Top 10 Best Pedicure kits In 2020

Pedicure is one of the most popular beauty treatments offered in salons and spas. Pedicures are ideal for giving the feet a perfect look.

A complete and perfect pedicure involves removing old nail polish, getting rid of cuticles, treating calluses, exfoliating, and trimming and filing nails. However, getting the treatment from a professional salon or spa comes at a cost.

Luckily, it’s something you can do at home to save time and money. This can be made possible by the use of pedicure kits.

There’re many pedicure kits available in the market today. However, you should choose a top-quality kit that includes all the necessary tools for professional results.

We’ve made it easier for you to get the right pedicure tools by reviewing the leading brands available in the market today. With that said, here’re the best pedicure kits available today.

Top 10 Pedicure kits

#1. Vive Foot File (3 Pack) – Callus Remover Pedicure Tool Kit

Vive Foot File - Callus Remover Pedicure

This 3 pack set of pedicure tools is designed for a complete spa experience at home. The tools are ideal for softening and smoothening dry or rough feet. The files come with three different levels of coarseness. There’s a coarse, rough, and fine file. The coarse and rough files are ideal for dealing with extreme feet dryness and roughness whereas the fine file is ideal for adding a final smoothening and softening touch for enhanced results.

The files are designed for use on both dry and wet skin. Thus, you can use them before or after bathing your feet. These set of tools are ideal for removing dead skin, hardened skin, and calluses on your feet and heels, or any parts of your feet that look rough. You can forget your regular pumice stone and use this professional tool kit.

These foot files are extremely lightweight such that you’ll find it easy to file your feet. They’re also sturdy enough to handle the pressure you’ll exert on your feet. Moreover, the coarse and rough files have textured handles that allow for a tight grip and easier maneuverability.

Additionally, these tools are made of stainless steel. They’re durable and resist rust and stains. You can easily clean them with water and allow them to air dry.

  • A soft carry bag is provided

  • Sharp enough for scraping off the hardest skin

  • Very large for faster results

  • You need to be extra cautious to avoid cutting your skin

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#2. FIXBODY Professional Pedicure Kit

FIXBODY Professional Pedicure Kit

One of the things that stand out most about this pedicure kit is that it comes with a comfortable handle. The handle features a non-slip design that allows for a tight grip. That way, you’ll work on rough areas of your feet without scraping off any unwanted areas.

The kit is unique in that it comes with one handle for the three pedicure tools. You’ll simply slip the desired file into the handle and start working on your feet. This design also means that you’ll have less luggage to deal with for easier portability.

You’re assured of getting professional results with this kit. You can use the coarse callus file to scrub hard calluses, cracked heels, and dead skin. Then use the two fine files to smoothen your feet for a beautiful, soft look.

The kit is time-saving as it works quickly. You’ll only need to spare a few minutes of your time to do the pedicure procedure at the comfort of your home. Moreover, the files are lightweight for enhanced convenience.

Something else that stands out in this kit is that the files are made of stainless steel. This material is tough enough to scrub even the thickest and hardest calluses. Thus, you’re assured of effectiveness regardless of how dry your feet might be.

  • Ideal for use on both dry and wet feet

  • The handle has a groove that catches skin shavings

  • It’s one of the most affordable pedicure kits

  • A little challenging to insert or remove the files from the groove

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#3. ZDATT Pedicure Kit

ZDATT Pedicure Kit

ZDATT brings you an ideal solution for your pedicure needs. This kit comes with everything you need for a complete pedicure. The kit comes with 8 pedicure tools. These tools include a callus shaver, cuticle remover, sandpaper file, fine file, coarse file, nail file, blades, and a silicone sheet.

Use the callus shaver to remove corns on your feet or toes and feet callus. Use the cuticle remover to remove dead skin and hangnails. The sandpaper file is ideal for softening your skin after removing the callus. The fine file is ideal for removing dead skin whereas the coarse file is ideal for removing hard skin. You can use the nail file to polish your nails. Use the silicone sheet to keep your fingers protected when working with the blades.

The kit is suitable for both home and professional use. These tools are ideal for removing cuticles, hard skin, corn, and callous. Thus, the kit is perfect for working on cracked and dry heels. Moreover, the tools are painless for a comfortable pedicure experience.

The files in the kit have a large filing surface such that they will quickly remove hard skin. Their large size also makes them effective. By smoothening and softening your feet, you’ll comfortably wear your shoes, including high heels.

  • Suitable for both wet and dry feet

  • Lightweight files

  • Comes with a zipper carry bad

  • The hangnail clipper is not very sturdy

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#4. Nunalisa Professional Pedicure Kit

Nunalisa Professional Pedicure Kit

If you’re looking for a professional kit for use at home, then you’ve landed on the right kit. This pedicure kit has all the essential tools that are used for professional pedicure. It comes as a set of 13 pedicure tools.

The tools included in this kit are a 2-sided foot file, double-sided foot file, stainless steel foot file, nail file, scraper, cuticle pusher, cuticle fork, sponger separator, trench correction, nail clipper, nail brush, clavus knife, and 3 blades. With all these tools, what more would you ask for? With this kit, you’ll no longer spend time and money visiting the spa.

Besides, all the tools are made of top quality materials. Thus, they’re ideal for removing the hardest and toughest dead skin and cutting hard nails without deteriorating. They’re extremely durable and sturdy such that you’ll be assured of long-term service.

Each tool in the kit is designed for special functionality. Thus, this pedicure tool is extremely convenient for all pedicure needs. Moreover, the tools are lightweight for easier carrying. You can always carry the kit when traveling and take care of your feet while on the move. To add to that, the tools come with a plastic storage box for organized storage. Moreover, this kit is perfect for use by both men and women.

  • Fully complete pedicure kit

  • Washable tools

  • Comfortable and painless operation

  • No user instructions

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#5. DreamSter Stainless Steel Pedicure Tools Set

DreamSter Stainless Steel Pedicure Tools Set

This is yet another professional pedicure kit that comes with all the necessary pedicure tools. It comes as a 12 in 1 pedicure toolset that’s ideal for both professional and home use. It’ll give you the kind of results you’d get from a luxury spa or salon.

The tools in the kit include a cuticle remover, callus remover, toenail clipper, nail file, foot file, and more. These tools ideal for removing dead skin, corn, thick nails, and stubborn callus. Use each tool to achieve perfect results for all your pedicure needs. Moreover, the tools are designed for enhanced effectiveness such that they’ll leave you with smooth and baby-soft feet.

The metallic tools are made of stainless steel. Thus, they’re rust resistance, making them perfect for use on wet feet. Moreover, stainless steel is a hygienic material such that it won’t react on your skin. Besides, the tools are all washable and reusable. You can clean them with water after use and let them air dry. Their reusability and top-quality materials means that you can use them for a long-lasting experience.

Another reason why you’d want to choose this pedicure toolset is that the tools are made with an ergonomic handle design. The handles are non-slip such that you’ll be able to grip them tightly for enhanced maneuverability.

  • Can be used on both dry and wet feet

  • The tools are sharp for quick results

  • Dual-sided foot file

  • Comes with a zipper carry bag

  • You need to be careful with the pedicure knife as it’s extremely sharp

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#6. Ikeepi Electric Callus Remover Pedicure Tools Kit

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If you’re tired of manual pedicure kits and want to try something electronic, then this is the right tool for you. This kit comes as a 3 in 1 pedicure kit, featuring a coarse grinding head, intermediate grinding head, and a fine grinding head. This makes the tool perfect for removing callus, hard skin, and dead skin.

The kit is designed for professional results. With this tool, you can forget rough and cracked skin. The grinding heads will work on your feet and heels within minutes for smooth, soft feet. The grinding heads are extremely tough for removing even the most stubborn callus and the hardest skin. Moreover, it’s safe for use without hurting your skin.

The grinding heads are replaceable. Thus, you can easily switch the grinding heads. The grinding heads are made of quartz mineral crystals. They’re durable and won’t wear out any time soon. You’ll enjoy their effectiveness for quite long before showing signs of deterioration.

The body of the tool has an ergonomic design that allows for a non-slip grip. Consequently, you’ll find it comfortable to hold the tool for easier operation. Moreover, it’s lightweight and small-sized for portability.

Another great feature about this tool is that it supports fast USB charging. It’s rechargeable with a large capacity battery. Thus, you won’t have to worry about buying batteries now and then. Additionally, the tool is waterproof. You can easily clean the grinding head with a brush and rinse it with running water. Then wipe it with a dry cloth.

  • Ideal for both professional and home use

  • Ideal for both men and women

  • Compact design

  • A little bit expensive

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#7. EAONE Professional Pedicure Tools Set

EAONE Professional Pedicure Tools Set

EAONE comes as a professional pedicure kit that features 19 specialized pedicure tools. These tools include a foot rasp, foot clipper, cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, scraper, nail file, foot file, callus remover, toenail clipper, and more. Thus, the kit has all the pedicure tools you’d need.

These tools are ideal for removing cuticle, foot peel, corn, callus, and hard skin. The tools are gentle enough such that they won’t hurt you when working on your skin. The kit also has tools for nail polishing.

The metallic tools are made of stainless steel material. They’re extremely durable for long-lasting usage. Thus, you’re assured of investing in a high-quality pedicure kit. Each tool is uniquely designed for special functionality. They’re lightweight and small for comfortable and easier operation. Moreover, you can easily hold each tool conveniently and tightly.

The tools come with a plastic storage box that makes it easier to store them in an organized manner. Moreover, the storage box makes it more convenient to carry the tools along with you.

  • Portable pedicure tool kit

  • Ideal for both home and professional pedicure

  • Comes with a sponge separator

  • The nail clippers are a little bit flimsy

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#8. NORACLAN Pedicure Kit Foot Files Set

NORACLAN Pedicure Kit Foot Files Set

If you’ve been struggling with stubborn callus, dead skin, and clavus, you’ve just landed on the right pedicure kit. This pedicure kit comes as a set of 8 tools including a nail clipper, blade, fine microdermabrasion, nail polisher, foot planer, dead skin fork, round grinder, and bump grinder. Each tool is made of stainless steel whereas the files come with a plastic handle. They’re durable and won’t deteriorate any time soon. Thus, the tool kit will serve you for many days to come.

The tools are designed for easy operation. You’ll be able to hold the tools comfortably for easier control during usage. They’re effective in removing dead skin, corn, thick nails, and stubborn callus within a very short time. Additionally, you can use them on both dry and wet feet to expose baby-soft feet.

The foot files that come with the kit will easily scrub off any dead skin on your feet, heels, and other dry areas. You can easily rinse the files with warm water and let them air dry. Their easy to clean nature makes it more hygienic to use them. Their effectiveness makes them more reliable than traditional pumice stones.

Another reason that makes these tools an ideal choice is their lightweight nature. This makes them easy to handle for anyone.

  • Greatly priced

  • Ergonomic design

  • Designed for enhanced maneuverability

  • The provided plastic bag can tear easily

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#9. Tesoky Foot Scrubber Foot File, Pedicure Tools Set

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This is yet another all in one solution for all your pedicure needs. It comes as a set of 8 pedicure tools that include a callus shaver, cuticle remover, nail file, coarse file, sandpaper file, fine file, 5 blades, and a silicone sheet.

These tools are specially designed to deal with cracked skin, rough chapped heels, folded up skin, hyperkeratosis, hardened or thick toenails, and foot crust calluses among other such feet and heel issues.

The tools are designed to meet different pedicure needs for smooth, soft heels and feet. The fine and coarse files and scraper are made of stainless steel material for enhanced durability. They’re strong enough to scrape the hardest heels. The foot file is double-sided for enhanced usability and effectiveness.

You’ll appreciate the lightweight nature of these tools. You’ll be able to use them effortlessly when working on your feet. The tools are ideal for both indoor and outdoor home use. To add to that, you can always reuse them as needed. All you need to do is to rinse them with water after every use. This makes them more hygienic.

With this pedicure kit, you’ll be assured of getting professional salon-like results. Moreover, the blades are sharp enough for faster results.

  • The tools are easy to clean

  • Large file surface for faster results

  • Surgical grade stainless steel

  • The blade is not very sturdy

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#10. Happy Will Stainless Steel Pedicure Kit

Happy Will Stainless Steel Pedicure Kit

This pedicure kit boasts of coming with 17 pedicure tools, ranging from pedicure knives to skin scrapers and a wide range of files. With these tools, you’ll be able to grind and exfoliate dead skin and remove callus without leaving any dead ends. Thus, you’re assured of clean, smooth feet after working your feet with this pedicure kit.

If you’re embarrassed to wear sandals or you struggle with high heels due to calluses and rough feet, take advantage of this pedicure kit and say goodbye to this problem. Moreover, this kit is ideal for use by all family members. You’ll no longer have to spend money visiting your local spa or salon for pedicure.

The foot rasp, callus remover, and foot file are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel material resists wear and doesn’t rust. Moreover, you can easily clean them for enhanced hygiene.

  • Great for both professional and home use

  • User-friendly tool design

  • Comes with a plastic container for organized storage

  • Doesn’t come with user instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pedicure kit cost?

Most pedicure kits are affordable. Thus, you can easily get a kit that will match your budget.

Should I wet my feet before using pedicure tools?

Although you can use most pedicure tools before wetting your feet, it’s advisable to first soak them in warm water and allow them to dry before working on them. Doing so makes the process faster and more effective.

How often should I use pedicure tools?

Do a pedicure every two weeks to ensure your toenails and feet stay in their best condition.

What’s better between a pumice stone and pedicure kit?

Although a pumice stone assists in removing dead skin and smoothening heels, pedicure kits are better since they come with more functionalities than a pumice stone.

Final Words

Visiting a spa or salon now and then for pedicure can cost you quite a lot of money, not forgetting the time spent. By owning a pedicure kit for home use, you’ll say goodbye to salon visits for pedicure services.

Owning a pedicure kit will save you a lot of money and time that you spend visiting the spa or salon. Hopefully, our reviews will assist you in getting the right pedicure kit for your needs.

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