Top 11 Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines In 2020

The skin is one of the most unique organs in your body. Apart from acting as armor to the inner delicate body parts, the skin makes you aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, there are certain life situations that may make the aesthetic value of your skin to depreciate drastically.

As you get older, the physiological structure of your skin begins to change. You may start noticing a few folds here and there, and before you know it, your entire face will be covered in wrinkles, fine lines, and laugh lines. It even gets worse, especially when the skin starts sagging. All these facial imperfections may go against your desire to maintain young and radiant skin.

However, there is still hope. There are new jaw-dropping inventions in the cosmetic industry that can effectively help you reverse some of these conditions. Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is among the options that you can use on your mission to gain back the lost youthful look.

In a nutshell, the RF technique uses energy waves to heat the layer of tissues in the skin, thereby giving the body an injury illusion. As a result, the skin is tricked to produce more collagen fiber to deal with the supposed injury. When collagen is in abundance, your skin firms and tightens bringing about a transformation in your appearance.

The procedure is non-invasive and can help you eradicate the common signs of aging. In addition to this, using an RF skin tightening machine can assist in reducing the amount of fat under the skin. The resulting effect of this is that your skin will achieve a less saggy appearance.

In the long run, your skin will acquire a rejuvenated look that will make your skin look more vibrant. But in order to get good results, you have to start using these machines before it is too late. The best time to do this is when you reach your 30s, but you can extend the treatment up to your 50s.

The RF machines are very convenient, so you can choose to go for treatments at the dermatologist’s office, or you can buy your own machine for home treatments. If you prefer at-home treatments, you may encounter a few challenges when it comes to selecting a high-performance RF skin tightening machine.

The list below consists of the best radio frequency skin tightening machines that can offer you top class service.

11 Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines

#1 NEWA Clinically Proven Anti-aging Skin Tightening Technology

NEWA Clinically Proven Anti-aging Skin Tightening Technology

The RF skin tightening machine from Newa emits medical-grade radio frequency waves that stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. Through this, your skin will get a lift that will smooth out the creases on your face.

The treatment you get is pain-free and very comfortable. Think of it as getting a deep facial massage that penetrates deep into your dermal tissues. The 3-DEEP technology used in designing this machine allows it to send RF energy to all the three layers in your skin. This procedure leads to the restoration of the skin’s natural support system, making the skin firm and less likely to sag.

It works very well on the cheek and jawline area, allowing you to regain all your natural facial features that may have faded due to old age. The anti-aging treatment you get from using this machine can also apply to the crow feet area. This will make your eye region to appear less wrinkly, making it easier to put on makeup.

After continuous use, you will notice that the skin on your face is becoming tighter and more glamorous. This machine has an ergonomic design that allows you to guide it with ease on all your facial contours to deliver maximum treatment.

  • Comes with an activator gel

  • Clinically tested

  • Sleek design

  • None

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#2 MLAY RF Radio Frequency Facial and Body Skin Tightening Machine

MLAY RF Radio Frequency Facial and Body Skin Tightening Machine

The MLAY radiofrequency skin tightening machine is equipped with an advanced bipolar RF technology that is safe and comfortable for your skin. It provides you with a non-surgical anti-aging skin treatment that can be effective against wrinkles and saggy skin.

This machine triggers the skin to initiate a natural healing process that leads to the production of more collagen and elastin fibers. As such, the skin will plump up and tighten making fine lines and wrinkles to disappear. The results that you get are long term and may last up to two years.

This is because the entire process involves the production of new collagen fibers, which replace the collagen mass that you have been losing over the years. The machine has an in-built energy control safety system that automatically regulates the amount of power produced. It does this with reference to your current skin temperature.

When your skin temperature is too high, the machine will switch from a hot to a slightly warm temperature. This feature will ensure that your skin only gets the required amount of RF waves that are needed to fully boost your appearance.

  • Produces RF waves that deeply penetrate your skin

  • You will notice results in just two weeks

  • Smoothens your skin

  • You have to use the machine consistently to achieve results

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#3 Mini Face Lifting Machine Skin Tightening Radio Frequency Machine

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The thermage head on this device is made up of 144 dot matrix electrodes that cover a wider area of the skin during treatment. This RF machine treats both the symptom and the root cause of skin imperfections, so you can have absolute certainty that ones you eradicate a particular skin problem it won’t surface again.

However, this will only be achievable if you administer the treatments regularly and as directed. The six infrared lights aligned at the side of the thermal head will deliver a conditioning effect to your skin, causing it to tighten and firm up.

If used on a regular basis, the wrinkles that form around the eyes and lips will gradually fade away, leaving you with a flawless facial appearance. This machine deeply improves the health of your skin from the inside and at the same time, improves the gloss on the surface. This will put your skin in a better state to withstand the aging effect

  • Mini-light and portable

  • Intelligent output detection

  • Three-level power modes

  • None

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#4 RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine Skin Care Device for Anti-Aging

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The RF machine from Sili Technology is a 5 in 1 wrinkle remover that can help you renew your look. This machine has five LED light functions that offer your skin different forms of treatment. The machine provides your skin with a unique collagen-stimulating effect that probes the epithelial cells to produce more collagen.

This RF skin tightening machine has a design that allows it to work on a variety of skin types. Those with relatively dark skin tones can particularly benefit from the pink LED light treatment. With this, you can enhance the quality of your tone by making it appear less dull.

If you have an oily skin type, you are also in luck because this machine offers a blue LED light treatment that can shrink pores and alleviate skin inflammations. You can lighten crow’s feet, eliminate under-eye bags, and other imperfections by using this equipment for at least ten minutes on a daily basis.

  • Comes with a charging station

  • Allows you to make selections on the current intensity when on LED RF mode

  • A 40 day standby time after full charge

  • An instructional manual is included in the package

  • Sensitive parts of the skin may experience a mild electrical spark

  • It may take some time before you notice the results

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#5 SWIZZEN Face Lifting, R-F Skin Tightening Facial Machine

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This galvanic machine has face cleansing abilities that can boost your facial look. It uses positive ion technology to remove dirt and grease from your skin, allowing the skin to metabolize faster. This improves cell turnover and makes your skin to maintain a youthful radiance.

Furthermore, it has four probe heads which administer RF waves deep into your skin tissue in 3-high frequency vibrations. These vibrations soothe the nerves in the skin and also make the collagen fibers to contract. When this happens, your skin will start restructuring itself with a fresh supply of collagen fibers, resulting in a tightening effect.

This RF machine has an ultrasonic function, which will make your skin cells more viable. The LED light functions can help you deal with age-related skin conditions such as acne, dark spots, and sagginess, just to mention a few. This machine is very easy to use because it has an LCD display, which shows you everything you need to know about each type of treatment.

  • Improves your skin’s ability to absorb nutritional essences

  • Increases the thickness of the skin

  • Portable design

  • Comfortably fits in the palm of your hands

  • The battery has to be charged for 3 hours before the first use

  • You have to use the machine regularly for the treatment to take effect

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#6 NORLANYA Facial Skin Care Time Master, RF Face Toning

NORLANYA Facial Skin Care Time Master, RF Face Toning

Wrinkles not only affect the face, at times they can extend to other regions, such as the neck as you get older. With this RF device, you will be able to eradicate facial wrinkles and those that are on your neck. It is able to achieve this through the use of radiofrequency energy waves, which deliver a skin-firming treatment.

This machine can bring about an improvement in oil balance on skin types that are extremely oily. Additionally, it can help control the appearance of pimples, allowing your face to be bump-free. The electrical tips are designed in such a way that only a safe amount of RF waves are delivered at a time.

With this operational mechanism in place, you can be sure that your face will not experience any harm during treatment. The machine will automatically stop working after every ten minutes, preventing your skin from overheating.

After the treatment, your skin will be more responsive to other cosmetic products, enabling you to get the desired outcome from your favorite beauty products. This machine has a simple design, which makes it very easy to handle.

  • Delivers a 4 color light treatment

  • Chargeable

  • Rejuvenates your skin

  • Portable

  • Has a convenient 3-level energy output setting

  • The battery life is not that great as a full charge only lasts 20 minutes

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#7 Microcurrent Face Lift Device Gently Tightens & Erases Wrinkles

Microcurrent Face Lift Device Gently Tightens & Erases Wrinkles

This radio frequency equipment has two electrodes which are uniquely positioned to deliver gentle RF treatments to your skin. It activates the skin cells, causing a rapid increase in collagen production. This allows it to tighten saggy eye bags, firm the skin under your chin, and smooth out smile lines from your face.

The machine also delivers an inward treatment to the muscles that are responsible for causing wrinkles. It makes these muscles stronger, allowing your facial skin to adopt a firm and relaxed look. The incorporation of red light technology improves blood circulation both in the upper and lower regions of your skin.

Apart from this, the RF waves combine with yellow light to make your skin more elastic and resilient. This machine has a gold plated metallic cover, which gives it a luxurious look. But most importantly, this feature enhances its conductivity and also makes it rustproof.

  • Delivers pain-free treatment

  • Eliminates crow’s feet

  • Cordless design

  • Emits deeply penetrating RF waves

  • You have to administer several treatments

  • The activation gel is bought separately

  • May not deliver results if not used as instructed

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#8 SZCY LLC RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine

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The RF machine from SZCY LLC is very effective against fine lines and wrinkles. It makes your skin more flexible by encouraging the production of elastin and collagen fiber. You can tune the energy according to your beauty requirements by using the adjusting button.

This will allow you to customize your treatments in a way that fully suits your skin type. To have a good user experience, ensure that you apply a skin serum or gel that will make the probes to roll on your skin with minimum friction. This will make the treatments more comfortable and safer for your skin.

The machine also has a low-frequency microcurrent emission feature, which makes it convenient for delivering treatments around the eyes. These currents are minimal, so harm will come upon your eyes. You can include this machine in your daily beauty routine to enjoy long term skin benefits.

  • Improves blood circulation in the facial area

  • Tightens pores

  • Decreases acne

  • The heating element dies a bit fast

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#9 NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand

Project E Beauty Portable Skin Rejuvenation Radio Frequency

Pure Daily Care provides you with an RF machine that comes with six unique beauty therapy wands that you can use to make your skin look young again. Three of the wands are Argon powered while the rest are Neon-based.

Each of these wands has a unique shape that corresponds to the part of the body it is meant for; the cheek wand has a mushroom shape that easily glides over your cheekbones. The Y-shaped wand can be used in areas such as the legs, arms or any other part that can fit in between the two projections.

In addition, some of the applicators have been supercharged with Tungsten to improve conductivity. This technological design will allow the RF waves to reach the intended collagen fibers in your skin very fast. Upon contact, the collagen proteins will synthesize to form new strands of fibers.

The radio frequency energy will also boost the metabolic rate of your skin cells by amplifying the production of ATP, a chemical compound that powers up the cells in the body. This will make your skin cells to stay healthy, allowing the skin to look fresh.

  • Improves skin profile

  • Makes your skin elastic and firm

  • Eliminates acne

  • The treatment procedure has to be repeated several times to get a good outcome

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#10 Liberex RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine

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This Liberex RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine will assist you in bringing back life to your face with the help of the infrared system included in the design. It generates high-frequency RF waves, which go up to the deepest layer of the skin, allowing you to get an inside out skin treatment.

With the help of the radio frequency waves, your skin will be more suited to fight signs of aging. The electroporation effect will make the outer membrane of your skin more permeable, thereby promoting nutrition absorption.

In addition to having the RF probes, this machine has a LED light feature, which improves skin elasticity and promotes blood circulation in the tissue cells. This will increase skin cell metabolism, bringing about an increase in skin detoxification.

This machine is nicely shaped, allowing you to have a good grip as you deliver your treatment. You can make the treatment more enjoyable by using an activation gel.

  • The machine is lightweight

  • Ergonomic design

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Firms the skin

  • Dilutes dark shadows that form around the eyes

  • The treatment may take some time before results are noticed

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#11 Silk’n Titan – Anti Aging Skin Tightening Device

Silkn Titan - Anti Aging Skin Tightening Device

The Silk’n Titan delivers RF waves with exact precision allowing your skin to get the full benefits of the treatment. Its design allows you to use it in a number of areas like the face and neck region. You can use it to clear stubborn wrinkles and fine lines that never seem to go away even after using various beauty serums.

It works by repairing elastin and collagen fibers in the skin, allowing your skin to gain the youthful elasticity and strength. This process occurs naturally after the RF waves have been delivered to the collagen-producing tissues. The machine can also help you reverse superficial sun damage and dark age spots that form on the skin.

This machine is very easy to operate and will save you the hassle of going to the Spa or salon from time to time. When used appropriately, your skin will be glammed up in 10-15 minutes.

  • Strengthens all the layers of your skin

  • Convenient design

  • Highly portable

  • Has an additional LED light technology that boosts the treatment

  • Slider gel is not included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RF skin tightening technology really effective?

Being a non-surgical procedure, RF skin tightening has a number of benefits. For starters, you won’t need a recovery time compared to other surgical skin lifting procedures that may require you to take some time off to recover. Additionally, it is non-invasive, so your skin tissue will stay intact at all throughout the procedure.

How often should I use an RF machine?

The number of treatments that you get from your machine highly depends on the power of the machine. Some machines can deliver noticeable results with a few treatments while others may take time. However, always ensure that you consult with your dermatologist before using any RF machine.

How long does RF skin treatment last?

Powerful RF machines can keep your skin looking radiant for up to two years, while others may deliver short term results. Basically, it all depends on the brand of RF machine that you are using.

Can an RF machine damage my skin?

The RF waves generated by radio frequency skin tightening machines are current-based and are therefore harmless to your skin. Furthermore, a good number of RF machines in the market have been clinically tested and are completely safe for your skin.

Can I use an RF machine on other parts of the body?

Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, you can use your RF machine on any part of the body that is wrinkled.

Final Verdict

Your skin can only look young if you care for it unconditionally. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, always ensure that your skin gets the best treatment.

And when old age catches up with you, try as much as you can to use advanced pieces of equipment like the RF skin tightening machines, which can help you look younger than your age.

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