Top 11 Best Permanent Makeup Machines In 2020

Makeup alert!! Gone are the days when you had to spend several minutes or hours in front of a mirror in the name of putting on makeup. The advancement in technology has brought about an impressive improvement in the world of makeup. And as we speak, there are innovative permanent makeup machines that are making the lives of women all over the world much easier.

These machines give you an opportunity to look pretty on a daily basis without putting in any struggle. The undeniable truth is that wearing makeup can be very stressful and should be included in the list of a thousand ways to embarrass yourself. Well, that is if it is not done properly.

For your makeup to come out flawless, you have to put in a great deal of effort and also set aside a good amount of time. Nonetheless, several things can still go wrong; one simple move can turn your makeup into one big disaster. Plus, makeup is prone to smudging, so the best way to avoid this is by trying out permanent makeup.

Makeup machines are designed with utmost precision that allows them to deliver high quality and long-lasting makeup results. These devices are also very gentle and cause no damage to the skin. They can especially be useful when working on the eye area. They can help you draw perfectly shaped eyebrows and also deliver an even shade on your eye line.

Additionally, these makeup machines can assist you in creating a lip overline that will make your lips stand out in a professional manner. Apart from giving beautiful makeups, some of these machines run on powerful motors that can allow you to draw small tattoos.

When it comes to usage and operation, these makeup tools have simple designs with a majority of the machines resembling pens. This enables you to meet all your makeup needs in an instant. If you are new to this current trend, or if you’ve been using these machines for a while, here are some of the best permanent makeup machines that you can consider adding to your makeup kit.

11 Best Permanent Makeup Machines

#1 Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen Machine

Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen Machine

This innovative permanent makeup pen can help you enhance the beauty of your lips, eyebrows, and eyelids. It uses a micro-pigmentation technology to highlight the intended areas with exact precision, thereby allowing you to have a long-lasting and vibrant look.

This design gives you full control over what you are doing, and all the parts cooperate with every move that you make to ensure that you get nothing but perfection. It comes with one round liner (RL) needle that is very gentle and safe for the skin. You can use the silver ring at the center to make adjustments on the needle length in order to get the right makeup design that you want. This feature allows you to tune the length of the needle from 0-2.5mm, allowing you to get precise and customized makeup outcomes.

This makeup machine has a high-performance feature, which delivers the exact speed needed for the process. As such, you will have a chance of making your face look prettier in a matter of minutes. To add more, the casing is made of premium quality aluminum alloy that has been anodized, making this machine durable. All the moving parts are also very stable, so this device can bare the attrition that comes from the high-speed rotations.

  • Less vibration

  • Lightweight and easy to operate

  • Has a sound muffling feature that makes it less noisy

  • Comes with a safety cap

  • The casing is abrasion resistant

  • Likely to heat up during operation

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#2 Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk has a well-rounded rotary machine that delivers exceptionally when it comes to designing tattoos, but it can also pass as a permanent makeup machine. It uses cartridges that have close-mouthed tips, allowing the needles to pick up more ink and also strike in a steady sequence.

The custom motor in this device rotates at a speed of 10000rpm, providing you with enough speed to adequately pack colors onto the surface being worked. The gear system is quite advanced and operates with minimal vibration. This provides you with all the stability that you need when styling eyebrows and the eye line.

This product comes with twenty pieces of WJX cartridges; this brand of cartridge absorbs ink faster and also stores more. The needles inject averagely, thereby limiting the possibility of having an ink splash. This machine is effort-saving and it offers you both precision and control.

  • Comes with a foot pedal

  • Low noise operation

  • Compatible with all popular needle cartridges

  • Offers convenient grip

  • None

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#3 BIOAMSER P300 Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machines Device Kit

BIOAMSER P300 Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machines Device

The permanent makeup machine from Biomaser is a multifunction device that you can use to achieve a whole new facial look. This machine uses the microblading technique to add color and radiance to your eyebrows and other areas such as the lips and around the eyes.

This makeup device can help you make wrinkles and fine lines less visible for a youthful look. Furthermore, it is effective on acne scars and can cause a noticeable skin tightening effect. This machine uses specialized proprietary Biomaser cartridge needles, which are uniquely crafted to give your skin a gentle and delicate touch.

The creative design applied in the engineering allows you to switch between a shade output and the dual liner function by simply pressing a button. With this, you can apply your favorite shade and liner without having to reset the entire system.

  • Has a large display that shows you the operation style and time

  • Easy to use

  • Supports needle depth adjusting

  • Beginner-friendly

  • If you need the foot pedal you have to purchase it separately

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#4 M PMU Permanent Make-Up Wireless/Cordless Machine

M PMU Permanent Make-Up Wireless/Cordless Machine

If you prefer working without cords and wires restricting your hand movement then this is one of the makeup machines that you can go for. It runs on a Lithium battery that gives you up to two hours’ worth of non-stop operation when charged to full capacity. The motor in this device is super-fast with a speed of 8000-1600 RPM.

In addition to this, there is a speed adjustable button that you can use to change and set a rotation that works better for you. The needle used delivers micro-shade pigments that can beautify your lips, eyeliner area, and brows. To ensure that your skin is safe from infections, the needle cartridge is EO gas sterilized, hence limiting micro-bacterial activity.

The switch is built with an anti-accidental design that prevents the machine from making unintended moves on your skin. As a result, your makeup will come out flawlessly, giving you an admirable facial appearance.

  • Operates with minimal noise

  • Ergonomic design

  • Rechargeable

  • Portable

  • Only supports needles and components provided by the manufacturing company

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#5 Guapa Microblading Permanent Makeup Machine

Guapa Microblading Permanent Makeup Machine

This makeup device has a one-key operation design that makes it very easy to operate. The cartridge needles are easy to change, and you can switch in between different motor speeds without breaking a sweat. The LED light display will keep you updated at all times on the speed setting that you are using.

This machine operates with low noise, allowing you to concentrate on whatever you are doing without getting any distractions. The machine has a sturdy build, which ensures that all the moving parts are working as they should. The ergonomic design makes it very easy to use since the machine has the shape of a standard pen.

The package comes with fifty pieces of cartridge needles with thirty being 1R type, while the remaining twenty are 3R type. This machine is easy to control, and it works without smoothly without causing any damage to your skin. It has a rechargeable battery, so you can carry it when traveling.

  • The motor makes minimal vibrations

  • Rotation stable

  • Lightweight design

  • Needle hole is lubricated

  • Only uses company-specific attachments

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#6 Solong Tattoo EK201A Permanent Makeup Pen

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You can use this makeup pen on your eye line, lip line, and eyebrows. It can as well come in handy when designing cute mini tattoos on your skin. This machine allows you to adjust the needle protrusion from 0 – 4.5 mm, thereby giving you all the control that you need to precisely craft the makeup.

This device comes with a foot pedal, which gives you additional control over the vertical movements that the needle makes. This will allow you to deliver professional-grade results that are equally long-lasting. The rotary system can handle a working voltage of 7-12V, but the manufacturers recommend that you keep it below 12V to prevent the rotary system from malfunctioning.

When you buy this device, you will find twenty pieces of assorted needle cartridges in the package. The fact that they are assorted means they come in various sizes so you can choose a needle with reference to the makeup goal that you have in mind. The pen is hybrid, allowing you to use other brands of power supply units such as Cheyenne.

  • The product comes with a professional aluminum carrying case

  • Multifunction design

  • Makes less noise

  • Does not heat up easily

  • Stable build

  • None

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#7 Charme Princesse EM504 Permanent Tattoo Makeup Pen

Charme Princesse EM504 Permanent Tattoo Makeup Pen

This machine provides you with four different modes that you can use depending on the makeup work that is to be done. You can switch to eyeliner, eyebrow, and lip mode at your own pleasure. As if that is not enough, it also has an MTS and MPU feature that can assist you in making clear facial outlines.

This device uses an elegant German motor that is built for speed and stability. It generates minimal vibrations, so your hand will stay steady throughout the process. The motor only requires 10W to run and this saves you more juice in the battery.

If you are a beginner in permanent makeup, this machine can help you learn some of the basic techniques that you need to know. It has an easy-to-use design, allowing you to operate it by simply reading the instructional manual. You can hold this makeup pen for an extended period of time without straining because of how sleek the design is.

  • Built-in control system

  • Portable design

  • Adjustable needle length

  • Exquisite appearance

  • Needles are not included in the package

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#8 Tazay Permanent Makeup Machine Pen

Tazay Permanent Makeup Machine Pen

This rotary makeup machine has a high-speed Japan-made motor that is very powerful. The enclosure is designed using aircraft aluminum, which offers durability. With this machine, you will be able to make selections in several settings, allowing to work without restriction. The machine can make accurate needle adjustments with the help of the steel ball rotation-adjustment structure. As such, it gives you an easier time when working on shades that require a specific need depth.

You can use this device to carry out a number of makeup operations such as styling the hairline, eyebrows, lips, and eyelids. It can as well be used when performing a tattoo procedure. This makeup machine is compatible with several cartridge needles, so you don’t have to look for brand-specific needles. However, you have to ensure that the needle fits perfectly to avoid damaging the machine or your skin.

The frame has a three-stage structure, which allows you to disassemble the parts and replace them with ease when performing maintenance.

  • The machine operates with low noise

  • Easy to use

  • Multifunctional

  • Works with precision

  • Does not come with a sample needle

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#9 Guapa Microblading Machine Electric MST Permanent Makeup

Guapa Microblading Machine Electric MST Permanent Makeup

The Guapa permanent makeup machine has three stalls that allow you to regulate the motor speed according to your preference. Depending on what you are crafting, you can adjust the speed to a high, medium, or low mode. The motor is stable and powerful, delivering speeds ranging from 25000rpm to a high of 35000rpm.

This allows the machine to color very fast and with a high level of accuracy. The adjustable needle screw head allows you to set the needle at different heights, while the ultra-low noise feature ensures that you have a peaceful and quiet user experience. This device comes with two cartridge needles that you can use, but if you like, you can get another set of needles. In order to get a good outcome, ensure that you use spiral needles as they are more suitable for this makeup pen.

The power button has been strategically placed using an in-bed design, which prevents accidental powering and shutdowns. By using this device, you will give your skin a clean makeup look with no ink slash.

  • Lightweight design

  • Less vibration

  • Designed with high-quality alloy

  • Hygienic

  • None

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#10 Dr.pen Ultima M5 Microneedling Pen Professional Skin Tool

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This machine delivers a micro-needle therapy to your skin through a meticulous vibration process. It not only helps you to achieve a permanent makeup look but also camouflages facial scars. With that said, you can use this machine to make wrinkles and acne scars less visible for a more defined and luminous skin appearance.

The makeup device has a gentle operational mechanism that makes it friendly to even sensitive skin types. You can tune the cartridge length by using the grooved adjustment knob. This will raise or lower the needle to specific heights, allowing you to work with precision.

The machine is very safe and clean, so your skin won’t get any bruising or infections. Moreover, the needle tips are disposable, allowing you to make replacements after each use. Delivering treatment with this machine will make your skin more responsive to other active ingredients in the beauty products that you use.

You can use this device to eliminate fine lines and other facial blemishes that are ruining your look. It rejuvenates and improves the quality and health of your skin, thereby enabling you to acquire a better complexion.

  • 12 pieces of replacement cartridges

  • It has automated micro-needles

  • Uses a rechargeable battery

  • Easy operation

  • Removes facial spots

  • Can heat up if operated continuously without rests

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#11 Brrnoo Electric Digital Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

Brrnoo Electric Digital Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

You can have complete and total control when doing permanent makeup by using this lightweight machine. It operates on four modes, which you can use on different parts of the face in order to get the desired makeup outcome. This device uses a high power motor that has the ability to endure longer.

The motor can run at speeds of 8000-36000rpm, allowing this machine to reach the minimum operational requirements needed to make small tattoos. This has a spiral lock that prevents the flying needle phenomenon. As such, you can be sure that you will have a safe user experience with zero chances of getting your skin damaged.

This device has a digital control unit that has easy to use up and down buttons. You can use these keys to make adjustments on the speed and other operational features. The large LED display shows all the necessary information that is needed when performing different types of makeup. From it, you can know the mode, speed, and the condition that your machine is in.

The product comes with a teaching CD, so if you are a novice, you will be able to pick up a few points on how you can use this device to obtain maximum results.

  • Multifunctional design

  • Ergonomically designed pen handle

  • Fast coloring

  • Built-in mute feature

  • None

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is permanent makeup safe for my skin?

This highly depends on your skin type, but generally speaking, permanent makeup can predispose your skin to the same dangers that having a tattoo can cause. If the needles are not properly maintained or used as directed, the skin may get exposed to serious infections. Those with sensitive skin may also experience inflammations that may manifest into hyperpigmentation.

Therefore, it is advisable that you learn more about the nature of your skin before you can try out permanent makeup. Also ensure that you sterilize the machine from time to time with the additional use of disposable needles. Gloves should also be used to make the process more hygienic and safe.

How long does permanent makeup last?

A good number of micro-pigment skin treatments last for up to three years. But this may vary depending on the shades that are used. The environment in which you are can also affect how long the pigments will last. If you expose the colors to certain elements they may fade out gradually but will not leave the skin completely. You will still be able to see a few trace pigments on your skin.

Will I feel pain when getting permanent makeup?

In as much as permanent makeup machines try to be gentle, there is still a probability that you may experience some discomfort. This especially applies to delicate spots such as the eyeliner region and the lip line. You can lower the discomfort by using an anesthetic that will help in making your nerves less sensitive.

How does a permanent makeup machine work?

Permanent makeup machines use cartridge needles that deposit cosmetic color pigments into the upper layers of your skin, bringing about a consistent shade in the target area. This creates an illusion that you are wearing real makeup.

Final Verdict

Permanent makeup machines can help you take makeup application out of your list of chores. After you get the micro-color treatment, your skin will stay radiant for a very long time. And you won’t have to worry about your makeup melting away or smudging. You will have the chance of waking up with an angelic look.

The machines have proven that they are effective and are good at what they do, so you are free to give any of the devices in our list a try. You can live a stress-free life that does not involve real makeup products. As such, you will never be late for your appointments, with the benefit of looking gorgeous 24/4.

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