature Skin In 2020

Aging is an inevitable process. The only thing you can do is choose how you age. If you are the type of person who values true beauty even in the times when your mortality is catching up with you, then you will choose to age like fine wine. This involves doing things such as tuning your makeup kit to meet all the needs of your skin.

The thing is, as you advance in age, your skin also follows suit; it may start developing a new set of skin problems that you did not experience with your younger skin.

As such, your favorite cosmetic products, such as foundation creams, may fail to deliver the glamorous look that they used to deliver when your skin was still young.

However, that does not mean that you should stop looking fabulously beautiful. As your skin rolls out new problems, its time you hit back with an upgraded makeup kit. The first thing that you should consider changing when your skin starts acting up due to old age is the foundation cream.

Foundations are the basis of all makeup, so you can either come out with an astonishing or a flawed makeup look depending on the foundation cream that you use. The good news is that there are foundation products that blend very well with mature skin.

Those that are advanced even have anti-aging elements that can help you fade away a few years from your skin. With that said, you can now find foundation creams that help you with your makeup, and at the same time, act as skincare products.

Laugh lines, wrinkles, fine lines, name it; all these can be alleviated if you choose the right foundation cream. The fact that the cosmetic world currently has so many foundation products may, however, pose a problem when it comes to decision making.

And you certainly have to be more careful with the skincare products that you use, especially now that your skin has become more delicate. Mature skin tends to suffer from dryness, so the first thing you should consider when buying a foundation cream is its ability to hydrate the skin.

Apart from that, there are several other things that may make the entire process tedious. We have, therefore, decided to give you a highlight on some of the best foundations for mature skin.

11 Best Foundations For Mature Skin

#1 Elizabeth Arden Prevage SPF 30 Anti-Aging Foundation

Elizabeth Arden Prevage SPF 30 Anti-Aging Foundation

Depending on how you like applying your foundations, the Elizabeth Arden cream provides you with both light and medium skin coverage. It has a unique idebenone complex, which has antioxidizing abilities. This compound allows the foundation cream to counter signs of aging that result from harsh environmental agents.

Like most skincare products, the formula is enriched with Vitamin C, an essential molecule that adds life to skin cells. This will keep your skin looking young and fresh despite your age. To add to this, the formula has crucial anti-aging ingredients that can improve your skin’s general appearance by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

With collagen and elastin in place, your skin will be firmer, and also elastic in a good way. Your skin complexion will also be clearer, allowing you to flaunt your natural skin. The moisture-rich hydra-pigments will add moisture to your skin, bringing about a dewy look that will make your skin appear luminous.

You can use this foundation cream on both normal and dry skin types.

  • Provides you with a buildable coverage

  • Oil-free

  • Lightweight as you can barely feel the cream on your face

  • Has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30

  • Available in only one shade

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#2 Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint Foundation

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint Foundation

Keeping your skin moist at all times is the key step to achieving a youthful look. And Neutrogena will give you just that with their hydro boost liquid foundation. This foundation marvel contains hyaluronic acid, which bombards your skin with an endless list of benefits. To begin, it promotes tissue repair thereby, blurring wrinkles and fine lines.

In addition, it has hydrating properties that enable your skin to maintain a healthy moisture content throughout the day. The formula also features dimethicone, an effective skincare compound that can help you prevent skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

This foundation comes in ten blendable shades that can allow you to tune your makeup according to your skin complexion. You can quench all the desires of your skin with a simple application because this foundation gel acts on your skin with immediate effect. It plumps your skin and also gives it a smooth breathtaking texture.

You can benefit even more by including this gel in your skincare routine.

  • Does not clog pores

  • Weightless

  • Fast absorbing

  • Moisturizes

  • Breathable formula

  • It has no SPF

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#3 Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup

This serum foundation is infused with the perfectionist serum technology, allowing it to deliver nothing but perfection itself. The formula is lightweight and very easy to apply as it spreads effortlessly, providing you with enough coverage.

The serum contains caffeine, which is packed with antioxidants that slow down the aging and deterioration of skin tissue and cells. With this, you will be able to maintain a radiant youthful look that will keep your age mates wondering.

This formula has been infused with marine collagen, which promotes the repair of old collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. This results in a skin healing effect that decreases the appearance of fine lines, laugh lines, and wrinkles.

When it comes to skin miniaturization, the soybean extract in this serum will ensure that your skin stays soft, supple, and moist. Additionally, it can correct skin pigmentation by diminishing dark age spots. In the end, your skin will look something close to when you were in your twenties. To finish off, this product will protect you from harmful UV rays with its SPF of 25.

  • Available in sixteen shades

  • Fragrance-free

  • Brightens your skin

  • Non-greasy

  • Nourishes the skin

  • None

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#4 Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation

As you age, your skin tone may keep on changing, especially if you expose it to hostile weather conditions like too much sun-time. To get an even tone, you can consider using this Covergirl and Olay liquid foundation. It is able to accomplish this function with the help of powerful ingredients such as niacinamide, which has the ability to reverse hyperpigmentation.

Through this, you can eradicate age spots and even the dark circles that form around the eyes as you get older. The hyaluronic complex works in unison with Vitamin C to give your skin a firm and hydrated look. This foundation also has skin-plumping properties, which heal all the creases on your face delivering a wrinkle-free skin.

Your complexion will be perfectly tuned to its original and natural appearance allowing you to apply your makeup without worrying about any restrictive limits. The only thing that you have to do is to find your shade among the multiple options that are available.

  • A small amount delivers a reasonably wide coverage

  • Alleviates puffiness in the eyes

  • Can work on oily and combination skin

  • Cruelty-free

  • Can cake if not applied as directed

  • May require a touch up after a long day’s wear

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#5 Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment

As the name suggests, this foundation formula will fade away facial imperfections in an instant. It comes with a micro-corrector applicator, which ensures that even the slightest flaws are corrected. To prevent the build-up of bacteria and other microbes, the applicator has been fitted with an anti-microbial system that ensures your skin is well protected.

The goji berry included in the formula contains amino acids that boost your skin color and tone. This will enable you to get rid of age spots and other skin pigments that are age-related. The collagen in this product will thoroughly work on your skin, leaving it firmer and with improved elasticity.

The foundation cream delivers broad-spectrum protection from the sun with the help of the SPF, which is at 18.This feature will keep your skin safe from sunburn and other UV related skin complications.

When cleaning the applicator ensure that you only use a dry tissue, never wet the applicator.

  • The formula is super concentrated

  • Clinically tested

  • Keeps the skin hydrated

  • May not be effective on super sensitive skin

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#6 Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup Foundation

Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup Foundation

The skin develops a tendency of sagging as it gets older. Dealing with this condition can be quite stressful, and most of the time, it may require you to go through some complex procedures. However, you can save yourself from the trouble by giving this makeup foundation from Lancome Paris a try.

This cream uses a micro-lift technology that has been paired up with Vitamin E to deliver a much younger and luminous facial look. It also contains skin-friendly ingredients such as corn extract, which has an astringent effect on skin tissues, thereby, preventing your skin from sagging.

Apart from this, it has soothing and purifying properties that enable the skin to detoxify more easily, leading to an improved tone and complexion. The formula is enriched with dimethicone, which improves your skin’s ability to retain water.

This will allow your skin to stay moist for longer hours, helping you to keep excessive skin dryness at bay. All these unique features will boost the appearance of your skin and will also make you look more attractive.

  • Has an SPF of 20

  • Spreads easily on the skin surface

  • Fades out wrinkles and fine lines

  • None

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#7 Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging Skintone Matching Makeup

Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging Skintone Matching Makeup

For any makeup to come out flawless, your foundation has to rhyme with your skin tone. This foundation cream will create the harmony that you need to bring out the magnificent look that you have been longing for. It is able to do this through the Almay ToneMimic technology, which intuitively senses your skin shade and transforms to match it. How amazing is that!!

This cream has a buildable texture so you can choose the exact level to which you want your coverage to reach in order to get an enhanced look that is at the same time natural. You can find this cream in six skin-tone-adjusting shades, which you can choose depending on how you want to look.

It erases wrinkles and fine lines and also goes the extra mile to provide you with protection from the sun. Other common skin conditions such as age spots and laugh lines can also be made less visible with the help of the nutrient-rich ingredients in the formula.

  • Fragrance-free

  • Dermatologist tested

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

  • Streak-free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • None

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#8 It Cosmetics – Bye Bye Lines Foundation

Bye Bye Lines Foundation

This foundation is made up of color pigments that are effective when it comes to concealing fine lines and wrinkles. It can improve your complexion and overall facial appearance by canceling out some of the common imperfections that come about due to old age.

The anti-aging peptides infused in this formula can relax your facial muscles, causing the outer skin to firm up. It also contains caviar extract, which has antioxidant properties allowing it to protect your skin from sun damage. Furthermore, it also prevents the breakdown of elastin and collagen in the skin thereby, making your skin to appear a bit young.

The hyaluronic acid and argan oil will keep your skin hydrated while the babassu oil extract keeps acne away. You can get a sheer-to-medium coverage that will make your skin look rejuvenated and fresh. Your skin will get a good load of essential class-B Vitamins and others such as A, C, and E, which play a critical role in keeping the skin young and healthy.

For your skin, to stay healthy and well-toned, you can consider using this foundation every time you put on makeup.

  • Improves skin texture

  • Easy to apply

  • Moisturizes the skin

  • Oil-free

  • Clinically tested

  • The coverage may not favor some users

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#9 Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-aging Foundation

No products found.

Allow your skin to ‘reflect its ageless beauty’ by using this foundation from Philosophy. The cream provides your face with medium coverage, making it easier to show your skin’s natural side. The formula is weightless, so you can have it on your skin all day long without experiencing any burden.

It delivers very good results because it does not settle into creases that are on the face. This makes it suitable when dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. It works by concealing these facial imperfections, thereby taking them out of sight, leaving you with brilliantly looking skin.

The other impressive thing about this product is that it delivers long-lasting results that are visible even after it has been taken off from the face. If the medium coverage does not meet some of your beauty needs, you can customize your look by layering up the cream to a level that suits you.

This foundation can help achieve a uniform skin tone by covering all the dark age spots that may be on your face.

  • Maximum protection from the sun with an SPF of 30

  • Has a pump dispenser for easy delivery

  • Easy to spread

  • None

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#10 Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Make Up

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People have different tastes when it comes to foundation coverage, some like it intense while others prefer to keep it light. If you are in the latter category, then this might just be the right foundation for you.

This radiance-revealing formula has high-definition pigments, which blend perfectly with your skin tone bringing about an evened out complexion that is equally luminous. It has a fine texture that gives your skin a delicate touch that will light up your face for a very long time.

This product is enriched with lotus water, which contains Vitamin A, allowing it to have anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep your skin healthy by boosting the healing process. The seaweed derivatives in this formula will improve your skin tone, by curing it of hyperpigmentation and age spots.

Other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid will provide your skin with maximum comfort by ensuring that the skin is well hydrated from the inside and moist on the outside.

  • Soothes the skin

  • Protects your skin from sunburn

  • Does not clog skin pores

  • Easy to apply

  • May require a bit of touch up after wearing it for a long time

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#11 L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation

LOréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation

This age-reversing foundation from L’Oreal Paris will give you a youthful complexion in a matter of seconds. You can bring back your youthful complexion by giving this foundation cream a try. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from your face bringing about a smooth youthful look.

The formula is packed with potent skin nutrients than can help you improve your skin texture, giving your face a touchable feel. You can use this foundation cream to get an even finish by fading out dark circles from your eyes. Additionally, it blurs expanded pores and dark age spots, allowing your face to look pretty.

Working with this cream is very easy because you can apply it with a makeup sponge or brush. Alternatively, you can go full-blown old fashion by using your fingers. Either way, the cream will still spread on your skin smoothly and effortlessly.

This foundation is fast-acting and delivers visible results that are at the same time long-lasting.

  • The tube has a luxurious design

  • None-greasy

  • Delivers a calming effect to the skin on application

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Lightweight formula

  • The sheer coverage may not suit some skin tones

  • The strong scent may irritate some people

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop my foundation from filling into the lines on my face?

Many people think that applying the foundation layer after layer can help them hide the wrinkles from sight. What they don’t know is that doing this only makes things worse. When applying your foundation ensure that you use a light coverage after which, you have to use a makeup sponge to gently press the foundation on your face. By doing this, you will be removing the foundation that had slipped into the lines during the first application.

Powder or liquid foundation which works best on wrinkles?

The foundation you use highly depends on your skin type. If you have acne prone skin that is also oily, a powder foundation can work well for you because powder tends to be a good oil absorbent. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you should use liquid foundations because it will keep your skin moist for longer periods of time.

What makes a good foundation for mature skin?

When you age your skin requires a lot of care, with that said. The foundation you use should be able to protect you from the sun, hydrate, firm, moisturize, and most importantly, it should have the capacity to keep your skin young and healthy.

How can I eliminate wrinkles?

The easiest way to go about this is by applying a well-blended makeup. It all begins with having a foundation that matches the shade of your skin. After that, you can proceed by setting your makeup in such a way that your wrinkles won’t show. Remember to keep it light; overdoing your makeup is never a good option.

Can a foundation protect me from sunburn?

Yes. But it has to have a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF). It is important to always check if your foundation has this feature due to the simple fact that some foundations lack this.

Final Verdict

With the right foundation, age is just but a number. You can shade off up to ten years from your face by picking a foundation that corrects all the simple imperfections that your face develops as you age.

Age spots, wrinkles, and laugh lines can be a thing of the past if you decide to tune your makeup kit with reference to your current age.

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