How To Style Short Hair?

Short hair has always been a trendsetter. You can never go out of style with short hair. Most people fears that short hair is hard to style. But it isn’t as hard as the hype. Actually, it is pretty easy to style. Moreover, maintaining short hair is quite simple. The time is up high to start experimenting. It would be too boring to live your whole life in the same hairstyle.

There are plenty of easy to do hairstyles for short hair. You can really make your short hair look cool trying out short curls or bouffant. The twisted French twist is the perfect hairstyle for your corporate meetings. A side braid in your short hair makes you gorgeous yet simple at a night party. Half up top knot style would be perfect for an evening party. Go with attractive loose waves for a date.

Here in this article, we are presenting some easy and cool hairstyles for your short hair. You don’t have to anymore think so much on how to style your short hair. Also, don’t hesitate to go for short hair thinking it is too hard to style. You will never find it difficult anymore to style short hair.

5 Short Hairstyles

Loose Waves

Are you a fan of loose hair? Here is a loose hairstyle perfect for short hair. Loose waves suit well for a date and party. They are always trendy and can never go out of style.

To get loose waves on your short hair:

  • Comb and detangle your hair.
  • Apply a heat protectant cream to minimize the harmful effects of styling.
  • Use a curling iron to curl your hair.
  • Make bigger sections and roll on the curling iron to make loose waves.
  • Blend some talcum powder to set your waves.


Ponytail never goes out of style. It is an all-time trendsetter. Making a ponytail is so much easy and so, it is often considered as a quick and last-minute hairstyle.

To put up a ponytail:

  • Comb and detangle your hair.
  • Brush up to the entire hair length.
  • Put up the whole of your hair into an elastic band.

Half Up Top Knot

Half up top knot is perfect for a messy hair look. It is for people who hate top knot bun even though it is very similar to top knot bun. Half up top knot gives a care-free look. It is perfect for beach parties and shopping sessions.

To do a half-up top knot:

  • Comb your hair in its entire length and detangle.
  • Take a small section of hair from your forehead.
  • Make the small section of hair into a little bun.
  • Wrap around the elastic band over the little bun.
  • Use hair pins to secure the bun in its place.

Side Braid

Side braids are great if you want to make tug up the hair on your forehead. They goes well with curly hair. You can easily tame and hide your greasy hair within a side braid.

To make a side braid:

  • Comb and detangle your hair.
  • Take the section of hair you want to make into a braid and tug up the rest with an elastic band.
  • Braid the section of hair till the end.
  • Tie up the edge with a brand.
  • Untie the other section.
  • Pin the braid according to your comfort and style using hairpins.


Bouffant looks great on short hair. They are pretty easy and cool. It suits well with your office look. They imparts an hassle-free working atmosphere. It is in fact a maintenance-free hairstyle.

To do a bouffant:

  • Comb and detangle your hair.
  • Roll up a section of hair from the crown and tug it up using pins.
  • Part the hair from middle and make it onto two sections.
  • Curl the two section of hair using a ironing machine.
  • Unpin the hair from crown and backcomb the section to look voluminous.
  • Comb the upper part of the hair section at crown and give a smoother look.
  • Take few hair strands from both sides and pin it in the back along with crown section.


These are some easy and great-looking hairstyles for short hair. Sticking on to a single hairstyle for all occasions would be very boring. You can experiment various styles on your short hair.

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