How Does High Lift Hair Color Work?

Have you been longing for a permanent hair color without bleach? Are you really fed up with every bleach session you have to forego during a coloring session? Bleaching session might become quiet painful and super-irritating if someone not very experienced is doing it.

Most of us are craving for blonde hair, and the only thing that resists us from coloring blonde is our hatred towards bleach. Bleach is a very serious product to deal with. It is never compatible with damaged hair types. So, are you guys planning to drop off the idea of getting blonde hair? Actually, you shouldn’t have to. Here is a great replacement for bleach.

You should go for High Lift Hair Colors if bleach is not your thing. You don’t have to keep off your desire to get blonde hair anymore. Let us check out more about High Lift Hair Colors, which is a new addition to the arena of hair colors available in the market.

High lift hair colors are permanent hair colors that don’t require a bleaching session. These hair colors are specially designed for people who can’t withstand the process of bleaching. The composition of High Lift Hair Colors is different from the composition of normal hair colors.

High lift hair colors usually contain more ammonia and color pigments than in any of the normal hair dyes. The increased ammonia content assists in quicker and deeper absorption of color pigments. High lift hair colors often come with a double ratio of 40 volume developer.

Like every other product in the market, High lift hair colors also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a glance at those points that makes them stand out from the ordinary hair dyes.

Advantages Of High Lift Hair Colors

  • You don’t require to apply bleach on your hair before the application of hair color.
  • High lift hair colors impart more color pigments to your hair strands.
  • High lift hair colors are rich in natural moisturizers that keep your hair strands hydrated.
  • You don’t have to tone up your hair at regular intervals.
  • High lift hair colors impart a natural glow and dewy look to your hair strands.
  • High lift hair colors are less damaging when compared to bleach.
  • Relatively easier application.

Disadvantages Of High Lift Hair Colors

  • High lift hair colors don’t work on already dyed hair strands. They yield results only on virgin hair strands.
  • High lift hair colors don’t work on naturally dark hair types. They are compatible only with dark-blonde or light brown hair.
  • High lift hair colors can only lighten your hair up to 5 levels.

How To Apply High Lift Hair Colors Of Your Own?

As said earlier, High lift hair colors are comparatively easier to work with. You can actually apply high lift hair colors of yourself or at home as it doesn’t involve any complex procedures of bleaching.

Here is a detailed stepwise guide on how to work with high lift hair colors of your own.

Step one: Choose a high lift hair color with pretty much good reviews. Go for the products from a trusted brand. Make sure the package includes detailed instructions. Choose a hair color with the least number of harsh chemicals.

Step two: Read the instructions on the label of your high lift hair color. Understand the procedures.

Step three: Get ready to apply the color. Change into an old T-shirt to avoid the chances of staining. Put on your gloves. Take a comb, bowl, and brush.

Step four: Mix the hair color and developer in the ratio given on the instruction label.

Step five: Part your hair into four or more sections.

Step six: Start working on a single section. Tie up the rest of the hair sections. Apply hair color beginning from the roots of your hair strands.

Step seven: Leave the hair color for on your head for 45 to 60 minutes depending upon the instructions on the label.

Step eight: Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

Step ten: Apply a leave-in conditioner to prevent dehydration and excess dryness.


High lift hair colors are perfect for dark blonde and dark brown hair types, but not for black hair types.

You can skip the worst part of the coloring, i.e, bleaching if you choose high lift hair colors instead of normal ones.

High lift hair colors also keep your hair strand moisturized. They even impart a natural glow to the hair strands.

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