Best Spray Tan Machines: To Get The Perfect Glow

Tanning is a natural process. It usually takes weeks under the sun to get the desired tan. However, with improving technology, it is now very convenient to get tanned.

These machines are a great way to achieve a tanned skin without investing much time. They are reliable, affordable and non-toxic to the skin.

A spray tan is a machine that helps you achieve the desired tan with tanning liquid. This liquid is generally a composition of Chromium Sulfate with many other chemicals.

Without proper knowledge and guidance, spray tanning machines can be challenging to handle. They have various parts, and each piece has a different version available in the market.

Each part has a different function. Thus, understanding the working of each piece will help you maintain the tanning machine better. This will improve the life period of the device with a consistent quality of tanning.

Also, with the increasing demand for spray tanning machines, more and more businesses are introducing new devices. These machines are sometimes better than all in the market.

With so many devices available in the market, it is very challenging to get the best spray tan machine for you. To save you from this dilemma, we made a list for you.

11 Best Spray Tan Machines

#1. Rapidtanpro Spray Tan Machine With Tent

Rapidtanpro Spray Tan Machine With Tent

Components of the kit

  • Spray Tanning machine
  • Jet flow Airbrush
  • Six tan solutions (pairs of different types)
  • Pop up Tent
  • Five caps
  • Barrier Cream
  • Five thongs
  • HVLP Motor

Though this is a new product in the market, it stands all the expectations of a modern spray tanner. It works with a Jetflow system that clears debris with powerful air pressure. Hence, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

With adjustable screws, it is effortless to set this product up. Being made of die-cast metal, it never leaks tanning solution.

Most tan sprayers stop working as the filter sucks up the tan solution. It doesn’t happen with this product. It offers washable filters that are easy to replace.

Also, many tan machines blow out cold wind initially. However, this product blows warm air from the very beginning.

The needle is well-engineered. Hence, you won’t get a blotch of the solution.

  • Fine quality solution

  • Low noise

  • Powerful motor

  • Limited uses per day

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#2. Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine

Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine

Components of the kit

  • A turbine unit
  • 5 feet hose
  • Two cups with lids
  • Turbine Filer, Cup Gasket, Solution Tube
  • Spray Gun
  • A users guide

We came to know that the product is lightweight and extremely portable. You can pack it anytime in your bag and travel.

The design of the product makes it a compact pack that meets all your requirements. While tanning, reaching every part of the body is essential. Otherwise, it doesn’t look natural. This product has Satin Spray Technology that atomizes the liquid. Hence, reaching every corner of the body.

This technology of the nozzle leads to minimal wastage of the solution, which makes it cost-effective.

Next comes the turbine, which is very competitive if you keep the price of the product in mind. The turbines produce minimal noise and are reliable. They provide moderate, as well as aggressive energy output.

Another feature of this product is the control dial. You can control the amount of solution spraying through the hose with the dial.

  • Flexible hose

  • Inbuilt filtration

  • Dockable gun

  • No tent

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#3. Maximist Spray Tanning Kit With a Tent

Maximist Spray Tanning Kit

Components of the kit

  • One Satin Spray Head
  • 5 Cups with two lids
  • 300W turbine
  • 5 ft hose
  • Tan Solution
  • Pop up Tent
  • Spray gun storage
  • Detailed manual

This product is well-known for its outputs. It is one of the few products that is used in both homes as well as saloons.

With its three-level of sprays, you can get three shades of tanning, i.e. Black, Brown or Pink. The manual makes it easy to use the product as it can get complicated to handle three solutions at a time.

Another unique thing about this product is the nylon stitched tent. It uses a Velcro sealed system instead of zippers, which makes it durable than any other tent in the market.

The height and width of the tent are 6.5 feet and 4 feet, respectively, which makes it convenient to use even for the tallest clients.

It has a non-stick needle that eliminates corrosion within a few minutes. Also, it has a trigger to control the spray pattern either horizontally or vertically.

The unique part of this kit is free spare parts. It has the following spare parts

  • Spray Gun Gasket
  • Solution tube
  • Nozzle Gasket
  • Turbine Filter
  • Lightweight

  • Spare parts

  • Low-quality solution

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#4. Oasis Spray Tan Machine

No products found.

Components of the kit

  • Spray Gun
  • Tan solutions

This product can be a great deal for travel geeks. It is exceptionally portable, unlike the ones with air turbines. You can plug it anywhere and anytime.

It looks similar as well as easy to operate like a hair drier. It has various triggers that allow you to control the flow of the solution effectively.

This product usually requires consistent cleaning, which is possible by removing the spray head. Another significant part of this product is the safety feature, i.e. Ground Plug interruption plug.

Since the motor, as well as the solution, is connected to the same device. There are high chances of backlogging. However, this product deals with it well.

The product doesn’t have any nozzle or hose. Thus, it is easy to maintain for an extended period.

The only thing that drags it back from others is the weak air motor. Though, powerful for its size, it may not be enough for some people.

  • Compact

  • 8 oz solution

  • Die-cast metal

  • Fragile

No products found.

#5. Norvell Tanning Kit

Norvell Tanning Kit

Components of the kit

  • HVLP gun & turbine
  • 3×8 oz tanning solutions
  • Training guide

Norvell is one of the leading manufactures of spray tanning machines in the world. They are well-known for quality products at a reasonable price.

It is one of the highly recommended saloon kits in the market. This product never fails to meet your expectations.

It has a powerful HVLP power turbine that never lets you feel low on power. The turbine has low noise and consumes 110 V.

The tanning solutions with the product are of excellent quality. These solutions are extremely friendly to the skin. Also, they offer various shades of tanning, which many products fail to provide.

Though you do not get spare parts with the kit, due to the reputation of the brand, it is effortless to get the spare parts.

The spray gun has various triggers to change the pattern of spraying, i.e. horizontal or vertical. You can also control the flow of the liquid through the nobs.

  • Competent turbine

  • Variety of solutions

  • Easy to get spare parts

  • Heavy as compared to others

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#6. Belloccio Premium T75 Spray Tanning Machine

Belloccio Premium T75 Spray Tanning Machine

Components of the kit

  • 9-foot flexible hose
  • 650W turbine
  • G12 Spray Gun
  • 4 oz tanning solution

Belloccio is one of the cheapest spray tanning machines in the market. The material of moderate quality and it offers excellent tanning experience.

The tanning solutions provide a tan that lasts more than seven days. Also, the solution is made up of Aloe Vera, which provides anti-aging properties.

Another advantage of this product is a powerful turbine. However, this powerful turbine creates a moderate level of noise.

The hose is of fine quality and flexible enough to reach every corner of the body.

This product comes with a video tutorial of 24 minutes. Hence, making it easy for you to maintain and use it.

  • Cheap

  • Powerful motor

  • Organic tanning solution

  • Noisy turbine

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#7. FUJI Mini Spray Tan System

FUJI Mini Spray Tan System

Components of the kit

  • Applicator
  • Spray gun
  • Air turbine HVLP
  • Flexible Hose

This product has brought out the best results of an HVLP turbine. The turbine is supremely powerful and very quiet. Thus, you won’t have any complaints about the motor.

The motor is also covered with noise reduction filters, which no other product in the market offers.

It is an excellent product for saloons as it has a compact design, which gives a beautiful tanning experience. Also, its sleek design makes it portable.

It has a professional-grade metal body with stainless steel fluid components. The spray gun range can be adjusted with the help of nobs from 4 to 6 feet.

Another advantage of this product is washable and replaceable filters. These filters are of high quality and generally last longer than any screen in the market.

  • Two-stage motor

  • Flexible spray pattern

  • Adjustable fluid control

  • You may find it heavy, especially when compared to others.

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#8. Black Fascination Spray Tan Machine

Black Fascination Spray Tan Machine

Components of the kit

  • Spray tanning machine
  • Maintainance kit
  • Tanning solutions
  • Pop up tent
  • Two bottles

If you are looking for a convenient way to set up a tanning machine then, it might be the one. This product has a good range of features at a reliable cost.

It comes with an 8 oz tanning solution that is good for dark tanning. The solution is skin-friendly and lasts more than five days after applied.

This product also provides control over the solution through nobs. Also, you can change the spraying pattern with a few adjustments.

Tanning usually requires precision, and this device is well-known for its accuracy through its well-engineered needle.

Only a few tanning machines in the market provide sole protectors, and this kit is one of them. These sole protectors are comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

The turbine is of moderate power and can serve household tanning well. This device is not recommended for saloons due to its overall average quality.
The tent with the kit is also of moderate quality. Though the height and width of the tent are enough to fit an average human, it is not very durable.

  • Affordable

  • Good for household tanning

  • Quality tanning solution

  • Moderate turbine

  • Moderate quality of the material

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#9. Fuji Salon Pro 2150 Tanning kit

Fuji Salon Pro 2150 Tanning kit

Components of the kit

  • HVLP turbine
  • Flexible Hose
  • 8 oz bottles
  • Applicator holder

There are various machines in the market that assure the lowest noise. However, this machine beats them all. This machine is well-reputed for being the quietest tanning machine.

It is so quiet that you won’t be able to any noise while using it. The HVLP turbine makes this device even more powerful. It has a moderate range of spray that gives efficient tanning shade.

The HVLP motor has two stages that make the power output much more efficient as per its size.

With the applicator holder, this device becomes much more portable than it should be. Being heavy for a tanning machine reduces portability. However, this product removes that backlog.

The hose is made of plastic and except that everything is made of metal. The spraying elements are made of stainless steel, while the body is a compound metal.

This product is great overall, but there are a few areas that we feel this device lacks in like the bottle is of low-quality plastic that is not much durable.

Also, the plastic hose, though, flexible has limited durability and, in the long run, requires replacement.

  • Premium metal body

  • Quietest in the segment

  • HVLP powerful turbine

  • Low-quality plastic used.

  • Costly as compared to others

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#10. Ultra Pro T-85 QC Spray Tanning Machine

Ultra Pro T-85 QC Spray Tanning Machine

Components of the kit

  • Gun Applicator
  • Pop up tent
  • Connect coupler
  • HVLP turbine
  • Tanning solution
  • Tanning accessories

Another product of this company. Though this product is quite similar to the previous one, it provides better performance.

The HVLP turbine of this product is a lot more powerful and effective. The turbine unit has a slim and sleek design that makes it easy to carry and good-looking.

The flexible plastic hose is of fine quality and has enough length to perform tanning comfortably.

The pop-up tent is of medium quality and is easy to use. Also, tanning accessories are comfortable and convenient to use. They are accommodating in a tanning process.

This product offers four bottles of the same size; however, you can use only one at a time with the machine.

The tanning solutions are high if you keep the price in mind. However, there are better tanning solutions in the market.

You may even face skin irritation after applying this tanning solution.

Overall, the product is excellent, but it is not for professional purposes. The quality of the product doesn’t meet the high standards expected from a tanning machine.

  • It is one of the cheapest in the market

  • HVLP high power motor

  • Tent and accessories

  • Four solution bottles

  • The tanning solution isn’t great

  • The quality of the product is low

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#11. MaxiMist Evolution Spray Tanning Machine

MaxiMist Evolution Spray Tanning Machine

Components of the kit

  • Three Twist and turn Spray head
  • 75 oz cups
  • 75 oz lids
  • 570W dual-stage HVLP
  • Spare kit
  • Spare Tan solution
  • 5 ft hose

Another competent product by this company. Generally, most tanning machines overheat after a duration of time. However, the turbine is of this product is designed to remain cool every time.

The turbine produces minimal noise, which is similar to an indoor refrigerator. It is very difficult to talk about when the turbine is on. However, the noise reduction design of this product doesn’t let that happen.

The filter is one of the most important parts of a tanning machine. If it is of bad quality then, you may end up with regret of buying that machine. Poor quality filters require a lot of maintenance.

This product offers a high-quality filter that is very easy to replace and wash.

The spray gun is lightweight and remains clog-free. It is made of a medium quality plastic, but it serves the purpose well.

The 11.5 ft flexible hose is the longest in its segment and makes sure that you don’t fall short.

The tanning solutions provided with this product are of fine quality and remain skin-friendly. It also lasts longer than most solutions in the market.

  • Spare Parts

  • Affordable

  • Three spray guns

  • Do not have a user manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the descriptions of the above products, you may have some questions. Below, we have tried to answer those questions in the best way possible.

How much liquid is consumed?

Some kits do not have tanning solutions with them. Hence, if you are buying a solution externally, you need to know the amount to buy.

Generally, it takes a solution between 2 oz – 2.5 oz for one tanning. Therefore, it costs about $3 per client.

What to look for in a professional machine?

There is a chunk of spray tanning machines available in the market. Choosing one of them to make your business profitable is important.

Each tanning machine in the market has a daily limit. Try to calculate your daily demand and select a machine on the basis of that.

Keep the noise in mind. Each tanning machine produces a different level of noise that is through the turbine. A loud noise is not good for professional purposes.

Generally, cheap turbines produce a high level of noise. If you are looking for a professional tanning machine, then go for the higher segment.

Keep the maintenance in mind. Tanning machines usually face clogging and blotching. Select a machine that offers easy maintenance. Jet flow guns are great for automatic cleaning.

It all depends on the tanning solution. Without a tanning solution, you won’t be able to do tanning. Hence, the quality of this solution affects the overall experience by a huge margin.
Try choosing solutions that are reputed in the market.

How far should the machine be?

Good tanning requires consistent handling of the gun. If the gun is too far from the skin then, you may consume too much solution, but might not get the desired tanning.

If it gets too close, you may end up getting multiple layers of the solutions that look unnatural.

To a great shade of tanning, the gun must be between two to six inches.

Which is better Spray gun or Air Gun?

Usually, tanning machines either have a spray gun or an air gun. Both types of gun are right. However, there is a minute difference between the two.

A standard spray gun covers a larger area at a time. They require a high amount of solution as compared to the air gun.

Machines with a spray gun usually take less than twenty-five minutes to complete a tanning process.

Air guns consume less amount of solution but are generally slower than the spray gun. A standard tanning process takes more than thirty minutes.

Only the type of gun doesn’t matter. Other factors that make a tanning machine great are the turbine, hose, nozzle, and the material.

What are the types of Spray tan compressors?

Air Compressor

These compressors are cheaper and produce less noise. They are often equipped with spray guns.


LVLP or “Low Volume Low Pressure,” as the name says, they operate at low pressure. The spray dries quickly and even can be adjusted.


HVLP or “High Volume Low Pressure” is a system that delivers air through the turbine. They operate at a higher pressure as compared to LVLP. This compressor creates an even and controlled flow. They are the smallest among all the compressors and weigh considerably less.

Which is the ace?

This list of tan spraying machine was made through a lot of research & practical experience with these machines.

However, in our opinion, the “Rapidtanpro Spray tanning machine” is the most competent kit in the market. This kit is a combination of premium quality and portability at an affordable price.

One of the reasons for choosing this product is the Jet flow system. There are very few people aware of this product. However, it has been a valued product among people who are aware of it.

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