How To Make Acrylic Nails Stop Hurting?

Without any doubt, acrylic nails are quite trending nowadays. Our hectic lives give us no time for self-care routines including maintaining long beautiful nails. And people are often caught with ugly nails in parties and functions.

But it is quite embarrassing for us ladies to go out with half worn-off and not maintained nails. No more embarrassments. You can easily fix some Acrylic nails to complete your look for a party. Acrylic nails are available in different shapes, colors, and designs. They last for 2 to 3 weeks.

The downside of Acrylic nails is that it might get quite painful at times. To stop Acrylic nails hurting, first of all, you should get involved in the procedures of the fitting. Choose hand filing over electric drilling. Don’t allow nail technicians to file your nails too far beyond the natural nail bed. Above all, choosing an experienced and qualified nail technician would help you relieve the pain of acrylic nails up to an extent. Dipping your nails in ice is a quick solution to get over the hurting of Acrylic nails.

Why Does Acrylic Nails Hurt?

Acrylic nails might cause hurt due to different reasons. Mostly they are due to errors in the procedures of fitting the nails. At times, due to the quality of products used and lack of experience of the nail technician. However, the major causes of pain are:

  • Filing off your natural nails too much can hurt you.
  • Acrylic nails hurt if the glue used in the procedure is not of good quality or is expired.
  • Spreading a thick sheet of acrylic would increase the weight on your nails and cause more pain.
  • Your nails might hurt severely if cuticles are trimmed excessively to fit in acrylic nails.
  • Choosing acrylic nails in a different shape from that of your natural nails can become quite painful.
  • Removal of acrylic nails can also be painful. Try removing acrylic nails at home by home remedies rather than going for the Acetone-based removal procedures at a salon. Acetone may cause severe problems to your nails and cuticle.

How To Get Your Acrylic Nails Done Without Causing Much Pain?

Acrylic nails are quite painful, but most of us endure the pain due to the beauty they reveal off. The discomfort and pain from acrylic nails are normal until 2 to 5 days after their fixation. The pain would be significantly large if you are getting Acrylic nails for the first time.

Here let us look at some tips to make Acrylic nails stop hurting.

Go to an Experienced Nail Technician

Yes. Getting Acrylic nails are quite expensive. But don’t go to salons offering acrylic nails at a very cheap price. The quality of the products and experience of the technician in the procedure of getting acrylic nails determines the pain you are going to endure.

An inexperienced nail technician might file your natural nails too much or trim your cuticles excessively. He/she might also affix the nails applying excess pressure that would increase the pain. Getting Acrylic nails done from an experienced nail technician may at times cause no pain at all.

Likewise, the quality of the gum and acrylic used in the procedure determines the span of your Acrylic nails. Using an expired gum or acrylic may lift off your nails soon and cause pain.

Therefore, it would be better to choose a reputed salon with good reviews and professional nail technicians to get your Acrylic nails done. This might help you carry acrylic nails without any pain.

Communicate with your Nail technician

You are supposed to communicate well with your nail technician. Get involved in the procedure.

Ask the technician not to file off your natural nails too much. Reveal the procedures that would hurt you and ask him or her to be gentle while applying the pressure. Don’t allow to trim your cuticles in excess. Choose hand filing over electric filing. This would hurt you less.

A thick spread of Acrylic over your nails might increase the soreness and pain. Therefore, you can suggest reducing the weight and pressure over your natural nails by decreasing the thickness of acrylic nails.

Go with the Shape of your Natural Nails

One of the greatest advantages of Acrylic nails is that you can try on a vast variety of shapes. But actually, the difference between the shapes of your natural nails and acrylic nails itself is one of the major reasons for the pain you have to endure while carrying off acrylic nails.

Therefore, it would be better to shape your acrylic nails in the shape of your natural nails itself. This would hurt you less.

Avoid Pointed and Lengthy Acrylic nails

Believe it or not, pointed and lengthy nails would hurt you more. It would be better to stand away from pointed and lengthy acrylic nails, especially when you are getting Acrylic nails done for the first time.

Pointed and lengthy nails are very prone to damages that would in turn pull of the artificial nails causing bleeding and pain.

Apply Cuticle oil or cream before and after the procedures

Applying a cuticle oil would help you maintain the balance of the skin.

Application of cuticle cream before the procedures would help you keep your skin hydrated despite the chemical treatments occurring. It prevents excess dryness that would, in turn, reduce the intensity of pain you have to endure.

Applying cuticle oil after the chemical procedure helps in retaining the balance of your skin. It compensates for the loss of moisture that might have occurred between the chemical treatments done.

Cold or Ice treatment

Dipping your fingers in cold water or ice would help you reduce the pain you are enduring. Take a bowl and pour some ice water into it. Add on some ice cubes too. Keep your fingers in the bowl until you feel revived from the pain.


It is normal to endure the pain until two days from getting the Acrylic nails done. You can take a pain killer if required or go for a cols water treatment.

Something has gone wrong if the pain persists even after two days. Go to the salon and get your nails removed soon in this case.

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