Top 11 Best Nail Wraps In 2020

Maintaining polished nails can be very difficult especially if you are the type of person who has very little time for a complete makeup session. The problem with polish is that you have to apply it every now and then to counter the chipping that occurs. Not to forget the annoying waiting time that you have to go through for the polish to dry up.

Thanks to nail wraps, you can now save yourself from the trouble of having to worry about your polish smudging when going about your normal daily activities. Nail wraps are among the beauty accessory products that can give your look an enchanting finishing.

They come in various shapes, colors, and designs, providing you with a long list of options that you can choose from depending on your taste in fashion. The best part is that they are very easy to apply and also maintain.

It doesn’t matter how wide or long your nails are there is a variety of nail wrap brands that will always provide you with exactly what you need. As always, when different versions of a product are the market, making the right choice can be mentally draining.

If you are new to nail wraps, you may find it hard figuring out which ones can work best for you. Worry no more because your problem just got solved. We have summed up some of the best nail wraps that will get you started.

For the pros, this is just to add to what you are already using. You never know, you might just bump into a new brand that will blow your current nail wraps off. This is an opportunity for you to make simple updates on the appearance of your nails.

I know you are eager to know what we have for you so let’s get straight into it.

Top 11 Best Nail Wraps

#1 Nail Art Water Slide Tattoo Decals

Nail Art Water Slide Tattoo Decals

The La Demoiselle nail wrap brand will give you brilliant results that will make you stare at your nails the whole day. The wraps come as a 10 pack and have a variety of festive themes that will definitely impress you. To add on to this, they can work on a variety of nail types, such as stick-on, acrylic, false, natural, and gel nails.

These nail wraps are very easy to handle, giving you an easy time during the application process. They are very rich in color, and this gives them a brilliant appearance that will turn your nails into a priceless piece of art.

The fact that it is water slide makes it very easy to transfer the various pattern designs to the surface of your nails. Its versatility will provide you with a chance to blend all your fashion ideas effortlessly. You can match, mix, and harmonize the outfit you are putting on with your nails without requiring different bottles of polish.

The instructional manual at the back of the package will guide you every step of the way so that you get the best possible outcome.

  • Hardens very fast

  • Gives your nails a smooth texture

  • Long-lasting

  • May require professional assistance

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#2 6 Sheets Full Nail Wraps Art Polish Stickers by SOCU

Sheets Full Nail Wraps Art Polish Stickers by SOCU

In as much as you may be after achieving beautiful nails, you also have to factor in issues to do with your health. As such, always ensure that you go for pharmaceutical products that are toxin-free. This nail wrap from SOCU is a good example of such; it has no harmful chemicals that will leak into your nails.

The wraps are very easy to apply, making this a good option for a DIY project when you are at home. Chances of the wraps falling off are also very low, especially if all the application instructions are followed.

These wraps are waterproof making them suitable for different weather conditions. They are also very durable and can maintain the beautiful look up to about 3-4 days. But if you like you can extend this to a maximum of two weeks by applying a UV topcoat to shield the wrap from harmful sun rays.

  • Easy to remove should there be need

  • Environmental friendly

  • Can be affected by excessive sunlight

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#3 La Demoiselle Nail Art 3D Stickers

La Demoiselle Nail Art 3D Stickers

Colors add beauty to almost everything that they touch, but what happens when color is presented in 3D? Perfection is what you get, and this nail wrap will give your nails just that. The 3D designs used in this product will send you straight into the world of fantasy.

If you have a deep appreciation for colors, this is an option that will never fail you. The 400+ charming designs will keep your nails rocking regardless of the occasion. When applied, the nails will adopt a shiny appearance that will make the more radiant and appealing to look at.

Wait no more, endless beauty awaits you and it is just a peel-and-stick away. No experience is needed to get these wraps on your nails. All have to do is peel off the safety wrap and then proceed by sticking the wrap to your nails.

All the colors will be transferred to your nails in a matter of minutes but will last until that time you will decide to apply a new set of colors.

  • Suitable for all nail types

  • Creates a splash fantasy

  • Very convenient for young people

  • A long list of manicure to choose from

  • May not favor people of all ages

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#4 Glitter Nail Wraps Full Nail Art

Glitter Nail Wraps Full Nail Art

This brand of nail wraps comes with 14 sheets in which 13 pieces have a gradient design with a touch of glitter patterns. The remaining piece is uniquely designed to feature the colors of a rainbow. If applied as instructed, your nails will possess a charm that is mind-blowing.

The classic colors used are suitable for official events and the office environment. In addition to this, the colors will enable you to match your nails with a wide variety of outfits giving a fresh consistent look.

The self-adhesive on this nail wrap will save you the hassle of using separate glue. After picking a suitable nail sticker for you, simply place it on the surface of your nail and trim it according to the shape you want. You can make the edges to have a fine texture by using a file to achieve a smooth feel.

The package has enough quantity that you can even share with your friends so that everyone in the team can look elegant.

  • Strong stickiness

  • Waterproof design for longevity

  • Suitable for a variety of occasions

  • Needs some time to fully harden

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#5 Bluezoo Full Nail Art Sticker Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Bluezoo Full Nail Art Sticker Van Gogh's Starry Night

The nail wrap from Bluezoo will turn your nails into a perfect canvas for Van Gogh’s Starry Night art design. If you are a lover of art, this nail warp will give you nothing but pure bliss. It has enough stickers that you can use on all your fingernails.

The high-quality ingredients in the colors will give your nails a glittery look that can easily get other people’s attention. All you have to do is put your hands on the table, and everybody’s mind will be blown away.

The nail wrap comes in various shapes and sizes and is therefore suitable for a variety of nails. Large or small, Bluezoo has you covered. With this design, you will have the whole night sky right at your fingertips. This makes it particularly suitable for people who have a special interest in celestial bodies such as the moon and stars.

The product can be applied at home provided that you have enough experience. If not, consider going for professional services.

  • Easy to handle

  • Sticks directly to nails, no need to apply separate glue

  • Gives the nails a shimmering appearance

  • Can be toxic if ingested

  • Not safe for skin

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#6 BornBeauty 5pcs Glitter Nail Wraps

BornBeauty 5pcs Glitter Nail Wraps

Made from non-toxic real polish, this environment-friendly nail wrap will provide your nails with top-class beauty that can last for days if properly maintained. The sticker design makes them very easy to apply as you only need to peel and paste.

If you have been using liquid polish, you’ll be happy to know that this is almost the same thing but in solid form. Therefore, it is more durable with incredibly enhanced resistance to lifting and unnecessary chipping.

Like polish, they are completely safe and pose no threat to the quality of your nails or health. Removing the stickers is also a very easy process and no residue is left on your nails so all you need is a simple wash to get the nails ready for the next set of stickers.

The adhesive used is very efficient and will keep your wraps in place at all times even when engaging in activities that require a lot of hand contact.

  • Water-resistant, for improved longevity

  • Adheres very fast with the nails

  • Lightweight

  • The nail polish scent may irritate some people

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#7  BTArtbox 10Packs Mixed Color Reflective Mirror Design

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The most interesting feature of this nail wrap is the variety of colors that it offers to users. It has a combination of both transparent and solid colors which you can apply separately depending on the look you want to achieve.

Alternatively, you can decide to go wild with the colors by applying all at ones. In that, each side of your hands has a different color of nails. This will give your nails a sophisticated look that will keep everybody asking about your secret product.

The unparalleled glass-foil design has a mirror-like surface that has the ability to produce different color patterns depending on the angle at which light hits the surface. This will give your nails a diamond-like appearance that is equally glistening.

Even though the design may appear complicated, applying these nail wraps is actually very easy. After application, you can customize wrap into a shape that perfectly suits your nails. The nail wraps are long-lasting and will rarely fall off.

Depending on how creative you are with nails, you can come up with hundreds of designs from a single class of colors.

  • Has a high-value aesthetic appearance

  • Easy to customize

  • Good for all nail types

  • May cause difficulty when removing

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#8 BORN PRETTY 1m Gradient Starry Sky Nail Foil

BORN PRETTY 1m Gradient Starry Sky Nail Foil

Born pretty has a special nail wrap that will give your nails a mysterious galaxy-like appearance that will make your nails so beautiful. The foil used produces additional laser effects that will make your nails even more attractive.

The wraps are versatile and can be used both at home and at a professional level. In addition, the foil used is resistant to UV rays making it durable and suitable for different conditions. It can be applied to different nails ranging from natural to acrylic.

This manicuring product will give you high-quality nails that will last for a very long time. You will only do a replacement when you feel like it. The foil is highly resistant to water so you can get your hands wet without having to worry about your nails getting damaged.

The bright colors make it ideal for various outdoor activities such as hanging out with friends or attending parties.

  • Gives beginners an easy time

  • Sticks very well

  • Comes in different lengths

  • Requires you to be extra keen during application

  • You will need additional tools to customize the foil

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#9 HERIS 4 Sheets Glitter Full Nail Art Stickers

HERIS 4 Sheets Glitter Full Nail Art Stickers

Decorating your nails appropriately can be the final thing needed to make you achieve the angelic look that you desire so much. With this Heris nail wrap, you will be able to dress your nails according to your deepest desires.

These nail wraps can work on different types of nails making them very convenient. They are also very friendly to your nails since they lack toxins. The alcohol pad in the package will help you to clean and disinfect your nails before the wrap is applied.

This will provide a clean surface on which the adhesive can stick properly resulting in a strong bond between your nails and the wraps. As a result, the nail wraps will be steady at all times, allowing you to have fun when attending events.

The classic colors used will give you an easy time when deciding on what to put on. You can match them with your favorite clothes and shoes to get a fashionable look.

  • Self-adhesive requires no special glue

  • Easy to remove, only requires a simple reel from the edges

  • Takes time to harden properly

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#10 RUIMIO 30 Sheet Nail Stickers Decals 3D Nail Art

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This nail wrap has various cute designs that you can use any time of the year. In total, it comes with 30 nail stickers which are made from a blend of 18 different colorful designs. With this, you will have enough stickers that you can change to match your mood.

When you are in a good mood, you can apply the happy stickers and when sad, you can pick the somewhat dark ones. It also has several Christmas-theme designs that make it very suitable for the festive season.

The nail wraps are efficiently sized to fit a good number of nails so you will not spend a lot of time customizing it to fit the shape of your nail. The 3D feature will make your nails look admirable with a touch of a unique sense of fashion. The application process is very simple and can be done within a very short time. All you need are basic instructions which are also provided with the package.

  • Does not require you to apply a topcoat

  • Resistant to water

  • Peel and stick design

  • Takes time to dry and stick properly

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#11 Blulu 1544 Pieces French Manicure Nail Art Stickers

Blulu 1544 Pieces French Manicure Nail Art Stickers

The nail wrap from Blulu has 1544 pieces which you can use to have as much fun as you like with your nails. When purchased, the package comes with 48 sheet stickers with 34 different shape guides that you can follow to get a design that meets all your demands.

The good quality vinyl used in making the stickers makes them very durable. You can go about your activities with an assurance that your nail work won’t be destroyed. The wraps are applicable to both real and fake nails. When applied to natural nails, they become reinforced and are therefore less likely to break.

You can blend a number of patterns from the available options to come up with your own custom design. And since there are so many pieces, you can carry out several experiments on your nails until you find a pattern that fits your needs.

The available colors will also allow you to tune your nails according to the occasion. This product negates every need to go to the salon since you will be doing everything on your own. It is very easy to handle making it a good option for a do-it-yourself while at the comfort of your home.

A good number of the ingredients used are environment-friendly and therefore pose no threat to you or your nails. The waterproof feature will ensure that your nail art is not washed off when engaging in activities that may require you to touch water.

  • Does not mar or leave glue residue on the nails after it is removed

  • Has no toxins

  • Has its own adhesive which works very well

  • Provides a variety of manicure options

  • Requires a lot of time to harden

  • Requires a lot of work to give good results

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are nail wraps?

Nail wraps are simple nail extensions that are applied on the surface of nails to act as a fashion accessory. They can also be used to improve the tensile strength of real nails thereby preventing them from peeling or breaking.

How long can a nail wrap last?

There are a number of factors that can determine how long your nail wraps will last. One is the brand; some brands take 3-7 days while others can go up to a couple of weeks. The other factor is the activity you engage in when you have your nail wraps on. Doing things such as washing the dishes may make the wraps to wear off very fast.

Can nail wraps damage my nails?

No. Nail wraps are very safe and a good number are non-toxic so you can be sure that nothing will happen to your nails. The adhesives used are also very friendly and will come off with a simple scrub.

How long does it take for a nail wrap to harden?

This depends on the type of adhesive used. There are some that dry very fast while others take a couple of minutes.

Can I apply nail wraps on fake nails?

Yes. All that is needed to apply a nail wrap is a clean and smooth surface that it can attach itself to and fake nails have all the needed features.

Can nail wraps be combined with polish?

Depending on the design that you plan on achieving, you can combine polish with nail wrap to come up with your own unique customized patterns. However, you have to confirm that the brand of nail wraps you are using is safe when used together with nail polish.

How can I remove my nail wraps?

A variety of nail wraps can be removed by a simple reel and peel at the edge. But others may require you to soak your nails in warm water for a while after which, you can use a pair of tweezers to pull them off.

Final Verdict

To get the best results when using nail wraps, always ensure that you go through all the instructions on how the product should be applied. For nail wraps that are self-adhesive, try as much as you can not to add your own separate glue as this may lower quality.

Lastly, ensure that you clean your nails properly before applying nail wraps. This will make the adhesive to form a stronger bond with your nails.

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