Top 11 Best Shampoos For Color Treated Hair In 2020

Coloring your hair can be a good way of changing your hair game. If you do it right, you can end up with a color that perfectly blends with skin tone, resulting in a glamorous look. In as much as coloring, your hair may be beneficial for your appearance; it comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Unlike the melanin-based color that occurs naturally in your hair, artificial hair colors may not last as much. For the colored hair to stay vibrant, you must provide special care and protection from harsh environmental agents. For this reason, there are shampoos that are meant for color-treated hair.

These formulas have color protection factors and ingredients that can improve general hair appearance. Some are infused with keratin, a compound that acts as the building block for hair. With the help of this protein, your hair can achieve the right level of thickness that can help in preventing a number of hair complications.

You can prevent frizz, split ends, static, and unwanted hair loss by washing colored hair with these special formulas. The color on your hair will also stay fade-proof for a longer time compared to when no special shampoo is used. If you have extremely dry hair, it is best to pick a formula that delivers deep hydration and miniaturization.

Since the formulas are infused with different ingredients, there might be some variation in the treatment delivered. Some shampoos may deliver good results while others may disappoint. This may cause a serious problem when deciding on which brand you should buy.

As always, we are here to save you from risky gambling. We know how much you love your color-treated hair, so we have compiled for you a list of the best shampoos for color-treated hair that you can use to make colored hair more durable.

11 Best Shampoo For Color Treated Hair

#1 Nexxus Color Assure for Color Treated Hair Shampoo

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The hair shampoo from Nexxus reawakens the color in your hair for long-lasting lasting vibrancy. It is infused with a unique protein fusion that allows it to gently cleanse color-treated hair without stripping away the color. Elastin is one of the proteins in this formula, and it works by improving the feel of your hair strands. It also makes hair appear glossy, adding a bit of shine to the color on your hair.

The quinoa extract, on the other hand, contains both proteins and amino acids, which nourishes and improves your hair quality. Its potent amino acids repair damaged hair shafts, thereby making the surface of each hair strand smooth enough to reflect maximum light. The light reflection process will make the color on your hair to appear brighter and more intense.

With this hair shampoo, your hair will be able to maintain its color for up to forty washes. To add to that, it gives you full assurance that your colored hair will get the best treatment. After all, the name of the shampoo speaks volumes about the kind of service that your color-treated hair will get.

  • The formula is infused with a hair conditioning polymer

  • Silicone and sulfate-free

  • The bottle has a pump design for easy application

  • Suitable for all hair types

  • Some users may get irritated by the fragrance

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#2 Biolage Colorlast Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair

Biolage Colorlast Shampoo

This hair shampoo has a low pH that allows it to prolong the color radiance in color-treated hair. This formula is orchid-inspired, allowing it to create a balance in your hair’s moisture content. Additionally, the orchid extract protects your hair from thermal stress that may make the color in your hair to fade out.

Moreover, these protective properties can also help you keep your hair safe from color-harmful UV rays. As a result, your color-treated hair will maintain a vibrant color depth and tone that will last for quite some time. The color on your hair will adopt a fade-defying property that will allow you to have a good colored hair look.

This shampoo not only protects colored hair but can also nourish your scalp and protect you from dandruff infestation. The formula is also very gentle on hands, so you won’t have to wear gloves when washing your hands.

  • Paraben-free

  • Leaves your hair smelling nice

  • Softens hair

  • Lathers well

  • Not sulfate-free

  • Requires thorough rinsing

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#3 Honeydew Products Aloe Vera Shampoo with Sunflower & Keratin

Honeydew Products Aloe Vera Shampoo

This vitamin-rich shampoo formula is enriched with natural ingredients that enhance the shade of colored hair. It contains plant-derived keratin that adds to your hair structure, making it stronger. The aloe vera extract in this shampoo deeply conditions your hair by penetrating deep into the hair follicle, hence moisturizing the hair from the inside. The cells in the epithelial layer of your skin will also get a fair share of aloe treatment that will make your scalp healthier.

This formula is infused with organic compounds such as beta-carotene, which protects your hair from drying out. It does this by stimulating the glands in your scalp to produce more sebum, while Vitamin D promotes hair growth. The sunflower oil has powerful fatty acids that will help you repair split ends and also prevent your hair from becoming brittle.

This shampoo is also made up of jojoba oil, which prevents your hair from thinning by making the strands thicker. As a final touch up, it moisturizes your hair intensely and makes it soft. All the ingredients in this shampoo are color-friendly, allowing the color in your hair to stay intact despite frequent washing.

  • Cruelty-free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Suitable for both men and women

  • Sulfate-free

  • Vegan-friendly

  • The fragrance may not please some users

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#4 Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner

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This Redken hair shampoo deeply cleanses colored hair while providing it with anti-fade color protection. It is able to do this with the help of the micro-net technology that has been infused in the formula. Through this, you will be able to safeguard your hair color from environmental aggressors and color altering minerals.

This formula contains cranberry oil, which delivers a conditioning effect to your hair, making it smooth and bright. The scalp will also benefit from the same treatment, allowing it to stay dandruff-free. The Interlock Protein Network technology used in making this shampoo will strengthen the protein bonds in your hair, making it more resistant to breakage. The ceramides will make this effect to last longer by adding even more strength to your hair. Your hair cuticles will be healthier and soft, allowing you to brush your hair effortlessly.

Using this shampoo to perform regular cleaning will make your hair to acquire a mirror-like shine that will give you an admirable hair look.

  • The formula has UV filters

  • Has a dual-action property

  • Nourishes your hair

  • Contains sulfates

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#5 Argan Oil Color-Safe Shampoo

Argan Oil Color-Safe Shampoo

If you have been using argan oil products, then you must be aware of the unique moisturizing capabilities that this shampoo can have on your hair. The shampoo is made from restorative natural ingredients that will preserve your hair color, and at the same time, nourish the scalp.

The exclusive blend between jojoba oil and avocado oil will allow your hair to enjoy an endless supply of moisture that will help you prevent hair loss. Unlike other moisturizing gents that sit on the hair shaft, these oils penetrate to every layer in your hair.

The botanical keratins reinforce your hair, making the strands less brittle, while the camellia seed oil provides your hair with fatty acids like omega 9. These essential acids will nourish your hair and also calm and soothe the scalp. The coconut oil extract will finish the job by making your hair to acquire more volume and natural radiance.

This shampoo delivers a complete treatment that starts right from the root to the tip of the longest strand without causing any consequential effects to colored hair.

  • Comes with a pump dispenser

  • Works on all hair types

  • Sulfate-free

  • No parabens

  • Uses organic-derived ingredients

  • Lathers lightly

  • The botanical scent may irritate some people

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#6 Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo

Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo

This anti-dandruff formula will eradicate dandruff from your hair without fading out your hair color. It gently cleanses your scalp by removing dirt and oil residue that may be clogging the hair follicles. This prevents your scalp from drying up, thereby making it less prone to itching.

The Moroccan argan oil will help you revive dull hair by improving luster and shine. Your hair will become more elastic and break-resistant, with the help of the hair strengthening properties in keratin. This natural shampoo solution is enriched with Sage oil, allowing it to moisturize and prevent irritation in the scalp.

Sage oil can also protect you from unwanted hair loss by improving the health of your hair. In addition, this shampoo has both Spikenard and Rosemary oil. The former has antiseptic properties that allow the shampoo to protect your scalp from inflammations, while the latter promotes the development of healthy hair follicles.

As such, your scalp will be free from flaking and other scalp infections that may affect the quality and outward appearance of your color-treated hair.

  • Enriched with Tea tree oil

  • No sulfates

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Non-sensitizing

  • None

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#7 Goldwell Kerasilk Color Shampoo

Goldwell Kerasilk Color Shampoo

Color fading can drastically ruin your colored hair. However, this Goldwell hair shampoo can help you counter the condition before the color fades off completely. This formulation contains ingredients that prevent premature color loss in color-treated hair, allowing you to have an easy hair maintenance routine.

The Tamanu oil in this hair cleaning product provides your hair with so many benefits. It promotes healthy growth and restores the natural sheen to your hair. Furthermore, it also has anti-fungal properties that allow it to protect the hair follicles from infection-causing microbes.

This shampoo has a lightweight moisturizing property that will leave your hair with a glittery look. The keratin infused in this formula actively interacts with the structure of your hair, resulting in a boost in hair strength and elasticity. You can have long-lasting color brilliant hair by using this shampoo every time you clean up your hair.

It improves hair texture and enhances color depth, giving you a flawless colored look.

  • Has a blend of color caring silk

  • Nourishes your hair and scalp

  • Suitable for all hair types

  • Lathers easily

  • The fragrance may irritate some users

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#8 VERB Ghost Shampoo

VERB Ghost Shampoo

This weightless formula deeply cleanses and provides color protection to color-treated hair. The shampoo is composed of mild ingredients that allow you to clean colored hair several times in a week without experiencing fade. If your hair is suffering from frizz, the Moringa oil will help you alleviate the condition by infusing essential nutrients into the hair shaft.

Your hair will have a definite color shade by preventing brassiness through the assistance of the oleic acid in the sunflower seed extract. This extract will also make your color-treated hair UV resilient, thereby limiting color damage. Those with damaged hair can get a repair treatment because of the Quinoa protein infused in this shampoo.

The Quinoa compound is loaded with minerals and vitamins that fortify the hair cuticle. It also shields the color in your hair from environmental aggressors by forming a coating layer around hair. This shampoo is paraben-free, making the formula safe for regular use.

  • Detangles hair

  • Vegan-friendly

  • Does not contain sulfates

  • Cruelty-free

  • None

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#9 Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess

Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess

The hair shampoo from Tigi is oil-infused, allowing it to deliver an electrifying color effect to your hair. This liquid tool will help clean and refresh your hair thoroughly by dissolving away sweat and foreign residue such as dirt from your hair. This formula does all this without completely washing out color from your hair.

It also smoothens the cuticles, allowing your hair to have a characteristic shine that makes the color in your hair to appear more vibrant. The sweet almond oil in the formula has hair efficient elements like Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Magnesium. With these elements in place, your hair will get all the nourishment needed to make it silky.

This shampoo is highly scented, allowing it to leave a sweet-smelling fragrance on your hair after each wash. It contains coconut oil, which is well known for its efficiency when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. This shampoo also detangles, enabling you to brush without breaking the ends of your hair. Your hair will remain frizz-free as long as you apply the shampoo as directed.

  • Infused with keratin

  • Lathers to create a creamy nutritious foam for hair

  • Removes build-up from hair

  • The first wash may remove a bit of color, but the color will hold up with time

  • The scent is extreme for some people

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#10 CAVIAR Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Shampoo

CAVIAR Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Shampoo

This formula deeply cleanses your hair regardless of whether it is straight or curly. It will help you wash off all forms impurities, allowing your color-treated hair to appear livelier. This intense cleaning property will assist you in preventing conditions such as follicle-clogging, which may lead to hair loss.

This shampoo can improve hair thickness, thus reducing the chances of having split or broken hair. The Caviar extract allows this shampoo to restore lost moisture in the hair cuticle, hence making it less prone to frizz. It also keeps colored hair safe from sun damage and other adverse weather conditions that can cause a color fade.

The algae extract in this hair cleaning formula promotes hair growth with the help of potent minerals like copper, magnesium, and selenium. Other marine botanicals in the shampoo will hydrate your scalp, making it supple. You can use this shampoo on thin and fragile hair, the ingredients used are hair-friendly, and so your hair will not be damaged.

  • Phthalates-free

  • The bottle has a luxurious design

  • No synthetic dyes

  • May dry out certain hair types

  • The formula contains alcohol

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#11 Biotin Hair Loss Shampoo – Volume Shampoo For Hair Growth

Biotin Hair Loss Shampoo

If your hair is prone to breaking, this color-safe formula will help you grow back the lost strands. This shampoo can also help you thicken even the weakest strands of hair, resulting in a thick hair look. The Saw palmetto extract in the shampoo allows you to add volume to your hair by stopping unnecessary hair loss.

This hair shampoo is enriched with botanical keratin oil, which coats hair in a natural manner, thereby providing long term protection from frizz. Your hair will also gain more strength as a result of this treatment. As for the scalp, the caffeine extract will stimulate the blood vessels in your scalp, bringing about an increase in blood supply.

As a result, the hair follicles will get enough nutrients and oxygen to grow healthy and strong hair. The fact that the shampoo is sulfate-free makes it very ideal for color-treated hair. You will be able to cleanse and regrow your hair without causing the color to fade. If you have been thinking about volumizing your hair, you can consider including this shampoo from Paisle in your hair cleaning routine.

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Enriched with Vitamin E

  • Paraben-free

  • Contains argan oil

  • You only need a small amount to cover the treatment

  • None

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes color-treated hair to fade?

A number of things can cause color-treated hair to lose its brilliance. Washing your hair with chlorinated water is one of the common causes of color fade. As a chemical, chlorine is a powerful bleaching agent that can react with the chemical bonds of the dyes used to make colors for hair treatment. This can cause color-treated hair to fade prematurely.

UV rays can also damage colored hair by causing them to fade. As such, always ensure that you limit the time you spend in the sun, especially if you have color-treated hair. It is also not advisable to use regular shampoos on color-treated hair as this may also cause color fade.

How long does color treatment last on hair?

This depends on the type of dye that is used. Semi-permanent dyes can last up to six weeks, but this may vary depending on how often you wash your hair. On the other hand, permanent hair color treatments may last for a very long time. The color will only change if you decide to apply a new color or if your hair grows out.

What makes a good shampoo for color-treated hair?

The first thing that you should consider when buying a shampoo for color-treated hair is the mildness of the formula. Shampoo formulas that are designed for color-treated hair should be color safe in order not to strip your hair of color.

Color-treated hair is also more likely to dry up, so you should go for a formula that allows your hair to lock in more moisture. Also check if the shampoo offers UV protection to your hair.

Can I color my hair on my own?

Yes. Most hair dyes come with instructional manuals that can guide you every step of the way. Nevertheless, you will have to extra careful to avoid unwanted stains. You can avoid spreading the color to your face by covering your hairline.

Should I color my hair when it’s clean or dirty?

Believe it or not, color treatments work better when your hair has forgone washing for some time. When you apply dye to clean hair, it may not stick properly because the surface is too slippery.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of colored hair, you can keep your hair look amazing by using any of the shampoos listed above. All you have to do is pick one that suits your hair type. Ensure that you go for a hair shampoo that fully meets all your color needs.

This will allow you to take good care of your hair for as long as you want. With these shampoos, your color-treated hair will stay vibrant and strong with minimal cases of hair loss.

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