Best Makeup Organizers For A Mess-Free Makeup Desk

Most of us are pretty lazy to organize our desks after a makeup session. Usually, they remain as it is with lots of clutter for a real long time. And we end up losing and damaging many products and most probably we might not easily find any of the products. Have you ever thought of a solution to this problem?

Makeup organizers are a complete solution for all of these issues. A makeup organizer lets you arrange your makeup products easily and find it without any hassles. you can use a makeup organizer to reduce the clutter on your desk. You don’t need to spend hours searching your favorite eyeshadow palette if you are using a makeup organizer efficiently. It helps you save your space as well as time.

There are different types of makeup organizers available in all different sizes. You can easily find out one according to your requirements and purposes. There are several multi-utility organizers in sleek designs that would be perfect for people living in small spaces as well. You can also find these organizers made in a variety of materials and styles.

If you are a makeup professional, you really need a very organized makeup desk to create a stress-free and productive work atmosphere. A makeup organizer is thus very much essential for the professionals in the field. If you are a professional regularly traveling for work, there are many portable-friendly makeup organizers as well.

We are here helping you ease your task of finding an organizer by listing out some of the best makeup organizers available in the market. You can find eleven different types of makeup organizers in this article. We have tried to make the list versatile as possible. The preceding FAQ session would give you a better idea of choosing a good makeup organizer.

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Top 11 Makeup Organizers

#1 DreamGenius 3 Pieces Acrylic Makeup Organizer and Jewelry Display Box 

DreamGenius Acrylic Makeup Organizer

DreamGenius is one of the leading brand producing quality and affordable makeup organizers. They have a variety of collections including different types of makeup organizers in different sizes.

You can use this Acrylic Makeup Organizer from DreamGenius for storing different items such as jewelry, body lotions, makeup brushes, hairbrushes, and other cosmetics. The interlocking and stackable design of this makeup organizer would let you arrange the drawers upon your requirements and ideas, and form a DIY makeup organizer. The drawers can be completely removed. And you can use these drawers separately if needed.

The makeup organizer from DreamGenius is 3-tiered and divided into 4 storage compartments. Apart from these 4 compartments, the top rack of the organizer contains 12 lipstick slots and 4 compartments in various sizes.

The largest drawer has a depth of about 3.6 inches and is perfect for keeping the large bottles of your perfumes, moisturizers and body lotions. The second-largest drawer has a depth of 2.3 inches and you can store medium-sized cream bottles.

The smallest drawer is 1.1 inches in depth and is perfect for keeping your compact powder, eyeliners, mascaras, and other flat cans and boxes.

This makeup organizer is made of a transparent material that lets you see through the items inside easily and access it without any hassles. The drawers can be easily slid off. The lower drawers are incorporated with black velvet that keeps the stored items in place in a protected environment.

  • Large storage space in a compact design.
  • Save 70% of the desk space.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.
  • Highly prone to scratches.
  • A squeaky sound produced upon opening the drawers.

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#2 DreamGenius 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable and Transparent Makeup Organizer

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

This is a perfect makeup organizer if you are up to find one for storing your obscene number of makeup products. The 360-degree rotating feature of this makeup organizer lets you easily find and access the product you require. It even spins easily with a lot of products and weight on it. You don’t have to search for products by sliding over drawers. This rotating makeup organizer has made everything accessible in a second.

You can install the parts of the makeup organizer according to your requirements. It comes along with 4 trays that let you equip it according to your preferences. The 7 adjustable layers of this rotating makeup organizer would let you store all kinds of makeup products in various sizes. You can also store things on the top surface of the organizer.

This 360-degree makeup organizer would be a stylish and innovative addition to your makeup desk that would help you clear the mess on the desk as well. You can now neatly organize your makeup desk with the advantages of DreamGenius 360 degree rotating makeup organizer.

  • Washable.
  • Large capacity.
  • Incorporated with high-quality rubber rings to improve firmness.
  • Durable.
  • Not scratch-resistant.
  • Difficult to assemble.

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#3 Sorbus 360 Degree Bamboo Makeup Organizer

Sorbus Bamboo Makeup Organizer

The 360 Degree Bamboo Makeup Organizer from the Sorbus is the perfect one for you if you are searching for an environment-friendly option in the large arena of makeup organizers available in the market. You can organize all your makeup products on this 360-degree bamboo organizer elegantly in style. The classic design of the makeup organizer is compatible with most of the interior designs.

This bamboo organizer is designed to store all makeup products ranging from body lotions to lipsticks and makeup tools including makeup brushes. You can easily spin the makeup organizer and quickly find the product you require. This multi-tier makeup organizer is perfect for clearing the mess on your dressing table. It saves up your time as well as space.

The Sorbus 360 Degree Bamboo Makeup Organizer contains 8 compartments of different heights and sizes to store cosmetic products of different sizes. The top surface of the Bamboo makeup organizer contains 3 convenient slots to store makeup brushes, eyeliners, eye pencils, lip pencils, and other slim items.

  • Ecofriendly.
  • Large storage space.
  • No assembly required.
  • Durable.
  • It doesn’t spin off easily.
  • It needs a large space to rotate, not compatible with small space.

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#4 Haturi Makeup Organizer

Haturi Makeup Organizer

Haturi presents a large capacity cosmetic organizer that would greatly fit in your bathroom, dressing room, or vanity van. The neat and innovative look of this makeup organizer is really eye-catching. It holds a massive number of products in a great modern and simple style.

The storage space of the Haturi makeup organizer is divided into four compartments. The bottom three are small drawers to store lipsticks, foundations, compact powders, makeup brushes, etc… The top tier is large and for storing big cosmetic bottles such as perfumes and body lotions. The large top tier is incorporated with a clear and transparent lid. You can see the things inside the top storage space clearly through the transparent lid.

The makeup organizer from Haturi comes in an elegant white body equipped with a portable handle. The portable handle will let you carry the box from one place to another in great ease. This makeup organizer is made of non-toxic ABS plastic with high-quality resistance.

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Large capacity storage.
  • Dustproof and waterproof.
  • No assembly required.
  • Handheld handle for easy portability.
  • The clear lid on the top is not scratch-resistant.
  • Expensive.

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#5 Benbilry Clear Makeup Organizer Tray

Benbilry Clear Makeup Organizer

Benbilry presents a Clear Makeup Organizer Tray divided into 9 different compartments. The greatest advantage is that this tray can be used for multi-purposes. You can use it on the work desk in your office to organize the stationary items. It can be placed on the makeup desk at your personal space to reduce the clutter and arrange the cosmetic products neatly. The same can be used in your bathroom as well to keep shampoos, conditioners, oils, and toothbrushes.

The clear makeup organizer tray from Benbilry is divided into 9 compartments for convenient storage of different makeup products. You can easily and neatly arrange your nail polishes and lipsticks in different compartments of the organizer. There are 6 small slots in the organizer which are specially designed for keeping makeup brushes, eyeliners, lip liners, and other small and thin cosmetic items.

The sleek design of the tray doesn’t consume much space on your desk. This makeup organizer is even compatible with small spaces. While all other storage display cases in the market are incorporated with a sharp corner design, the Benbilry makeup organizer features a round corner design that is pretty safe to use.

  • Multi-functional.
  • Durable.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Expensive.
  • No lid.

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#6 Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

An efficient makeup organizer is a real time saver. The cosmetic makeup organizer from Sorbus is made in a compact design with a large storage space. It is a 2-piece set with 4 drawers and 16 compartments to store your obscene collection of various makeup products.

The drawers of the Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup organizer features a black mesh padding that protects and keeps your makeup items in place. The makeup organizer is actually 4-tiered. The tray in the top-tier can be removed and used separately. It contains 16 compartments of different sizes. The 15 small slots in the tray are perfect for storing lipsticks, lip glosses, eye pencils, lip liners, and makeup brushes. The remaining slot is a bit large and can be used to store perfumes or body creams.

The other piece of the makeup organizer contains two small drawers and two large drawers. These drawers are perfect for keeping your foundation, compact powder, eyeshadow palettes, etc… These drawers are incorporated with easy-grip handles to open conveniently.

The sleek clear design would be a great addition to your makeup dest to reduce the clutter. This makeup organizer has a 93% transparency that allows you to see and find the products inside easily.

  • Sturdy and transparent construction.
  • Stylish and modern design.
  • Easy-glide drawers.
  • Black padding in drawers for protection.
  • Drawers lack depth.

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#7 Sorbus 5-Tier Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Sorbus 5-Tier Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Sorbus presents a high-quality 5-tier storage case to organize all your makeup essentials in a single space. This would be a stylish and elegant addition to your makeup desk to reduce the clutter on it. The 93% transparency rate of acrylic makeup organizers let you find the required product very easily without spending any time searching for it. This makeup organizer can be used for personal needs in your home as well as for commercial purposes in your salons.

You can make a beauty counter out of this makeup organizer by arranging all skincare products and makeup products neatly and in order. Such a neat organization in Sorbus makeup organizer would make your daily essentials secured and quickly accessible.

The 5-tier makeup organizer contains a top flip-flop section and 4 drawers. The drawers of the organizer are smaller than the flip-flop section. You can use the flip-flop section to store perfumes, bottles of body creams, and other medium-sized items that are frequently used. The drawers can be used to store lipsticks, lip glosses, foundation, compact powders, makeup brushes, lip liners, eye shadow palette, blushes, etc…

  • Made of high-quality acrylic stronger and safer than glass.
  • Large storage space.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Drawers might keep falling off the tracks.
  • Prone to scratches and cracks.

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#8 N2 Makeup Co Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube with 3 Drawers Storage Box

N2 Makeup Co Acrylic Makeup Organizer

N2 Makeup Co is a leading makeup organizer brand in the world from the moment they were introduced in the market in the year of 2013. Each makeup organizer manufacture from the brand is crafted by hand by taking about 45 days. the N2 Makeup Co manufactures different types of makeup organizers in different sizes ranging from 3 to 8 drawers. They are manufactured and designed in Canada following all the quality standards implemented by the government.

The makeup organizer with 3 drawers is good enough for your personal use at home. This organizer is large to store all your makeup products in a single place. You can completely vanish the clutter on your makeup dress by pacing a single makeup organizer. Arranging the makeup products and skincare products in this storage cube will let you find them easily as well.

This makeup organizer is actually 4-tier. The top tray is devoid of any lid. You can use this tray t store items that are very frequently used. The other 3-tiers are incorporated with drawers. The lowest drawer is about double the size of the other two drawers. The drawers can be pulled smoothly and gently without any hassles. They are made of extra-strong hinges and knobs.

  • Made of durable acrylic.
  • Abrasive-resistant.
  • High-quality crystal knobs.
  • Handmade.
  • Prone to cracks.
  • Expensive.

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#9 Sorbus Interchangeable Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Sorbus Interchangeable Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Sorbus manufactures a great variety of makeup organizers in different sizes. They are available ranging from 2-tiers to 8-tiers. Most of their makeup organizers are made of clear and high-quality acrylic that are actually stronger and safer than glass.

This flat and small-sized makeup organizer is perfect for makeup lovers having an obscene collection of pallets. The sleek design of the organizer doesn’t consume much of your desk space and at the same time stores a variety of products that would help you clear the clutter.

The transparency of the organizer lets you find out the required products very easily. The interchangeable design helps you adjust the organizer according to the size and number of your products and other requirements.

You can easily add other makeup organizers unit by stacking above each other. Therefore, you can easily increase the storage space if needed without replacing it. You can also use this organizer to store your stationery items including pens, pastel colors, palettes, and painting brushes.

  • Sturdy.
  • Stackable and interchangeable design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Drawers slide in and out smoothly without the need of any handles.
  • Not resistant to scratches.
  • Prone to cracks.
  • No handles or knobs for drawers.

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#10 InnSweet Large 4-Piece Cosmetic Storage Box

InnSweet Large 4-Piece Cosmetic Storage Box

InnSweet presents a 4-piece large capacity storage box perfect for salons and people with a huge collection of makeup products. This organizer has room for your makeup products as well as skincare products. The 2-tiered design of this 4-piece storage box features about 6 compartments in different sizes and a top rack.

The top rack is incorporated with 12 lipstick slots and several slots of different sizes to hold makeup brushes, perfumes, body lotions, etc… it is better to store the most frequently used items on the top rack for easy accessibility. The top tier has two drawers. The upper drawer is too small and can be used to store your essential jewelry. The bigger second drawer can be used to hold your moisturizer cans. The lower tier contains 4 equal-sized square compartments. Thus, this organizer has enough space to store all your cosmetics.

The InnSweet Cosmetic Storage box has a stackable and interchangeable design that lets you arrange the 4 pieces according to your requirements. These pieces can also be used separately if needed.

  • Extra-large capacity.
  • Made of shatter-resistant acrylic.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Transparent design.
  • None

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#11 CECOLI 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer

CECOLI Makeup Organizer

The large capacity 360 degree rotating makeup organizer from CECOLI helps you reduce the clutter on your makeup desk by storing your large variety of makeup organizers at a single place. It also allows you to easily access the product you require in a spin. You don’t have to slide out each drawer anymore to access the products.

This acrylic rotating organizer spins smoothly enabling you to find out your cosmetics easily. The package comes along with different parts, you need to assemble it according to the instructions given.

The CECOLI rotating makeup organizer has a very large storage space to hold a larger number of products. It features around 12 layers. The four top layers are small and are perfect for storing nail polishes. The other 8 layers are large enough to store the bottles of perfumes and skincare products. The top plate of the organizer has a pretty big storage space that is perfect for storing lipsticks, eyeliners, lip pencils, makeup brushes, nail clips, and other frequently used items.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Incorporated with rubber rings for better stability.
  • Anti-slip base.
  • Sturdy 12 layers.
  • None

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of acrylic makeup organizers?

The advantages of acrylic makeup organizers include:

  • 93% transparent.
  • Stronger than glass.
  • Safer than glass.

What is the major disadvantage of acrylic makeup organizers?

The disadvantages of acrylic makeup organizers include:

  • No resistance to scratches.
  • Prone to cracks.
  • Not eco-friendly.

What are the features to consider while buying a makeup organizer?

The features to consider while buying a makeup organizer includes:

  • Size compatible with the number of makeup products you own.
  • Storage capacity.
  • The number of compartments.
  • Premium high-quality and non-toxic material.
  • Transparency.
  • Separate slots for lipstick.
  • Anti-slip base.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Durability.
  • Ease to assemble the parts.
  • Resistance to abrasions, scratches, and cracks.
  • Stackable and interchangeable design.
  • Smooth-glide drawers or easy spin.

What are the advantages of makeup organizers?

The advantages of makeup organizers include:

  • Reduce the clutter on your makeup desk.
  • Easy access to products.
  • Saves your space.
  • Saves your time.
  • Secures your makeup products.

Which are the different types of makeup organizers seen in the market?

The different types of makeup organizers available in the market include:

  • Storage cubes with drawers.
  • Rotating makeup organizers.
  • Wooden makeup organizers.
  • Fabric makeup organizers.
  • Acrylic makeup organizers.
  • Makeup organizers with a stackable and interchangeable design.


A makeup organizer can help you in creating a much better makeup session done with great ease. It helps you reduce the mess on your makeup desk and creates a relaxed clean and tidy surrounding that would, in turn, help you for being more productive and hence, better results can be achieved.

There are different types of makeup organizers for you to choose from. Choose one that complements your space and needs precisely. Go for quality products made out of safe and non-toxic materials with better durability.

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