How To Make Olive Oil Body Wash At Home

Do you find soap too harsh on your body? It is high time that you should think of replacing the harsh body soaps. Many types and flavors of body washes are available at the market. Haven’t you tried them yet?

But many of us don’t feel safe about buying skincare products from the market, right? Actually, why should you buy a body wash when you can easily make it at home? Let us now look at how to make olive oil body wash at home.

You can easily make olive oil body washes at home by mixing up a few ingredients. The ingredients you would require for making olive oil body wash are Olive oil, Honey, Essential oils, and Liquid castile soap. It is super easy.

Let us look at the benefits of choosing olive oil as the moisturizing oil for your body wash. In the later sessions, we will look at the role of other ingredients required for the process. And finally, we will see how to make olive oil body wash at home.

Why Should You Include Olive Oil In Your Body Wash?

Olive oil can do wonders on your skin. It is the best companion for dry skin types. However, it cannot be easily recommended for oily skin types as it would clog up pores.

Olive oil is a potential moisturizer for your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated. Also, Olive oil has a structure very close to the skin’s natural oils. Therefore, it leaves your skin naturally soft and smooth.

Skincare products with olive oil are perfect for fighting against bacterias that cause acne. Hence, using a body wash with olive oil will help you reduce acne.

Olive oil is rich in Vitamins like A, D, and E. Vitamin E is high in anti-oxidant properties. Therefore, Vitamin E in the olive oil fights against the formation of free radicals that promotes aging signs and environmental damages.

After all these advantages, if you are still scared of breaking out, you can use olive oil-based products despite using pure olive oil.

What Are The Ingredients Required To Make Olive Oil Body Wash?

The ingredients required for making olive oil body wash are:

  • Olive oil.
  • Raw Honey.
  • Essential oils.
  • Liquid castile soap.

Now, let us look at what these ingredients do to your skin.

Olive Oil:-

Olive oil is rich in moisturizing and nourishing properties. You should choose organic and pure olive oil for better results.

The benefits of using olive oil are:

  • Natural moisturizer.
  • Delay premature aging signs.
  • Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • Protect from environmental damages.
  • Fade dark spots.
  • Antibacterial properties.


Honey is a great addition yo your skincare products. You should choose raw and organic honey for better results. Honey helps in thickening the texture of body wash as well as produce some lather.

The benefits of using honey are:

  • Moisturization.
  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Rich in Vitamins B, C, E, and K.
  • Antiaging properties.
  • Antioxidant properties.

Essential oils:-

The aroma of your body wash comes from the essential oil you have added. There are plenty of essential oils with different aromas available in the market. You should only add the prescribed number of drops of essential oils. The mixing up of essential oils in large quantities will just do the opposite.

Here are some of the essential oils that would make a better choice for:

  • Kids: Lavender, German Chamomile, or Roman Chamomile. You can also try out Spearmint oil or a combination of Vanilla and Lavender.
  • Adults: Peppermint or Rosemary. Some other choices for adults are the Tea tree and Frankincense.
  • Antibacterial effect: Rosemary or Peppermint.

Liquid castile soap:-

The liquid castile soap is added to body wash for:

  • Cleansing effect.
  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Lather formation.

How To Make Olive Oil Body Wash?

Here is a stepwise guide for making olive oil body wash at home.

  • STEP ONE: Take equal proportions of Olive oil, Raw honey, and Liquid castile soap.
  • STEP TWO: Pour Olive oil into a bowl. Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Blend this mixture thoroughly. You can use a blender or mix it up just with a spoon.
  • STEP THREE: Add Raw honey and Liquid castile soap into the mixture of oils. Mix or blend thoroughly. Your olive oil body wash is ready to use.
  • STEP FOUR: Transfer the body wash into a bottle of your choice.
  • STEP FIVE: Store it away from direct sunlight.


Soaps are usually harsh on our bodies due to the increased number of chemicals used in its manufacturing process. The body washes are comparatively far better in moisturizing and nourishing properties.

The olive oil body wash is known for its super hydration and moisturizing powers. You can easily make olive oil body wash at home with a few ingredients.

The advantage of homemade body washes is that they contain the least number of chemicals, and also you can add the aroma of your choice. However, nothing in the market is better than homemade.

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