Top 11 Best Outdoor Tanning Lotions In 2020

Your Way To Glamorous Sunlit Skin

The trend of the millennial has given rise to the evolution of tanning lotions that helps in maintaining the desired level of tan on the body. With the sun shining in its full glory, it is essential to conceal and protect your skin with an effective tanning lotion.

In today’s busy lifestyles, we often miss out on pampering our skin with the care it deserves. To maintain healthy and flawless skin, we should invest in an effective tanning lotion for our outdoor activities.

Tanning lotions are made exclusively to give an enviable sun-kissed tan. Have a look at the extremely beneficial beauty benefits a tanning lotion comes with.

  • Moisturizes the skin deep within
  • Protects the skin from harmful UV rays
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Maintains the desired amount of tan on your body
  • Helps you in getting beautifully bronzed skin
  • Contains essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Effective combination of hydration, emollient, and humectants to keep the skin healthy and happy

Today we are going to talk about the use of best outdoor tanning lotions. The golden rule to maintain flawless and healthy skin is to invest more in skincare rather than on makeup. The more you will invest in skincare, the less makeup you will need.

A tanning lotion is a must-have product that should be having an irreplaceable place in your make-up bag if you want to achieve a golden-glazed tan on your body. There are diverse types of outdoor tanning lotions such as:

  • Accelerator: It is an ideal product for those who have already got the desired amount of tan on their skin and want to retain it for a long time. These types of tanning lotions create a base tan that you can build on by spending time in sunlight.
  • Maximizer: This product is suitable for you if you have already got a base tan and you want to make it much deeper than before. These types of lotions are made to provide you the deepest tan uniformly.
  • Bronzer: These types of tanners are basically a combination of either accelerators or maximizers. The bronzer refers to the constituent of self-tanner added in this product, which is combined with other effective ingredients that help you in getting a darker look. The aim of bronze is to provide your skin with the desired color thereby darkening the skin beneath it.
  • Tattoo Protection: The harmful UV rays from the sun can fade or damage your tattoos. If your body is covered in tattoos, then you go for a tanning lotion that comes with tattoo protection. Such tanning lotions would protect your tattoo thereby providing suitable tan on your skin.
  • Anti-Aging: These types of tanning lotions come with essential vitamins to fight and conceal the signs of aging, specifically those that are caused by sun damage. Such lotions can either be accelerators or maximizers or a combination with bronzers.

You can effortlessly get the ultra-glamorous and flaunting suntanned skin with a radiant look by choosing the best-suited tanning lotion for yourself. We have provided you an in-depth overview and analysis.

11 Best Outdoor Tanning Lotions

#1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz,

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

This lotion has been one of the favorites tanning lotions for using outdoor especially, all thanks to the effective and satisfactory results it offers. It works well with the skins that are covered in tattoo in order to protect them from fading due to harmful sun rays. If you are a person with lots of tattoos on your body and want to flaunt sun-tanned skin, then this tanning lotion would work wonders for you.

This product is suitable for sensitive skins too as it is made with superior ingredients in order to increase the process of melanin absorption and delivers you the golden-glazed skin.

In addition, this product has also got ingredients that prevent the signs of aging that are caused by the tanning progression and also lowers the cellulite appearance. You can easily pull off healthy and glowing skin with the use of this tanning lotion.

  • Tattoo-protection

  • Anti-aging properties

  • Long-lasting and shimmery tan

  • Quality composition of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and coconut milk

  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin deep within

  • Promotes and enhances firmness

  • Not a pocket-friendly option when compared with the rivals

  • Might be a little tough on skin, specifically on sensitive ones

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#2. Paint It Black by Millennium Tanning, 13.5 oz,

Paint It Black by Millennium Tanning

If you are running out of patience in order to get a dark tan on your skin within a short period of time, then this product is a worthy option to consider.

Coming from a renowned and highly-reliable brand, this product delivers the exact results that it claims. This tanning lotion comes with an auto-darkening technology that helps in darkening your skin to get the desired tan that in short time duration.

With the regular use of this product, you will notice that your skin appearance would look visibly richer with a fabulous glow.

This tanning lotion is infused with silicone emulsion that helps in making the skin firm, thereby keeping the signs of aging at bay. It also lowers the cellulite in the body and also moisturizes the skin from drying out in sunlight.

The lightly-scented formula of this lotion makes it suitable for outdoor tanning without being annoyed by the insects.

  • Mild scent

  • Darkens the skin rapidly

  • Promotes uniform tanning

  • Makes skin firm and provides glow

  • Protects the skin from early aging

  • Moisturizes the skin deeply

  • It might stay overlong

  • It can be a little harsh on sensitive skins

  • It takes 2-3 days to pull-off rich tanned look

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#3. Sunscreen Spray Gel by Australian Gold, 8 Fl oz,

Sunscreen Spray Gel by Australian Gold

This tanning lotion comes along with SPF in it. You should consider this product if you want to flaunt proper yet safely tanned skin.

This product is available in diverse variants that enable the user to select the amount of SPF in the product according to their skin type to ensure optimum protection from harmful sun rays.

It is loaded with extremely beneficial natural ingredients such as aloe and exotic oils to pamper your skin with the best possible care it deserves while getting tanned.

This outdoor tanning lotion is waterproof and comes along with bronze enhancements that provide you instant visible results, thereby giving a tanned look.

  • Nourishes your skin from within

  • Provides an enviable tanned look

  • Bronze enhancements for the desired tan

  • Contains SPF

  • Effective composition of natural ingredients

  • Waterproof application

  • Pocket-friendly

  • Gets dry quickly with the application

  • For better results, one has to reapply frequently

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#4. Dark Tanning Oil by Hawaiian Tropic, FL oz,

Dark Tanning Oil by Hawaiian Tropic

Although this product does not contain SPF it has got the potential to protect the skin from harmful sun rays, all thanks to the composition of natural ingredients it is made form.

This tanning oil works upon protecting your skin from damages while giving it a deep, rich tanned look. It helps in keeping skin healthy and supple.

The resourceful combination of natural ingredients and oil helps in providing deep nourishment and moisturization within the deep layers of skin.

This product incorporates the utilization of auto-tanning technology to accomplish the process of tanning evenly and quickly. It comes with a strong and pleasant scent of coconut.

  • Optimum protection in sunlight

  • Overwhelming scent

  • Natural constituents

  • Deep moisturization and nourishment

  • Auto-tanning technology

  • Provides even tan on the skin

  • The application might feel greasy sometimes

  • Can cause sunburns on sensitive skins

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#5. Accelerator Cheeky Brown by Australian Gold, 8.5 oz,

Accelerator Cheeky Brown by Australian Gold

Most people prefer bronzers on their skin to get that glamorous tanned look on their skin but often end up ignoring the skin damages caused by the presence of artificial ingredients in such types of bronzers.

However, this tanning lotion is made up of natural bronzers to provide your skin with a darker tone, much before the tanning actually starts working on it.

This product is made exclusively for those people who are beginners to tanning so that their base tan could be built before getting the skin fully tanned.

This tanning lotion contains herbal DNA to hydrate and moisturizes the skin. This product contains a light scent of cocoa that is long-lasting.

  • Gives the skin a beautiful bronzed look

  • Ultra-hydration and skin-nourishment

  • Affordable

  • Natural compositions such as herbal DNA

  • Optimum skin protection

  • A pleasant scent of cocoa

  • Time-consuming process for getting tan

  • Does not contains SPF

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#6. Outdoor/Indoor Intensifiers by Beach Life, 13. 5 Ounce Tanning Lotion, Tanovations,

Outdoor/Indoor Intensifiers by Beach Life

This fantastic tanning lotion delivers incredible results. What makes this product stand apart from others is the absence of bronzer in it.

Yes, you have heard it right. This product can provide a rich, strong and dark tan to your skin without the use of a bronzer in it. This tanning lotion also has the potential to tan your skin area that is covered with tattoos.

Apart from this, this product is useful in keeping your skin firm, hydrated and nourished with the help of vitamin A in order to protect the skin from sun damage.

Another added benefit of this product is that it comes along with a powerful natural ingredient such as seaweed extract for the purpose of detoxification of the body.

  • Coconut milk and coconut oil for skin softening

  • Delivers dark golden tan on the skin

  • Reduces cellulite and promotes firmness

  • Tattoo-protection

  • Hibiscus extract to increase the elasticity of the skin

  • Improves skin texture.

  • Skin beneficiary ingredients such as passion fruit extract along with vitamins A and C

  • The application is not water-resistant

  • Strongly scented

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#7. Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion, 12.25 Ounce,

Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion

Excess exposure of your skin in sunlight can give rise to premature aging. This product is made to prevent visible signs of aging.

It contains Matrixyl Synthe 6 that is considered to be the most effective anti-aging compounds available for application. This product also contains essential oils to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

This product is lightly-scented which makes it easy and convenient for the user to apply the lotion for longer periods of time.

It is free from DHA that clearly states that you do not have to think about the negative effects of tanning during the application of this lotion.

  • Anti-aging constituents

  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin

  • Delivers a deep golden tan

  • Chemical-free

  • No side-effects

  • Mildly scented

  • A little bit expensive in the segment

  • Does not provides an instant tan

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#8. Virgin Coconut Tanning Oil by OrganicGOLD (100ml),

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You must have experienced that after applying certain tanning lotions, your skin felt greasy and oily.

To overcome this skin concern, this product has a grease-free application that means your skin would not feel greasy anymore on applying this product.

This lotion is suitable for those who have fair skin and want to get their skin tanned safely. This product delivers an enviable tan on your skin making it smoother than ever.

This tanning lotion is made by using effective and high-quality natural ingredients, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A and coconut oil that are responsible for providing deep moisturization and skin nourishment.

  • Delivers golden brown tanned skin

  • Light and non-greasy

  • Quick absorbent formula

  • Contains no parabens

  • Helps in keeping skin healthy

  • Provides a soothing effect on the skin

  • It might get solidified at room temperature

  • Delivers the tan gradually not instantly

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#9. Tanning Oil by Tropical Sands, Waterproof and Reef Safe, 8 FL oz,

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This product has got the potential to deliver the dark and the deepest sun-kissed tan to give your skin an ultra-glamorous look.

With the regular application of this product, you would notice that your skin would become more soft and supple than it was before, the credit goes to the exclusive constituents of this product that are beneficial for the skin.

However, this product contains mineral oils and such oils can lead to clogging of pores. So if you are having any sort of skin problems, you should not consider this tanning lotion and instead go for a paraben-free one to maintain healthy skin.

  • Composition of effective ingredients

  • Helps in delivering the desired tan

  • Provides subtle glow on the skin

  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin

  • Not suitable for sensitive skins

  • Contains mineral oils

  • It can clog your pores

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#10. Browning Lotion by Maui Babe, 8 Ounces,

Browning Lotion by Maui Babe

This product does not come off with magical ingredients but it surely delivers the desired results. If delivers a deep-rich tan on your skin. This product consists of all-natural ingredients.

This product is a must-have for all tanning enthusiasts. It improves your skin texture over time while offering enviable tan.

The only drawback associated with this product is that it can easily clog your pores. In case you notice that your skin is breaking out too easily after applying this tanning lotion, you should immediately stop the usage.

If the irritation persists, then it is advised to cleanse the skin quickly as soon as the tanning process gets over.

  • Suitable for normal skins

  • Delivers rich-dark bronze tan

  • Natural ingredients

  • Enhances skin texture

  • Regular application can clog your pores

  • Not suitable for sensitive skins

  • It can cause irritation sometimes

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#11. Australian Gold Pure Heat Tanning Lotion Hot Citrus Tingle,

Australian Gold Pure Heat Tanning Lotion

If you want to experience what deepest tan looks like, then this product is a drool-worthy option.

Infused with the hot citrus tingle to provide an intense and hot golden glow on the skin along with an enviable tan, this product can really transform your skin into getting the amount of the desired tan.

This tanning lotion is loaded with essential vitamins that are beneficial for the maintenance of glowing, healthy and flawless skin.

Apart from these, this lotion is made from natural ingredients for the betterment of sensitive skin.

  • Restores the moisture level of skin

  • Visibly smooth skin with regular use

  • Made exclusively to deliver a sun-kissed bronze tan

  • Skin beneficiary properties

  • Hassle-free and evenly finish

  • No harmful chemicals

  • No SPF for protection from sun damages

  • Might be harsh on sensitive skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different skin textures on which these tanning lotions can be applied?

You should always look after your skin texture and select the type of tanning lotion accordingly. If you are having dry skin, then you would require a lotion that would nourish and moisturize your skin from within.

In case you are having sensitive skin, then you should go for chemicals and paraben-free tanning lotions.

What are the different types of tanning lotions available in the market?

There are many types of tanning lotions available in the market, such as intensifiers, bronzers, maximizers, accelerators, tattoo-protection, and anti-aging tanning lotions.

Identify your skin preferences and suitability and select according to it. Each type of lotion has its own unique properties and features.

How to get the right amount of tan?

Decide the intensity and amount of tan that you want to have on your skin. The tanning lotions come in various shades, such as golden-gazed tan, deep-dark tan, light bronze tan, rich tan, dark bronze tan, and golden-bronze tan.

Pick the shade wisely as you will have to flaunt the desired tan on your skin.

What is the role of composition in tanning lotions?

The composition of the lotion plays an important role when it comes to maintaining healthy-looking skin. Give preference to those lotions that have got an effective composition of natural ingredients in it.

The more natural you would keep, the more gorgeous you would look.

Is SPF an integral part of tanning lotions?

SPF plays a pivotal role in protecting the skin from sun damage. Tanning lotions that come with an SPF in their composition would provide optimum protection to your skin, thereby giving you a rich and safe tan.

If you are opting for a lotion that does not have SPF, then you are definitely on the verge of exposing your skin to sun damages.

Are these tanning lotions suitable for people with allergies?

Check the ingredients and the allergen information given at the back of tanning lotions. Some people are allergic to specific constituents that are included in such lotions.

Whenever you are purchasing a tanning lotion, do not forget to look after the allergen components as exposing your skin with them can cause you irritation and other skin-reactions.

For how much time-duration does one needs to apply these lotions?

There are many tanning lotions available in the market that claim to deliver an instant sunlit tan on your skin whereas some might provide the same amount of tan in a couple of weeks.

You need to keep one thing in your mind very clearly: go for the ones that provide tan on your skin gradually not instantly as such lotions are loaded with chemicals that react instantly when applied on the skin.

Is it important to opt for those tanning lotions that are dermatologically tested?

No matter which brand you are opting for, make sure the tanning lotion has been dermatologically tested to ensure quality assurance along with optimum safety.

If a product has been tested dermatologically, then the chances of occurrence of side-affects are very less.


If you want to flaunt that celebrity-inspired enviable bronze skin, then outdoor tanning is the best possible solution to this. Outdoor tanning is 100 times more effective than the indoor one as it is caused mainly due to sunlight. If you want to opt for outdoor tanning, then you must invest in a tanning lotion that is made exclusively for outdoor purposes.

Tanning lotions are designed to replenish the lost moisture of the skin during the tanning process. They moisturize your skin in order to absorb the maximum amount of tan into the skin.

Apart from these, tanning lotions are loaded with beauty benefits. They not only deliver sunlit tan on your skin but also helps in maintaining flawless skin effortlessly. The tanning lotions would be a worthy-investment in order to maintain the desired amount of tan on your skin.

These lotions are an effective combination of modern skincare infused with traditional ingredients. Make them a part of your daily beauty regime and notice the visible results.

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