Top 10 Best Hair Dryers for Curly Hair In 2020

Curly hair requires great care to avoid ruining the curls. It’s more fragile than straight hair. After washing your hair, swimming, or getting rained on, you may want to dry your hair more quickly.

Doing so is made possible by using a hair dryer. However, heat can easily damage curly hair, dry it out, or make it frizz. Using just any hair dryer you come across on your curly hair may end up being regrettable.

Only use a hair dryer meant for curly hair to maintain its beautiful look. Luckily for you, we teamed up with professional hairdressers and salon owners to come up with a detailed list of the 10 best hair dryers for curly hair. Read on for the unbiased reviews.

Top 10 Hair Dryers for Curly Hair

#1. Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

The Revlon hair dryer is among the most ideal hair dryers for curly hair. It’s made with infrared heat technology that allows heat to go deep into the hair cortex, thereby heating hair from within and externally. This technology allows curly hair to maintain its moisture content without drying it out. As such, you’ll find it easier to style your hair and keep it soft. Moreover, your hair will maintain its natural curls.

Another technology integrated into this hair dryer is tourmaline technology. This technology features negative ions that assist in maintaining a neutral charge on the hair surface. Thus, your hair will look conditioned and smoother. Moreover, the technology will assist in preventing frizz and keep it static-free for a shiny look.

The hair dryer comes with triple ceramic coating that assists in reducing hair damage when styling it with heat. The triple ceramic coating will assist in distributing heat onto your hair evenly, thereby allowing it to be styled inside out.

This dryer is ideal for anyone who wants to style their curly hair, get a gorgeous blowout, enviable waves, or a unique, striking hairstyle. The dryer is ideal for use on naturally curly hair and customized hairstyles.

  • Comes with a volumizer diffuser and smoothing concentrator

  • Section clips are provided for easier hairstyling

  • Features two heat settings and two speed settings for precise hairstyling

  • Affordable price range

  • The power button is poorly positioned

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#2. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Want your curly hair to look shinier and healthier without harsh treatments that may damage it? You can safely dry your hair after a wash and make your curls look shinier and healthier using this hair dryer. The dryer comes with advanced damage protection and coating technology that will keep your hair protected from heat damage.

The dryer features two speed settings, three heat settings, and a cool shot feature. You’ll be able to select the right amount of heat and speed of airflow from the available options. Take advantage of the cool shot feature when finalizing the hair drying process to seal the cuticles and lock in your final look.

You’ll find it quite fast to dry your hair with this dryer. It comes packed with a maximum power rating of 1875 watts. Thus, it has all the power needed to dry your hair within the shortest time possible. Its huge power makes it time-saving.

Another great feature of this hair dryer is its removable air filter. You can easily remove the air filter for cleaning. Keeping it clean allows the dryer to perform at its peak efficiency.

  • Has a concentrator and diffuser

  • Features ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technologies

  • Highly precise in hairstyling

  • Greatly priced

  • The diffuser does not sit in place tightly

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#3. JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer

JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer

One of the features that stand out in this dryer is its negative ionic technology. The technology allows the dryer to generate negative ions that aid in smoothening hair and keeping moisture locked in the hair. The technology will also make the dryer gentler on your hair when styling. That way, your hair will have a frizzy-free, shinier finish. Another benefit that comes with this technology is that it’ll allow your hair to take in more heat without getting damaged.

The dryer comes with a filter on the rear end. The filter prevents hair from getting sucked into the dryer. The most amazing thing about the filter is that you can detach it for easy cleaning. As such, the effectiveness of the dryer won’t be compromised.

You attach the concentrator that comes with the dryer to enhance the precision of hairstyling and enhance the speed of hair drying. The concentrator is specially designed for use on curly, straight, thick, and thin hair. You can also attach the diffuser to enhance airflow for defining natural hair waves and curls.

Another great feature about this dryer is its non-slip handle. The handle is designed to allow for a tight grip and easier control over the dryer.

  • Ergonomic and streamlined design

  • Lengthy cable with anti-leakage plug protection

  • Cool shot function

  • Selectable heat and speed levels

  • Takes a little bit more time to dry hair

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#4. 1875W Infrared Professional Salon Hair Dryer

1875W Infrared Professional Salon Hair Dryer

One of the things that stand out most in this dryer is its negative ions functionality. The functionality will neutralize any positive charges present in your hair, thereby eliminating static electricity. Consequently, the dryer will aid in repairing your hair. It’ll also smoothen your hair and make it have a healthier glow. Your hair will be left with less static and moisture will be locked in the cuticles for softer and easily manageable hair.

The dryer is packed with an airflow speed of 90 km/h and a drying power rating of 1875 watts. Thus, it’ll dry your hair quickly for professional quality styling. Moreover, the dryer is designed to penetrate heat directly into the cortex, thereby heating your hair from inside and outside.

Its infrared heating mechanism will heat your hair evenly for faster and long-lasting results. Moreover, the infrared heating mechanism will reduce damage to your curly hair when treating it with heat. In addition, the dryer is suitable for use by both men and women. It’s ideal for use on both curly and straight hair types. Also, if your hair is thick or thin, short or long, this dryer will be your ideal choice.

  • A concentrator, styling pik, and diffuser are provided

  • Highly precise styling

  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings

  • Cool shot feature

  • A little bit heavy

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#5. 1875W Professional Hair Dryer

1875W Professional Hair Dryer

One of the advantages that come with this dryer is that it comes with three different attachments. It has a diffuser, concentrator, and straightening comb. The diffuser is ideal for use on curly hair. It allows for 360-degree airflow, thereby distributing heat evenly on your curls for a voluminous look. Additionally, the concentrator has a nozzle design that concentrates airflow to smoothen and straighten hair. On the other hand, the straightening comb enhances hair smoothening.

The dryer comes with a tourmaline ceramic coating that allows negative ions to be released in huge numbers and keep the hair protected from heat damage. The negative ions are generated by the dryer’s far infrared negative ions technology. As a result, it’ll heat your hair without drying it out. It also allows for faster hairstyling and keeps it moisturized for a healthier look.

The dryer also boasts of having a powerful motor that delivers a power rating of 1875 watts with powerful airflow. Moreover, it’s less noisy even at its peak performance. You can also select from two speed settings, which are either high or low. It also features three heat settings, including hot, warm, and cool.

  • Lengthy cord

  • Overheat and electrical shock protection

  • Cool shot button

  • It’s quite heavy

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The Infinity Pro hair dryer is designed for drying hair with results similar to those of professional hairstyling. Its AC motor is designed for faster hair drying, with long-lasting results. The dryer is built with ionic technology that will leave your hair looking smooth.

Another notable benefit that comes with the dryer spreads heat uniformly on the hair to enhance the speed of drying. It’ll heat, dry, and style your hair without causing any damage. It will also reduce any frizz on your curly to make it easier to manage.

You can select the heat level using the provided button. There’s an option for cool airflow for more sensitive hair, warm airflow for a warmer experience, and hot airflow for intense heating and faster drying. You can also choose between low speed and high speed airflow.

Want to style your textured hairstyle to give your curls or waves a well-defined finish? You can do so with the diffuser provided with the dryer. Want to smoothen your straight hairstyle? Simply use the provided concentrator for a smoothened finish.

Once you’re done with drying and styling your hair, you can lock in the curls, waves, or custom style with the cold shot functionality. Thus, the dryer will give you long-lasting results.

  • Hanging ring for easier storage

  • Versatile and pinpoint hairstyling

  • Removable filter

  • The low airflow option still feels quite high

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#7. Xtava Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Xtava Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Looking for a hair dryer that will serve you in the comfort of your home with professional results? This hair dryer has what it takes to dry and style hair professionally. It’s suitable for both professional and home use.

The hair dryer comes with a power rating of 1875 watts, with a cool shot feature that will maintain your hairstyle and keep it frizz-free. It’s specially made to leave your hair looking shiny. Whether your hair is curly, thick, or long, this dryer gives you the ability to style your hair the way you want. Its two airflow speed settings and two heat options will give you more freedom on hairstyling. Its low heat option is ideal for use on damaged or thin hair whereas the high heat option is ideal for coarse or thick hair.

Whether you want a defined blowout or rough blow dry, this dryer will do the job for you. It comes with a diffuser that makes it easier to blow curly hair and add volume to locks. The diffuser is kept tightly in place with a secure silicone grip such that it won’t fall off when drying your hair.

  • Very lengthy cord

  • 360-degree airflow with quick hair drying

  • Strongly built with a mixture of fiberglass and plastic material

  • It’s quite expensive

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#8. CONFU Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

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Want to style your curly hair without damaging its strikingly beautiful curls? You can easily do that using the diffuser that comes with the dryer. It’s also ideal for styling customized hairstyles. To add to that, the provided concentrator will give your hairstyle a smooth finishing.

The dryer allows for fast hair drying and styling, with salon-quality results. Its three heat settings and two speed airflow options will allow you to have more freedom over the amount of heat and airflow speed you want. In addition, it comes with a cool shot button that will make it possible to maintain your hairstyle. Moreover, its AC motor is powerful enough for fast hairstyling.

Another benefit that comes with this dryer is that it’s ideal for styling hair on both adults and kids. It’s also built with safety in mind. The dryer comes with protection from overheating. You can use it for quite long without overheating.

The negative ions produced by the dryer will assist in reducing frizz. The ions will also assist in reducing static electricity that results from hairstyling. Additionally, the generated ions will allow your hair to maintain its natural health and shine.

  • Operates with low noise

  • Extremely fast drying

  • Even heat distribution

  • Removable air filter

  • The attachments fall off easily

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#9. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

You definitely want to invest in a hair dryer that will be safe for you and your family. Luckily, this dryer is built with safety in mind. Its safety plug comes with leakage protection that gets activated in the event of electricity leakage or short circuit. With these safety precautions, you won’t be exposed to danger in the event of electricity leakage or short circuit.

The dryer also comes with an air filter and removable inlet grille that makes it easier to clean. That way, you’ll keep the dryer operating at its full potential.

If you mind the well-being of your natural curls or custom hairstyle, the diffuser attachment that comes with this dryer will do a perfect job for you. It’s wide enough for wider coverage and faster hair drying. It’ll blow out hot air on your hair evenly, thereby defining your curls and waves.

The dryer assists in repairing damaged hair by promoting its natural moisturizing effects and keeping it soft. It also prevents frizzing and split ends. The infrared heat mechanism of the dryer allows for even heat distribution on hair, thereby keeping it protected from damage.

  • Leaves hair static-free

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Temperature level and airflow speed controls

  • The comb attachment doesn’t attach tightly in place

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#10. DigHealth Hair Dryer

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This is yet another great hair dryer for curly hair. It’s designed with usability in mind. It has a removable filter that will prevent your hair from being sucked into the dryer. You can remove the filter to clean any hair that may be stuck in it to keep it functioning effectively.

You can make your curls more visible by diffusing them with the help of the diffuser that comes with the dryer. You can as well smoothen your hair with the concentrator that gathers airflow over the hair. It features a U-shaped heating element that allows for even heat distribution and constant temperature.

The tool will dry your hair quickly without damaging it. It also keeps it frizz-free after blow drying. The dryer has a mechanism for releasing ions that protect and nourish hair from deep within. It features a low noise 1800 watts motor. You’ll be able to choose between three heat levels and two airflow speeds.

Another area where the dryer stands out is its lightweight and compact design. Its compactness makes it ideal for carrying when traveling. To add to that, its lightness will make it easier for you to handle it when blowing out your hair.

  • Well-positioned buttons

  • Overheating protection

  • User-friendly

  • Cool shot functionality

  • The diffuser doesn’t stay in place firmly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best hair dryer for my curly hair?

We’ve shortlisted the best hair dryers available today for curly hair. Simply consider the one that has the features that will meet your needs.

What considerations should I make when choosing a hair dryer for my curly hair?

Consider factors such as power rating, heat control, airflow speed control, and cool shot functionality. Also, check for features such as protection against shock and overheating.

What’s the use of the cool shot button on some hair dryers?

The cool shot functionality allows you to set the style you’ve just made with the dryer in place.

How will a hair dryer diffuser help my hair?

A diffuser is an attachment that comes with hair dryers for curly hair. It assists in maintaining natural curls when blowing out curly hair.

Are hair dryers noisy?

The noise levels of hair dryers vary depending on the model. Some hair dryers are designed to be low noise. Try as much as possible to choose a low noise hair dryer to keep yourself protected from loud noises.

What’s the use of the removable air filter on some hair dryers?

The air filter catches debris to prevent it from overheating the dryer.

Final Words

Buying yourself a hair dryer will save you money and time spent on salon visits. Moreover, investing in a hair dryer suitable for curly hair will ensure that your beautiful curls are maintained and keep your hair frizz-free, static-free, and easier to manage.

Hopefully, you’ll find a hair dryer that will meet your needs from our shortlist.

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