Top 11 Best Leave-In Conditioners In 2020

Washing your hair with shampoo and drying it up with a towel is only a start. Your hair requires a number of treatments for it to look marvelous. Applying a conditioner regularly is the best way you can care for and maintain healthy hair.

There are three main categories of hair conditioners, rinse-out conditioner, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. Out of the three, leave-in conditioners rank as the winner of hearts, in most cases, users prefer using a leave-in and not the other types of conditioners. This is mainly because leave-ins are very easy to apply and can particularly come in handy when you are in a hurry to dash out.

Leave-in conditioners come in many forms, some are creams, and others are sprays, while a selected few are mist. These conditioners deliver good results regardless of the form in which they come. Leave-in conditioners can provide your hair with so many benefits.

When applied, they moisturize, hydrate, detangle, and soften hair, leaving you with a fresh look. Additionally, a good number of leave-in conditioners contain nutrients which are very essential for hair growth. And the fact that these conditioners are left to stay in your hair for some time allows them to deliver excellent results.

With this, your hair will stay protected and moisturized throughout the day, allowing you to go about your duties without having to stress about your hair look. Like most cosmetic products, there are several things that you have to consider before you purchase a leave-in conditioner.

These products come in a variety and also have different capabilities. It is therefore recommended that you only choose a leave-in conditioner that matches your hair type. In addition to this, the leave-in conditioner should have all the right qualities that will make your hair flourish.

Going about this process can be psychologically draining, so we have decided to come to your rescue by highlighting the best leave-in conditioners that will give your hair a sleek appearance.

11 Best Leave-In Conditioners

#1 Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner

Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner

This conditioner is enriched with natural coconut oil allowing it to absorb in an instant. It penetrates deep into the hair fiber, delivering an inside out moisturizing effect. When you apply this leave-in conditioner, both the inner and outer cuticles of your hair get equal amounts of vitamins and other nutrients in the formula.

As a result, your hair will acquire a smooth and shiny appearance that will make you stand out when in a crowd. The natural nutrients in coconut oil will work as fertilizer to your hair, helping it to grow faster, longer, and thicker. This reinforces your hair and prevents it from breaking or falling out.

To top it off, this conditioner nourishes your scalp with fatty acids from the coconut oil extract. Through this, you will be better suited to remove the sebum build-up that is produced by the hair follicles. This conditioner will bring dry and damaged hair back to life by delivering a moisture sealing effect.

  • Delivers frizz-free hair

  • Paraben-free

  • Sulfate-free

  • No synthetic dyes added

  • Gluten-free

  • Phthalates-free

  • Works after several applications

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#2 Milk_shake Leave-In Conditioner

Milk_shake Leave-In Conditioner

If you have been putting effort into taking care of your hair, this milkshake conditioner may be the last ingredient you need to make your hair flawless. It is specially formulated for normal or slightly dry hair.

The conditioner is loaded with milk proteins that provide your hair with all the food it needs to grow and shine. Your hair will also receive optimum moisture content that will protect the cuticles from excessive dryness.

Apart from the milk protein, this conditioner contains other fruit extracts, which are good conditioning agents. The papaya extract is a good dandruff scavenger and will ensure that your scalp is not dry and flaky. The honey in this cream provides your hair with emollients, which make the hair follicles smooth. This delivers a shiny touch to hair that seems a bit dull.

Vitamin C from the strawberry extract promotes hair growth, and at the same time discourages hair loss. With time, your hair will volumize and will be more bouncy. This conditioner contains Vitamin E, which has the ability to repair damaged hair follicles and also prevent them from corrosion.

  • Sweet natural fragrance

  • Environmental friendly

  • Revitalizes hair

  • Detangles hair

  • Enhances hair color

  • The bottle is fragile and can easily break if it falls

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#3 It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product

10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product

This high-performance leave-in will condition every strand of hair on your head, leaving you with an astonishing look. It delivers a nourishing treatment that will help you turn damaged hair into something new.

You can use this conditioner as a stand-alone detangler or a restorative product for hair that has lost its natural luster. Every application that is made will make your hair healthier and stronger. The silk amino acids in this leave-in will protect your hair from moisture loss resulting in a silky smooth feel.

The conditioner is enriched with sunflower oil, which reduces the chances of your hair thinning. Other complex conditioning ingredients such as Quaternium-80 are also included, allowing the conditioner to deliver a double conditioning effect.

With this, you will be able to control frizz, smooth, and prevent split ends on your hair. This product can also work as a heat protectant that will keep your hair safe when using various heat appliances. This will ensure that your hair maintains its natural color even after an intense blow-dry.

  • Suitable for al hair types

  • Hydrates your hair

  • Guards your hair against brassiness

  • Adds volume to your hair

  • None

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#4 ArtNaturals Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner

The leave-in conditioner from Artnaturals is made from natural argan oil and other nutrient-rich compounds that will allow you to deep condition your hair at the comfort of your home. This conditioner hydrates and smoothens your hair while preserving its natural quality.

This conditioner deeply penetrates the hair follicles allowing the ingredients to take a quick effect. The Anwapuhi white ginger in the list of ingredients stimulates the follicles leading to hair growth. Furthermore, the ginger extract softens the strands of your hair, restoring the natural brilliant shine.IT also contains chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory properties that alleviates itchiness on the scalp.

This leave-in delivers a full treatment right from the hair root to the tip. It enables your hair to recover from dryness and other types of damage. The conditioner blends perfectly with your hair giving it a moisturized touch. It leaves no residue, so your hair will stay clean after application.

  • Cruelty-free

  • Made from natural ingredients

  • Soothes your scalp

  • Paraben-free

  • The natural scent may irritate some people

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#5 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-In Cream Conditioner

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-In Cream Conditioner

This conditioner is made up of three main active plant ingredients that take care of three core-layers of your hair. The olive oil penetrates right to the center of the hair follicle, moisturizing each strand of hair from the inside. On the other hand, the meadowfoam takes care of the middle part of each follicle while the sweet almond protects the outer surface of the hair.

The cream is lightweight and melts easily, allowing the hair to enjoy the rich benefits it has in store. It provides your hair with long-lasting humidity, thereby diminishing flyaways and dandruff. Its intense moisturizing property makes it suitable for extremely dry hair that is on the verge of breaking.

This advanced formula also contains UV filters that can protect your hair from discoloring as a result of too much exposure to the sun. This conditioner eliminates frizz and detangles strands of hair healthier and silky smooth hair.

In order to get a good outcome, you can consider including this conditioner in your daily hair maintenance routine. This will give your hair a better chance to fully exhaust and benefit from the ingredients.

  • Improves hair texture

  • Prevents flaking

  • The cream is not sticky

  • Easily spreads on hair

  • None

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#6 Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

Hair only looks good when it is neat and shiny. However, to achieve this look, it has to get the right care and treatment. At times hair that had an angelic appearance can depreciate drastically and lose its aesthetic value. With this Shea moisture conditioner, you can bring back the lost glory that your hair once had.

This conditioner is made up of certified organic materials that will bring back radiance to your hair. It contains raw Shea butter which works as a sealant, preventing the loss of moisture from the surface of the hair. As such, the hair acquires a soft feel that is equally radiant.

In addition to this, the conditioner contains castor oil extract, which moisturizes and softens your scalp. This eliminates common hair conditions such as dandruff and hair loss. With less hair falling and more growing, you will be able to achieve back the lost volume in no time.

The reparative omegas included in this formula will ensure that your hair gets all the repair that it needs. Each hair fiber that is damaged will be repaired and made elastic, making it more resistant to the pulling force that breaks hair as you blow-dry or brush your hair.

  • Non-greasy

  • No mineral oils

  • Paraben-free

  • Sulfate-free

  • The smell can be a bit irritating

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#7 TreeActiv Hair Nourishing Spray, Natural Leave-in Conditioner

TreeActiv Hair Nourishing Spray, Natural Leave-in Conditioner

This hair conditioner is made up of powerful natural ingredients that blend effortlessly with the protein keratin, which makes up the hair. In fact, this conditioner has keratin as one of its ingredients making it very convenient for hair growth.

This leave-in will help you add a weightless a volume to your hair and also protect it from drying. The biotin in this formula will ensure that your hair achieves the required thickness, making it stronger. This conditioner has a moisturizing ability that can help you reduce split ends and add shine to your hair.

This conditioner contains argan oil, which is known to deliver excellent results when used in hair conditioning. It intensifies and prolongs the treatment effect that the other ingredients deliver to your hair. The conditioner also has licorice extract, which has mollifying properties that allow it to reduce irritation in the scalp.

Instead of having one or two vitamins, this leave-in conditioner has Vitaplex, a unique vitamin complex that contains all the essential vitamins needed to repair damaged hair. This will save you the hassle of having to apply several hair products.

  • Reduces frizz

  • Protects your hair from color damage

  • Nutrient-rich

  • Works on all hair types

  • None

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#8 Garnier Whole Blends Leave-In Conditioner for Hair

Garnier Whole Blends Leave-In Conditioner for Hair

This leave-in will help you tame the frizz on your hair in an instant. It has the ability to deeply nourish, soften, and straighten your hair. This blend is made up of natural coconut oil and cocoa butter extract, which are legendary agents in hair care.

This gentle formula will nurture your hair and ensure that it is free from flyaways and dandruff. This gives your hair a better opportunity to improve both in length and strength. The blend between coconut oil and cocoa butter will deliver an exotic fragrance that will leave your hair smelling like paradise. Those with curly hair can improve the quality of their curls by applying this conditioner regularly. This is because it softens each strand of hair which in turn makes the curls to exist independently without tangling.

This conditioner has zero traces of parabens, making it completely safe for daily use. It delivers wholesome care to your hair, which also includes the prevention of hair loss and dehydration. This can be particularly helpful to extremely dry hair or one that has been severely damaged.

You can have full control over frizz for up to 24 hours depending on how often you apply this conditioner.

  • Detangles hair

  • Fast absorbing

  • You can apply the conditioner on all hair types

  • Deeply nourishes

  • Gentle on scalp

  • None

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#9 Salerm 21 Leave-in Conditioner Silk Protein Tube

Salerm 21 Leave-in Conditioner Silk Protein Tube

When hair gets excessively dry it loses its elasticity and will probably start breaking after some time. If this condition is not managed, you could end up losing a large volume of hair. Luckily, you can stop this by applying the leave-in conditioner from Salerm.

It contains silk proteins that can add shine to your hair and also improve on its elasticity. As a result, your hair will be safe from unnecessary breakage that can lead to hair loss. Additionally, silk proteins improve your hair’s ability to lock in moisture, thereby making it flexible and less brittle.

This conditioner is enriched with panthenol (Vitamin B5), which binds hair follicles and forms thin moisture coating around the hair surface, resulting in a shiny appearance. Those with dry hair can tune their hair texture by making use of this unique property.

This product comes in a specially designed tube that makes it very easy to use. Apart from being friendly to your hair, this conditioner is very gentle on hands and no protection is needed during the application process.

  • Nourishes the scalp

  • Rejuvenates your hair

  • Delivers a hydrating effect on your hair

  • May clamp if the hair is too damp

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#10 OUAI Leave-In Conditioner. Multitasking Mist

OUAI Leave-In Conditioner

Heat can cause some serious damage to your hair, and the main problem with this is that heat is needed when flattening of blow-drying. To be on the safe side, always ensure that your hair is protected from heat. This Ouai leave-in conditioner can help you with that.

It has ingredients that enable it to protect your hair from both UV and heat damage. This will help your hair to maintain its natural color regardless of the condition you are in. Vitamin E in this formulae works as an antioxidant, which ensures the skin on your scalp is healthy.

This leave-in can smooth out frizz from your hair, leaving it sleek and straight. It is advisable to apply this mist a few minutes before you start styling up your hair. This is because it makes your hair more flexible, thereby allowing you to maneuver the hair whichever way you want.

A few sprays on slightly damp hair will be enough to deliver the outcome that you want.

  • Moisturizes hair

  • Paraben-free

  • Detangles your hair

  • Sulfate-Free

  • Protects your hair

  • None

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#11 L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Leave-In Conditioner

LOreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Leave-In Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner will help you revive your damaged hair with just a few applications. It is packed with both vitamins B3 and B5, which are both very important when it comes to maintaining healthy hair.

This conditioner is very effective on long hair and can help you seal split ends allowing you to have a compact hair look. It also reinforces every inch of hair preventing unwanted breakage. Aside from this, the cream can protect your hair from heating tools, delivering up to 450-degree heat protection.

The soy protein in this leave-in will strengthen and repair every strand of hair that is damaged. In addition, it will improve your hair’s moisture content giving it a glossy look. This cream improves the health of your hair right from the root, allowing the hair to grow faster.

Apart from taking care of your hair, this conditioning cream also takes care of your scalp by ensuring that it is moist and dandruff-free. This cream can help you achieve your long hair goals without stressing much.

  • Absorbs very quickly

  • Not greasy

  • Nourishes your hair

  • Eliminates frizz

  • The scent is a bit strong

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to leave a conditioner on my hair?

Yes. Conditioners should be left on the hair for some time in order for them to fully take effect. But the type of conditioner you use will also determine how long you should leave it on. Regular conditioners require about one or two minutes, after which you can rinse it off.

However, when using a leave-in conditioner, no rinsing is required because they are much lighter.

Can a leave-in conditioner cause my hair to fall out?

Conditioners are designed with gentle formulas that allow them to be friendly to both your hair and the scalp. And their main purpose is to protect and not damage hair. But in the event that this happens, you can consult your doctor.

What is frizz?

When you have frizz your hair fails to align resulting in an irregular or fuzzy look.

Is it safe to use a conditioner daily?

No. Conditioning should be done at intervals at least a few times a week. This will, however, depend on the type of conditioner that you are using. If you are using a conditioner that is less greasy you can conditioner regularly.

Can a conditioner affect the appearance of my natural hair?

A good conditioner will maximize the natural beauty that your hair has; this includes the color, texture, and general appearance. That is why some conditioners are designed with color protectants which ensure your hair keeps its natural color.

Should I apply a conditioner before or after washing my hair?

Conditioning should be done after you have properly washed your hair using a high-quality shampoo. In addition, the hair has to be dried using a towel so that it can stay a little bit damp. This is done to ensure that the conditioner comes in good contact with every strand of hair.

Final Verdict

Taking care of your hair may be a tedious process, but the end results are always pleasing. Therefore, always see to it that you take good care of your hair. Like any other part of the body, the hair is made up of protein bonds that need to be reinforced and fed from time to time.

For this reason, ensure that you know all the right hair food that can help you restore damaged or dried out hair. In most cases, conditioners are used to revitalize hair, this is because they are loaded with nutrient-rich ingredients that allow hair to grow and flourish.

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