The 11 Best Nail Clippers In 2020

Keeping your nails well-manicured and presentable is always a mandatory thing to follow in your daily life as the same also boosts your confidence while interacting with people.

A nail clipper though is an everyday beauty care product that is used regularly by many of us but possessing bad quality clippers may end up with jagged, broken or even torn nails.

Getting a manicure done in the salon all the time is not going to give comfort to your pocket, hence, it is always good to maintain a good nail care kit handy at your home.

You should never settle for cheaper and below-par quality nail clippers but prefer the best nail clippers available in the market.

The use of nail clippers is also important nowadays as the accumulated dirt and germs in your long nails may become a reason for severe health infection.

Also, keep in mind that you should always avoid trimming your nails close to the skin as it may then become prone to septicity. Be careful to disinfect the nail clipper immediately after your use to reduce the chances of transmitting any disease to the next person who uses it.

Many nail clippers which are available in the market nowadays comes with a multi-purpose use facility. In the huge list of nail clippers, it becomes difficult to choose the best one out of them.

To facilitate you to get hold of the right nail clipper, we have done in-depth research and compiled a list of top eleven nail clippers.

Top 11 Nail Clippers

#1. Seki Edge SS-106 Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

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Seki Edge SS-106 nail clipper is a leader in the market due to its power-packed performance and high usability. It is for sure that many others are in the list of good quality nail clippers, but this one is not going to lag behind all of them.

These clippers are made of superior quality and durable stainless steel material. It offers a high quality, smooth and accurate cuttings to your nails.

The ergonomic design of this nail clipper is another advantage that is distinct and allows you to hold very comfortably while trimming nails. The lever is also user-friendly due to the durable die-cast material used to build it.

This nail clipper is undoubtedly a true classy player in the segment and will prove beneficial both for home and salon use.

  • Good to use for both finger and toenails

  • Never leaves a spikey edge

  • Gives you a professional result

  • Superior functionality

  • Lacks a nail filer

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#2. Clyppi Nail Sharp Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

Clyppi Nail Sharp Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

Clyppi stainless steel clipper is another high performing nail clipper. The build quality of this clipper is very sturdy due to the excellent class of stainless steel used to manufacture the same.

The look of this nail clipper is very classy and elegant. The lever is so smooth that you need not apply a high pressure to get your job done. Due to the ease of use, this product can be beneficial for both the elderly and the kids. The grip of the clipper is also very good and it never slips out of your hand.

The nail clipper has ensured safety features making it safe to be used by anyone at home who is prone to infections. Hence, for the ones at your home who are diabetic, this is going to be a perfect choice.

This little monster can give you a highly professional manicure and pedicure matching the salon-quality at the convenience of your home. The good add-on is a nail file that is bundled with this clipper, helping you shape your nails the way you want.

  • Trims neatly the dry or brittle nails

  • Good quality

  • Do not slip easily like chrome ones

  • Most versatile

  • It is prone to rust

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#3. Stainless Steel Deluxe Nail Clipper Set of 2 by Tweezerman LTD

Stainless Steel Deluxe Nail Clipper

The next clipper in the list is not a single clipper but a set of two, one for your hands and the other one for your feet. This comes from a reputed brand Tweezerman and you must know the authenticity of this brand if you possess a good knowledge of nail clippers.

This clipper is also made out of stainless steel with ultra-sharp edges helping correct clipping of nails all the time.

The good part is that this is not heavy on your pocket as it is affordable and comes in a pair of two. Even after the affordability, the quality and performance of the product have not been compromised by the manufacturer.

  • Rounded clipper is worthy for shaping

  • Well-built product

  • Clips smoothly

  • It fits into your budget

  • Easily cleanable blades

  • Durability is a matter of concern

  • Plain design

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#4. Easi-Grip PNC-3 Peta Table Nail Clipper

Easi-Grip PNC-3 Peta Table Nail Clipper

This nail clipper by Easi-Grip is mounted on a non-slip foot that is made from synthetic material to provide the user ease of usage. The large lever requires a minimal force to file the nails. You are all set to groom and pamper your nails with zero worries using this nail clipper.

The edges of the blades are not that much sharp to cause any kind of skin or cuticle damages. You can utilize this nail clipper for fingernails as well as toenails. It is lightweight too and is ideal for everyday use.

  • A comfortable tabletop nail clipper

  • Support those with shaky hands to cut fingernails

  • Provides greater ease and outstanding leverage

  • Made up of high-quality materials

  • Compromised precision capabilities preventing it to reach the finest corners on your nails

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#5. YESCOO Precision Nail Clipper (Red)

YESCOO Precision Nail Clipper

This YESCOO nail clipper can be used to groom your fingernails and toenails with high precision and finishing.

This nail clipper is made using ABS non-slip and soft material to offer a comfortable and convenient grip to the user. Also, it has an ergonomic handle for firm grip and professional results. It comes in two universal colors, such as red and black.

The blades are sharp, curved and made from premium-quality surgical grade stainless steel for longer durability and rust resistance. This nail clipper is capable of trimming thick and ingrown toenails.

  • Ideal for people with arthritis and other health concerns

  • Slender nose to reach the finest nail corners

  • Gives you a professional manicure and pedicure in-house

  • The blades are slightly sharp that could result in damaging the sensitive nail cuticles, if not used properly

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#6. Mr.Green Cuspid Pro Nail Clipper

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This nail clipper features a biological design along with no-splash technology. It comes in a bionic and ergonomic design that provides an easy grip for comfortable application.

Also, this nail clipper is made using Japanese 420j2 stainless steel which is equivalent to the quality of the steel that is used in surgical types of equipment. The steel used in this nail clipper is durable, strong and rust-resistant. The steel blades of this nail clipper are capable enough to cut 10 A4 size sheets at a time. The handle parts are made of zinc alloy material.

It comes in an easy to carry and attractive packaging. You can trim and groom your fingernails and toenails with greater precision and finishing. This nail clipper design is sharp, stylish and sturdy to deliver the desired results.

  • Blades are quenched and polished to perfection

  • Sharp and smooth functionality

  • Effective in cutting the thick and ingrown nails with precision and finishing

  • Portable and travel-friendly nail tool

  • Slightly heavyweight as compared to the basic ones due to the high-quality metal build-up

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#7. Swiss Army Victorinox Nail Clipper (Pack of 2)

Swiss Army Victorinox Nail Clipper

This nail clipper by the Swiss Army comes in the pack of 2. If you are looking for a nail tool that comes with versatility of application, then this nail clipper is a good option to consider as it comes with an inbuilt nail filer.

You can trim, groom and file your fingernails and toenails with this multi-utility nail tool. The blades of this nail clipper are made from stainless quality blister steel that provides durability and resistance to inevitable damages.

This imported-quality Victorinox nail clipper is lightweight too. The blades are sharp enough to cut thick nails. You can even trim out the ingrown nails that are located on the finest corners with this high precision nail clipper. It features an ergonomic design.

  • Compact and sleek design for smooth and comfortable use

  • Sharp and durable blades due to good build quality material

  • Professional quality nail finish with precision trimming

  • The inbuilt nail filer helps you to keep your nails in proper and desirable shape

  • The blades are not effective enough to cut thick nails in a single application

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#8. Hfun Nail Clipper with Curved Nail File (Black)

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This nail clipper by Hfun comes along with an inbuilt nail filer and it comes in the classy black color. You can use this multipurpose tool to trim, groom and give shape to your fingernails and toenails with utmost precision.

This nail clipper is made using the stainless steel of medical-grade for a sharp, durable and sturdy finish to provide great results. You can easily trim your nails giving a clean-cut finish with the sharp blades of this nail clipper.

The build-up is made of zinc alloy material with a 3mm opening mouth and the twice time sharpening technology that makes the blade ultra-sharp for an effortless and hassle-free application.

  • Premium-grade materials and stainless steel composition

  • The electroplating process along with a protective coating on the surface delivers an anti-corrosive and easy grip

  • You would be getting additional resourceful tools such as a nail filer and a mini brush

  • Comes with an automated nail clipping collector for a clean and healthy usage

  • Blades are resistant to abrasion

  • The sharp metal can cause septic injuries to the nail area if not handled appropriately

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#9. No-mes Nail Clipper

No-mes Nail Clipper

Like any other nail clippers, this is also made up of high carbon stainless steel that has been heat-treated to match the surgical-grade standards to deliver the professional quality results with accuracy and finishing.

The cutting edges of the blades are covered in the electro-polished coating to resist corrosive damages. This nail clipper can be emptied easily with convenience and also be folded up for compact and portable storage.

You can easily use this nail clipper to trim your nails without any efforts. The jaw opening is of 2mm and the clipper is flexible enough to let you trim and cut even the thick and ingrown nails properly.

  • Non-slip ergonomic handle design

  • It comes with precision cutting technology for smooth finished cuts

  • It also has an inbuilt laser-cut nail filer

  • A handy tool for grooming nails

  • Not much effective in reaching to the finest nail corners

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#10. Munkees Ultra-Thin Nail Clipper Keychain

Munkees Ultra-Thin Nail Clipper

This nail clipper by Munkess comes in the form of a compact and foldable keychain and is a great utility nail styling tool for those people who love to groom their nails on-the-go.

This mini-tool for a manicure is ideal for trimming and grooming nails while traveling. It features a slim and lightweight design and the key chain is less than 2 inches when it is folded. So it is highly portable.

It is made using stainless steel to infuse strength and durability in the nail clipper. This nail clipper comes in a sleek silver-toned metal with sharp metal edges for a smooth application.

  • It takes up very less space in your pocket

  • Ultra-thin and superior quality

  • Latch mechanism

  • Easy to open and close

  • Robust product

  • The sharpness and quality of blades is not up to the mark

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#11. Zizzili Basics 3 Piece Nail Clipper Set

Zizzili Basics 3 Piece Nail Clipper

This set of 3 nail clippers come along with a nail filer and with a brown case that is ideal for traveling purposes. You can easily store your nail utility tools in a brown travel case.

There are 2 nail clippers with 1 nail filer in this brown case. 2.5” long fingernail clipper with 2mm jaw opening, a 3” long toenail clipper with 3mm jaw opening and a 3.75 double-sided steel nail file with a fine pointed tip for shaping and grooming nails.

These nail fillers are made from stainless steel along with cutting edges that are hand sharpened. The blades are designed specifically to trim and groom nails with quality and précised finishing.

  • Cut nails easily with greater consistency

  • Non-slippery grip handle offers steadiness

  • Suitable for small hands and feet

  • Decent carry case

  • 420 stainless steel construction technology

  • The blades are not sharp enough for précised cutting and trimming of in-growing nails

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do nail clippers sometimes get blunt?

It is a great challenge to go for a nail cut by using blunt nail clippers. Sometimes it is impossible to trim the nails with the same. By using a blunt nail clipper, one can get a severe injury to their nail cuticles.

Nail clippers get blunt after a certain duration of its use and specifically if the same is used on thick nails for long. As soon as you feel that the nail clipper has gone blunt, replace it with a new one to avoid any serious damages to your nails and surrounding area.

For how long do nail clippers last?

If you properly maintain, these can last for long. If you want them to be sharp, then it can last for 6-8 years or more.

However, if you want your nail clippers to last long, you should always go with the ones which are built of good quality stainless steel as it increases the life span of your nail clipper by keeping it rust-free.

Is it possible for me to cut my acrylics with a nail clipper?

Yes, it is possible to cut your acrylic nails with a nail clipper. You do not have to take them out completely if you feel that they are too lengthy. You can cut and file your acrylic nails on your own.

How can I know that my nails are too long to be maintained properly?

If your nails are being broken very frequently then these may be too long to be maintained.

If this is the case, then these need to be shortened a little bit by getting them trimmed. Trimming nails provide weak and brittle nails an opportunity to grow with strength. These will grow longer over time.

Does nail cutting help nail grow?

You should regularly clean your nails which helps in enhancing the strength, reassuring growth and decreasing cracking. There are several means to maintain the growth of your nails. Hence, it is true that cutting and trimming of nails, as and when required, will grow them rapidly.

What is the reason for having thin nails?

It is often seen that weak nails might be caused by coming in contact with several chemicals, such as strong detergent, cleaning liquids, low-quality nail polish remover, etc. These are also directly related to the insufficiency of vitamin B, iron or calcium in the body.

Why there are lines in my nails?

The deficiency of vitamin A, calcium, zinc and protein can cause edges in your fingernails.

What should be the intake to strengthen my nails?

Your intake should comprise plenty of nutrients that can help your nails to be strengthened, i.e. from weak and brittle to strong. You should focus on including fruits, lean meats, pulses, salmon, leafy green vegetables, eggs, nuts, etc. to improve the health of your nails.

My nails are very hard. How do I cut them?

It is often very difficult to cut hard nails. Few steps to be followed while cutting:

  • Before cutting your nails, wash your hands and feet and then soak your nails in lukewarm water for some time. This process makes them very soft and gentle, hence there is no difficulty in getting them trimmed.
  • Select your nail cutting tool that can be either manicure scissors or nail clippers.
  • Always make sure that the nail clippers which you use are properly cleaned.

What are the benefits of using nail clippers?

There are numerous advantages to using nail clippers. It is always advisable to use quality nail clippers as these would protect you from having any infection. You should not buy low-priced models that comprise a body with a nickel-plate.

This coating enables the nail clippers to be vulnerable to rust. If you are looking to purchase a quality clipper, then you should opt for the stainless steel one as the same will not rust and prevents bacteria from mounting on the metal.

If you use a nail clipper properly, you will be able to maintain your finger and toenails quality as professional as that of a salon. When you shake your hands with the people, be in an office, meeting, occasion or social gathering, people often notice your hands in the first instance.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the hygiene of the nails properly as the gracefully trimmed nails can make much difference to your appearance.


It is commonly seen that while looking for nail clippers, mostly we all look for its durability and sharpness. In this filter, you will come across a lot of good nail clippers but it will be hard to shortlist the excellent one.

Excellent nail clippers can’t be just sharp and durable but also made of good material and easy to hold with its ergonomic design. Above all, it should be precise enough to clip your nails without tearing any of your nails and causing injuries.

All the clips in this list meet all the requirements to become one of the ideal nail clippers, now it’s your turn to choose one according to your need and discretion.

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