Top 10 Best Rolling Makeup Cases In 2020

If you travel regularly and you like carrying your makeup along with you, or you want to store several makeup kits in an organized manner, then you need a rolling makeup case.

These cases are specially designed for storing makeup in an organized manner for traveling. They’re especially important for professional makeup artists, models, and anyone who owns or travels with a lot of makeup.

The best thing about these cases is that they have rolling wheels at the bottom for enhanced portability. You can easily drag the case on its wheels without feeling the weight of the entire load.

Moreover, top-quality cases come with different compartments to keep all makeup items and kits organized. They also make sure that your makeup stays in place and remains protected when traveling.

Since these cases are well organized, you’ll be able to retrieve whatever you want easily and store it back without disorganizing everything else.

While these cases are extremely convenient, finding a top-quality one with top features and the right one for your needs can be quite tricky. There’re dozens of these cases in the market, making it even more challenging to pick the right one.

Today, we will assist you in choosing the best rolling makeup case. We’ve reviewed the top choices available in the market today. Read on for the detailed reviews.

Top 10 Rolling Makeup Case Reviews

#1. Mefeir 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

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We rated this makeup case as one of the top choices based on its numerous unique features. It’s extremely versatile and fashionable. Its manufacturers have designed it for unmatched portability and usability.

First and foremost, this case comes with 360 degrees wheels. This means that you can turn it around in any direction. You’ll be able to roll it in any direction without lifting it up or struggling to go around corners.

Besides, it comes with 4 wheels for easier rolling regardless of the load. Additionally, the wheels are detachable. You can detach them to carry the case when not in use or when carrying very little makeup. You can also remove 2 of the wheels to use it with just 2 wheels. It’s extremely flexible for your convenience. Also, the wheels are mounted in such a way that they don’t scrape the ground when leaning the case.

Another unique feature that comes with this case is its collapsible trays. You can fold the trays when carrying fewer makeup items and collapse them when carrying more makeup items. That way, you don’t have to roll a huge case when carrying fewer items.

The case comes with a DIY compartment and a larger capacity compartment. You can easily adjust how the dividers are positioned in the DIY compartment depending on your needs at any given time. On the other hand, you can use the larger compartment to store larger makeup tools.

  • Comes with vecro straps for enhanced stability

  • You can lock the case with a key

  • The handle is padded for enhanced comfort

  • Features an adjustable telescopic rod

  • Fashionable and elegant design

  • Gets dented easily when hit

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#2. Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Case

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The Yaheetech makeup case is among our top selections based on its design that allows you to keep your makeup tools and cosmetics in a neat manner. It comes with 6 retractable trays that are specially designed for storing small makeup items such as hairpins, essential oils, lipstick, nail polish, and more. The first tier of the trays has a cover that will keep your items protected against dropping out. To add to that, the covers are secured in place with sticky tapes.

The case is made of high-grade ABS material that is lightweight and extremely durable. It performs greatly in resisting abrasion. You’re assured of a case that won’t let you down any time soon in your busy schedule.

You’ll find it extremely convenient to carry this makeup case along with you, thanks to its sturdy rolling wheels. It comes with two wheels that roll effortlessly with the slightest push or pull. The case is also secure enough in that it comes with 7 heavy-duty metal latches, with 2 of them being lockable.

If you’re a lover of minimalist styles, then this is the right rolling makeup train case for you. It features a minimalist style with glossy hardware that makes it attractive in a unique way.

  • It’s one of the most affordable makeup cases

  • Telescopic pull handle

  • Accordion-style trays

  • Large bottom compartment for larger items

  • Silent rolling

  • The top handle is not sturdy enough

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#3. Mefeir 2-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

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This makeup train case from Mefeir is another great option worth your consideration. It’s specially designed for durability, featuring a strong, sturdy material. The case comes with a reinforced aluminum framing that keeps the interior compartments protected from damage. Besides, the case features reinforced steel corners that protect the entire case from impact.

The case also features a foldable design for enhanced convenience. You can collapse the trays when carrying more beauty products and fold them when carrying fewer products. In addition, the trays are wooden and sturdy enough to store your makeup items securely in place. Moreover, the interior is lined with nylon to keep your makeup items protected.

It features a large bottom compartment for storing larger items such as a hairdryer, manicure kit, pedicure kit, and more. There’s also a compartment with a removable divider that makes it possible to arrange your makeup items as needed.

Another key feature of this case is that it comes with two styles of handles. You can use the top handle to carry it like a briefcase after folding the compartments into a more compact case. Similarly, you can use the retractable handle to pull or push the case upon retracting it into its full height.

  • 4 removable wheels

  • 360 degrees wheel rotation

  • Comes with a shoulder strap

  • Easy to clean

  • Elegant color and finishing

  • Limited options for organizing the bottom compartment

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#4. Kemier Portable Cosmetic Organizer

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If you like keeping your makeup items organized, then this is the right case to go for. It comes with several pockets in its compartments for keeping makeup items in an organized manner. There’re zippered pockets within the case and externally. Their zippered design prevents your items from falling out of the bag when traveling. There’s also a large pocket with elastic bands for holding makeup brushes and other tools.

There’re 6 pieces of detachable bags within the case. These bags have clear, zipped covers. The clear nylon covers allow you to see what’s inside each bag. That way, you’ll be able to retrieve the makeup items you want without struggling to search for them.

Another great feature of this bag is its heavy-duty top handle. The handle is extremely sturdy such that you can lift the case by the handle without any problem. Moreover, the handle is comfortable to hold. To add to that, the case comes with a retractable handle at the backside that makes it easier to pull the case.

The case comes with two wheels at the bottom for enhanced portability. The case also features two stands opposite the wheels such that you can keep the case standing upright and lean it over the wheels when rolling it.

  • Stylish design

  • Large storage space

  • The wheels are sturdy

  • Cleverly designed storage compartments

  • Easy to clean

  • The height of the pulling handle is not adjustable

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#5. SHANY Makeup Artist Soft Rolling Trolley Cosmetic Case

SHANY Makeup Artist Soft Rolling Trolley Cosmetic Case

This makeup artist rolling case stands out from its competitors due to its build quality. It’s made of premium leather and top-quality vinyl material. Both the exterior and interior of the case are made for durability. The overall design looks luxurious. It features the kind of a look that every professional makeup artist would want to portray to their clients.

The case comes with two sets of wheels. Each set of wheels features three wheels. It rolls on three wheels on one side and three wheels on the adjacent side. That way, you can easily carry heavy makeup luggage without stressing the wheels while still making it easily portable.

Additionally, the case comes with an adjustable handle. The handle is long enough when fully extended for convenient pulling. It also features an adjustable and detachable strap for carrying the bag by hanging it on your shoulder. The strap is padded for enhanced comfort. The case also features a top handle for carrying it like a briefcase.

The case comprises of two main compartments for storing large makeup tools, hair styling tools, and cosmetic products. You can detach the top compartment for enhanced organization. The top compartment features storage space for smaller makeup tools and cosmetics.

  • Comes with 3 free cosmetic mesh bags

  • Airport-friendly case design

  • 13-piece makeup brush holder

  • 6 removable drawers on the bottom compartment

  • 4 zipper side pockets

  • It’s price range may not be ideal for a person with a tight budget

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#6. Yaheetech Professional Train Case

Yaheetech Professional Train Case

Yaheetech has manufactured this rolling case with customization and usability in mind. It has a large capacity for storing hair styling tools, nail tools, and cosmetics. There’re 4 accordion-style trays with dividers for storing small makeup items such as lipsticks and polish. Besides, the trays are lined with foam material to keep glass bottles and delicate accessories protected against impact. It also features a larger bottom compartment for storing larger items such as big bottles, curling iron, mannequin head, and hairdryer among others.

You’ll find it easy to pull the case on its rolling wheels, thanks to its aluminum pull handle. The handle features a hexagon tubing shape and is corrosion resistant for longevity. It also features a top handle with soft gripping for comfortable handling. The exterior of the case is covered with a waterproof PVC veneer to keep your cosmetics protected from moisture when using it outdoors.

The edges of the case are lined with aluminum whereas the corners are reinforced with metal for enhanced sturdiness. Besides, you’ll store your items safely and securely, thanks to the lockable metallic latches on the case. Additionally, the case features four sturdy wheels for enhanced portability. The wheels are extremely silent when rolling the case.

  • Heavy-duty metal hinges

  • 360 degrees swivel wheels

  • Affordable price range

  • Comes with a separate waist bag

  • The buckles are not very strong

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#7. Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases

Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases

The Ollieroo makeup train case is built for versatility. You can use it in its full-length design when carrying a lot of makeup items or disassemble it into a smaller trolley when carrying fewer items.

The case is made with a premium aluminum frame, reinforced steel corners, and an ABC surface. Moreover, the exterior surface is heat resistant to keep the interior cool. That way, your makeup items will be protected from heat when using the case outdoors.

The case comprises of 4 different storage sections. The topmost section is ideal for storing smaller cosmetic items and features 4 extendable trays. The second section from the top comes with a single adjustable divider. The third section from top features a single storage space whereas the bottom-most section is the largest for storing larger makeup items.

If you’re a nail technician, makeup artist, beauty student or any other beauty professional, then this is a great makeup case to consider.

  • Stylish case design

  • Every layer is lockable for enhanced security

  • Suitable for air travel

  • Large capacity storage

  • Not sturdy enough for heavy items

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#8. AW 2in1 Black Oxford Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case

AW 2in1 Black Oxford Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case

Another great makeup case suitable for someone on the move is the AW makeup trolley case. It features two large cases with 4 side pockets and several partitions. The top section features a hollow compartment with 2 trays. The trays are extendable and feature brush holders beneath the lids. The trays are covered with clear lids to easily view the inside and keep dirt away from the stored items.

The bottom section of the case features a larger compartment with 8 drawers. The drawers are detachable for convenience. Besides, there’s a separate brush holder and 3 brush bags with a zipper mechanism. You can detach the brush bags for your convenience.

Another notable feature of the case is that it comes with 4 wheels for enhanced portability. The wheels are quiet and roll smoothly. Moreover, you can detach the wheels to keep the case standing stationary. To add to that, it features an aluminum telescoping handle that will allow you to pull the case effortlessly.

  • Corrosion-resistant pull handle

  • Wear-resistant nylon fabric

  • Classic black color

  • Lightweight case

  • Higher price range

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#9. Rolling Train Case 4-in-1 Portable Makeup Train Case

Rolling Train Case 4-in-1 Portable Makeup Train Case

The first notable feature of this case is its extremely beautiful and fashionable finishing. It’s available in different colors including rose gold, black, gold silver, and silver. It comprises of 4 storage sections, with the bottom section being the largest for storing larger items.

You can disassemble the storage compartments to reduce the size of the case when carrying fewer items. The storage compartments are designed to keep your beauty tools and products in an organized and accessible manner.

The case comes with 4 wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easier rolling. The corners of the case are reinforced with stainless steel for enhanced protection. Additionally, the case is built with a premium aluminum frame for enhanced durability.

  • Velvet lining

  • ABS case surface

  • Lockable with 2 keys

  • Extremely versatile

  • The clasps are not very strong

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#10. Voilamart 2 in 1 Makeup Trolley Case

Voilamart 2 in 1 Makeup Trolley Case

Voilamart has introduced a multi-functional makeup case with sufficient storage space for beauty products and makeup tools. It features a versatile top compartment and a multi-space bottom compartment.

The top compartment features 2 extendable trays for easier storage and retrieval of makeup items. It also features a 13-piece holder for makeup brushes. The trays are covered with a clear lid for easier viewing into the interior.

The bottom compartment features 8 drawers for neat storage. The drawers are interlocking such that your items won’t fall out of place whenever you’re on the move. Besides, it features 2 silent in-line wheels for smooth rolling.

  • Convenient buckle straps

  • Mesh pockets for extra storage

  • Detachable shoulder strap

  • Retractable telescopic handle

  • The zippers are not of the best quality

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to store and retrieve makeup from a rolling makeup case?

Yes, it’s very simple. Even a beginner will find it easy to store and retrieve their makeup from the case.

What’s better between a 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled makeup case?

A 2-wheeled makeup case is ideal for personal use or a professional who is serving few clients. However, if you serve many clients, such as a group of performers, then a 4-wheeled makeup case would be better for enhanced portability due to the larger load.

What makes interchangeable rolling makeup cases great for professionals?

These cases are advantageous for a professional makeup artist whose clients keep fluctuating. You may remove one of the cases when traveling to serve few clients and reattach the case when traveling to serve a larger group.

Will my makeup items fall out of place while moving a rolling makeup case?

Top-quality makeup cases are specially designed to keep the stored items in place. Some have straps within them for keeping makeup brushes in place while some have zipper pockets and compartments with zipper lids to keep your items in place.

Are rolling makeup cases friendly for air travel?

Some of these cases can be used for air travel.

Final Word

When choosing a rolling makeup case, take your time to consider features such as the dimensions, portability, storage space, and build quality.

For instance, the ideal case should be spacious enough to store everything you want to carry, easy to move around and made of a top-quality material for durability.

With our review and buying guide, you’ll stand higher chances of making the right choice. Thus, grab one of these cases to make it easier to travel with your makeup.

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