Top 11 Best Michael Kors Perfumes In 2020

As a designer, Michael Kors is known for many things in the fashion industry. Since he launched his first womenswear collection line in 1981, he has achieved many great things, including the famous MK perfumes, which seem to be many people’s favorite.

These perfumes come in different scents, and all have been successful thanks to the collaboration that has been done with other perfumers.

The Michael Kors production line knows exactly what is required of a good perfume, so you can use these perfumes knowing that your interests were kept at heart during the manufacturing process.

Nevertheless, you may still encounter a few problems when it comes to picking the perfect MK perfume that can cover all your needs. In as much as we may be dealing with a single brand, your choice and preference can make the selection process a bit tricky.

This is also added to the fact that Michael Kors perfumes come in different fragrances and shades, so finding what you want may be difficult.

We have tried to simplify the whole process for you by compiling a review list of the best Michael Kors perfumes that many users have found appealing.

The products on this list have been well researched just to ensure that you get the right information that can guide you when shopping for a Michael Kors perfume.

11 Best Michael Kors Perfumes

#1 Michael Kors By Michael Kors For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray

Michael Kors For Women

The Michael Kors perfume for women has a floral fragrance that will give your skin a warm and sensual scent. This stylish design contains Coumarin, an organic chemical compound that is plant-derived. The ingredient has a vanilla-like scent, which mixes with other natural fragrances such as Limonene and many other essences that combine to give you a fresh perfumed scent. The unprecedented Michael fragrance delivers the final finishing by giving this perfume the coveted signature fragrance.

This perfume has a romantic vibe that will make you smell and look more attractive. Ladies who value sweet aromas can’t seem to get enough of its captivating floral scents. Also, it features natural notes like that of vetiver, peony, blue orris, musk, arum lilies, among others. The tuberose from India gives this perfume an exotic and unique fragrance that will make you fall head over knees for this perfume. All the essences in this product have been carefully extracted from the mother plant, so they still have the unique qualities provided by the earth.

Michael Kors Eau De Parfum will have you covered throughout the seasons. It won’t matter whether its winter or summer, this perfume will shower you with infinite sprays of love. And it even gets better since it comes in a perfectly designed bottle that is travel-friendly.

  • Durable scent

  • Does not cause a stinging sensation on the skin

  • Enchanting scents

  • You can wear it on any occasion

  • The formula is not unisex

  • Some users may have a hard time handling the bottle

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#2 Michael Kors Sexy Amber Eau De Parfum Spray

Michael Kors Sexy Amber Eau De Parfum Spray

The Michael Kors Sexy Amber has an intensely seductive and subtle fragrance, which can help you make your scent more alluring. It has a lavish fragrance that has been obtained through blending various botanicals and other sweet-smelling essences. The sandalwood extract in this perfume formula delivers a precious woody scent that blends effortlessly with the warm amber, thereby giving your skin an irresistible earthly scent.

The white flower essence adds to mix by supplying a pleasing floral fragrance that will coat your skin with an oriental scent. The compounds in this Eau De Parfum are highly concentrated, allowing you to smell nice and fresh for long hours. And the exciting thing about this Michael formula is that you only need a small amount to transform a somewhat bad odor into a fascinating fragrance. A single spray may be all you need to get the captivating scent that you have been longing for so much.

If you are looking to get lovely compliments each time you make a turn, this perfume has you covered. It offers you the chance to smell sexy all the time, so you won’t have to worry about annoying body odor. The other impressive thing about this product is that you can easily slip it into your purse, allowing you to smell amazing wherever you go. You can own the scent by making this sexy amber your go-to perfume.

  • Made with high quality

  • Luxurious formula

  • Does not stain clothes

  • May wear off easily depending on the chemical composition of your skin

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#3 Michael Kors Very Hollywood Women Eau De Parfum

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Women Eau De Parfum

If you prefer wearing heavy perfumes, this Michael Kors Very Hollywood will give you exactly what you are looking for. It features various sweet aromas of moist jasmine, creamy amber, gardenia, vetiver, raspberry, mandarin, white moss, frozen bergamot, ylang-ylang, and iris root. The fragrance from these plant compounds work in unison to give you a sophisticated floral scent that will impress both you and your associates. It is through these unique extracts that we get the different tones that this brand of perfume offers.

The main scent that most people get when they use this perfume is that of raspberry and gardenia due to their sharp nasal-arousal nature. But this may vary from one person to another because some people are good at picking the fruity scents, while others are super responsive to the flowery side of this formula. Either way, this perfume will not fail you. It has been formulated with premium quality elements that give you an all-round freshness.

You can attend both official and casual events while wearing this Michael Kors masterpiece. It will give you all the confidence that you need to make an unforgettable entrance. The iconic classy bottle makes it even more attractive and desirable. This Eau De Parfum can assist you in getting your ‘A’ game on as a woman, so waste no time because endless glamor is just one spray away.

  • Ideal for every-day wear

  • Long-lasting wear

  • Beautiful golden top

  • Some people may find the scent overwhelming

  • The glass bottle can break

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#4 Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum Spray

Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum Spray

The scent from this perfume will instantly set your brain in adventure mode with the pursuit of a place filled with wonder. The sweet aromatic fragrance will make you people’s favorite person through the delectable and unique notes. Michael Kors Wonderlust is available in two key notes, almond, and dianthus. However, there are other additional notes such as bergamot, heliotrope, jasmine, and pink pepper, which enhance the perfume.

This formula combines floral and fruity essences, thus giving you a warm and sweet gourmand scent. Like other Michael Kors brands, the Wonderlust Eau de Parfum delivers both class and luxury, so it can suit whichever lifestyle that you are living. This perfume is the missing ingredient that you need to spice up your special moments. It can particularly help you in making a good first impression with a new date. It has an indelible aroma that will leave them thinking about you all week long.

The first thing you will notice with this perfume is the beautiful bottle with a gold accent. It has hard to detect curves that enhance grip to avoid slips when using this product. I bet you will fall in love with it even before you have a taste of the contents.

  • You can wear it in office settings

  • The scent is not overpowering

  • Easy to use spray design

  • The scent wears off easily

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#5 Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

This feminine formula was launched in 2013 and crafted by Harry Fremont, one of the perfumers in collaboration with Michael Kors. The top note in this perfume is blackcurrant, which provides you with a soothing fruity fragrance. The center note features the heavenly smelling jasmine that gives you the right amount of sexy. The sandalwood, on the other hand, delivers a woody scent that will penetrate your senses to the core.

These sensual scents envelop you in an exquisite cloud of aromas that will make you turn heads. Michael Kors Glam Jasmine spray is not too intense, so you can use it when attending casual events. The ingredients in this perfume have been blended artistically, allowing you to enjoy unique fragrances that stay with you wherever you go. This formula has a lady-like pale rosy color that compliments the warm scent that your skin will have after applying the perfume.

The spray nozzle dispenses an irresistible mist that puts your nasal cavity in an ecstatic state. This perfume will light you up from the inside, allowing you to feel more confident and happy with yourself.

  • Delivers long-lasting freshness

  • Alluring soft notes

  • Comforting fragrance

  • The scent may not suit some users

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#6 Michael Kors Coral Eau de Parfum

Michael Kors Coral Eau de Parfum

Michael Kors Coral is another radiant spray formula that is ideal for ladies. This perfume can help you stay on top of your game full time, by providing you with warm and sensually rich fragrances that will keep you activated for longer hours. It features both fruit and wood notes, which have been mixed with exact precision.

As such, it has a seductive and flowery scent making it an ideal perfume for informal occasions. It can particularly be more beneficial during hot summers when the heat is too much. The soft citrus notes will ensure that you stay fresh for the longest time possible. This formula is not as floral compared to other Michael Kors women perfumes, but it still delivers fabulous results.

There are additional notes such as raspberry, tuberose, jasmine tea, and several other sweet essences that make this perfume worth it. The wood notes offer their unique earthy scent, which makes this formula classier.

  • Provides you with a modest scent

  • Convenient spray top

  • Easy to use

  • Luxurious

  • The glass bottle is prone to breakage

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#7 Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

This midnight shimmer Eau de Parfum can help get the best from your evening. It smells great and is ideal for all skin types. You can wear this formula when going on late night dates or a romantic walk at the beach when the sun is about to retire. This composition constitutes opulent vanilla, jasmine petals, woods, and musk.

The rich woody scent gives your skin the perfect finishing that you need to make your night memorable. This perfume comes in a well-designed spray bottle that has blue and golden shades, which have been carefully blended to give an eye-catching package. The essences in this formula coat your skin with a long-lasting fragrance that will keep you going throughout the evening.

If want to have a splendid evening, you can consider dousing your skin with this posh formula. It binds very well with the skin, so you will stay odor-free the entire time. You can give your skin a sweet jasmine treat by applying this perfume every time that you go out.

  • You can wear it daily

  • Has a soft alluring scent

  • Keeps you fresh for an extended period

  • Formulated with alcohol

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#8 MICHAEL KORS Turquoise for Women Eau De Parfum Spray

MICHAEL KORS Turquoise for Women Eau De Parfum Spray

MICHAEL KORS Turquoise has a unique blend of florals and memorable aquatic scents that will give your skin a priceless fragrance. When you use this perfume, you are likely to sense the top tones before getting to the middle and base tones. At the top, you will get the refreshing scent of cucumber and lime. The wild orchid and jasmine make up the heart notes, while the cedar wood, fleur de sel, musk, and ambrox come last at the base.

The floral-aquatic scent from this perfume will keep you in top performance and at the same time preserving your freshness. This fragrance is designed for women, so as a lady, you can use it with full confidence knowing that the formulation is specially meant for you. You can get all the compliments that you have been longing for with a single spray. This perfume comes in a turquoise shade, which makes it hard to resist.

The spray top will give you a spill-free experience since you only need to press the pump for the perfume to come out. When spraying, ensure that you keep the bottle a few inches away from the skin to get maximum spray coverage.

  • Goes well with casual events

  • Ideal for summers

  • Easy application

  • The scent may not last that long

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#9 Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum Spray For Women

Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum Spray

This perfume is packed with pleasant floral scents that will bring out your inner beauty. It also has a feminine fragrance that makes you more attractive. The formula is not overpowering, so you can wear this perfume regularly when going to school, work, or the office. It has several notes like that of white musk, gardenia, ylang-ylang, white peony, amber, and jasmine.

Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum can change how your body smells by infusing its freshness on your skin. It is gentle on all skin types, so you can include it in your daily beauty management plan. This fragranced formula will cover your skin with its irresistible charm, thus making you the center of attention. Additionally, it has a honey-sweet scent that will make you feel younger and fresh.

The manufacturers have put a lot of effort into designing the bottle as it is classy and conveniently shaped. It is broad with slight ridges that add to the already existing beauty. This perfume is amazing in almost every aspect, so you can trust that your skin will acquire the same attributes upon application.

  • The bottle has a spray top

  • Subtle scent

  • Does not stain fabrics

  • Some users may not like the floral fragrance

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#10 Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold Eau De Parfum Spray For Women

Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold Eau De Parfum Spray

Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold has a unique fruity floral scent that has been achieved through the combination of a variety of ingredients that work in concert to give an enchanting aroma. This product is meant for women, so it has a feminine vibe that makes it smell even better. As the name suggests, the packaging has a gold theme that gives this product a luxurious look.

This perfume falls in the category of Michael Kors gold collections and is among the commonly used perfumes. Many women prefer using this product because of the perfect layering that has been done with the notes. The base has woody notes that enhance the scent provided by the florals at the heart, while the top is dominated by mandarin orange, which delivers a powerful finishing.

The fragrance from these notes is very effective and can help you in becoming a better version of yourself. You can smell great from morning to evening by just applying this fragrance-rich formula to your beautiful skin. It blends amazingly with the skin, giving you a dependable aromatic smell.

  • Suitable for daily wear

  • Coats your skin with warm scents

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Contains alcohol

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#11 Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum Spray

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum Spray

Many ladies prefer using Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum because of the way it suits their lifestyle. The elegantly designed bottle earns this product more votes due to its charming and attractive shape. Since its launch in 2017, this perfume has earned several followers and many more are yet to discover this ruby gem. It derives its power from the floral notes that give out earthly scents.

The top notes feature warm and seductive apricot and raspberry, while the middle notes contain rose petals, jasmine, and sambac, and vanilla. Like other Michael Kors brands, the base notes consist of wood. In this particular case, cashmere wood has been used to make the perfume formula stronger. This perfume comes in a somewhat smokey rose color that makes likable.

The fruity essence combines with the sweet wood scent, thus giving you the perfect concoction that can help you keep bad odor away. You can use the fragrance daily so that your skin can smell and look fresh. This fragrance can come in handy during the summer or spring, but you can as well use it as a daily perfume.

  • The scent can last the whole day

  • Has a golden top

  • Spray design

  • The glass bottle can break if the perfume falls

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do perfumes smell better on other people and not me?

The chemical reactions in the skin differ from one person to another, so you may find that particular fragrance tones deliver commendable results for your friend but not you.

Can my skin type affect how long a perfume fragrance lasts when applied?

Yes. If you have oily skin, your skin will be able to hold the perfume molecules longer with the help of sebum. On the other hand, those with dry skin types may not enjoy the same benefit since perfumes tend to be more volatile on dry surfaces.

Can a perfume irritate my skin?

Perfumes only cause irritations if you are allergic to one or more ingredients in the formula. For this reason, always ensure that you use products with safe ingredients.

Why are perfumes highly flammable?

A majority of perfumes are formulated with alcohol-based compounds that are reactive with fire. And that is why you are always warned to keep them as far away from the fire as possible.

Final Verdict

Michael Kors perfumes provide you with the opportunity to change how you smell once and for all. The formulas that we have highlighted can help you make the first step towards achieving a heavenly scent.

As you have seen, these perfumes come in a variety and almost all seem to be doing very well in the market. You can join the long list of MK customers from different parts of the globe by giving one of the fragrances a try.

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