Top 10 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions In 2020

There’re different types of tanning lotions available on the market today. One of these types is tingle tanning lotions. These lotions are known as tingle tanning because they have an intense tingling sensation on the skin. They’re specially manufactured to tan the skin faster than regular tanning lotions.

These lotions work by speeding up blood circulation and bringing blood and oxygen closer to the surface of the skin. As a result, more melanin is produced by melanocytes. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for producing melanin.

Increased levels of melanin tan the skin. The tingling effect is brought about by Benzyl Nicotinate and Methyl Nicotinate. Some lotions use of one these two ingredients while others use a combination of the two ingredients.

While there’re many brands of this lotion available on the market, you need to choose the right lotion for your skin for the best tanning results. You don’t have to worry about the choices you have for we have made it easier by shortlisting and reviewing the 10 best tingle tanning lotion available today. Read on for the reviews.

10 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions

#1. Designer Skin BombShell

Designer Skin BombShell

First things first, this lotion has an infamous color, combined with fiery intensity. It’s formulated to define what a tingle lotion is meant to do. Its formulation releases a tingling heat that boosts the oxygenation of the skin, thereby tanning the skin at a dramatically fast rate.

Its white tea extract combined with powerful antioxidants keeps free radicals away from your skin, thereby giving it a ravishing look. Moreover, its formulation has a moisturizing effect on the skin that works without compromising the tanning session.

Besides being a tingle lotion, the product also comes with a bronzer. The bronzer intensifies the tanning effect. Additionally, its formulation delivers even tanning results.

Just like its name suggests, the lotion is indeed a bombshell. Its formulation works from within to activate the production of melanin quickly. Moreover, its tingling effect lasts throughout a tanning session for maximum benefits.

Its tanning effect is very powerful such that one tanning session will give sufficient results. If you need getting extra dark, then you can go ahead with two or more sessions until you get the desired results. You’ll also love the kiwi-watermelon fragrance that comes with the lotion. The fragrance is noticeable even after a tanning session, making it a perfect alternative for your regular perfume.

  • Shields the skin against harmful UV rays

  • Extremely powerful with immediate results

  • Has a smooth texture for easier application

  • Should only be used by experienced tanners

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#2. Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots

Are you looking for an intense tingling sensation when tanning your skin? If that’s so, this lotion is the best deal for you. It causes an extreme burning sensation while tanning your skin. The hot sensation is exactly what you’d want as an experienced tanning lover.

The product comes as a combination of lotion and bronzer. It has both cosmetic and natural ingredients that deliver instant and lasting tanning during the tanning session. This is made possible by its high amounts of silicone.

Its Melano Bronze and Tyrosine ingredients enhance the production of melanin for a faster tanning process. Another key ingredient in the lotion is Melactiva. This ingredient allows for enhanced tanning with long-lasting effects. Its effects also make the skin firmer while reducing cellulite. If you have tattoos, the tanning effect of the lotion will enhance their radiance and longevity.

The lotion is also ideal for tightening and toning the skin. In the process, it fades wrinkles to give your skin a smoother, younger look. You’ll also love its grapefruit scent. Being a silicone-based lotion, it spreads well on the skin, thereby tanning it smoothly.

  • Doesn’t cause itchiness

  • Well-designed cap that prevents it from becoming clumpy

  • A small amount goes a long way

  • Its tingling effect may be unbearable for a first-timer

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#3. Pro Tan Hot Tottie Hot

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Want a tingling lotion that will not only tan your skin but also nourish it with extra benefits? If that’s so, then this lotion will be an ideal choice for you. It comes packed with essential vitamins that will improve the health of your skin. The lotion also features Cocoa Butter and Mango ingredients that allow for a smooth, silky tone. You’ll also enjoy a smooth tone after completing your tanning session.

The formulation in the lotion is well balanced such that it delivers the right amount of tingling and heat for a glowing skin and lasting effects. Its dark tanning effects will leave you with a dark, golden look. It’s also worth to note that its tingling sensation goes deep into the skin for a lasting tan.

While some tingle tanning products leave redness on the skin for several hours, the redness caused by this lotion only lasts for a few minutes. Thus, its tanning effects appear quickly with a lot of tan brown color.

  • Has a great scent

  • A single tanning session is enough to get positive results

  • Doesn’t leave any streaks

  • Greatly priced for affordability

  • Not ideal for use on sensitive skin

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#4. Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme

We considered this lotion in our review based on its numerous tanning benefits. Its formulation is designed for an experienced tanner. If you’re a lover of intense tanning with hot, tingling sensations, then you’ll fall in love with this lotion.

It delivers the darkest tan possible, thanks to its ingredients that enhance the supply of oxygen to skin cells, thereby making the skin tan naturally. A notable ingredient in its formulation is hemp seed oil. The oil is essential in conditioning the skin. It’ll nourish the skin with important fatty acids for enhanced health.

Another important ingredient in the lotion is mangosteen. This ingredient is rich in antioxidants that neutralize any elements that make the skin show signs of aging. Your skin will look youthful as a result of reduced signs of aging. The formulation also features vitamins that will brighten and soften your skin. The vitamins also repair damaged skin while still moisturizing it. Besides its powerful tingle, the lotion also has ingredients that protect tattoos.

The redness that results from the tingles and heat wears off quite fast, leaving you with a beautiful, tanned color. It maintains its fragrance after the tanning session. Thus, you won’t have to wear your regular perfume sooner.

  • Great mango fragrance

  • Visible results after a single tanning session

  • Affordable price range

  • Not ideal for an allergic person or someone with sensitive skin

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#5. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

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Looking for a one of a kind tingling sensation? You can get it all from the Pink Diamond lotion. It uses an enhanced tingle effect to increase oxygen supply to the skin cells. As a result, your skin will look darker with a lasting color.

Manufacturers of this lotion have integrated Carat Complex formulation. The role of this special formulation is to offer a deep dark tone, thereby enhancing the tanning color. It also comes with Allantoin and caffeine that assist in rejuvenating and toning the skin. As a result, your skin complexion will be more radiant and well-balanced.

The lotion also comes with ingredients that assist in healing damaged skin, conditioning the skin, and soothing it as well. It also comes with moisturizing effects for a flawless finish. If your skin is dry, its moisturizing ability will keep it super soft.

Besides its tanning effects, the lotion has anti-aging properties. The lotion fades wrinkles by tightening the skin. It’ll also reduce signs of aging on the inner thighs by stiffening them. To add to that, the lotion has slimming properties that aid in reducing fats.

  • Has a delicious green citrus scent

  • Its sizzling effect is light enough for a first-timer

  • Leaves a great bronzed skin tone

  • Users with sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation and itchiness

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#6. Devoted Creations White 2 Black

Devoted Creations White 2 Black

Looking for a unique tanning experience? If so, you’ve landed on the right lotion. It makes the skin tanned three shades darker, thanks to its powerful ingredients. Its effects are noticeable as soon as it starts tingling the skin. The lotion also comes with black tea and cranberry extracts that allow the tan effect to last longer.

The lotion will also keep your skin hydrated throughout the tanning session and afterward. This is made possible by its hemp seed oil ingredient. It’s also formulated with acai berry that keeps away free radicals that damage the skin. The acai berry also fades wrinkles and fine lines to keep your skin looking younger.

Besides the aforementioned ingredients, the lotion is also formulated with tapioca starch that conditions and softens the sink to make it smoother. If your skin has started showing signs of aging, you can tan it with this lotion to make it firmer. Since the lotion is bronzer-free, it won’t stain your clothes or make your hands look orange.

  • Has an appealing fragrance

  • Multiple accelerators for stimulating melanin production

  • Doesn’t leave streaks after a tanning session

  • Might irritate some skin types

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#7. Flamin Hot Tingle

Flamin Hot Tingle

Just like its name suggests, the lotion is indeed flaming hot. Its formulation will get your blood hot and pumped closer to your skin, thereby giving your skin a deep, dark color. Tropical butter ingredients in the lotion will penetrate your skin to give a youthful look.

The ingredients fade wrinkles to give your skin a fresh, smooth look. This lotion will tingle your skin as soon as you apply it. The tingling sensation lasts long to keep your skin tanned for quite long. Its bronzing ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, thereby giving it a golden look.

A blend of mango, avocado, and cocoa is also included in the lotion. These ingredients provide the skin with essential nutrients that enhance the overall health of the skin. You’ll also get to enjoy the anti-aging and skin firming effects of the lotion. As a result, your skin will turn silky smooth.

  • Amazing raspberry-lime fragrance

  • Heats up the skin almost instantly

  • Keeps reddening for a long period

  • It’s on the higher price range

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#8. Insanely Black Dark Tanning Lotion

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Want your skin to turn dark tan with an even look? You can make that possible with this lotion. It’s formulated in such a way that it acts quickly on the skin for its effects to start showing quickly. Upon applying this lotion, you’ll look like you’ve been tanning in bed or out in the sun.

Something that makes this lotion stand out among other lotions of its category is that it’s safe for application on the face. Its ingredients are not harsh such that the lotion won’t react badly on the skin. Thus, the lotion is ideal for use on all skin types.

Another thing you’ll love about this lotion is its scent. The scent is light enough for use by just anyone. It’ll leave you smelling great hours after getting done with your tanning session. The tanning effect of the lotion is streak-free. Moreover, the lotion will leave your skin soft, thanks to its seed oil and glycerin ingredients that moisturize the skin.

The lotion also does a great skin-firming job. It’ll tighten your skin muscles, thereby getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. The end result is a youthful-looking skin.

  • Blackberry-citrus fragrance

  • Tans really dark within a single tanning session

  • The tanning effect lasts quite long

  • A first-timer may feel slight discomfort

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#9. 2010 Devoted Creations Avant Tingle

2010 Devoted Creations Avant Tingle

The Avant tingle lotion is specially formulated to tan the skin using effective ingredients. For instance, it’s formulated in such a way that it’s creamy and lightweight for easier application. Its creamy nature allows it to spread well over the skin for a smooth and even tanning effect. Your skin will be tanned uniformly without leaving any patches.

The lotion has ingredients that speed up the release of high amounts of melanin for faster tanning. At the same time, the lotion delivers a deep tingling sensation that stimulates microcirculation in the skin. The result is a dark tan look.

Additionally, the lotion will keep your skin moisturized, thanks to its Vitamins C and E ingredients. The vitamins will also assist in repairing damages on the skin for a smoother complexion. Its formulation also comprises of hemp seed oil, which also offers moisturizing benefits.

  • Great pomegranate fragrance

  • Doesn’t stain clothing and doesn’t leave streaks

  • Great for anyone who likes a bronzer-free tanning lotion

  • Only ideal for an experienced tanner

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#10. Fiesta Sun MANGO MELT


Want your skin to look evenly tanned by simply applying a tingle tanning lotion? The Fiesta Sun lotion has a pure tanning effect that is made possible by hot tingling effects. It allows you to tan your skin to a whole new level.

The lotion is formulated with natural ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil. These ingredients moisturize the skin naturally to keep it soft and healthy. The lotion is also formulated with Aloe Vera that replenishes the skin. Moreover, the vitamins and essential oils in the lotion enhances the skin to tan extremely dark.

Its tingling sensation is hot enough to make you get a true tanning experience. As your skin gets hot, you’ll see it turning red as blood and oxygen gets pumped closer to the surface of your skin. The intensity of the tingling will tan your skin dark enough.

  • Great price range

  • It has a light scent

  • Great lotion texture for easy application

  • Maybe too hot on sensitive skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

What precaution measures should I observe when using a tingle tanning lotion?

There’re certain important things you should know before using this kind of lotion. To start with, these lotions are not ideal for use on the face. The face is extremely sensitive and may react badly to the tingling and burning sensation.

Also, avoid showering with hot water after a tanning session. Hot water can reactivate the lotion and worsen the tingling. You should instead shower with cool or lukewarm water to prevent the lotion from being reactivated.

Also, shower before holding small children and pets since the lotion may irritate them.

Who shouldn’t use tingle tanning lotion?

These lotions may have intense tingling sensations. Thus, they’re not ideal for use by a beginner tanner. They’re only ideal for experienced tanners. If you’re a first-timer, start with applying a solid base tan before applying a tingle tanning lotion.

What benefits will I get by using tingle tanning lotions?

The main benefit you’ll get is that your skin will tan extremely first. These lotions are also powerful moisturizers such that they keep the skin soft. The tingling sensation can also make you feel relaxed.

How does a tingle feel?

The tingling effect of the lotion feels like a sting or a burning sensation. The feeling is manageable for an experienced tanner. However, it might feel uncomfortable for a first-timer.

How soon should I shower after tanning?

It’ll all depend on your personal preferences. If you feel that the tingling effect is too hot for you to handle, then you can shower sooner. If you can handle the effect, then you can take longer before showering. However, if you’ll shower sooner after tanning, then use cooler water.

What accessories do I need when applying a tingle tanning lotion?

You’ll need a lotion applicator for easier handling of the lotion. It’ll also help to have tanning goggles with you. Some towels and nipple protection will also help.

Final Words

Tingle tanning lotions are ideal for tanning the skin more rapidly than regular lotions. The brand you’ll choose should depend on the effects you want to get and the intensity of its tingles. You can also choose between a bronzer-free lotion and one that has bronzer.

Nevertheless, your ultimate choice should depend on the benefits you want to get from the lotion. After all, everyone who loves tanning may have different goals. Although tingle tanning is not for everyone, if you like doing it, we hope that our reviews will assist you in finding the right tingle tanning lotion for your needs.

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