Top 11 Best Primer For Large Pores In 2020

Primers are a crucial part of cosmetics. They are the solutions that are applied before any other makeup to improve the lasting effect of all cosmetics applied.

With the increasing use of cosmetics in daily life, it is becoming more challenging to make it last for the whole day. Generally, cosmetics wash away after four to five hours, and if you are lucky, then six hours at max.

Primers are of various types, some of the widely used are mentioned below:

  • Foundational Primer – A moisturizer and oil absorber
  • Eye Shadow Primer – Applied near the eyes. Reduces oiliness
  • Mascara Primer – Used to make the lashes look better
  • Lip Primers – Improves the application of lipstick or lip gloss
  • Pore Primers – Removes pores and oiliness

Today, we will be talking about pore primers. Pores are small pits on the skin which store oil. Hence, making your skin look oily. Also, clogged pored leads to pimples, blackheads, production of sebum, and many more.

Pores are rigid; it is not easy to get rid of them. That’s why you will need a Pore Primer to make yourself look better.

There are many pore primers in the market; some are great, while some are ineffective. Some of them are even toxic to skin. Through our study, we came to know that there are a few primers that are the most effective on your skin.

It is very challenging to get the best primer for large pores. For ease, here are the best top eleven primers for large pores.

11 Best Primer For Large Pores

#1. SOZGE FACE PRIMER for Pores and Wrinkles 1.6oz

SOZGE FACE PRIMER for Pores and Wrinkles

Tint – None

This primer has an all-rounded approach with natural extracts. It has been formulated to keep your skin shine-free without drying it.

It has green tea extracts, which makes it skin-friendly and non-allergic to all skin types. Also, it is excellent to remove oiliness from the skin while it gives valid results for pores and wrinkles.

The formula reduces pores at a high rate while it removes wrinkles after a few uses.

Being a water-based primer, it gives you soft and healthy skin. However, you may observe it be substantial as compared to other primers in the market.

The wrinkle removing effect doesn’t work unless you have used it for more than five times. Also, testify that you are not allergic to green tea extracts.

It has a decent scent. However, some may not like the scent due to the presence of natural extracts.

  • Oil removal

  • Pore minimizer

  • Nourishing

  • Not effective wrinkle remover

  • Green tea extract can be allergic to some

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#2. TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer 1oz(30ml)

TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer

Tint – Light Pink

If you are looking for a silicone-based primer, it might be the one. It tackles pores and fine lines in one easy step.

It provides seamless coverage for hiding the pores and rough skin. It removes pores effectively and gives you velvet skin for your make-up.

The primer has a light and silky texture, which creates an invisible barrier to outside elements that wash away your make-up.

The formula has green tea extracts and solutions that energize your skin. It also improves the elasticity of the skin with soluble collagen.

It is recommended to apply a layer of this primer after every coat of make-up to get the highest results.

We suggest you stay away from the duplicate versions of this product. They are highly toxic towards your skin as they are of a low-quality.

  • Nourishing

  • Affordable

  • Conceals pore well

  • Not for sensitive skin

  • Very slippery

  • High consumption for one use

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#3. L’Oreal Paris Magic Base Face Primer 3.2 oz

No products found.


  • Pink
  • Pink

This product is known for being a combination of primer as well as a highlighter. The silky, lightweight formula glides on the skin and minimizes the pores and fine lines.

It can be used as a foundation or to create a canvas. Being tested by dermatologist, it is suitable for all skin types.

Also, it can be applied on bare skin or after moisturizer; it is useful in both cases.

It is quite useful for all kinds of pores and gives you silky soft skin before make-up. Also, the formula gives you a matte finished look.

Applicable for both water-based and silicone-based treatment. It doesn’t have any natural extract.

Therefore, you must not accept skin conditioning substances in it. Also, it does not support SPF.

Through our study, we came to know that the product fails to give a lasting effect. Hence, you will observe pore-free skin only for a while.

  • Balanced thickness

  • Effective pore remover

  • Skin Nourisher

  • No Natural Extract

  • Short period effect

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#4. Glossiva Face Primer for Big Pores and all skins 18ml

No products found.

Tint – Pink

With the increasing pollution and climate change, our skin requires extra protection. This primer is highly effective against sun rays. It protects the skin from the majority of external elements.

Sun-exposure and dark spots may increase your skin age. However, this primer has anti-aging components that blur these factors. This reduces the age of your skin.

Many primers give you a shiny look, which looks unnatural. This primer eliminates excess shine while it conceals the pores and gives you a natural look.

The natural ingredients of this primer nourish the skin and give you a long-lasting effect. It has natural extracts of snail secretion, Spirulina, White lily flower, and many more.

It also makes your skin smoother effectively. The effects are observable after a few applications.

  • Natural ingredients

  • Effective against pores

  • Eliminates wrinkles

  • Decent fragrance

  • Low in quantity

  • Not for highly oily skin

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#5. NYX Professional MAKEUP Studio Primer 0.8 oz

NYX Professional MAKEUP Studio Primer


  • Lavender: Brightens and illuminates Yellow tone
  • Green: Eliminates Redness
  • Clear: Covers fine lines and pores

This primer is highly valued among professionals. The primer has been formulated to give you a saloon-like experience.

The solution is skin-friendly. Therefore, it is easy for the skin to absorb the nutrients of this primer. The clear, pore removing primer is highly effective against pores.

It also gives long-lasting effects. Hence, your make-up will last for the whole day. This primer is easy to apply, as you don’t have to worry about the temperature of the water.

There are some cosmetics in the market that are first tested on animals. However, NYX makes sure that they are far away from animal cruelty.

Also, it doesn’t work as an eyelid primer. Though the primer is every effective for pores and lines, it is not recommended to remove redness.

  • Holds make-up for long

  • Gives smooth skin

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable

  • Leaves oily skin

  • Can’t be applied as eyelash

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#6. Benefit POREfessional balm face primer 0.75 oz

Benefit POREfessional balm face primer

Tint – Light Yellow

A primer that can be used at any time. It is easy to use and carry. It has been formulated to give you oil-free and smooth skin within a few minutes.

It contains Vitamin E, which protects the skin from external elements. There are various instances when the pores reappear after applying a primer.

However, with this primer, it is very convenient to re-conceal those pores. The translucent formula makes it effective for all skin tones.

Another advantage of this primer is the one coat formula. Many primers require multiple coats, but this primer requires only one.

One demerit of this product is the high consumption rate. It requires a high amount of primer to cover the face adequately.

  • Gives soft skin

  • Effective on lines and pores

  • Easy to carry

  • Requires a single coat

  • Many duplicate versions available in the market

  • Not effective as an eyelash or foundational primer

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#7. Thank me later Primer and Setting Spray series 0.5 oz

Thank me later Primer and Setting Spray series

Tint – Colorless

There are very few primers at such cost and quality in the market. This product, formulated by Elizabeth Mott, is one of those primers.

If you are a selfie geek and are looking for a primer that can make you selfie face then, we would suggest trying this primer.

This primer is a cruelty-free, smooth, and lightweight primer that is applied before a foundation. It is very effective against pores and lines.

It has been formulated to hold the make-up for the whole day. It prevents unnecessary glitter and shine. Hence, your skin looks natural and beautiful.

Another positive point of this primer is that it can be applied as an eyelash primer too. It is highly effective against oily skin and removes the excess oil from it.

It doesn’t have any natural extract. Therefore, it is made purely from chemicals that might be uncomfortable for some people.

  • Affordable

  • Lightweight

  • Long-lasting effect

  • Gives smooth skin

  • Not for extremely oily skin

  • No presence of natural extracts

  • Dries out quickly

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#8. Airfit Pore Primer for Big Pores 35g

Airfit Pore Primer for Big Pores

Tint – Pink

A great combination of all types of primers. This primer control oiliness nourishes the skin and gives a great canopy against external elements.

It has been made entirely by natural extracts and plant refining, which makes it anti-allergic to all skin types.

Also, the formula lightens the fine lines and hides the large pores on the skin. This primer is particularly effective against dry and oily skin.

It also covers acne marks and wrinkles, which gives you smoother skin. This primer gives you extra shine. Hence, increasing the overall glow of the skin.

The primer repairs dull complexion, erythema, and blemishes just after a few uses.

This product fails to deliver a quality primer at such a high cost. There are a few primers in the market which are better than this one at the same value.

  • Effective against dry and oily skin

  • Natural ingredients

  • Mildly effective against pores

  • A bit costly

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#9. Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Primer 1oz

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Primer

Tint – Light color

If you are looking for a daily use primer, it might be the one. It has been formulated while keeping the daily challenges in mind.

It is an oil-free formula that is effective enough to remove oiliness from the skin. Also, the formula works well as a pore minimizer.

It moisturizes the skin with shine while it removes dryness from the surface. The waterproof formula makes it effective for all skin types.

The final effect of this primer is matte complexion with soft skin. It also mutes warm undertones and adds more depth to it.

Though it is an excellent primer, it doesn’t offer SPF. Also, it might be too tight for olive skin complexion.

  • Single tint

  • Moisturizing

  • Decent scent

  • For all skin types

  • No SPF

  • Need to be used with warm fingers

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#10. Covergirl Base Face Primer Pore minimizing 300 1oz

Covergirl Base Face Primer Pore minimizing


  • White: Skin smoothing
  • Green: Color neutralizing
  • Purple: Pore minimizing
  • Peach: Illuminating

This primer becomes an excellent canvas for your face before any make-up. It has been formulated to hold the make-up for a long time.

Another significant merit of this primer that it works well to remove oil from your skin. It has been formulated for skin types. Hence, there are zero percent chances of a skin allergy.

The formula is competent enough to deal with all kinds of pores, and it works well to minimize the pores.

It is a valued product to reduce redness, as many primers fail to do so. Also, the green tint isn’t as effective as compared to other primers in the market.

Though the primer works well for removing pores and reducing redness, it fails to deliver a decent scent. Some find the scent too strong and allergic.

Also, this product is not recommended to cover dark spots as it is not active on them.

  • Effective for pores

  • Moisturizing

  • Long-lasting effective

  • Strong fragrance

  • Weak color neutralizer

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#11. Maybelline New York Master Primer 1oz

Maybelline New York Master Primer

Tint – Pores remover in colorless. It comes in four other tints, namely, green, blue, purple, and white.

A product of L’Oreal. This primer has been formulated with a water-soluble base, which blurs the imperfections in the skin.

It refines the skin and makes you feel fresh and energized. The master face primer formula lasts for the whole day. Thus, the make-up lasts for a long period.

It protects your skin tone against sun damage and helps you maintain the oil level in your skin. You can apply or before a foundation or can wear it alone for a luminous effect.

It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Also, it doesn’t clog pores.

Though it makes your skin silky soft, it doesn’t moisturize the skin. It also fails to remove redness from the skin.

  • Long-lasting

  • For all skin tones and types

  • Affordable

  • Blurs the pores well

  • Not for highly oily skin

  • Not for dry skins

  • Can leave a sticky residue

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Things To Know Before Using One

Know your skin

Not all primers are for all skin types. Some primers are effective against oily skin, while some are effective against dry skin. Hence, you must your skin type before buying a primer. A wrong primer might lead to allergic reactions.

Clean the skin

Make sure that before you apply a primer, your skin must be clean. If your skin isn’t clean, you might not observe the effect of a primer.

Be gentle

Primers are the protective layers for your skin. Hence, if you apply them harshly then, your skin might absorb some of it. This can lead to allergic reactions. Therefore, gently massage your skin while applying a primer.

Not all face

A primer must be applied to the whole face only if you have oily skin. Focus on the areas which first experience the removal of make-up like forehead and nose.

Get Pro effect

To ensure a smooth finish, you must use products of similar brand or texture. A water-based primer works well on a water-based foundation.

What are the types of skins?

Normal skin

A well-balanced skin with a healthy about of glow and natural oil. The scientific term for this skin is eudermic.

Dry skin

Usually observed in winter seasons. This is the type of skin with less sebum or oil than the normal one.

Oily skin

In this type of skin, there is an excess production of sebum or natural oil. Oilskin is challenging to handle as there are a few effective cosmetics available in the market.

Combination skin

The combination of all the skin types mentioned above leads to combination skin. These skins require extra care as compared to other types.

What are some toxic chemicals in cosmetics?

Having knowledge about the toxic chemicals saves you from allergies and irritations that you find to get from a cosmetic. Though most of the cosmetics are made from skin-friendly chemical, there are a few cosmetics that use a toxic substance to give you extra shine.

Some of the most commonly used toxic substances are as follows:

Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and formaldehyde

If you have all the three mentioned chemicals in a cosmetic then, don’t buy it. These three chemicals are a deadly trio that can lead to headaches, endocrine disruption, and respiratory problems.

Though mainly used in nail polishes. These chemicals are nowadays used in cosmetics like primers too.


There are various cosmetics in the market with artificial fragrance. We suggest you to stay away from those products. Though they smell good, in the long run, they can lead to serious diseases.

Retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate

Mainly used in lip cosmetics like lip primers. They are generally used as an anti-aging component. They block your skin from necessary sun-light, which provides you Vitamin D. We suggest you go for better alternatives like Bakuchiol.


Any cosmetic with Paraben is a big no, especially for your health. These branched chemicals lead to diseases like breast cancer, lung cancer , decreased sperm count, and many more. Even if ‘Paraben’ is a suffix of an ingredient, we suggest you not to buy that product.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This chemical is found in the majority of cosmetics in the market. This chemical can cause skin irritation, disrupted skin oil, and canker sores. If you are not able to find a product without this chemical, we recommend you to go for natural cosmetics.


Generally found in shampoos. This chemical can also be observed in cosmetics. They have similar properties to a plastic. Hence, they block the natural breathing holes of your skin, which makes your skin unhealthy in the long run.

What are the most common mistakes while applying a primer?

Primers are a great shield for your makeup. However, you must know the most common mistakes people commit so that you can get a better finish.

Make sure that the primer has dried. Many people hasten after applying a primer, they put on the make-up immediately. Try to wait for atleast two minutes after applying a primer. This will increase the overall effect of the primer.

Also, do not apply excess primer on your face. Some people believe that more is better. This is not true for a primer. Initially, apply a small amount of primer, and if you still observe dryness, apply more.

Which is the best pore remover?

We did a lot of studies to make this list. These primers are one of the most effective ones in the market at present. Some of these are made of chemicals only, while some of these have natural extracts, which are essential for your skin.

Though, all these primers are highly effective against pores. They hide and eliminate pores just after a few applications. Some of these are even effective skin nourishes and anti-aging primers.

We decided to compare all these primers with each other, and based on the merits and demerits of each; we found that the “SOZGE face primer” is the most effective one.
This primer is competent overall and gives a professional experience in all dimensions.

You may disagree with this, but we found that most of the primers are effective only for a specific task, while the SOZGE primer has merits of all types of primers.

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