How To Grow Hair Fast Naturally?

All of us are really concerned about the health of our hair, right? It has a sole role in building up our self-confidence. People are too often worried about excess hair fall and going bald despite the gender.

The chances for hair fall are significantly high nowadays due to the increased pollution levels in which we are living.  Therefore, proper care and protection plans are essential to maintain healthy hair. Sadly, it is too difficult to trust a haircare product available in the market. The time is up high to go back to natural solutions and home remedies.

There are several home remedies to grow hair fast naturally. The hair packs with natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, onion juice, and castor oil can promote fast hair growth. A diet plan rich in biotin, vitamins, and fatty acids also can promote quick hair growth in addition to the natural hair packs.

Here in this article, we will discuss different ways to grow hair fast naturally. We present to you some tips that can make an impact on your hair growth. There would be lifestyle changes, diet changes, natural remedies, homemade hair packs, and all you need to grow healthy hair.

What Will Help Your Grow Hair Fast Naturally?

Change Your Diet

Your diet has a major role in keeping your hair healthy. The addition of essential nutrients and the elimination of toxic ingredients from your diet can do magic on your hair growth. Go for a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, oils, and essential minerals.

Protein is a major structural component of hair. Hence, you should make sure that you are taking enough proteins required for hair growth. Start including more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Cereals and nuts are also good sources of protein.

Fatty acids also have a role in promoting natural hair growth. Include meat, fish, leafy vegetables, and flax seeds in your diet.

Make sure you are consuming food rich in Biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Include sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin to balance Vitamin A levels. Take broccoli, leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits to cope up with Vitamin C levels. Eat eggs, salmon, and avocados to maintain Biotin levels.

Avoid excess sugar and fat. Smoking, carbonated beverages, and caffeine would block hair growth.

Also, drink plenty of water. Hydrate yourself. It will boost your overall glow.

Go For Scalp Massage

Massaging scalp increases the blood flow and promotes hair growth. Remember, don’t be harsh. Massage the scalp gently with your fingertips. You can use an oil of your choice to massage the head. Using heated oil can increase the therapeutic effect of your massage.

Do at least one session of scalp massage in a week.

Massaging not only boosts hair growth. It also helps in relieving your stress and tensions.

Wash Your Hair Once In Two Days

It would be better not to wash your hair every day. Wash your hair once in two days. Also, don’t shampoo your hair often. Make it once or twice a week. Regular shampooing would drain out natural oils and glow from your hair.

It would be better not to use a dryer to dry your wet hair. The heat from the dryer can damage your hair.

Also, don’t brush your hair when it is wet. Brush gently to avoid hair fall and breakages. Using a boar bristle brush helps in keeping your hair healthy and strong.

Reduce Stress Levels

High-stress levels can deteriorate your hair growth. You can try yoga and music therapy to relieve stress. Increasing stress reduces the thickness, volume, and natural glow of your hair. Also, make sure that you sleep well. A healthy mind and body are essential for growing hair fast naturally.

Take Hair Growth Supplements

You can go for hair growth supplements if your diet doesn’t cope up with the nutrient levels required for hair growth. You can take Biotin, Iron, Omega 3 fatty acids and Zinc supplements to enhance hair growth.

Reduce Chemical And Heat Treatments

Start cutting down chemical products and treatments to grow hair fast. Say no to heat treatments. Go for hair care products that don’t contain any parabens, phthalates, alcohols, or sulfates.

Heat and chemical treatments drain out natural essential oils on your hair. Excess usage of heat and chemicals would lead to scalp itching, dryness of scalp, and hair breakages.

Reduce blow-drying and hairstyling sessions. Go for natural dyes. Chemicals and heat can stunt your hair growth.

Trim Your Hair At Regular Intervals

Start trimming your hair at regular intervals to grow hair fast. Trim your hair at least once in two months. It would not only increase your hair growth but reduce chances for split ends and damaged hairs as well.

Natural Hair Packs And Home Remedies

Hair packs using natural ingredients from your kitchen and back yard can do wonders on your hair. Having at least one natural hair pack in a week can do magic on your hair growth. Natural hair packs are the best yet a safe solution for all your hair problems. They nourish your hair as well.

Some natural ingredients are splendid with hair growth factors.

10 Natural Remedies To Promote Hair Growth

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a real savior for all your skin and hair problems. It is a great hair growth promoter. The fatty acids in the coconut oil penetrate deeper into the hair structure and protect it from protein loss. It helps you maintain a healthy scalp devoid of dandruff and itching. Coconut oil prevents split ends and excess hair fall.

Apply coconut oil an hour before your bath. Massage gently using your fingertips. Wash off your hair with or without shampoo according to your hair type.

Use the oil consistently to grow your hair fast. It promotes the overall health of your hair.

Aloe Vera

The proteolytic enzymes in aloe vera keep your scalp healthy and promote hair growth by improving the blood circulation. Aloe vera conditions your hair and makes it super soft. It helps you to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Aloe vera contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and Folic acid to promote hair growth.

Apply aloe vera gel at least once in two days to increase your hair growth. Massage the gel gently on to your scalp and hair. Leave it for an hour and wash it off.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is for faster hair growth. It promotes hair growth by activating your hair follicles. Castor oil is also rich in moisturizing properties. They also help in reducing dandruff.

Mix castor oil with your daily oil. Massage it on to your scalp. Leave it for a while. Rinse your hair using a shampoo.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil strengthens the roots of your hair and increases hair growth. It contains antioxidants and sulfur to keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth.

Add a few drops of rosemary oil into your daily hair oil and massage for a while. Wash it off as usual.

Green Tea

The antioxidants in green tea strengthen hair follicles and increase hair growth. It prevents hair fall and imparts a voluminous hair.

Boil the dust and make a green tea solution. Wait for until it cools down. Apply the green tea solution into your scalp. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and wash off.

Red Onion Juice

Onion juice is great for increasing hair growth. It improves keratin and blood flow to the hair cuticles. That is how onion juice actually stimulates hair growth. The high sulfur content in onion juice helps in regrowth of hair. Onion juice is also proven to reduce hair fall.

Take a few onions and blend them well to squeeze out the juice. Apply the juice on your scalp and hair. Massage for a while to assist absorption. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. Wah it off with a shampoo.

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves have antioxidant and antiviral properties. These properties act on scalp and repair hair damages. Thus, they are a great solution to increase hair growth. It prevents scalp infection and encourages hair regrowth.

Boil some guava leaves in water. Wash your hair with the guava leaves the water after it cools down. Repeat it at least twice a week.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is a highly nutritious vegetable for your diet as well as hair care. It contains Vitamins and Carotenoids. A hair pack with beetroot and yogurt can do wonders on your hair. The folic acid in beetroot increases hair growth.

Make beetroot into a paste. Add some yogurt. Apply beetroot hair pack gently on to your scalp and hair. Leave it for an hour. Rinse off with shampoo.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper assists you in promoting hair growth. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper prevents hair loss. It increases blood circulation and increases hair growth. It works quite well with olive oil.

Take equal proportions of cayenne pepper and olive oil. Blend it well. Apply the pack gently on to your hair and scalp. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it off with a shampoo.

Fermented Rice Water

Rice water decreases hair fall and increases hair growth. It contains essential amino acids and vitamins that promote hair growth. Rice water also helps to keep your hair strong and smooth.

Wash your hair with fermented rice water. Massage it on to your hair for a while. Rinse off with cold water.


You can see quick results if you are following a well-balanced diet and a consistent hair care routine. Follow the tips. Try out hair packs and stick on to a proper hair care regimen. Your patience will be paid off.

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