Top 11 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions In 2020

Your skin makes up to 16% of your body weight and is also known to be the largest organ in the body. In a nutshell, you are your skin. Therefore, you should put in a great deal of effort to protect and care for your skin. But most importantly, always try to make your skin look aesthetic.

One of the best ways you can make your skin look more appealing is by giving it a sun-kissed appearance. I know what you are thinking right now, my advice is, please don’t do it. Exposing yourself to the sun for too long to get that desired tan may actually do you more harm than good.

However, there is a safer option that can deliver excellent results for tanners like you. Indoor skin tanning is one of the safest ways you can get that golden skin tone that you yearn for so much. With the right indoor tanning lotion, the process will go so fast but the results will be long-lasting.

Basically, what indoor tanning lotions do is that they act as an accelerator during the skin tanning process. This is possible due to their ability to boost the production of melanin resulting in a tan that will improve the general appearance of your skin.

Picking an ideal indoor tanning lotion is the first step to achieving a fair skin tone that will keep heads turning. You will be the center of attention each time you step into a room because your skin will be producing its own mini-rays.

Getting the right lotion for your skin may, however, be a bit difficult, especially when there are so many brands. For this reason, we have gone out of our way to do research on the best indoor tanning lotion that will give you stunning results.

Top 11 Indoor Tanning Lotions

#1 Self Tanner with Organic & Natural Ingredients

Self Tanner with Organic & Natural Ingredients

This sun free tanning lotion has no traces of chemicals or any synthetic compound that may harm your skin. As the name suggests, the formula is purely made from organic and natural ingredients that will add more value to your skin.

The organic Shea butter in this lotion will make your skin to have a soft texture that will make you feel so comfortable in your skin. In addition, Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing capabilities that will keep your skin healthy during and after an indoor tanning treatment.

To add to its list of natural ingredients, this self-tanner has nutritive Japanese green tea and coconut oil which work together to give your ski an incredible look and feel. Those with pale or sensitive skin will find this product effective.

The action property in this lotion allows it to do a clean job without leaving any blotches, orange color, dark spots or nasty streaks on your skin. This product can work for both males and females and can as well be used by people of all ages. However, those with age spots should not apply this lotion.

This tanning cream will get you looking like you have been swimming in the fountain of youth. Your skin will come out with perfect tan that is equally refined. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like chemical-filled products, this is one of the alternatives that you can use to get that glowy tan.

  • Cruelty-free

  • Delivers results with the first application and a gradual customized tanning

  • Has a moisturizing property

  • Safe for vegans

  • The scent isn’t strong

  • May cause a blotch if not evenly spread on the skin surface

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#2 Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion

Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion

With this lotion, you can control your tan from a healthy-looking glow to a dark tone. It all depends on how often you apply the lotion and the quantity you use for each treatment. The ingredients used, deliver a sheer color with every application that is made.

The lotion is clinically proven and is therefore considered safe when it comes to acquiring that natural tan without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays. This tanning lotion will enable you to come up with your own unique tan.

The cream is lightweight and has a quick-acting formula that will give you a tan in just 2-4 hours. It also has other properties that allow it to moisturize your skin giving you a healthy finishing touch. The lotion is very easy to apply and the fresh scent will make you enjoy the whole application process.

It is streak-free, so what you will get is a uniform tan that will boost your level of confidence the next time you step out. The manufacturers recommend that you do a patch test before you can apply the lotion to your body. This will help you determine whether the product will cause a reaction to your skin type.

  • Dries very fast 5 minutes tops

  • Sheer color during application

  • The tan lasts for a long time

  • Not paraben-free

  • Can irritate the eyes in case of an accidental contact

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#3 Millennium Tanning Products: Dark Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning Products: Dark Tanning Lotion

You can get an extreme tan by applying this tanning lotion from Millennium Tanning Products. It has an ultra-advanced 100X silicone bronzer formula that will make your skin to emulate a dark sun-kissed glow that will give you healthy and radiant skin.

The auto-darkening tan technology will ensure that you only get a tan with reference to your original skin tone. This will deliver an ultra-deep tan that will last for several days. This tan lotion comes in 400ml bottle which is enough to offer you a number of treatments.

As a tan enhancer, the extreme bronzers in this blend will immediately drive your tan into darkness. This feature enables it to work very well on pale skin, thereby delivering very good results. The orchid blush scent will leave your skin with a sweet fragrance that is equally enticing.

If you are looking for an indoor tanning lotion that blends luxury with technology, consider going for this one.

  • Hydrates the skin

  • Skin-soothing property

  • Quick action property

  • May cause severe skin issues if applied in excess

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#4 Supre – Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer w/ Skin Firm & Toning

Supre - Snooki Ultra Dark 70X

Tanning your skin will improve its appearance, but what if you could tan and at the same time make your skin firm. You can find out by giving the Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer a try. This vitamin-rich tanning lotion will improve the quality of your skin by making it resistant to stress.

The advanced skin-firming feature allows this cream to blend with your skin bringing about an improvement in skin texture. The combination of henna, DHA, and black walnut will allow your skin to achieve an incredibly deep dark tan.

In addition, it has a hyper dark tanning technology that boosts the production of melanin immediately the lotion is applied to the skin. The result is a healthy golden appearance that will make you feel like putting on your bikini when its winter.

Other natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and coconut oil have been used to give the cream a smooth texture. But most importantly, they will have a soothing effect on the tone of your skin.

  • Tightens the skin

  • Applicable to most skin types

  • Hydrates your skin

  • The treatment has to be done severally to attain the best results

  • Contains alcohol

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#5 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Keeping the skin hydrated at all times is one of the ways in which you can keep it safe from harmful agents. This will, in turn, improve how you look. By using this tanning lotion made from coconut oil and coconut milk, you will give your skin a better chance to negate the common causes of skin dryness.

The intense skin hydrating feature in this lotion makes it very suitable for people who suffer from excessively dry skin. It also contains oleic acid and other ingredients which promote healthy skin. The additional blend between MelanoBronze and Quad Tyrosine allows it to stimulate the melanocytes in the skin, prompting them to secret more melanin.

The other impressive thing about this tanning lotion is that it has age-defying properties. This allows it to make wrinkles and cellulite to be less visible giving you a youthful healthy glow. It works very fast delivery a tan a few minutes after the first application.

The lotion should be applied liberally in order to get a tan that is golden rich and consistent.

  • Has a sweet fragrance

  • Long-lasting effect

  • Does not have bronzers

  • Not paraben-free

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#6 Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer

Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer

This tanning cream is made from 100% pure natural hemp oil that gives your skin the right moisture content needed to make the tan last longer. The oatmeal in this cream acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which can help in eradicating skin conditions such as acne.

The mango seed butter in its list of ingredients helps to hydrate the skin further resulting in a smooth and radiant glow. This lotion has no added artificial dyes, so it very friendly to sensitive skin. It also has no fragrance making it less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

When applied, it easily absorbs into the skin due to its lightweight formula accelerating the tanning process with immediate effect. It also has calming extracts that make the skin more responsive to UV lamps. This will allow you to spend almost half the time required to perform a full-body tan.

  • Gluten and Nut-free

  • Non-greasy

  • Can be used by vegans

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Paraben-free

  • None

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#7  Devoted Creations WOKE UP LIKE THIS Bronzing Lotion

Devoted Creations WOKE UP LIKE THIS Bronzing Lotion

This tanning lotion will leave with an ultra-sleek tan that will last for a very long time. It has natural bronzers that are very effective and will get your skin tanning in no time. The lotion is very easy to apply due to its ability to spread with the first brush of your hands.

It promotes the production of melanin evenly throughout the whole body. This prevents the occurrence of light patches after going through the indoor tanning process. With this, you can be sure that you will come out of the process with a uniform skin tone.

In addition, the lotion is made up of a blend of Body FitTM, LiftTM, and RevitaFitTM which allow you to enjoy superior skin tightening and firming benefits. As a result, it will help you get better results when dealing with a skin that has stretch marks, cellulite or wrinkles.

This lotion also has antioxidants that counteract the production of free radicals that may cause damage to the skin cells. With all these benefits, you can be sure that your skin will have an incredible tan.

  • Contains pigment correctors

  • Delivers a good feeling to the skin on application

  • The scent is too strong and may irritate some people

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# 8 Baja Bae BRONZE TANNING LOTION for the Ultimate Bronzed Body

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The Baja Bae tanning lotion boasts of its versatility and is even considered as a 3 in 1 lotion. The title suits it due to its multipurpose property. It can help you enhance the tanning process while in a tanning bed, additionally, it can also pass a tinted moisturizer, and lastly, you can apply it to your face to get an instant bronze look.

This tanning lotion is purely made of natural ingredients making it very convenient for people who have sensitive skin. It is very easy to apply, allowing you to use it the same way you use your daily body lotion.

It is made up of compounds that supplement the skin with the needed nutrients that will make the tanning process to be a success. It has agave, jojoba, coconut, and hibiscus oil which hydrate the skin during the tanning process. As such, your skin will adopt a smooth and flawless tan.

The lotion spreads very well, allowing the skin to absorb it very fast. The best part is that after you apply it, you won’t be left with an uncomfortable feeling on your skin. It is streak-free, so your skin will have an even tan when the process is complete.

The Mexican vanilla extract and the caramel extract gives this tanning lotion a natural signature scent that will make your skin smell nice.

  • Vegan certified

  • Not sticky

  • You can apply it to all skin types

  • Nourishes your skin

  • Non-greasy

  • Made from high-quality ingredients

  • None

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People prefer different levels of tan, some like to keep it light, while others go all the way, to get a deep dark tan. If you are the type who likes your tan delivered dark, the indoor tanning lotion from Brown Sugar will give you just that.

The formula is made up of argan extracts which is very beneficial to the skin. If you are familiar with argan oil products, then you must be aware of the benefits that your skin will enjoy. For starters, argan oil is packed with a lot of Vitamin E which is very essential when it comes to maintaining healthy skin when tanning the skin.

Apart from this, argan oil also hydrates the skin thereby making it ready for the tanning process. The back chocolate in this tanning cream will protect your skin to ensure that your skin is not affected by the UV bulbs.

The blend between the coconut cocktail and the max silicone will provide your skin with all the conditions that are required to get a perfect deep tan.

  • Makes your skin smooth

  • Contains potent antioxidants

  • Stimulates the production of melanin

  • Only provides good results with already existing tans

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#10 Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

Dealing with delicate skin can pose serious problems, especially when it comes to picking the right cosmetic products. For this reason, Devoted Creations has come up with a super soft tanning lotion that you can apply even on the most delicate skin and sensitive skin.

It is designed to maintain the skin’s natural glow during the tanning procedures, so you can be sure that the quality of your skin won’t be affected in any way. In fact, what it does is that it makes your skin even better.

The Shea butter in this tanning cream will thoroughly hydrate your skin, and at the same time giving it an unimaginable softness. Matrixyl Synthe 6 in the formula will reverse the effects of wrinkles on your skin resulting in a fresh look during the tanning process.

To add on to this, it provides your skin with firming benefits, thanks to the RevitaFit and Body Fit blend that is part of the formula. With all these amazing features in place, your skin will achieve a sun-kissed tone that is smooth and appealing to look at.

This product has no parabens making it ideal for those who are likely to have allergic reactions.

  • Contains tattoo and color fade protectors

  • Has anti-aging properties

  • Hypoallergenic

  • None

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#11 Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer

Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer

One of the most noticeable features of this tanning lotion is its exhilarating kiwi watermelon fragrance. It will literally drop a bombshell of sweet-smelling fumes on you. The ultra-extreme sizzle formula will light up your skin with somewhat immense heat leading to an increased blood supply to the skin.

As a result, the skin cells will get more oxygen and will be physiologically advantaged in the production of more melanin. The exotic blend of bronzer walnut together with the amino acids and the DHA will make your skin to achieve a scorching dark tone.

The Coenzyme Q-10 and the white tea extract work together as antioxidants, protecting your skin from free radicals that may lower the quality of your skin during the tan. This will make the tan last a very long time before another treatment is applied.

You will notice a change on your skin with the first application, so in order to get an exceptional tanning outcome, consider applying it the second time. This tanning lotion is very easy to apply as it is not too sticky and spreads very well on the skin.

  • Hydrates your skin

  • Has a smoothing effect

  • Not suitable for all skin types

  • Cannot be used on tattooed skin

  • The heat can be too much for some people

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to use a tanning lotion when indoor tanning?

If you want to get the best results within the shortest time possible, consider using tanning lotion. The lotions are designed with unique abilities to improve the quality of your tan.

Does my skin type determine the tanning lotion I use?

Yes. Your skin type should be considered every time you are shopping for beauty products.

How many times should I apply tanning lotion?

This will depend on the brand of tanning lotion that you are using. There are brands that deliver results with a single application, while others may require repeated use.

Can tanning lotion damage my skin?

Before applying any tanning lotion ensure that it matches your skin type. A lot of care should be taken when dealing with sensitive skin. If you pick the right product, no harm will befall you or your skin.

What makes a good tanning lotion?

A good tanning lotion should be one that delivers results very fast. But most importantly, it should be able to protect your skin before and after tanning.

Do indoor tanning lotions have sunscreen?

Indoor tanning lotions have no Sun Protection Factor (SPF), so they cannot protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

Final Verdict

If you are new to skin tanning the list above will guide you on how you can choose a good indoor tanning lotion for your skin. Many people like to have a dark golden skin tone, and as much as the term “sun-kissed” is often used, it doesn’t mean baking your skin in the sun the whole day.

Simply grab one of the tanning lotions discussed above and have yourself an exciting indoor tanning experience.

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