Top 11 Best Gucci Perfumes In 2020

Guccio Gucci will forever be remembered for creating one of the largest designer lines in the world. His brand Gucci bears his name and has been impressing people from different parts of the globe continuously without ceasing. This particularly applies to the sophisticated fragrances that the house of Gucci introduces to the market year in, year out.

The most amazing thing is that these perfumes never disappoint. They deliver what they promise, so you can buy them knowing that you will get a perfume that is worth every cent of your money. Since there are so many Gucci perfumes in the market, we have made for you a list of the best Gucci perfumes that can help you smell great and also keep bad odor at bay.

If you are a Gucci fan, you are likely to find a new perfume that you haven’t used yet. But if you are new to this brand, we hope that you will pick a perfume that will give you a good first experience.

11 Best Gucci Perfumes

#1 Guilty by Gucci for Women

Guilty by Gucci for Women

The 2.5-ounce eau de toilette spray from Gucci was introduced in the market in 2010 and has gained popularity with its sweet ambrosial floral scents. This perfume has five main accords, which will leave you with a nose-catching scent.

At the top, are the floral aromas that give your skin a natural flower-like scent, followed by the soft spicy scents, which add a seductive vibe to your skin. On the other hand, the sweet, fruity, and patchouli side of this perfume is less prominent, but it plays a big part in giving this perfume its unique scent.

If you are a lady who loves elegance, Guilty by Gucci will spice up your life with its pink pepper notes and the soft lilac aromas that will make you smell more attractive. This perfume suits many women because it has a modern feminine scent that matches the lifestyle of different ladies all over the world. The perfume comes in a beautiful champagne-colored bottle that will impress you at first sight.

You can wear this perfume when going for dates since it has a romantic aroma that will make your date fall in love with your scent. Additionally, it will make you feel more sexy and brave, thus allowing you to be more productive in whatever you do. The box has a solid black color with an attractive interlocking “G” logo finishing.

  • The scent is not overpowering

  • Comforting aromas

  • Ideal for casual use

  • Warm notes

  • The scent may wear off easily on some users

  • Not unisex

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#2 Gucci Rush by Gucci for Women 2.5 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

Gucci Rush by Gucci

Gucci Rush by Gucci has been formulated by blending different natural essences like that of vanilla, jasmine, floral gardenia, and coriander seeds. These sweet-smelling ingredients deliver a euphoric fragrance that will transform your body odor into a sweet essence. This perfume has been around for a while and many people have used it without regrets.

It wears strongly within the first hour but later balances to give an irresistible and enduring fragrance. This perfume contains intoxicating floral notes and spices that work in unison, thereby delivering an addictive scent. It provides you with a sharp oriental fragrance that will keep you activated and energized for a couple of hours depending on your skin type. However, the fragrance lasts longer when sprayed on fabrics. More to this, it does not stain clothes.

The base notes have a unique woody fragrance that combines with the top and center notes to create a well-rounded fragrance. You will have a chance to enjoy the full beauty of being a woman through the sweet floral scents that Gucci Rush offers. This fragrance goes well with casual events, so it is one of the perfumes that you can wear when hanging out with your friends.

  • Subtle scent

  • Easy to use spray design

  • It’s an authentic eau de toilette

  • The scent is long-lasting

  • The bottle is somewhat outdated

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#3 Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum Natural Spray

Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum

The Gucci Premiere comes in an attractive classy bottle that will make you fall in love with it even before the first spray hits your skin. This formula is designed for women who are go-getters and those who know what they want in life. It will give you the fresh scent that you need to bring out your best side. That being said, you can wear this perfume when attending business meetings and other official events.

This perfume is lightweight, so it diffuses very fast, allowing you to smell nice even when a small amount is applied. The top note is blackberry and bergamot-inspired, so your skin will have a seductive citrus scent. At the core, musk and white flower notes blend to give you a sensual fragrance that will make other people feel your presence in a room. The base has a woodsy fragrance that adds glamour to your scent.

Apart from being classy, the bottle has a spray top, which allows you to wear the perfume in a matter of seconds. The package has a gold theme that gives the product a luxurious look. This perfume can particularly suit those who have a career in the world of fashion. You can dazzle everyone with your scent at a red carpet event by simply spraying the Gucci Premiere.

  • Smells divine

  • The scent is ideal for romantic dates

  • Warm and sensual

  • Has a soft fragrance

  • The scent may be too much for some users

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#4 Gùccï Bloom 3.3 Oz EDP

Gùccï Bloom 3.3 Oz EDP

Gùccï Bloom Eau de parfum spray was released in 2017 by Gucci, making it one of the modern perfumes in this line. It has a feminine scent that can help you enhance your beauty. Unlike other floral formulas from the same line, Gùccï Bloom has a distinct fragrance that makes it stand out. This perfume formula blends jasmine and natural tuberose, which create an exceptional floral scent. It also features the sweet and fruity essence of Rangoon creeper, a unique plant that changes color as it blooms.

In a nutshell, this is a sophisticated bouquet of sweet florals that will completely change how your skin smells. If you are an authentic Gucci woman, this fragrance can assist you in acquiring a signature scent that other ladies won’t be able to compete with. This perfume packs both luxury and class in one bottle, thus giving you a distinctive and posh scent.

The box has been decorated with vintage flowers to give you a rough idea of how your scent will bloom after the first spray. The white floral extracts in this perfume will infuse their rich scents into your skin, thereby enabling you to smell great. Also, the bottle has a simple design that makes this perfume very convenient. You can use this perfume at any time of the day because it has a versatile scent that rhymes with every event. It can be worn when going to work, evening dates, and even parties.

  • Moderate sillage

  • Spray design

  • Infused with natural scents

  • None

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#5 Gucci Guilty Intense Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Gucci Guilty Intense Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

This Gucci Guilty Intense spray for men is clear proof that the house of Gucci not only thrives in designing women’s perfumes but can as well deliver amazing results with men’s perfumes. The bottle and the box have a mixture of black and grey colors, which give the package a masculine look. This formula delivers an intensely sweet scent that is equally provocative but not overpowering.

It has top notes of coriander, lavender, and Amalfi lemon, while the heart notes contain orange blossom and neroli. The base, on the other hand, has essences of amber, patchouli, and cedar, which create an even more provocative scent. This Gucci perfume has an earthly scent that has been intensified by blending exotic ingredients to give a satisfying olfactory experience. Being a men’s perfume, the woodsy side is a bit prominent, thus giving you a manly scent.

The powerful masculine scent can last on your skin for up to five hours, allowing you to fully bring out the gentleman in you. This perfume can earn you compliments from the ladies, and if you play nice, you might even get yourself a date.

  • Easy to use

  • The scent does not wear off easily

  • Delivers a sensual fragrance

  • The formula is not unisex

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#6 Envy Me By Gucci For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray

Envy Me By Gucci For Women

Envy Me by Gucci has a fruity-floral scent that will keep you smelling fresh and exceptionally attractive. The top notes are made up of mango, cassia, pink peony, peach, and pink pepper, while the center notes have the scent of pomegranate, pineapple, and litchi.

The base is comprised of woodsy scents like that of sandalwood, teakwood, white musk, and white tea. Pomegranate combines with litchi, creating a spicy fragrance that will make you feel comfortable inside your skin.

This perfume has a romantic fragrance, which comes about due to the presence of rose and pink peonies in the formula. As a result, it is both seductive and provocative and is exactly what you need to make your date night memorable. Since its release in 2004, this perfume has gotten many women hooked to its alluring aromas. It can make you feel, look, and smell sexy at any time of the day.

The scent profile in this perfume was created by Karine Dubreuil, a professional perfumer who is well known for designing exquisite formulas. As such, this product is of high quality and is capable of giving you the sweet scent that your skin deserves.

  • Can easily fit into your purse

  • Colorful packaging

  • Convenient spray

  • Some users may have problems with the longevity

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#7 Flora by Gucci by Gucci for Women

Flora by Gucci by Gucci for Women

This eye-catching Eau de parfum by Gucci is ideal for the modern-day woman and is particularly suitable for the younger audience. The bottle not only has a luxurious design but also has an attractive hexagonal shape that gives you a good grip. Still, on the bottle, it has a black bow that gives the perfume a classy look. The perfume has a champagne nuance, which adds to the beauty of this product.

The top notes mainly compose of peony, bitter oranges, and mandarin oranges, while the middle notes have rose and osmanthus scents. Osmanthus has a distinctive fruity scent that mixes with other floral essences, thus giving the perfume a feminine fragrance. The base is well covered by the scents of sandalwood and patchouli, which add more power to the formula. As such, the perfume has an enticing scent that will leave you smelling better than before.

This perfume has been designed using superior ingredients that give your skin a lovely sweet scent. Your scent will no longer be the same after giving this fragrance a try. It has impressed several Gucci fans since it was introduced, and you could be the next lady on the list.

  • Ideal for romantic settings

  • Not overpowering

  • Suitable for hot summers

  • The glass bottle can break if the perfume falls

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#8 Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia for Women 3.3 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia for Women

This is also another Gucci perfume that can give you an amazing scent. Like all Gucci products, this fragrance is made from high-quality ingredients that fuse to deliver a lovely feminine scent. It has three main notes, which have been uniquely crafted to create a well-balanced perfume that is not too much for the nose. This fragrance features the notes of gardenia, pear, red berries, frangipani, and patchouli.

The sillage is moderate, so you can wear this perfume without making the people around you uncomfortable. Additionally, all the elements used in this formula are friendly to your skin and will also not cause annoying migraines. The sweet white floral and fruity scents blend perfectly, thereby giving you a lightweight perfume formula that is easy to wear.

This eau de toilette spray can help you stay fresh during summer and spring. It will give you the motivation to go out and walk head high without worrying about body odor. The sparkly earthly scents from the natural essences will make you feel calm while in the presence of others, so at no time will you feel insecure when wearing the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia.

  • The perfume is ideal for daily use

  • Ergonomically designed hexagon-shaped bottle

  • Comes with a classy Gucci ribbon

  • The scent may not last on some users due to the skin type factor

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#9 Gucci Made To Measure for Men Eau de Toilette Spray

Gucci Made To Measure for Men

Gucci Made To Measure for Men is a 3.0 oz EDT that can change how you smell. It has an oriental-spicy scent that has been achieved by blending top notes of bergamot, lavender, Tunisian orange blossom, and aniseed with heart notes of water lily, nutmeg, juniper berries, cinnamon, and plums. The base strengthens the formula with sweet aromas of leather, labdanum, amber, and patchouli.

This eau de toilette spray is authentic and comes in a well-designed bottle with a gold-colored metal cap. The box and the perfume come in unique shades of grey, which blend to give the perfume a bold look. As always, the signature Gucci logo has been perfectly inscribed on the bottle to confirm that the perfume is genuine.

The fragrance from this EDT spray can be the last ingredient that you need to give your look a manly finishing. It delivers a masculine scent, which will help have control over unwanted natural body odors.

  • The fragrance suits different occasions

  • Won’t stain your clothes

  • The silage is moderate

  • The bottle is likely to break

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#10 Gucci Ii By Gucci For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7 Ounces

Gucci Ii By Gucci For Women

Women who understand their perfume know that Gucci Ii by Gucci has a wonderful fruity-floral scent that that will enhance your beauty as a woman. This formula contains a variety of naturally occurring essences that deliver a delightful Gucci inspired fragrance. The top notes include red berries, mandarin orange, bitter orange, blackcurrant, and green cassia. Depending on how sharp your sense of smell is, you are likely to get one of the scents listed above.

Besides, it has middle notes of freesia, pink peony, fragile violet, blackberry, and jasmine. These notes deliver a delicious scent that has a touch of sophistication, allowing you to smell divine all day long. White musk, purple heliotrope, and cedar deliver the final inputs needed to give you a classy and luxurious fragrance.

Applying this perfume is easy, thanks to the spray design, which dispenses the fragrance in the form of a fragrant mist. The perfume is very gentle, so it does not trigger skin irritations. However, it is advisable to perform a patch test to check if you are allergic to the formula. This perfume is mostly suitable for evening occasions like dates and late-night parties.

  • Ideal for romantic moments

  • The scent is not too intense

  • Blends perfectly with your skin

  • The scent may overwhelm some users

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#11 Gucci Bamboo by Gucci for Women

Gucci Bamboo by Gucci for Women

Gucci Bamboo by Gucci was first introduced in 2015 and is currently one of the designer perfumes that is liked by a good number of women. Unlike most perfumes that have moderate sillage, it has an intense sillage that will make people know that you are around. This perfume comes in a glass bottle that has been ergonomically shaped to suit your needs.

This perfume has notes of bergamot, ylang-ylang, lily, orange blossom, amber, and vanilla, which work in concert to ensure that you get the ultimate fragrance. Also, the box is extremely attractive, so you will most likely love this perfume after the first look. The fact that the formula is concentrated means that you will enjoy long hours of freshness.

Gucci Bamboo for women has a floral and woody fragrance with bergamot coming out as the prominent scent. This gives the perfume a citrusy accord that will keep your skin smelling awesome.

  • Delivers a gentle scent

  • The scent stays on your skin longer

  • The formula suits a variety of lifestyles

  • Some users may find the scent overwhelming

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sillage mean in perfume terms?

This refers to the rate at which a perfume diffuses in the air when it is worn. For example, if a perfume has an intense sillage, you will still be able to smell its fragrance even when the person wearing it is far from you.

Why can’t I smell the scent of my perfume after only a few minutes?

When you expose yourself to a specific fragrance several times, the cells in your nose may experience a temporary malfunction known as olfactory fatigue. This prevents you from picking up scents that your nose is used to and this may even include your daily perfume formula.

What should I look for when choosing a perfume?

Several factors should be put into consideration, but the fragrance is probably the first thing that everybody checks. You can only enjoy your perfume if it has a nice fragrance that does not irritate you and those around you. As such, try as much as you can to pick a perfume with a moderate sillage.

Longevity is also something worth considering when choosing a perfume. The fragrance from some perfumes last longer than others, so if you are looking to smell fresh all day long, it would be wise to buy a perfume that is designed to last several hours without wearing out.

What is the right way to spray perfume?

When spraying perfume, it is recommended that you put the spray head at least 20-25 cm away from your skin.

Final Verdict

Wearing perfume does not only make you smell good but can also lift your mood. Scientific studies have shown that the fragrances that you expose yourself to can impact greatly on your emotions.

For instance, bergamot is one of the ingredients in perfumes that can help you feel good about yourself. This effect can also extend to the people around you, so you have to be extra careful when picking a perfume.

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